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Alumni Sandstorm Editorial Policy

The Alumni Sandstorm is - for the most part - about Richland. About growing up there, about living there, about working there; and about why Richland exists: its genesis, its development, its future. It provides a common meeting place for Bombers of all ages to renew friendships and to make new friendships.

We publish items of historical interest, short - sometimes long - descriptive literary sketches of life in Richland, fact pieces of concern to former and current residents of Richland and similar material written by one of "US" (Bombers, Bomber family members, and/or Bomber Boosters); that is, pretty much anything *about* Richland. When submitting a fact piece, please document source(s).

We're looking for entries that are friendy, entertaining, thoughtful - even serious. We expect courtesy and respect of fellow alumni in the Alumni Sandstorm.

We reserve the right to edit for clarity and good taste. We will usually ask you before publishing anything that needs MAJOR editorial changes.

We try not to let submissions that are purely opinion in nature or entries of non-Richland material creep into the Alumni Sandstorm. There is no room for long quotes or verbatum "copying" from outside sources. You may cite website(s) as reference(s).

As far as "allowable" topics: Alumni Sandstorm readers have said time and again that they do NOT want to read subjects that they can read in their regular newspaper(s). The following is a partial list of subjects that you will NOT see in the Alumni Sandstorm:
~ Political invective/rhetoric
~ Libelous or defamatory material
~ Commercial advertisements
~ Anything gruesome
~ Coarse language
~ Negative opinions
~ Ad hominem attacks
~ Rants
~ Sex
~ Guns

THE SANDBOX was established to provide a possible forum for such material. They particularly appreciate well written and thoughtful submissions.

Do not challenge the Alumni Sandstorm editorial staff into publishing anything that belongs in THE SANDBOX. It won't work.

Sincerely, and with Bomber cheers,
Alumni Sandstorm Editorial Staff

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