Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/23/05
8 Bombers sent stuff: 
Wally Erickson ('53), Larry Mattingly ('60)
Jeff DeMeyer ('62), Roy Ballard ('63)
Gary Behymer ('64), Kathy Hoff ('64)
David Rivers ('65), Tami Lyons ('76)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Peg Sheeran ('63)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Diane Murphy ('65)

      6/24-26 - Class of '65
      6/25 - R2K+5

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>>From: Wally Erickson ('53)

To: Carol Bishop Horne ('57)

Re: Your new motor home

First: Load it up with everything you would need at home... items for
the kitchen, linens, emergency items, camera, and don't forget the
food. Leave everything in your motor home; it's home away from home
(your second home). If you have duplicate items in your home, then you
can use those items to cut back on buying stuff you already have. Oh,
don't forget the lawn chairs for sitting around the fire. You might
want to take some firewood for with you and a bottle of wine... grin.

Second: Clean out your motor home as soon as you get home to have ready
for your next trip. Unload it first thing!!

Third: If you haven't been to the Grand Canyon, Bryce, Canyon Lands,
the Redwoods, or Oregon Coast; you'll never want to go to a "KOA" 
RV park again. There are some beautiful State Parks in the Western 
States... your choice is unlimited!!

Fourth: It seems you're both retired, so go to your hearts content
during the week days, NOT the weekends. Find a place where you can 
stay for a couple of days and explore the area with short hikes. If 
you're a biker, get a bike carrier.

Fifth: If your worried about the gas prices... forget it, just enjoy
and have fun!!

After you've been out a couple of times, you'll find out for yourself
what items you wish you had. Like matches, etc... If you have
Grandkids, you might want to get a couple of sleeping bags.

-Wally Erickson ('53) ~ It's just right today temperature (76) in 
                      Coeur D'Alene area.
>>From: Larry Mattingly ('60)

Re: RV Travel

To: Carol Bishop Horne ('57)

There are several "RV Park Directories" published in the US each year.
There is a Camper World Store in Vegas. They stock at least 3 brands of
the directories. Woodalls is a good one and there are others. Some of
them have both a West and East edition for the US. Some include Canada.
If you are going up the Alcan Highway get the latest edition as things
change from year to year on the Alaska Hiway. In the winter season
probably as many as 75% of the places are closed along the Alcan.
Camper World will also have advice books on what and how to pack. They
also have a good supply of nifty devices that make living in an RV
easier. Just browse and you will see them. Some are handy and some are

Some RV folks are not aware that you can park free overnight in most
Wal*Mart parking lots. There is usually a designated area for this 
and some stores will not let you put anything on the ground, such as
tables, chairs, BBQ grills and so on. Also if you are a member of the
Elks, most of the larger Elks clubs will let members park 2-3 nights.
Some charge like $5 per night and some even have electric hook-ups.

If you know where you want to stop for the night look up the RV parks
in the area and call ahead and many of them will reserve a spot for

I had a Pace Arrow 31 I just sold and am shopping for another. If I
watched my water use, 2 people could go 3 full days without hook-ups or
dumping even with both taking a shower a day. So I frequently o/nited
at rest stops and Wal*Marts.

"Happiness is the sky in bloom"
-J Larry Mattingly ('60)
>>From: Jeff DeMeyer ('62)

Re: Lost '62 classmates

We are looking for the following people for the class of 1962
Tom Hempill   Keith Crownover  Barry Dahl  Dennis Large  Chuck Lawell
Babette Petty Nelson  Don Skidmore  Barbara Von Olnhausen  Todd Omealy
John Rassmussen  Jerry Potterf   Carol DeSoto Taylor  Linda Hanson Toth   
Peggy Lewis Johnson.

If you know where they are, please contact me.  or call me at 1-509-946-5074 any time.

Thank You
-Jeff DeMeyer ('62)
>>From: Roy Ballard (Gold Medal Class of '63)

To: David Rivers ('63)

David, the guys and babes are always here in the great Richland area.
Oh, and by the way, does anyone have a great Halibut recipe out there?
I got a bunch on our last fishing trip... salmon fixings are also 

-Roy Ballard (Gold Medal Class of '63)
>>From: Gary Behymer ('64)

Re: Time's 50 "Coolest" Websites 
-Gary Behymer ('64)
>>From: Kathy Hoff Conrad ('64)

WHAT: R2K+5 Dinner
WHEN: Saturday, June 25th
TIME: 6pm
WHERE: Hanford House
COST: $25 per person

E-mail Linda Boehning ('63) or me if you would like to attend.

Linda's Email:
My email:

-Kathy Hoff Conrad ('64)
>>From: David Rivers ('65)

Re: Happy Birthday to youuuuuu

OK... I already spilled the beans on this one on Mouton's ('65)
birthday... This lovely lady has been with Cathy for a while
celebrating their birthdays and they will be boppin' into Richland
together for the weekend. Can't wait to see them! I have a confession
to make... Waaaaaaaaaay back in Jr. High or early high school, I would
only wear my glasses to watch TV, a movie or to drive. NEVER wore them
otherwise till I went in the Marine Corps and decided stayin' alive
beat vanity all to heck... soooo One day, the birthday girl was riding
with her mom in her mom's car... I was VERY good at recognizing people
from their shape, hair, height, size, etc... However... seeing the top
of somebody's head in the car was a different story... so Birthday girl
and mom come driving by the Richland Lutheran Church and birthday girl
waves... instead of faking it, I tried to see who it was... birthday
girl turned her head in a huff and was still miffed the next time I saw
her... there my awful secret is out... I'm not sure I've ever told that
story... but now it's out for the world... gaaaaaaaaawd stuff like that
was so important as a teen!... I'm not sure how old birthday girl will
be... some of us turn(ed) 59 this year but most turn 58... Warford,
Heidlebaugh, Brunelle, Gross, several others (all '65) and I will be 
60 in '06!!!!!!!!!!! too weird... the rest will be 59... but no matter
how old she will be... prolly 22 again... I just wanna scream out a big
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIANE MURPHY ('65) on the 23rd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-David Rivers ('65)
>>From: Tami Lyons Zirians ('76)

Re: Michael Peterson ('77) in Concert

For all of you Michael Peterson fans out there....

Michael will be performing with his band at Moses Lake on July 4th at 
the Centennial Amphitheatre in McCosh Park at 8:00 pm.


-Tami Lyons Zirians ('76)
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