Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/19/05
3 Bombers sent stuff: 
Char Dossett ('51), Hal Smith ('56), Helen Cross ('62)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: David Anguiano ('97)

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>>From: Char Dossett Holden ('51)

Re: eBay Item - Sheet Music for "It's A Good Town" - 1949
Just a note regarding Jack Quinn.

He sang at my wedding in 1956. I met him when I worked at the 
Village Theater and he was the manager. A terrific person.

-Char Dossett Holden ('51)
>>From: Hal Smith ('56)

Hi Maren,
Re: Cathy Geier's ('66) post on June 18th.
I can't find her email address.

-Hal Smith ('56)
[Hal - All email addresses appear in the Sandstorm that arrives in
everyone's inbox every day. HOWEVER, we strip the email addresses for
the online version so that's why you didn't see Cathy's email address
in the post that came from her sister, Carol ('73) on 6/18.     -Maren]
>>From: Helen Cross Kirk ('62)

A belated Happy Birthday to 2 classmates of the great class of '62:
Marcia Miller and Sharon Lovinger. We have been enjoying some fantastic
weather here in SW Indiana, with temperatures only in the mid 70s and
LOW Humidity, and breezy clouds in blue skies. Really nice, especially
after the early heat wave we had last week, where we had several days
with temperatures in the 90's and high humidity.

Last week my husband and I were able to attend the southern Indiana
Methodist Conference at IU (that's Indiana University in Bloomington,
Indiana back here). It was really neat to finally see how the Methodist
church works from the inside sort of, after all these years of being 
a Methodist. And I was proud of all the programs that the Methodist
church is sponsoring. Max Case ('57), your name came up favorably many
times I guess maybe we should plan our next Indiana Bomber luncheon for
2006, as Spring has sort of slipped by, or else in September????

We are already planning our trip to the west coast to attend some
reunions for me, and to see friends and our oldest son in California,
actually at South Lake Tahoe, always love to go there... Our youngest
son did not do well at Purdue in his last quarter, and he is now
working almost full-time as a maintenance man, taking a break from
school after 5+ years including summers, he seems to be enjoying a 
real break. Don't know if he will ever go back to Purdue, if he gets 
his GPA up to get back into Purdue, but whatever he does, it will be 
on his dime this time.....

I talked with my cousin, Carol Cross Llewelyn ('64) last night. Always
love to keep in touch with family, and with the magic of e-mail I heard
from all my elementary school close friends, Cathy Wood Stevens ('62),
Billie Cummings ('62WB), Carol Rice Forister ('62) and others not so
near now, but dear to me. What fun.

Maybe I can make it to the Spudnut Shop this time. For some reason,
whenever I've tried to go there in recent years, it's closed... and in
my mind Krispie Creams just don't measure up to Spudnuts...
   [I believe the Spudnut Shop is still closed on Sundays.   -Maren]

When I was in Vermont for a short visit with my husband's uncle at the
end of May, we invited Tim Smyth ('62) to join us for lunch, but he was
off attending a Red Sox baseball game, so we didn't connect. I loved
visiting the Norman Rockwell museums up there, especially the smaller
one in Arlington, VT where he used lots of the town folks as his
models for his illustrations. 

-Helen Cross Kirk ('62) ~ West Harrison, IN - where it is so nice by 
         the little lake with birds flitting around. They seem to be 
         enjoying the cooler, dryer weather too.
That's it for today. Please send more.