Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/12/05
6 Bombers sent stuff: 
Marilyn DeVine ('52), Tom Tracy ('55)
Irene de la Bretonne ('61), Anna Durbin ('69)
Betti Avant ('69), Julie Smyth ('69WB)
>>From: Marilyn DeVine Dow ('52)

To: Betty Bell Norton ('51)

I don't think I ever "got into" the Bert Wells program, but would
be very interested in seeing the show he does now, so count me in!

To: Dick Roberts ('49) and Carol Tyner Roberts ('52)

When were you in (at?) Death Valley? I skirted the eastern edge
when I returned home from Las Vegas the last week in April. I seem
to be kinda' like the "old gray mare" heading for the barn after a
long trip... I just wanted to get there! I saw a number of dust
devils along the way, but didn't dream the wild flowers were so
incredible, or I'm sure I would have been willing to make the
detour. I sure as heck won't be around for the next big bloom in 
a hundred years!! (I'll be pushing up my own daisies by that

Best regards to each and all,
-Marilyn DeVine Dow ('52) ~ still in Alaska and looking forward to 
                  being home in a few days.
>>From: Tom Tracy ('55)

To: Steve Piippo ('70)

Congratulations to you and your family for providing two
generations of educational service to Richland's students. Your Dad
was our teacher, mentor, coach and an extraordinarily fine example
of a gentleman at Chief Joseph. I'm sure he trained you well. 

The year your Dad and half of the class of '55 opened Chief Joseph
Jr. High in a last minute dash and cloud of dust was memorable.
Seemed like nearly all the boys in the 9th grade turned out for

Your Dad could tape an ankle while telling two or three good
basketball stories, pass his 'magic' hat for us to touch prior to
game time... to give us the good luck residing therein and remind 
us about the ankle... "Try to keep it out of the JOINTS until it
heals". His tip about how to fight your way through screens by
pushing "our" player out of the way was a marvelous technique. 
(No one calls fouls on you if you push your own player out of the 
way). He knew the moves and taught them well. Just like he did in
academic classes.

He had all the cool, calm, confidence of a Christian with four aces
and he knew about life, good health and what kids needed as they
moved through that tumultuous Jr. High era. 

Best of everything to you for educating our children in that
wonderful place many of us called home. 

Bomber Cheers,
-Tom Tracy ('55)
>>From: Irene de la Bretonne Hays ('61)


I have three different experiences and perspectives of Richland
High School (formerly Columbia High School): First, as a 1961
graduate; second, as an English teacher at Col High from 1974
through 1980; and third, as the mother of 1984 graduate Shannon
Hays-Truex and 1979 graduate Michael Hays.

Today I'm speaking from the third perspective. Michael Hays, my son
(recently awarded Best Blues Drummer in the Inland Empire), will be
bringing his band THE FATTONES to the Tri-Cities on Wednesday, June
29. The FatTones will appear at THE JUNGLE on Columbia Center Blvd
from 7 to 10 p.m., touring in support of their new CD.

Also, KONA FM will be playing music from The FatTones new CD and
giving away The FatTones CDs from 9 to midnight every Sunday. Learn
more at

Mike says, "Be there; or be square!"

-Irene de la Bretonne Hays ('61)
>>From: Anna Durbin ('69)

Dear Sandstorm:

Yes, I heard this story on NPR too, back in 90 and humid PA. The 
reporter seemed to get Richland almost right (only mentioned the
football team, not the state winning baseball team), but the school
rep. did not come up with the most intelligent sounding sound byte.
I told my kids about it, and my 15 year old said, "Was that one 
of your teachers?" I said, "Well, my teachers are retired, and my
classmates are now teachers. In fact my classmate, Ben Jacobs 
coached the baseball team that won the state tournament this
year." You know the response. "Oh, that's right, I forgot you 
were OLD." Now I have decided to take that for a compliment (she
actually forgot for a second that I am OLD!). Compliments are few
and far between from a 15 year old. And Ben, we are all proud of
you and your kids!

To: Betti Avant ('69)

Betti, so sorry to hear about that blow two months after you moved.
If you want to explore whether you should get some severance after
you relied on the job to move, feel free to email me. Hope your
interview at Madigan goes well. I know they need good people in
Army hospitals. Just try hard not to get recruited to enlist, or
you may end up in Iraq. My nephew's wife, who is an Army OB nurse,
was scheduled to ship out to Iraq with her unit, but she was
pregnant and didn't have to go.
                                Love, Anna '69 

-Anna Durbin ('69)
>>From: Betti Avant ('69)

To: Kevin Quane ('77)

I'd love to take Amtrak, however I need my car as I'm going for
a job interview. Perhaps, another time... when I retire.

-Betti Avant ('69)
>>From: Julie Smyth Moss ('69WB)

To: Chuck Holtz ('55)
Thank you for the absolutely stunning picture of Death Valley.
I lived out there in the desert for one (to steal a phrase) soul
warping year. Your picture improved my opinion of the place. 
The government, in it's wisdom, sent us out there. It made me
appreciate the torrential rains and green of Louisiana! It rained
exactly ONE time while we were there and I was so happy I stood in
the rain and cried tears of joy. I kept waiting for the miracle in
your picture, but it didn't come...... I was beginning to believe
the stories of the "beautiful desert" were totally false. Thanks to
your picture, I see the stories are true, but I won't be going in
person to check it out. I don't believe I have another 100 years!

Julie SMYTH Moss (WB '69)
That's it for today. Please send more.