Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/11/05
13 Bombers and one non Bomber sent stuff: 
Richard Roberts ('49), Jim Jensen ('50)
Betty Bell ('51), Jim McKeown ('53)
Chuck Holtz ('55), Tom Tracy ('55)
Patti Mathis ('60), Judy Willox ('61)
Roy Ballard ('63), Carol Converse ('64)
Gary Behymer ('64), Betti Avant ('69)
Kevin Quane ('77), Friend of the Editor 
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Darlene Minard ('60)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ted Ogston ('62)

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>>From: Richard Roberts ('49)

To: Chuck Holtz ('55)
Re: Death Valley flower pic 

Chuck, the Death Valley flower pic is totally gorgeous. My wife,
Carol Tyner ('52), and I took a short trip from where we live (in
Grover Beach, CA) to the Carrizo plains this spring for some great 
flower photo opportunities but nothing like the one you got. It's 
a prize winner and you should take advantage of it for fame and 
fortune. Probably more fame than fortune, but who knows.

Bomber cheers, 
-Richard Roberts ('49)
>>From: Jim Jensen ('50)

Re: Obit

A funeral notice appeared in the 6/11/05 Tri-City Herald (on line) 
indicating that Keith H. Sterling ('50-RIP) of Anderson Island, WA 
passed away in Cheyenne, WY on 9/28/04.

Keith, my classmate, will be buried at Desert Lawn Memorial Park. 
Grave side services will be conducted on June 13, 2005.

-Jim Jensen ('50)
>>From: Betty Bell Norton ('51)

To: Linda Belliston Boehning ('63) and Kathy Hoff Conrad ('64)

Thanks for attending the Bert Wells program at the Yakima Senior
Center and letting Sue Garrison Pritchett ('58) know about it! She 
forwarded your email to me, Linda, and suggested this might make a 
good program for the Richland Seniors Association.

So---Bert and I have been in contact and he is going to present 
one of his one-hour programs at the Richland Community Center on
Sunday, September 18th from 1:00 to 2:00 followed by coffee, punch
and cookies. This will be co-sponsored with the City of Richland so
tickets can be sold at the Community Center. We will charge a small
fee--probably $3 or $4 as the money goes to the City Scholarship
Fund, the RSA (Richland Seniors Association) Building Fund (to be
used for improvements to the Center) and the RSA treasury.

Some information on Bert: He has taught English to native teachers
in the Islands of Micronesia, has written a number of songs, been a
keynote speaker at Knife & Fork and Executive Dinner Clubs across
the country and was twice named best speaker for the entire
national circuit. Prior to his retirement, he was a professor of
speech at Eastern Oregon University where he also coached the
competitive speech team. Now he provides a fun-filled senior
oriented hour of humor, inspiration and song--an enjoyable and
entertaining hour, featuring auld lang syne!

I would like to hear from you if you would be interested in coming
to this program, to get an idea of whether to plan for 100, 200 or
more! You can answer either in the Sandstorm or e-mail me at my
address above. You may also call me at 946-5385 if you want to.
Let's have a great turn out for Bert!

-Betty Bell Norton ('51)
>>From: Jim McKeown ('53)

To: Betty Avant ('69)

I have just driven the reverse... Fort Lewis area to Portland, 
and I would recommend the I-205 route. It's farther but probably
quicker. The time of the day is the important thing... nothing
moves very well before 9am and after 3pm... also, either the 
Rose Festival is on or has just finished. If it's on, I-205 is 
definitely the way to go.

Maren, on an aside, you mentioned that I should send you a note on
our Anniversary, since Edna is not a Bomber. We celebrate our 49th
on June 16th. Edna was Clover Park grad in '54. We met at WSC.

-Jim McKeown ('53)
>>From: Chuck Holtz ('55)

Re: Mt St. Helens at sunrise

Another awesome picture to share

-Chuck Holtz ('55)
>>From: Tom Tracy ('55)

To: Chuck Holtz ('55)

Re: Death Valley flower pic

Thanks for the pic of Death Valley's flowers. Makes one wonder 
how the flowers handle the heat long enough to product seeds.
Spectacular indeed.

-Tom Tracy ('55)
>>From: Patti Mathis Wheeler ('60)

Re: Moving Wall

I missed the wall when it came to West Richland so thought I would
make a point to see it this time. I lost no one near and dear 
to me during the war, so I thought seeing the wall would just be
something to say I did if anyone asked. Wow, was I ever off base on
that one! As I rounded The Wall and saw the black panels with the
white names stretching on for what seemed like forever, I was so
overcome I had to remember to breathe. I was totally overwhelmed.
Before my knees buckled under me, I sat down hard on the grass and
for the first time, I cried for all these boys who were lost... 
and boys they were. The one picture that stands out in my mind 
is a skinny kid smoking a cigarette with a smile on his face. 
Don't remember where he was from, or his name, but in my mind he
symbolizes the face of that god-awful war. So I say, bless the
fallen and nurture the wounded and forever give thanks to all.

-Patti Mathis Wheeler ('60)
>>From: Judy Willox (Classic Class of '61)

To: Paul James Hodson ('05)

I want to tell my grandson and the world how proud I am of him
right now. He pulled it through and is now a little Bomber alumni
from Richland High School. He proudly displays his diploma on the
dresser in his room. Congratulations honey, I am so VERY proud of
you!!! I also want to tell him to hurry and get well 'cause I know
he is in a lot of pain and discomfort right now. The last day of
school, on June 9th, he went into surgery to have tonsils and
adenoids removed and a deviated septum fixed. I can report that even
though he is in pain, he is doing quite well. Thanks to all of you
who have expressed your concern and sent your well wishes and
congratulations his way. They are so appreciated.

To all of you whose birthdays I have missed for a while and not
sent my special birthday greeting to; I want you to all know I have
thought of you and wished you all happy birthdays from my heart.
And to all who have had special requests for your loved ones,
deaths in the family and etc., I have thought of you and prayed 
for all of your concerns from the heart also.

Bomber Cheers,
-Judy Willox (Classic Class of '61) ~ Richland ~ Where all is VERY 
                     quiet for a time.  ;o)
>>From: Roy Ballard ('63)

To: Steve Piippo ('70)

Steve, a very big THANK YOU for all your years of dedication in
helping all the students who went through RHS these many years.
Your dedication is very much appreciated by a whole lot of people
and I'm one of them. RHS will feel a loss from your exit. Enjoy 
the freedom

-Roy Ballard ('63)
>>From: Carol Converse Maurer ('64)

To: Betty Avant ('69)

You are right about I-205 going around Portland. There is still
tons of traffic, but not as much. We go that way when we come up
from California. Saves us some time. Seems with each year, the
traffic gets worse and worse. Oh well.

-Carol Converse Maurer ('64) ~ Eureka, CA, where the rain is 
      suppose to quit for a few days. I've never seen such a wet 
      spring. The weeds are loving it! Went to upper state NY a 
      couple weeks ago. That area is so nice and green. My cousin 
      lives on the St. Lawrence River.
>>From: Gary Behymer ('64)

You've been here before but go back and submit information on your
parent/parents IF they worked on the Manhattan Project!

Take a peek at the Veteran Archives - Directory:
The Manhattan Project Heritage Preservation Association, Inc.
  Veteran Archives - Directory  

Then go to the Submit a Veteran 

Do it now or you probably won't ever get to it (;-)

-Gary Behymer ('64)
>>From: Betti Avant ('69)

I knew I could count on you fellow alumni... thanks so much. My 
move to Eugene was a big step in my life. Unfortunately I lost my 
job after not quite 2 months. I have been biding my time since 
then doing things like reading and going to various doctors'
appointments. That is why I am going up to Ft. Lewis, well actually
Madigan Army Hospital, it is for a job interview. I figured 
I-205 was the best route, as I-105 goes around Eugene. There was 
a mention of the Gateway Mall, it is about a mile or so from where 
I live and I use the Target store for my prescriptions.

Thanks again to everyone who responded to my post.

-Betti Avant ('69)
>>From: Kevin Quane ('77)

To: Betti Avant ('69)
Re: Trip from Eugene to Fort Lewis

Take Amtrak. It's cheaper than driving and a whole lot more fun.

-Kevin Quane ('77)
   Got this email yesterday morning from an old friend in Alaska... 
he knows I'm a Bomber...
>>From: Friend of the Editor (Not A Bomber)

Re: Bombers

Your old alma mater made National Public Radio this morning. It was
a piece on Army recruiting and contrasted Richland and the Bombers
with a city high school in Seattle that is highly anti-military.
Apparently, recruiting is much better for the Army in Richland.

-Friend of the Editor (Not A Bomber)
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