Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/09/05
10 Bombers sent stuff: 
Betty Hiser ('49), Marilynn Working ('54)
Judy Willox ('61), Ed Quigley ('62)
Deedee Willox ('64), Gary Behymer ('64)
Linda Reining ('64), Shirley Collings ('66)
Vicki Steichen ('67), Dee Shipman ('72)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Carol Bishop ('57)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Patti Jones ('60)

    Dennis Haskins ('66) & Shirley Collings Haskins ('66)

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>>From: Betty Hiser Gulley ('49)

Julie Smyth Moss ('69WB): My dad sang this song but was not
Jambalaya. This was years before Jambalaya was popular. It started
out with: "You get a line and I'll get a pole, honey babe, you get
line and I'll get a pole and we'll go down to the crawdad hole,
honey baby mine." That's all I remember because I think that's all
he sang (and probably all the words he knew).

-Betty Hiser Gulley '49er - south/government Richland - nice today.
["Jambayala" lyrics
"Crawdad Hole" lyrics or "Crawdad Song" lyrics]
>>From: Marilynn Working Highstreet ('54)

Re: Club 40
To: Marguerite Groff Tompkins ('54)

Darn, I will miss helping fold the DustStorm again! We have 3
wedding receptions with our chocolate fountain this weekend. Love
that chocolate!! And you know it is good for your heart!

Belated Happy Birthday.....and congratulations on the 3 graduates
you had in your family this weekend. I saw everyone setting up for
the party at your daughter's house (your old house on Mahan). Where
does everyone park? These streets in Richland don't leave much room
in front of a house. 

See you at our lunch next Friday the 17th. We have a reception that
day too, but will make time for lunch as I missed last month's.
Hope we have a big group! Millie and Jeannine, you better be there.
I miss you all. Norma, I know you are busy welcoming home the
troops (500 as of last week!), but hope to see you there also. And
many more. 

Speaking of troops, we were at the celebration to welcome the 737th
TC in Yakima a couple weeks ago and see the changing of command 
and all the Army Reserve soldiers who received awards, including 
our grandson. My husband, CWO Retired, got to pin Mitch for his
promotion to SSG. His commander also told us he will be receiving a
Bronze Star for all of his heroism and rescues he was involved in
while in Iraq. They don't have the paper work done yet. Must keep
the Ribbing family in our prayers. Robert Ribbing just came home
with the 737th TC to find out his Mom only had a couple months to
live. They didn't want to tell him she had cancer while he was in
Iraq. She passed away last Friday. Only 47 years old.

Another soldier came home to the news that his grandmother only had
a couple weeks to live. These guys went through so much over there
that we don't even know all the details of, and come home to suffer
even more. They continue to deal with the nightmares, depression and
then, as my grandson is going through, an employer who is giving
him a bad time while trying to return to work. He has had to go on
medication and even miss work because of the stress of the hostile
environment at work since March. His Commanding Officer activated
him for 30 days to get him away from the job, and sent him to Ft.
Lewis to help unload all their belongings that just came back from
Iraq. Department of Labor has all of the report and are anxious to
deal with this employer in Pasco. Also, Doc Hastings has said his
office will back him up. Once it is settled the publicity on this
trucking company will come out and I can't wait!!

Didn't mean to ramble on...but have been wanting to mention these
military young men and as in all wars, when they are on the front
lines, many men and women are suffering and have suffered as you
Bombers have previously reported. God bless all of you!!

-Marilynn Working Highstreet ('54) ~ Kennewick - where it is 
                    raining tonight and boy, does it smell good!
>>From: Judy Willox ('61)

To: Betty Hiser Gulley ('49)

Betty dear, there is not going to be another stuffing party on
Saturday, the 11th of June. So, for all of you out there who think
you are suppose to be at the library on that date, gonna be a
looooooooong wait. ;o) Those DustStorms are all done, and mailed as
of this afternoon, so relax and on to other things.

Thanks to all of you who did offer their help and rallied 'round
the flag pole. I do appreciate all those offers.

Bomber Cheers,
-Judy Willox (Classic Class of '61) ~ Richland ~ Where there will
     be no sassin' tomorrow cause he will be waaaaay too sore! lol
>>From: Ed Quigley ('62)

Re: Locating "The Missing"...

The other day, someone wrote in, asking if anyone knew the
whereabouts of some of the "missing" from one of the classes that
are soon to have a reunion. Most people know of the existence of 
the web site:, but they underwent a change 
a couple of years ago, and now you have to go state-by-state.

A couple of weeks ago, my sister turned me on to a database,, which lead me to a friend that I have
been looking for, for the last 35 years! Give it a try; it's great!

-Ed Quigley ('62)
[Looks VERY promising, Ed. THANKS. I may have found a lady I've
been looking for for 20 years...  -Maren]
>>From: Deedee Willox Loiseau ('64)

Re: Kay Lamb

I went to Kay's memorial service on Monday afternoon. Peaches, a
friend in my Sunday School class is an RN who works at Hospice
House in Kennewick where Kay spent her last days. She went to the
memorial with me. She said that Kay was a delight and a wonderful
Christian lady. I couldn't agree more. It was wonderful to see her
family: kids, grandkids, and even great-grandkids all there to
celebrate her life. Though Kay is gone, she is not gone; her
memories live on in her family and friends.

Peaches also asked me if Kathy Lamb Brown ('62) was always that
nice. I told her yes!

To: John Richardson ('58)
Re: Do Not Call List for Cell Phones

I recommend that you always check these stories out before you
forward them. There are several websites you can check. I use: and then click on search. Here's what
I found out about the cell phones.

   "Cell Phone Numbers Are Being Handed Over to Telemarketers And
   You've Got a Short Time to Keep Your Cell Phone Number Out of 
   Their Hands -Mostly Fiction!

   Summary of the eRumor The eRumor warns that cell phone numbers 
   will soon be published in the same way as the numbers for wired 
   phones and that you should sign up with a new government cell 
   phone "do not call" registry to prevent solicitor calls from 
   coming to your mobile phone. Some versions say the cell phone 
   numbers are being handed over to telemarketers by a certain 
   date, such as January 1, 2005. Some versions say there is a 
   deadline for listing your cell phone on a "do not call list" 
   such as December, 2004.

   The Truth The U.S. government has established a "do not call"
   registry where you can list phone numbers you want blocked from
   unsolicited calls such as from telemarketers. That registry is 
   for phone wired and mobile phones and there is no deadline by 
   which a phone number needs to be listed in order to be protected 
   from telemarketing calls. There is not a separate cell phone 
   registry. The registry is at

   At this writing (12/3/04) there is discussion among mobile
   providers about setting up a mobile phone directory listing 
   mobile phone numbers. According to the Cellular Telephone and 
   Internet Association (CTIA), a cell phone directory is proposed 
   that would be available through calling directory assistance 
   only, not published in writing or on the Internet. So far, there 
   is not a set date when that will be done and the CTIA says the 
   numbers are not going to be "handed over" to telemarketers. 
   Users would have the option of not having their numbers listed 
   in the directory.

   Some telemarketers call some phone numbers regardless of whether
   they are listed in directories because some of they use devices
   that dial numbers in sequence looking for working numbers.

   Updated 12/03/04"

-Deedee Willox Loiseau ('64) ~ Burbank, WA
>>From: Gary Behymer ('64)

Re: John Clement ('66)

Spotted in "Central Today" (Central Washington University Magazine)
Spring Issue 2005 in the Class Notes section on page 22:

1970...John Clement (1966 Richland Bomber) is the photographer /
artist of the recently published book "The Wenatchee Valley and 
Its First Peoples." He is the recipient of more than 50 regional,
national and inter-national awards, and his work is included in 
the National Photographers Hall of Fame. 

-Gary Behymer ('64)
>>From: Linda Reining ('64)

To: Betty Hiser Gulley(49)
Re: "sticks and stones........."

I always hated that "little ditty"... it is NOT true... a slap or a
hit is much easier to get over than being called a name! The slap
or hit leaves a sting and hurts for a few minutes, but a name hurts
to your soul and lasts a lifetime!

Re: Hank Williams, Sr.

Yes, he is the one who sang, "Jambalaya"... two weeks ago, he was
immortalized in bronze at Buck Owens' Crystal Palace, along with
Buck; George Jones; George Strait; Garth Brooks; Johnny Cash;
Elvis; Willie Nelson; Merle Haggard; and Bob Wills... the guy who
did these statues is from Montana and took him 2 years to complete
them; now, he is working on "Great women of Country Music" and
those will also be at the Crystal Palace... he hasn't said who they
will be, but am willing to bet Patsy Cline and Kitty Wells will be
among the "greats". 

-Linda Reining ('64) ~ Bakersfield, CA - we are still enjoying 
                cooler than normal temperatures. YIPPEE
>>From: Shirley Collings Haskins ('66)

Re: The Moving Wall at Jefferson Park in Richland

Using the site: FACES ON THE WALL I
believe I have identified all of the Richland men whose names
appear on The Moving Wall. With each name their panel and row on
The Wall are identified. A sub-link is also given which provides
further information regarding each individual. The main link may
also be used to find others from the State of Washington who gave
their lives in Vietnam. God bless each one of you! [As the list is
quite long, Maren, you might want to make a link to the information
I found. Shirley]

Air Force Major Donald Pick ('48)
1/13/30 - 8/27/68 ~ Panel 46West, Row 44

Army PSGT George Washington Schook (?)
10/4/32 - 8/17/67 ~ Panel 24East, Row 86

Army SP5 Danny Neth ('57)
6/6/38 - 3/5/66 ~ Panel 05East, Row 121

Army Sgt. Melvin Nelson (?)
1943 - 12/10/68 ~ ?     (DON'T HAVE A LINK.)

Army PFC Charles Green (?)
2/28/43 - 6/11/69 ~ Panel 22West, Row 20

Marine PFC Howard Savare ('63)
3/31/45 - 3/25/68 ~ Panel 46, Row 23

Army SP4 William Dowd ('65)
8/1/46 - 1/5/68 ~ Panel 33East, Row 47

Army PFC Clyde Murr (?)
10/15/47 - 3/24/66 ~ Panel 06East, Row 46

Marine PFC Mark Black ('66)
11/7/47 - 3/30/60 ~ Panel 06East, Row 62

Army 2LT Kerry Love ('66)
7/4/48 - 10/23/69 ~ Panel 17West, Row 109

Army PFC Daniel Wagenaar ('67)
12/19/48 - 7/12/69 ~ Panel 21West, Row 110

Army CPL Richard Nelson (?)
9/6/49 - 5/22/70 ~ Panel 10West, Row 82

Marine LCPL George Rodriguez ('68)
8/14/48 - 5/23/70 ~ Panel 10West, Row 87

Army PFC Thomas Taylor (?)
3/2/50 - 6/11/70 ~ Panel 09West, Row 45

-Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) ~ Richland
>>From: Vicki Steichen Bricker ('67)

Bombers: Just wanted to tell everyone that one of our own, 
Travis Buck ('02) was drafted by the Oakland Athletics in the
major league baseball draft. He is back to the green and gold 
and will make us all really proud.

-Vicki Steichen Bricker ('67)
>>From: Dee Shipman Jones ('72)

Re: Urban legends
To: Shelley Williams Robillard '84'
Thanks so much for mentioning the website.
Because I am a network assistant in a technology office, I must
filter through a lot of the 'urban legends' that infiltrate our
staff e-mail boxes. The website is priceless... it has a great
search engine that has never failed me.

In fact, my most recent use of the site was today. I received 
an email warning people about the latest method being used by
'carjackers'... I had immediate suspicions and went straight to 
the site - plugged in 'carjackers' and voila' - there was the 
exact email and the investigative report done on it. It was 
labelled: FALSE.

I think if we were to utilize this site more often, there'd be a
lot less of these particular emails circulating the internet and
clogging our inboxes. Remember the one where the perpetrator would
come up to some unsuspecting person in a parking lot (it's usually
some poor, helpless woman) and place a handkerchief over her face
that was laced with ether?? Yep.. it's FALSE.

Hope this helps.

-Dee Shipman Jones ('72)
That's it for today. Please send more.