Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/08/05
9 Bombers sent stuff: 
Betty Hiser ('49), Jim Jensen ('50)
Millie Finch ('54), Patti Jones ('60)
Patti Mathis ('60), Mike Brady ('61)
Julie Smyth ('69WB), Kathie Moore ('69)
Shelley Williams ('84)
NOTE: WB means Woulda Been or Wanna Be... whichever fits.   -Maren
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>>From: Betty Hiser Gulley ('49)

Gloria Adams Fulcher ('54): You have not been reading the Alumni
Sandstorm very long. I worked at Hanford for 39-1/2 years. I just
spent a lot of time at the old old SeaFirst Bank. My oldest
daughter is in Texas and the youngest in Colorado.
       [Betty - Gloria is one of the ORIGINAL 'Stormers... since 
        the beginning -- 1998.   -Maren]

Linda Reining ('64): The kids made fun of me all through school
(especially high school). My grandmother always told me: "Sticks
and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me." Little
did she know. I told her once: "Grandma - that is a big lie!"

I always have a list of questions for the doctor. What is the point
of going to the doctor if you don't have questions and tell her/him
things that are bothering you since your last visit. This applies
if you are going to your family doctor or a specialist.

Patti Jones Ahrens ('60): I went to Harris' (Uptown) yesterday and
bought two rubber fingers (they have them by the package). The guy
said they didn't get too many requests for them - told him I wasn't
sure that's that they were called. I had forgotten that they came
in different sizes (11-1/2" to 14") - bought two 11-1/2". Will
bring them to the folding party Saturday.

-Betty Hiser Gulley '49er - south/government Richland. Cool today
>>From: Jim Jensen ('50)

Re: Crawfish and N.O.

To: Betty Hiser Gulley ('49)  Maren admirably nailed down the 
answer to your crawfish question.

To: Patti Mathis Wheeler ('60) O.k, o.k., I admit that my posting
could have been misinterpreted. (^_^) I thought that the reference
to "N.O." in the next sentence clarified that I was referring to
"New Orleans" - in Texas aka "The Big Easy." Patti! Were you ever a
writer for Jay Leno? lol back

To: Donni Clark Dunphy ('63) The description of your trip to Texas,
sans the "fishing line incident," sounds like fun. If you are ever
inclined to make a return trip and have some spare time on your
schedule don't miss the "Hill Country." Lots of rolling, green
hills... rivers, creeks, ponds and lakes all over the place...
beautiful hardwood trees mixed in with varieties of pine... GREAT
restaurants - even in the tiniest burgs... especially if you are
addicted to real BBQ, authentic German dishes, seafood, huge
steaks... you can enjoy cool nights - even in Summer. Houstonians
long to spend as much time as possible in that area. It's primarily
west and northwest from Austin.

Re: Crawfish. Had some business associates in Corpus Christi who,
in season, used to do the crawfish thing. Four or five people would
don waders, wear heavy gloves, carry two LARGE pots and head for
the "bayous." In this instance a bayou is a feeder stream or water
way that is home to lots and lots of soft, oozy mud. The pots are
filled with fresh water and one of them is placed over a fire. The
"hunters" spread out and start poking around for the critters. As
the crawfish are captured they are dumped into the wash pot and
from there into the simmering water. About every five minutes or so
several of the group would visit the hot pot, do some twisting and
popping and chomp down on the edible residue. When appetites are
sated and enough crawfish survive - everything is loading up and
the folks head home. I never joined them.
Bomber Cheers,
-Jim Jensen ('50)
>>From: Millie Finch Gregg ('54)

To: Marguerite (Groff) Tompkins ('54)
    Belated Happy Birthday to you too my friend. Now that we are a
year older and wiser, everyone better look out!!! Hope you had a
wonderful day, my friend.

Re: Winona "Nona" Wilson Skinner ('61)
    For those who remember her I need to tell you that she is
critically ill in a Portland ICU (since last week) hanging on for
her life on a ventilator. Please keep her in your prayers.

Have a wonderful day 
-Millie Finch Gregg ('54)
>>From: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) and Vera Smith Robbins ('58)

The luncheons will be on going the second Sunday of each month!
Reservations must be made by emailing Patti or
Vera by June 9, 2005. Luncheon dates will appear 
in the Alumni Sandstorm the week before the luncheon and the week 
of. The place in West Richland was chosen (about a minute from the 
border of Richland) because of size, good food and price. If we 
outgrow this place we have a back up in Richland that is a little 
more spendy.
Roy Ballard ('63) emailed me to find out if JD Diner (where the
luncheon will be) is the restaurant that used to be the Coney
Island. After asking a few Bombers (and from my own memory), it is.
Fill us in Denny Barr ('58). From what I hear your parents owned
the Coney Island.

Bev Smith Jochen ('52) emailed asking if those who are not on
computer can make reservations by phone. Yes, we will take phone
reservations. Vera's number is: 509-628-9130... Patti's number
is: 509-967-9309
WHEN: June 12, 2005
WHERE: JD Diner, 3790 Van Giesen, West Richland, WA 99353
        (light green building just past the Yakima bridge)
        Restaurant named after Hannah the owners son.
TIME: 1:00 P.M.
PRICE: Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served all day.
       Prices range from $4.50 - $13.95 add drink, tax and tip

Bomber spouses and friends are welcome!

We are both looking forward to the monthly luncheon and being with 
all Bombers here in Bomberville. Any suggestions and questions are 

Bombers Have Fun
-Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) and Vera Smith Robbins ('58)
>>From: Patti Mathis Wheeler ('60) 

Re: Jim Jensen's ('50) 6/7/05 entry

Well, I understood Jim to say that "if you are close to Maren, 
you must be by the big easy." I guess I must have misunderstood. 
lol ll. okay, no more.

-Patti Mathis Wheeler ('60) 
>>From: Mike Brady ('61)

I agree with Pam Ehinger ('67). Involving family members in helping
diagnose depression can be an important element. My wife can spot 
a change in my personality a mile away. Often, the patient is the
last to know when there is a change in personality.

-Mike Brady ('61)
>>From: Julie Smyth Moss ('69WB)

To: Betty Hiser Gulley ('49)
    OH yes! The humidity could cause crustaceans to live on land---
CRAWFISH. And yes, Crawfish, Craw Dads, and Crayfish are all 
the same thing. I think the song is named "Jambalaya" by Hank
Williams? At least I think it was Hank. Goes "Jambalaya, crawfish
pie, file' gotta go pole the pirogue down the
bayou....." It's one of those fun songs!

To: Jim Jenson ('50)
    Morganza is just down the road from Old River where we used to
go fishin', swimmin', and skiin' when the kids were little. My son
loved it so much he told his Kindergarten teacher that he and his
sister were going to Old River to live in a house trailer.... she
was in stitches over that and many other tales my son came up with
that year. I have a great crawfish etoufee recipe----talked the guy
into giving it to me last month. It's good and easy to make, too!
If you want it, let me know and I'll send it to you.

To: Bill Berlin ('56)
    I love college baseball. My LSU Tigers just lost in the
regional to Rice, but I should check out the high school games.
The first year after I retire, I plan to take a trip to the 
College World Series---I just hope LSU goes that year.....would 
be wonderful.

-Julie Smyth Moss (WB '69)
>>From: Kathie Moore Adair ('69)

Re: Moving Vietnam Wall

The Moving Vietnam Wall is in Jefferson Park on GWWay across from 
the Uptown Shopping Center in Richland. It will only be here for a 
few days. If anyone would like a rubbing from the Wall, please send 
me an email or call me. I will gladly send it to you.
email:, phone 509-627-1940.

-Kathie Moore Adair ('69)
>>From: Shelley Williams Robillard ('84)

Re: cell phones

Hi there,

This message concerns cell phones and the do not call list.
There is a great web site called where you 
can check out all sorts of stories and rumors and it has a very
informative article about the "proposed" cell phone directory and
do not call list. Please check it out.

This is also a great place to check out all of those email stories
and pleas for help, etc. etc. that we all get every day, BEFORE
passing them on to other people. Go to and then
enter a few key words concerning your subject into their search box
and you will find all sorts of information that either supports,
debunks or sets the record straight on all of those rumors and
urban legends that find their way to our mail boxes.

-Shelley Williams Robillard ('84)
That's it for today. Please send more.