Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/21/05
8 Bombers sent stuff: 
Dore Tyler ('53), Lorin St. John ('55)
David Priebe ('57), Joe Jancovic ('62)
Roy Ballard ('63), Deedee Willox ('64)
Greg Poynor ('66), Pam Ehinger ('67)
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>>From: Dore Tyler ('53)

Re: "Old Gym"
    That which y'all refer to as "The old gym" was called 
"The NEW gym" when I walked the hallowed halls.

-Dore Tyler ('53)
>>From: Lorin St. John ('55)

Re: "old gym"
    I remember as an 11 year old in the summer of 1948 watching the
then new gym being built. It was considered the "class gym of the
valley" when it was first used during the 1948-'49 school year. Also 
at the same time Spencer Carmichael's cherry orchard was being 
bulldozed under to make way for Carmichael Junior High School. 
Spalding grade school was also being built during the 1948 summer 
which opened in October of that year.(It is now Liberty Christian 
High School) There were some great and exciting basketball games 
played in the gym during its history by the Bomber varsity teams thru 
the 1962-'63 season.
    The pep rallies, held in the gym, during our high school years 
still "ring in my ears."
    Our class of 1955 graduated in the gym June 2, 1955. I remember
walking up to the podium with Gloria Meicenheimer to recive our
diploma from Foy Leach (a member of the school board and Bill Leach's

-Lorin St. John ('55)
>>From: David Priebe ('57)

Re: Naknek
To: Bill Berlin ('56)
    Yes, indeed, Bill I've been to Naknek, Alaska and even South
Naknek. That's not to mention Igigik, Ushagak, Alegnigik and Igiagik.
I didn't know, my friend, that any Bombers had been to these parts
until you set that slip. You know, some of the most beautiful looking
women in the world are those young native girls. Of course, when I 
was at Col-Hi, we had real Wowers in the class of '57. Does anyone
remember getting drippy sweaty at the sock-hops? The hormones were
raging. Talk about sweet times. Those summers in Alaska were some of
my most memorable and fun and am looking forward to getting back there
this June to see my brother, Phil ('58).

-David Priebe ('57)
>>From: Joe Jancovic ('62)

    Looking for any Richland alumni in Bellingham, WA.

-Joe Jancovic ('62)
>>From: Roy Ballard ('63)

Re: Cherries
    If you want good cherries (Rainier's and Bings), try Norwood
Orchards at the corner of Kingsgate and Gage. She is also a '67 grad,
some of the best I've ever had.

-Roy Ballard ('63)
>>From: Deedee Willox Loiseau ('64)

To: Helen Cross Kirk ('62)
Re: Living in Richland
    You are so right. All the good people aren't in Richland. Good
people are wherever you are fortunate enough to find them. I have made
some wonderful friends whose only connection to Richland is that I
took them to the Spudnut Shop!
    When I left Richland, I was NEVER, EVER, EVER coming back. NEVER!
Richland had way too many unpleasant memories for me. Even living
elsewhere, when I would drive into Richland (just visiting), I would
feel the pain of the place.
    Now for the good part: God has given me so much healing in my
spirit that I now remember that there were many, many happy times in
Richland. I actually don't live in Richland; I live in Burbank, which
is kinda a suburb of Pasco (across the Snake River). Now when I go to
Richland (they DO have the Spudnut Shop, you know *LOL*), I think 
about the good times, the friends I had and some that I still do have 
from school. I'm so happy that Jean Armstrong Reynolds ('64) looked me 
up several years ago. Jean then gave Maren my number... Maren called 
me and we talked and talked. So good to hear from both of them after 
all these years. Eventually Gary Behymer ('64) sent me and email from 
Dena Evans Harr ('64) and we are great friends again (having lost each
other for about 38 years). There are more, of course; Mary Massey
Horsey ('64), Larry Holloway ('64) & Barb Eckert Holloway ('61), 
Myrna Bolin Turner, to name a few, but you get the idea. My childhood 
has gone from the point of causing me much pain to the point of
celebration of the good things about growing up in Richland. 
    OK, 'nuff said!

To: Wally Erickson ('53)
Re: Cherries
    Wally, I have to agree with you. I was and am a great fan of the 
Bing cherries, but the Rainiers are definitely my favorites.

To: Dore Tyler ('53)
Re: Mt. Rainier comments/Orting path(s) and foot bridge(s)
    I gotta agree with you on that. Something is definitely wrong with 
that picture! Your taxes at work; doesn't it make you proud? NOT!!

To: Gary Behymer ('64)
Re: Ferry 
    Thanks for the pics of the ferry. I remember going on that ferry,
but I don't remember why. When did it stop running?

To: Wally Erickson ('53)
Re: Ferry
    Wally, you are so right about the Puget Sound ferries. I took my
youngest son on the ferry just for the experience. He was about 2 1/2.
Turned out to be quite an experience!
    We took the ferry to Vashon Island and the ferry was almost 
empty. There were a couple college students sitting together eating
sandwiches. One of them was holding his sandwich kinda low and toward
the aisle. My son, who always did this at home, just leaned over and
took a bite! The look on the student's face was worth a million words.
I only wish I'd had my camera ready. Sean, my son, nonchalantly went
on about his walkabout. I apologized to the young man and turned just
in time to see Sean conning a lady out of a bottle of juice. Well, as
you can imagine, that ended Sean's walkabout!

To: Gloria Willett Green ('56WB)
Re: O'Sullivan Dam
    I don't remember O'Sullivan Dam, but I bet my bulldog husband
does. When we were kids, my dad would take us down to McNary Dam to
watch the ships go through the locks. We thought it was great. Since
we live in Burbank, WA, we have taken the kids and grandkids to Ice
Harbor Dam. Once, when the Snake River Bridge was only two lanes, one
each way, there was a messy accident on the bridge. It was tied up for
a long time and we had to go over Ice Harbor Dam to get home from work
and again to get to work the next morning. They built another bridge;
now the old bridge goes west toward Pasco and the new one goes east
toward Walla Walla. They are currently working on the highway through
Burbank toward Wallula, making it four lanes. It's a mess right now,
but will be nice when it's done.

To: Gloria Willett Green ('56WB)
Re: "I thought Polio was a thing of the past!"
    In the USA, Polio, along with other things, has been a thing of
the past, for the most part, since the vacine was developed. However,
there is a school of thought that vacinnation isn't necessary and is
even risky, so some parents aren't getting them for their children.
One of our sons has this attitude and their 5-year-old daughter has
not been given any vacinnations. Also, as more people flood into the
US, they need to be educated about the need for vaccination. Some of
the vacines we used to get automatically have been discontinued unless
you live in a port city.

-Deedee Willox Loiseau ('64), Burbank, WA, garden capitol of the world
>>From: Greg Poynor ('66)

To: Bill Berlin ('56)
    Hate to tell you this but several years ago the village of Naknek, 
Alaska was inundated with signs ranging from "Stop", "Curves Ahead", 
"Speed Limit", "School Zone", even the dreaded "No Parking Here."
    Of course, several have received the usual public sign of 
disapproval ... numerous bullet holes from unsuccessful moose hunters.
    'Taint life grand.
To: Roy Ballard (Gold Medal Class of '63)
    Several years my company had the opportunity to resurface the
roads in Katmai National Park (just across the lake from King Salmon/
Naknek). Second largest home for the brown bear in Alaska. The bears 
used to love to just sit along side the road watching the road work 
being completed. Almost like they thought it was some kind of picnic.

-Greg Poynor ('66)
>>From: Pam Ehinger (The Blue Ribbon Class of '67)
Re: Bombaers Single Wing Ding

Dear Bombers
    Here is the T-shirt for the Bombers Single Wing Ding. The green
will be kelly green, in the "R" it says "1st. Annual". The shirt will 
be a Light gray, 50/50. The cost will be $15.
    So now I need to know how may to order and who's coming and what
size you would like. But I need to know soon so I can get this going.
So Please hurry up and let me know!
    I'm still hoping for a pot luck and it means just that POT LUCK!
Bring what you want! Also you'll need your drink and something to eat
on and with.
    If any questions please write me at the above e-mail address or 
you may call me at 509-422-1293. If I'm not home, please leave a 
message and I'll get back to you as soon as I get home from work. I'm 
usually home by 8pm and I stay up until 11pm. So don't be afraid to 
call late! I'm looking forward to hearing from everyone!
    The date is June 25th! Please contact me ASAP! 

Bombers Rule,
-Pam Ehinger (The Blue Ribbon Class of '67)
That's it for today. Please send more.