Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/20/05
7 Bombers sent stuff: 
Betty Hiser ('49), Dore Tyler ('53)
Wally Erickson ('53), Tom Tracy ('55)
Mike Brady ('61), Helen Cross ('62)
Betti Avant ('69)
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>>From: Betty Hiser Gulley ('49)

Bing Cherries: One year (probably 1947) my family and I were going to
Ohio to visit both sets of grandparents. I asked my dad if my sister
and I could pick some Bings to take to Ohio. We went over to Kennewick
and picked an apple box full - 4 cents a pound. The box was divided 
so that we would be sure not to cheat anyone. We stopped at a friends
store to say hello before we arrived at my maternal grandparents. The
store owner came out to say hi and told us he would pay us 69 cents a
pound for the cherries. We told him nothing doing we were taking them
to both sets of our grandparents. He was so disappointed that we
would not sell him those cherries. Wow - 4 cents a pound.

-Betty Hiser Gulley '49er - south/government Richland. Very cool 
                     yesterday and had a big rain around 4 p.m.
>>From: Dore Tyler ('53)

Re: John Northover's ('59) Mt. Rainier comments/Orting path(s) and 
  foot bridge(s)"This year's state budget includes $1.7 million to 
  start planning the project."
What's wrong with this picture

-Dore Tyler ('53)
>>From: Wally Erickson ('53)

Re: The End!
     Thanks for your support... it just wasn't meant to be for the 
"Green & Gold" Sonics this year. Bomber cheers! 
Re: Washington Cherries
    My favorite cherries are the "Rainier" cherries!!!!! If you can 
get to Wenatchee during the cherry season; they're about the size of 
a quarter and very juicy! You can't just eat one.
-Wally Erickson ('53) ~ We had a beautiful day today in the 
                   Coeur D'Alene area.
>>From: Tom Tracy ('55)

To: Jim Anderson ('60)
    Appreciated the pics. The mystery gym certainly looks a lot like
Wapato's gymnasium or perhaps more like Walla Walla's old gym... Where
we tore the hide off the Blue Devil's in '55, spanked them soundly for
a nasty public act their coach Boots Wooten played on our coach back
in the early '50s... we zapped them with soundly on their home court
in '55 and again in Richland... It put a deserving smile on Art
Dawald's face... and Wooten took the drubbing like a man... a few 
years earlier, Wooten's well polished team had taken a large lead in
Richland and at half-time, Wa-Hi's coach had his first five shower and
put on their street clothes and casually drop out and nonchalantly sit
at the end of the bench. Our fans were really angry. Chuck Curtis ('55-RIP)
and I, both Carmichael students, were sitting in the stands behind 
Art Dawald and the team and heard Dawald quietly vow..."someday he'll
regret doing that"...
    At the old Wa-Hi gym in '55, our players and Bomber fans played 
and cheered with a passion I had never seen. Chuck Curtis scored 32
points. Lonnie Whitner, Norris Brown, Tilbert Neal, Denny Olson, Dave
Forest did everything right and were on fire, like they had reserved
everything they had until that game. Every team member who went into
the game, played his heart out!... With a big half-time lead at Wa-Hi,
one of our players asked if the first five could reciprocate by
showering and putting on their street clothes like Wa-Hi had done in
the early '50s. Dawald said "We wouldn't ever do such an embarrassing
thing like that to anyone for any reason".
    On the walk out to the bus, coach Wooten was gracious and relieved
the game was over. He was complimentary to Dawald and our team. Wooten
turned to me and said, "How in the world did you catch up with our
fastest player and slap the ball out of bounds on his layup shot?"
Dawald interrupted and said, "It was easy, Boots. Your player was 
just running down the court to shoot a layup--Tom was running for his
life!" Dawald smiled a comfortable, relaxed smile... one he certainly
earned and deserved. We learned a lot of subtle lessons from our friend
and coach on and off the court. It was worth a bundle to be one of
the smallest parts of his team
    Thanks again for sharing the pictures, Jim. (Now I've got to stop 
and get back to work... let's see, where was I?) 

-Tom Tracy ('55)
[Tom, Gym pictures courtesy of RICHARD Anderson ('60).       -Maren]
>>From: Mike Brady ('61)

To: Bill Craddock ('61)

Mr. Craddock, you are absolutely right!

Hmmmm...that reminds me of a time in a RHS math minus 216 class.  
Jim Hamilton ('63) was sitting right behind me.  He would touch my 
left shoulder for true, my right for false, my left ear for "a" and 
my right for "b", etc... or was it the other way around? Maybe that's
why I flunked that test!

Anyway, let's talk about the day Carol Burt ('61) and Gerry Lattin ('61)
spent the afternoon with me at the beach while you and Jack Gardiner ('61)
were aimlessly driving around the Uptown district. 

-Mike Brady ('61)
>>From: Helen Cross Kirk ('62)

To: Bob Cross ('62)
    Oh my dear cousin, Bobby, forgive me. I've been thinking of your
birthday, but it was too early to write, and on about May 6, our 24
year old son, Ryan came back to live with us, after not graduating
from Purdue (I always knew he picked the wrong school, or the wrong
state, but what could I do about it, you can't tell these kids
anything...), anyway, my mind has been in an uproar since, trying to
accommodate to life with a 24 year old, need I say more....
    Anyway, I hope you had a great day, Bobby, and got to spend time 
with your daughter, and her darling children, including the new twin 

Re: Returning to Richland
    I've been reading all the interesting articles and ideas about
returning to Richland versus living somewhere else. A piece of my
heart will always be in Richland, and when I look at bare mountains, I
like them, whereas my husband thinks they look awful without trees. He
finds Richland bare and lacking, I find it wonderful to be back...
    But as to where we will be living next year... who knows.. and I 
have been fortunate to always find caring people wherever we have 
    I don't think the best people are confined to Richland; every once 
in a while you can find them just anywhere.

-Helen Cross Kirk ('62) ~ West Harrison, IN - where we too are 
      experiencing rain in the house by the little lake, but we have 
      just had some of the most lovely sunny days in the high 70s.
      Spring is pretty everywhere, and because it comes before the 
      humidity, it's especially pretty here.
  P.S. We will be traveling off to Boston, Montreal, and Quebec for 
      the next 2 weeks to get a break (from the 24 year old, even if 
      we did plan the trip before he announced he was coming home...)
      please email me, if there is something along the way I must see.
>>From: Betti Avant ('69)

To: Richard Anderson ('60)

    I loved the pictures of the "old gym". Having been in that gym
first to watch basketball games as a kid until the new gym was built
and then for 3 years in high school for girls' PE classes. Most of the
pep assemblies and cheerleader try outs were also in this gym. It has 
a place in heart that is for sure. I remember at my 30th reunion we
toured the campus and went into the locker room area that was totally
different from my day. Thanks for the memories.

-Betti Avant ('69) ~ Eugene, OR
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