Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/19/05
10 Bombers sent stuff: 
Wally Erickson ('53), Gloria Willett ('56WB)
Burt Pierard ('59), John Northover ('59)
Jan Bollinger ('60), Patti Jones Ahrens ('60)
Richard Anderson ('60), Bill Craddock ('61)
Donni Clark ('63), Dwight Carey ('68)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bob Cross ('62)

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>>From: Wally Erickson ('53)

Re: Green & Gold
    What an "ugly" game in San Antonio!!!!!!! I have to say the
officiating S______!! It was one of the worst officiating games I've
seen in the play-offs. The whole game was really bad. Not, to make
excuses, but the Sonics were missing two of their "key" players... but
that's no excuse for a bad game. Don't give up on the Sonics, they're
playing in Seattle Thursday night. Thanking all of you Bombers that
are rooting for the "Green & Gold".....don't give up. 

Re: Ferries
    I remember there was a ferry crossing over the Snake River east of
Pasco for a short time. They were building a new bridge during that
time. I can't remember the year, but it had to be in the early '50s.
We took the ferry on our way to Walla Walla to see my Grandparents. 
If you haven't taken a ferry in the Puget Sound, you're missing out. 
It's a great family outing. Of course, it's best to go when it's not

-Wally Erickson ('53) ~ It's still raining here in Coeur D'Alene, but 
             I love it! Having lived in the Seattle/Bellevue area for 
             almost 40 years; this is "a piece of cake"...grin again.
>>From: Gloria Willett Green ('56WB)

Re: Bing cherries
    Speaking of addictions--when someone wrote about the bing
cherries, I could not help but write. I was addicted to them when we
lived in Richland and still would be if they were available. Remember
when you could go to the orchards and pick your own for 15 cents per
pound? I could eat them until I was completely miserable! When the
Bings are in season, they are almost $4.00 per pound in Arkansas, but
I would have to satisfy my craving if they were $8.00. They always
remind me of Washington.

Re: Fun in Washington
    Does anyone remember going fishing at O'Sullivan's Dam? I am not 
a fisherperson, but our family and friends of ours used to go to the
dam--I don't remember where it was/is--and they would catch a lot of
crappie. My Dad says that they could catch their limit in a very short
time. We usually made a day of it--picnic and all.
    We also loved to go to Mount Ranier. That was always a wonderful 
trip. There was a lodge there where we stopped occasionally, but most 
of the time we took picnics to the mountain as well. My brother was in 
the first grade and liked to "pan for gold" in the mountain streams. 

Re: Polio
    I'm just now catching up on reading my Sandstorms, and I realize
that the topics have changed but it reminded me once again of
Washington. The first time my Dad worked at Hanford was when the bomb
was in progress--1943. I was five years old when we lived at Sunnyside
and lost my best friend to the disease. My parents went ballistic.
Sally and I played dolls together and had tea parties at her house
before she was diagnosed. Mother and I even drove Sally and her mother
to Yakima to see the specialist who diagnosed her condition. She
didn't live long after that. 
    It was shocking to me last week to read that there was a large
outbreak of polio in some of the Muslim communities in southeast Asia
where they had refused to let their children be inoculated because
they feared that Americans were not telling them the truth about the
medication. I thought polio was a thing of the past.

-Gloria Willett Green ('56WB) ~  who envies all of you who still live 
        in the great state of Washington, but as one bomber said,
        "Home IS where the heart is," and my family lives in Arkansas.
>>From: Burt Pierard ('59)

    The following item is submitted without comment and not desiring 
to start a new message string, I will not respond to any postings.
Re: 1,346 Days
    Today, Thursday, May 19, 2005, is the 1,346th day since the 
attacks of 9/11. That is the same length of time from the attack on 
Pearl Harbor to the end of WWII on V-J Day. (Dec 7, 1941 to Aug 24, 
Bomber Cheers,
-Burt Pierard ('59) ~ Richland
>>From: John Northover ('59)

To: Dennis Hammer ('64)
   Your mention of Beverly Wetherald ('63-RIP) and the fact that she
died 25 years ago in the eruption of Mt. St, Helens, brought to mind 
an article I happened on in YAHOO News yesterday.
Click here for the link
    If the link does not work, copy it into your browser search 
window, If that does not work go to YAHOO, click on NEWS, in the YAHOO 
search window enter 'Orting Washington' - 'All NEWS' Click on 
'SEARCH' ... that should bring the article up.  You Washingtonites are 
living in a very dangerous area ... 

ON another Note: Fellow Bombers ... I believe that you all are aware
of the popular parlor game "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon." The idea is
to link any actor or actress, through the movies they've been in, to
the actor Kevin Bacon in less than six steps. A computer scientist 
at UofV figured out what the average Bacon number is for the quarter
million or so actors and actresses who have played in television films
or major motion pictures and came up with 2.8312 steps. Anyone that
has acted can be linked to Bacon in an average of under three steps. 
    He also did this for each actor or actress that had acted and 
found that Bacon is ranked only 669th. Martin Sheen is 650th, Elliot 
Gould can be connected at 2.63601 steps. The best all time connected 
actor is Rod Steiger. John Wayne is 116th at 2.7173. (All this is from 
a great book by Malcolm Gladwell "The Tipping Point" - He also wrote
"Blink" - I recommend both.)
    Getting to the meat of this prattle ... The Six Degrees of Kevin
Bacon actually comes from the Six Degrees of Separation - meaning that
anyone in the world is connected in SIX STEPS. You have a friend, that
has a friend, that has a friend, that has a friend ... etc., etc.,
etc., that knows YOU!!! This is why the world is so small.
    Which means that ALL of us BOMBERS have a common friend which can 
be linked in six steps or less.  
    The class of '59 has 23 missing class mates since at least 1979 - 
our 20th reunion. With your help ... we can find each and every one of 
them ... in Bacon Theory ... IF anyone knows the where abouts of any 
of our missing '59 class mates ... please have them, if they can, 
email me or you can email me if you know what happened to them. I
would like to update our '59 web site.

The Missing:
Judith Anderson Motor, Dennis Cox, Larry E. Fisher, Dick L. Griffin,  
George Martinez, Barbara McLemore, Jeanie Miller, Lynda Phillips, 
Robert H. Robinson, Bob Sievers, Larry Smith, Ralph D. Stephens, 
Rosemary Stroup, Connie L. Wagner, Joan Ware, James D. White, Jr., 
Michael D. Williams, Annette V. Winsor

The following were at address listed but, did not respond in 1979 to 
the 20th reunion committee:
Brian John Dahl, 2500 GWW #1135, Richland WA 99352 
Carolyn Lee Shaffer, 1101 East 7th, Kennewick WA
Patricia Lynch, 18819 NE 130th, Woodinville WA 98072
Janet Mithcell Wesselman, 31740 Homecker Road, Hillsboro OR 97123
Bill F. Stade, 105N. 46th, West Richland WA 99352
Doris Taylor Anderson, 1102 Wright, Richland WA 99352
    Most of us have an email contact groups - jokes, business, friends
... - Email the names of our missing '59ers to each one of your
groups. Ask each member to email each member of their email groups ...
Di Joebeeee!!! ... Piece of Cake!!!
    My grateful thanks and appreciation in advance for your eventual

john '59  - Living in Paradise (San Diego) - Where the Annual Cortez
   Racing Association Beer Can Races are about to start and all the 
   women crew members wear colorful bikinis, all the men drink Mexican 
   beer and the kids are home taking care of the pets.

-John Northover ('59)
>>From: Jan Bollinger Persons ('60)

Re: Spokane Bomber Lunch
    Spokane Bombers were pleased to welcome many new faces to our 
group at the Cathay Inn on Sunday, for a total of 19 who shared lunch 
and laughs.
    Ralph Bean ('59) introduced his sister Brenda Bean Church ('59)
and spouse Bob from Kennewick, and we met for the first time Joan
Magneson Jackson ('52) and Dee Shipman Jones ('72) and spouse Steve.
It was Richard Coates' ('52) turn to be the birthday boy and cut the
cake that Denny McDaniel ('60) and Kathy brought. Of course Richard's
spouse Kay Mitchell Coates ('52) was also there, and Jim House ('63), 
Rick Valentine ('67), Gloria Falls Evans ('58) and spouse Jim, Gay 
Edwards ('63) and her mother, teacher Vera Edwards, Floyd Morse ('60), 
Gary Persons ('57) and spouse Jan Bollinger Persons ('60).
    The food was especially good this time and, as usual, most of us
took home a box of left-overs. Hubby Gary especially enjoyed his order
of combination noodles and was REALLY looking forward to reheating
them for lunch on Monday. However, when he retrieved the carton of
left-overs from the frig, instead of noodles he found a piece of
birthday cake. His disappointment was profound and he has been
mumbling about "noodles" ever since! Well, at least he had a perfectly
good piece of cake to eat, while the unfortunate person (was that you,
Richard?) who got his noodles surely didn't care to finish a half-
eaten meal! I may have to take Gary back to the Cathay Inn before 
our July lunch, because I'm kind of tired of hearing about noodles,

-Jan Bollinger Persons ('60)
[Rick Valentine ('68) maintains a page for the Spokane Bomber Lunch             -Maren]
>>From: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60)

Re: Moving to Richland or the area
    I've read with great interest all the Sandstorm entries about
moving back to Richland since I am one who moved back here after 43 
years, six months ago. The subject has really moved me. Even though
I lived in numerous homes through out those years I only lived in
three different areas. Typically every time I moved to a new home
there was a big growth in the area. West Richland is going to be no
different but I am ready for it. No one seems to know where all the
people are coming from but the new homes going are rampid. Some think
California, some think Florida also. I have found in talking to people
in stores more Kennewick Lions than any out of state people. Even my
home was owned by Kennewick Lions when I bought it.
    When I graduated I didn't want to, I knew everything would change
too rapidly. My Bomber friends would scatter so on. Of course a lot of
this was already knowledge from upper classmen I knew who would just
one day disappear. I moved to San Jose the end of '62 with my brother
Joe Jones Winterhawk ('58) and his wife Nancy Burnett ('58) to go see
if living in another area would be worth it. (If any one would like an
update about Joe please email me.) Every year I would come home to
visit my family, friends and relatives in Richland all I wanted to do
was come home. My now ex-husband didn't not want to come to this area.
So I was stuck.
    I am here now and love every moment of it. This decision didn't
happen in five minutes. Coming to R2K and Club 40 for four years
bumped me into it. Certain things in my life had to be completed to
get here. Leaving three of my four children and five of my
grandchildren in Western Washington was also not an easy part of the
decision (My other daughter and three grandchildren live in Australia
so not part of the decision). I knew being in the sunshine a lot would
entice them over here though. After I made the decision to return it
seemed like forever before it happened. There are so many new things
to explore because of the growth. The greatest part is the area isn't
huge even though it is growing.
    Thankfully Bomber friends, family and old friends have helped my
transition to be easy (You know who you are, thank you.) As one Bomber
said, "Where else can you go that you have ready made friends". Being
a single woman this has not been always easy leaving the great support
I had. I also have disabilities that have to be dealt with in doing
things such as heavy lifting. Had lots a good help when I needed it.
My son Scott and granddaughter Sabryna have been here five times always
doing things for me to help me settle in also. Now as usual the area
around me will just grow up as it grows. I may pay attention I may
not. I do know with all I have said that if I can do it any Bomber can
do it. So many are.
    I did ask dj ('65) glad you responded. Are you settled in yet?
Weather may good enough for an afternoon of swinging soon.

Re: Restaurants in the Richland area
    There are outstanding restaurants here. Seven or so pounds I have 
put on since I have been here shows it (time for a good walk program.) 
I have eaten at numerous ones but tend to go back to Denny's in
Richland for their good breakfast. Anthony's Homeport in south
Richland on the river is an outstanding place to eat. The restaurant
is beautiful with all of it's glass windows facing the river. The food
is really good. Little spendy though. New coffee shop in West Richland
called JD's makes the best Country Fried Steak that I have had in a
lot of years. Appleby's always does good steak and ribs. Need I go on.
No, it's all part of the discovery.

Re: Need pond supplies
    Finally visited Koi Joy's pond supplies owned by our Bomber David
Moore ('60) which I was told about to get my pond supplies. What a
delight. My son Scott and granddaughter Sabryna on a last minute after
working on the yard for the day decided to go see what we could find
out. This was the night before Mother's day. Getting on the wrong turn
we went to his Kennewick shop via Pasco and ended up in the middle of
Cinco de' Mayo. Arriving at Koi Joy at 20 minutes to six David quickly
got our questions answered. We learned that the shop is on the
internet and they sell world wide. So any of you Bombers looking for
Pond equipment this is the place to go. Click on the following link Thank you David for your delightful
help. It was also great meeting your beautiful daughter.

Re: Bomber functions
    I'm looking forward to all the Bomber functions throughout the
next few months. Class of '65 is having their 40th reunion during Cool
Desert Nights. Hope they are ready for a few extra visitors. 1960s on
going luncheon is always the 1st Saturday of the month except July 4th
week-end when it switches to the week-end after. Then Club 40 where
Class of '55 will have their reunion and Class of '60 will have their
45th. Check the website calendar for more events. Who knows maybe
Maren will be coming home? If you haven't paid her for the year now 
is a good time to help her plan her trip if she so wishes.

Bombers Have Fun 
-Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) ~ It's almost midnight and the temperature 
  is 51 with  rain forecasted so think I will go sit by my pond 
  and enjoy the warmer weather night weather and watch the moon and 
  stars before bed time. As my granddaughter Sabryna 9 l/2 years old 
  said, as she came running into the house from playing the first 
  week-end she was here "Granma, Granma the grass doesn't hurt me". 
  Richland has the best grass I have found to sit on to watch the sky. 
>>From: Richard Anderson ('60)

Re: Demolition of Old (Boys) Gym; and, a mystery gym
    A couple of weekends ago I hauled the trusty digital camera up to
the school and took some pix of the demolition of the old gym. Bravely
I squeezed (squoze?) through a gap in the fence to get the interior
shots (and scored a six-inch piece of floor amid the rubble) --
bravely because I suspected I wasn't supposed to be squeezing through
gaps in the fence (but I did so because I saw a couple of people doing
it -- on asking it was revealed that the people were a RHS teacher and
its teenaged kid (no hint from me about who it was -- my lips are
    Anyway, the pix are at:
    And no, I won't tell you what the mystery gym is, even if you
ask nicely. I'm sure somebody will ID it though.

-Richard Anderson ('60) ~ in Bombeville where the weather has been 
      just as dreadful as this season's boys basketball and boys
      soccer teams -- it was not felicitous this time around (and I
      fear next year won't be any better).
>>From: Bill Craddock ('61)

Re: Mike Brady's ('61) Cherry Consumption Formula
    After all these years, it looks like Mike has attained a (very) 
small understanding of mathematics. Figures it would finally develop
in a quest to formulate something as important as personal cherry

-Bill Craddock ('61)
>>From: Donni Clark Dunphy ('63)

Hi Bombers,
    I have to fly to Texas next week to get guardianship of my sister.
I will fly into Dallas with my husband and we will be in the
Clarksville, Jefferson area in the North Eastern part of Texas. Since
there are Bombers in Texas, is there anything around that area that is
a "must see"? And how about places to eat there?

Re: Bing Cherries
    Haven't eaten a cherry over the years like the big fat juicy Bings 
in Washington. We get them down here in California and they say they 
are from Washington but they don't look like or taste like the ones I 
ate as a child.

-Donni Clark Dunphy ('63) ~ From South. California - where the days 
      are getting warmer but the nights are still very cool. I'd trade 
      the traffic, and crowds anytime for Richland if I could take my 
      kids and grandkids with me! [Me, too, Donni!!   -Maren]
>>From: Dwight Carey ('68)

Re: North Richland Ferry
    I really appreciate the picture of the North Richland ferry. My
parents were going to Seattle one year for mother's day, and that was
the route they took. Why, I don't know. Was that the only way to get
to Seattle??
    Problem was, they got to the ferry about the time it pulled away
from shore. So, they had some time, and took a little gravel road up
north of the ferry. They ran into Ed Christopherson, Sr. (Ed, Jr. ('66).
They were looking at some land in the area below what is now the
graduate center - an area called the "Berlin Camp" - some kind of
outdoor dance hall - a slab of concrete, really. Anyone heard of that
place? Sounds like a lot of good dancing went on out there.
    Anyway, those two families went in with 7 others, and bought 11
acres along the river up there. My parents ended up with the second
lot above that ferry, which used the ramp now called Ferry Road. The
Christophersons and us were the only ones who ended up building on
those lots - the rest sold theirs. Our house was done about two years
before that ferry stopped running, so I don't remember much about it,
except I wanted a job on it, and it shut down before I was old enough.
    My dad still has his house in that spot. So does Mrs. Christopherson.
What the previous generation could do with only one salary and lots of
peanut butter sandwiches!! Our family never ate hot lunch in school -
we thought it was a real treat if we got a Thursday hot lunch of chili
and cinnamon rolls. If I remember right, it was 35 cents. We all
figured it was our little contribution for living next to the mighty

-Dwight Carey ('68) ~ Raining in Richland
That's it for today. Please send more.