Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/18/05
12 Bombers and Art Dawald's Grandson sent stuff: 
Betty Bell ('51), Tom Tracy ('55)
Derrith Persons ('60WB), Margo Compton ('60)
Mike Brady ('61), Freddie Schafer ('63)
Jim Armstrong ('63), Jim Hamilton ('63)
Ron Richards ('63), Dennis Hammer ('64)
Gary Behymer ('64), David Rivers ('65)
Kirk Vitulli (Art Dawald's Grandson)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: John Crigler ('64)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jack Keeney ('65)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Lyman Powell ('65)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Caroline Stanfield ('66)

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>>From: Betty Bell Norton ('51)

The Richland Seniors Association is sponsoring another dance on Friday
May 20th at the Richland Community Center from 1:00 - 4:00. The Easy
Swing Band will play, refreshments are served, door prizes are given
-- and all for only $4. All ages are welcome! Please Join Us!

On Saturday May 21st from 8:30 to 11:30 the Richland Seniors
Association, CONTACT of the Tri-Cities and the City of Richland are
co-sponsoring a pancake breakfast at the Richland Community Center.
Scrambled eggs, sausage, coffee, juice and all-you-can eat pancakes
for only $4! Tickets are sold at the door. This is for a VERY worthy
cause so hope many of you will try to come.

AND--on Sunday May 29th the Richland Seniors Association is sponsoring
their Fifth Sunday Dance from 1:00 - 4:00 in the Richland Community
Center. The Easy Swing Band will play and QUORUM, a local barbershop
quartet, will entertain. Again, tickets are only $4 at the door.

AND as an added bonus, Helen Nash former teacher at Columbia
High/Richland High with others will be giving Fox Trot and Two-Step
dance instructions from 12:15 to 1:00, while the band is setting up.
This will be done to CD music. Come and join us and say "Hello" to
Helen--a great addition to the Richland Seniors Association Board!

-Betty Bell Norton ('51)
>>From: Tom Tracy ('55)

To: Reuben Linn ('58)
    We certainly appreciate Gary Behymer's ('64) many contributions. His ferry picture 
reminds us of our Dads who liked to be front vehicle. When the ferry
was about to dock, it was near-impossible for Dads to keep their hands
off the steering wheel. They insisted on helping the ferryman guide
our vessel. It is an irresistible urge, with a slight hint of
Obsessive Compulsive Behavior to think one can actually steer with 
the auto's steering wheel... but try it sometime...! I once asked the
helper who tied us up... how many front vehicle drivers helped steer.
"They all do it. You can't resist. Some even use the brakes!" I was
hoping my Dad would get a discount. We always quietly got in the car
when docking and Mom put her finger to her lips... so as to keep us
from disturbing Dad as he tightly gripped the car's steering wheel, a
few turns to the right and back to the left... and probably a touch on
the brakes... he carefully put us ashore... with a little help from
the ferry boat captain. If you stood at the back of the ferry barge,
you could easily see those who also helped as their brake lights
indicated their assistance on docking.

-Tom Tracy ('55)
>>From: Derrith Persons Dean ('60WB)

Re: '60 in '05 Planning Meeting

WHEN: Wednesday May 25th
      at 5 pm we get together and enjoy dinner
      at 6:30 pm the meeting starts 
WHERE: JD Diner, 3790 Van Giesen, West Richland, WA.
Please share this with other classmates so they can come and have fun 
too! Thanks and we hope to see you there!!!

-Derrith Persons Dean ('60WB)
>>From: Margo Compton Lacarde ('60)

Re: San Antonio Bombers
    Yes there are Texas Bombers and a couple here is San Antonio. 
Been in Texas for over 35 years so part of me is Texan. Thank goodness 
I am not a big basketball fan or I would probably be having a hard 
time right now trying to figure out who to root for. I figure which 
ever team wins, so do I since I feel connected to both.

-Margo Compton Lacarde ('60) ~ loving it in Texas and rooting for 
                     both the Sonics and the Spurs.
>>From: Mike Brady ('61)

Re: PB=(CC X .0385).0786
    Speaking of cherries which has been such a hot topic of
conversation since I brought the subject up a couple of days ago, 
my personal best (PB) for cherry consumption (CC) happened on 
July 27, 1985. I was only 42 years old. The formula for determining 
personal best is PB=(CC X .0385).0786.
    Just wanna keep you informed!

-Mike Brady ('61)
>>From: Freddie Schafer (Gold Medal Class of '63)

Re: Portland/Vancouver Bomber Lunch
    Saturday, May 14th we met at Shenninagan's at the Jantzen Beach
Red Lion and a good time was had by all. Bombers at the luncheon were
Alan Porter ('67), Ron Holeman ('56), Leslie Swanson Holeman ('59),
Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54), John Irl French ('51), Linda
McKnight Hoban ('65) and husband Denny Hoban, Barbara Crowder Hopkins
('55), Lola Heidlebaugh Bowen ('60), Fred Schafer ('63) and Ann Engel
Schafer ('63)... Ann is not pictured because she was hogging the
camera... she takes better pictures than I do.

Re: 3rd Annual Bomber Picnic
    Mark your calendars for August 13th for the 3rd annual Bomber
picnic at Battle Ground State Park. All Bombers and families from
anywhere are invited. Contact  contact Lola Heidlebaugh Bowen ('60)
for details.

-Freddie Schafer (Gold Medal Class of '63) ~ from wet Vancouver, USA - 
      where 3 weeks into the softball season and we have 6 make up 
      games already.
>>From: Jim Armstrong (Gold Medal Class of '63)

    Let's not forget to remember fellow Bomber Bev Wetherald ('63-RIP) 
on this, the 25th anniversary of her death during the Mt. St. Helens 

-Jim Armstrong (Gold Medal Class of '63)
>>From: Jim Hamilton (Gold Medal Class of '63)

    Actually you can get some pretty swell eats in Richland, what with
the New Anthony's that they built down by the Indian Burial Grounds.
Nothing up to the standards set by the Green Hut, the Mart and Bert's
Diner down at the "Y". Dean & Anita Newlywed are the best source for
great restaurants, like old sailors they've got one in every town.
    The Patit Creek Restaurant in Dayton, is about as good as it gets.
I know that Dayton isn't "exactly" in the Tri-Cities, but with urban
sprawl it won't be long.
    The Lovely Miss Nancy and I have supped several times at Noppaka
and it is exceptional in all regards, service, ambiance and the food
was perfect. The buzz in the community is that it's not to be missed.
Now I'm figuring out why the egg rolls Dave Hanthorn's wife brought 
to Kathy Rathvon's Class Clambake a few years back were gone in 60
seconds. He's a lucky guy David, retired, a beautiful wife and a free
ticket to a Thai Restaurant.
Semper Bomberus
    p.s. Funny that Roy brought up Frank Osgard ('63WB)... he is now 
    gainfully employed with a combined effort of the NIH/FDA. They are 
    attempting to determine the half life of a Costco hot dog. Dewey 
    Skaggs is also involved in the study... small world.

-Jim Hamilton (Gold Medal Class of '63)
>>From: Ron Richards (Gold Medal Class of '63)

Re: Richland Restaurants
    Those having difficulties finding fine dining establishments in
Richland should try the new Anthony's Restaurant - and enjoy their
wild Alaska salmon. 

-Ron Richards (Gold Medal Class of '63)
>>From: Dennis Hammer ('64)

Re: Mt. St. Helens 
    Beverly Wetherald ('63-RIP) died 25 years ago today in the 
eruption of Mt. St, Helens.

    Photo of ash cloud from Mount St. Helens which I took from 1413 
McPherson, Richland, WA on May 18, 1980. I believe it was about 11am 
to Noon.

-Dennis Hammer ('64)
>>From: Gary Behymer ('64)

Re: Green & Gold
    ..though we live in Blue & Gold Colfax country... Janis & I still 
sport a green & gold home and yard...

-Gary Behymer ('64)
>>From: David Rivers ('65)

Re: Birthdays
    Wow... we gots bunches... On 5/16 I managed to miss Sandy Jones' 
('65) special day... realized it too late and knew I couldn't make the 
Washington post filing deadline... so Sorry Sandy but see you and the 
Big guy in June... right??????
    Next... on the 18th, we got the classes of '64, '65 and '66
represented as birthday kids... Each of these kids played a big part
in my life... the '64 guy was one of those quiet types that made you
listen up when he spoke... always had some cool car that one of us
wanted and I believe one of the birthday boys actually picked one of
those cars up while we were still in school... I think John Foster
('65) picked up another which never got out of the Uptown when John
went in the service... I'll check to see if it is still there in
June... The two '65ers were always part of my favorite memories... one
started a song: "I'm a friend of David Rivers... Rivers" (sung to the
Hamms song)... the other lived just up Stevens from me... The Lyricist
guided me into a deep hole with my car at a Kegger one time when we
were trying to get away from John Law... The other guy rescued me from 
having my face beat to a pulp when a guy was beating my face with his 
fists between two parked cars... and the '66 girl was my first date in 
the world and her style and grace remain with me to this day!!!!!!!!!
   HAPPY BOMBER BIRTHDAY TO:  Johnny Crigler ('64), Jack Keeney ('65),
Lyman Powell ('65) and Caroline Stanfield ('66)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-David Rivers ('65)
>>From: Kirk Vitulli (Art Dawald's Grandson)

To: Wally Erickson ('53)
    Thanks for the note. I have heard that my grandfather had complete
control over his class room, but put in other terms! Some folks even
have suggested that he had a bit of a temper at times. My mom has
mentioned that at times it took several members of his team to
physically suggest that he take a seat while disputing a call 
during a basketball game. (Gee, are they sure that was my sweet old
    Give me a call sometime at [phone number deleted for privacy --
email Kirk if you want it. -Maren] and we will see if we can connect
for lunch. I'm at work quite a bit right now, our company is building
a new store due to open in September.

-Kirk Vitulli (Art Dawald's Grandson)
That's it for today. Please send more.