Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/16/05
12 Bombers sent stuff: 
Dave Brusie ('51), Gloria Adams ('54)
Marguerite Groff ('54), Millie Finch ('54)
Bill Berlin ('56), Patti Mathis ('60)
Donna Bowers Rice ('63), Jim Hamilton ('63)
Roy Ballard ('63), Gary Behymer ('64)
Clif Edwards ('68), Betti Avant ('69)
>>From: Dave Brusie ('51)

To: Kirk Vitulli (Grandson of Art Dawald)
    Thanks for all the information on your life. I had a hunch that 
it was mainly centered around Spokane. I traveled to Spokane for twenty
years as a office products rep for a company out of Minnesota. The
town changed a lot in all those years. We just about always return to
our roots someday.
    Yes I am still awake.

-Dave Brusie ('51)
>>From: Gloria Adams Fulcher ('54)

To: Shannon Weil Lamarche ('82)
    You got it Shannon!! Good Old G.E. called my husband the first 
part of 1971 and made him an offer he couldn't refuse. Off we went to
Joliet and he commuted to Morris like everyone else. Learned to study
hard again and passed all those tests that were really a challenge and
got his certification for the reprocessing plant. We decided we'd
stay 3-5 years and if we liked it, great, but if the family wanted to
"come home" to Washington, that's what we'd do. We had a great time
while we were there. We were regulars at the Playboy Club in Chicago,
went to the Bears football games, went to Milwaukee and toured the
breweries, went to see President Lincoln's hometown, took the kids to
Disneyworld, took them to the Indy 500 and, in general, saw everything
we could in the 3 years, in case we decided not to live out there
permanently. Problem? It was all indoor living out there, as you
probably remember. First snow fall in October, last one in May. May to
October, humidity so thick you could cut it. Our family was used to
outdoor living. Boating, camping, fishing, water skiing, etc. in the
Summer and Fall, hunting for Clarence and the boys Fall and Winter and
snow skiing for the family in the Winter. 1974 the kids asked for a
family meeting. They said "We've had a good time but we're ready to go
home now." We told them we'd put the house up for sale and if it sold,
we'd go back but if it didn't, we'd stay. We both had very good jobs
and an active social life but we understood where they were coming
from with the differences in life styles. The house sold before our ad
came out in the paper. U-Haul, here we come.
    Back to Richland. The guys at Morris thought Clarence knew
something they didn't, as the plant shut down shortly after we left,
but it was just dumb luck in timing. We got back when there were good
jobs available and Clarence went to work right away for Exxon Nuclear.
Others that came later weren't so lucky.
    What's your story?

To: Mary Triem Mowery ('47)
    Hey, my friend and great Boss!! You were always my inspiration in
my banking career. Let's get together for lunch sometime. How's our
mutual friend, Jean Dreher, doing? I was sad to hear about Carl's

-Gloria Adams Fulcher ('54)
>>From: Marguerite Groff Tompkins ('54)

    Just wanted to say "Welcome home" to Clarence Fulcher ('51) and 
Gloria Adams Fulcher ('54). Gloria, you mentioned joining us for 
lunch when you got settled. I don't expect that you are settled yet; 
however, wanted you to know that next Friday (5/20) at noon, we will 
be at Granny's Restaurant. We would love to see you - just in case  
you need a lunch break.

To: Ladies of '54
    This is also meant to be a reminder for you to come to lunch 
Friday. It would be great if we could fill at least one long table.  
Come and catch up on all the news.

-Marguerite Groff Tompkins ('54) ~ In Richland where the weather has 
             been great; even the much needed rain.
>>From: Millie Finch Gregg ('54)

To: Jerry Molnaa ('52) & Shirley Pittman Molnaa ('52)
    Happy Anniversary. Much can be said for those of us who have
lasted out the years with the same spouse. Don't know about you 2, 
but mine has been one heck of a ride - smooth sailing at times, and 
other times like a whirlwind!! Wouldn't change it though. Enjoy 
yourselves and again Congratulations are in order.

Bomber greetings,
-Millie Finch Gregg ('54)
>>From: Bill Berlin ('56)

Re: Greg Poynor ('66)
    Could it be we have uncovered another Bristol Bay Bomber? 
Greg seems to know Naknek well and has thrown his support behind
Anacortes... my kind of guy. Could there be another Anacortes Bomber
in our midst? Let me give Greg the Naknek litmus test. How many stop
lights in Naknek? For that matter, how many Stop signs? Sure would
like to know other Bombers who did time in Bristol Bay? It could be
a bunch given the summer work up there. What is that old Bristol Bay
saying? "I spent a year up there one week."
    Guess I will have to get down and see Pappy and Deedee in Burbank 
to see if it looks like Naknek. It used to when I was traveling 
between Richland and Walla Walla to work in the peas. 

-Bill Berlin ('56) ~ in Anacortes, WA where we are getting a bit of 
     rain, which is needed. I have a yard half the size of a golf 
     course and like the natural irrigation a lot.
>>From: Patti Mathis Wheeler ('60)

Re: Richland
    I almost feel guilty because I never left and still don't have
those warm fuzzies everyone else seems to have. I think it is maybe
because I have seen no other way to live and grow up. Almost moved
once, but didn't, and now can't, so guess this is where I will be
always. In fact, I have not been anywhere, now that I think on it. My
children and grandchildren are all here too (or at least close) but it
is my parents that keep me here. Its ironic, couldn't wait to get
married to leave them, and am now staying because of them. Oh, well,
so it goes...

-Patti Mathis Wheeler ('60)
>>From: Donna Bowers Rice (Gold Medal Class of '63)

    Just wanted to tell my friend Marilyn Swan Beddo ('63) that I
didn't forget your birthday this year (May 15) but George did!!! Where
were you George when you are most needed? Anyway, I hope your children
were all around you in Utah and you had a great day! You are a
terrific person and friend.

-Donna Bowers Rice (Gold Medal Class of '63) ~ from cold ole'
             St. Louis, MO this Sunday morning... but its sunny anyway
>>From: Jim Hamilton (Gold Medal Class of '63)

    All this talk about living in Richland makes me think of Mark 
Twain's comment, "If it weren't for differences of opinion, there'd 
be no need for Horse Races".
    Living here in Kirkland with my homies, "The Killer Bees", Mike
Bradley ('56) and Mike Brady ('61), gave me pause to reflect. I've 
always found it a challenge to find "Fine Dining" in Richland.
Kirkland has many good restaurants, but no place to park. In fact if
you wanted to commit suicide in Kirkland, you'd have to go to Redmond
or Woodinville to buy the rope. Although we do have lots of Art
Galleries (check out my friend Gunnar Nordstorm's Gallery), but not a
single Pho joint. We've got Costco, but no place to park closer than
your own house. Kirkland used to have a Spudnut shop, but it's now
some toney Juice Bar. In fact I don't think they've sold Spudnuts
there for about 25 years.
    I've never once heard anyone who lives in the Tri-Cities, bitch
about what they don't have, so there's gotta be a hundred thousand or
so folks who like the place. Now if they would just conjure up some
major traffic hassles, and some election irregularities and toss in
Harry Wappler a couple of times a day, it could feel more like home. 
I don't know what I'd do given the choice of a brisk walk along the
Columbia River, or an even slower commute on 405.
    One thing Richland no longer has, is the Bus Depot. Where in the 
name of all things Green & Gold are kids supposed to go to learn to 
smoke and play pinball machines?
Semper Bomberus,
p.s. On second thought, they don't need Harry Wappler to tell you what 
          the weather is going to be, they already know.

-Jim Hamilton (Gold Medal Class of '63)
>>From: Roy Ballard (Gold Medal Class of '63)

To: Bill Berlin ('56)
    Sorry Bill, I did enjoy my time in Naknek. I was only there 3
months and put in a lot of long hours, but I was just joking about
Anacortes and Naknek. My wife and I have spent a lot of time in
Anacortes and like the place very much. Our daughter-in-law is from
Mt. Vernon and we have a lot of friends there and in Burlington. A
friend of ours has a great body shop in Mt. Vernon if you need to have
a auto redone (Hot Wheels Autobody), but Anacortes always has a soft
spot in our hearts. Also Ernie Jensen (the guy the wrote "Bombermania"
along with Dick Swanson) live in Anacortes. He and his wife Chris are
great people and if you want to know anything about Bomber basketball,
Ernie knows it all.

To: Greg Poynor ('66)
    I really liked Naknek and all the brown bears... it was a great
experience for three months, Oh by the way the food was great and you
know how I like to eat and enjoy good food. I don't play golf a lot
anymore... I did buy a new set of Cobra woods and irons, bag and all 
the other items while I was in San Diego last year. Raymond pointed me 
to a place called Universal Golf and I got fitted for the clubs. I did 
play in Hawaii last month at Kaneohie Bay where Greg ('90) is 
stationed... great course. Oh yes I guess 185 is a little closer to 
how far I hit my Sand Wedge... 200 for my 9 iron. 
    By the way how are all of you doing up there in the far north?

-Roy Ballard (Gold Medal Class of '63)
>>From: Gary Behymer ('64)

Re: Ferry at North End Of Richland

-Gary Behymer ('64) ~ Colfax, WA
>>From: Clif Edwards ('68)

To: Mike Howell ('68WB), Betty Hiser Gulley ('49)
Betty and Mike,
    I couldn't agree with Mike more. I resisted taking any drugs
during my early leukemia treatment days. The doctors and a very
special nurse, who took time at three and four o'clock in the morning
to sit and talk to me when I was in extreme pain, convinced me to
control the pain before it was horrible. Am I an addict? You bet. I
take 30 mg of morphine and 20 mg of Ambien every night to sleep. After
six years I have no doubt I will never be rid of the drugs and know
that I will only be rid of the cancer at the end. I am a living
testament to the power of drugs good or bad. I don't like taking them
at all but I have to live and support my family. This seems to be 
my best alternative to just toughing it out. I am at peace with it;
although I do take some heat from my sixties and seventies friends who
don't like that I won't share.

-Clif Edwards ('68)
>>From: Betti Avant ('69)

Re: University of Oregon Football Stadium
    Another Green and Gold!!!!!! In watching the Ducks' softball team
on TV I see their catcher is from Richland. Is she a Bomber or Falcon?

-Betti Avant ('69)
That's it for today. Please send more.