Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/07/05
8 Bombers sent stuff: 
Betty Hiser ('49), Bill Berlin ('56)
Carol Carson ('60), Judy Willox ('61)
Mike Brady ('61), David Rivers ('65)
Mike Perkins ('67), Lynn Noble Paden ('72)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Kathy Clark ('67)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Laverne Vandenberg ('76)

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>>From: Betty Hiser Gulley ('49)

    I have a special request. Please do not send me email that
requires you to send this to 50 friends or you will die or bad things
will happen to you, etc. I am 73 years old and have NEVER answered
them and I am still alive. Thanks.

To: Dick Harris ('49er)
Saddle Shoes: When I was in high school I had very wide feet (a no no
back in those days). The only place I could buy shoes that fit was at
the old Penney's store in downtown Kennewick. Had to buy boys saddles.
I gave my shoe stamps to mothers with young children (think we were
allowed 3 pair of shoes a year). Boys shoes always lasted longer than
girls. In 1945, when they found out I lived in Richland, they refused
to wait on me - they would simply turn around and walk away. As a
result I never set foot in Kennewick from 1945 until they opened
Columbia Center (1969?). I still don't know a lot about Kennewick.

Adhesive tape: Remember when the boys used to put tape on their cords
and let the cords get REALLY dirty and pull the tape off - they had
names, initials, etc. Don't know how their mothers put up with that.

To: Dick Avedovech ('56)
I love that girl's 7 wonders of the world. I don't see too well, don't
hear too well, don't taste or smell too well - I make up with the
other 4 items. We all need to stop and smell the roses once in a while
and thank that person of a higher being for the things we do have.

To: Kirk Vitulli (Grandson of Art Dawald)
I did not have too much to do with your grandfather (I did pick up 
his absence list when I worked in the office at Col Hi) - but your
grandmother used to work for Penney's in Richland. She helped me order
some jeans for my brother-in-law (he worked for United Airlines and
his legs were so long that they had no uniforms to fit him and allowed
him to wear jeans to work - took 3 months).

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY - To all Bomber who are mothers and grandmothers
and anyone who would like to be called a Mom.
-Betty Hiser Gulley '49er - south/government Richland - sun is 
         shinning and feels warm out - supposed to get around 73 today 
          and possibly showers (think we will have showers - all my 
          bones hurt!!!).
>>From: Bill Berlin ('56)

To: Dick Avedovech ('56)
    Yes, honoured classmate, I have been to the Great Wall several
times, mostly as a tour guide for visiting firemen and their wives.
Here is a tip for any future Bomber Great Wall visitors. Wear really,
repeat, really good walking shoes with extremely good tread. The Great
Wall is made of stone that has been worn down to ice rink quality
footing...and that is when it is dry. It only took three Mongol's and
about $20 US to bribe the Chinese guards to open the gate and let "the
Hoards" through the gate, thus the very first recorded case of graft
in China. It has now expanded to thousands and millions of dollars so
Genghis Kahn got a very good deal.

To: Dave Hanthorn ('63)
    Congratulations on retiring from Boeing and if you are going to
Victoria, stop by Anacortes and visit us on your way over or back on
the Anacortes/Sidney ferry. Just because you are a classmate of Old
Jimbeaux does not mean we have to put our silver and crystal under
lock and key. Serious, stop by but let us know in advance.

To: Jim Hamilton ('63)
    Dang, I had forgotten about Louise Wells ('64) bringing over May
baskets. That seemed to be her yearly project and Mama Jean Wells
encouraged her to do that for any home in South Richland that had boys
living there. I had never figured that out until now. Just the same,
we got May baskets this May 1 (and last year) from little girls
dressed up on old time dresses. We have an old School House just up
the road from us that operated as a one roomer until 1956 and every
year a couple of the Anacortes 4th Grade classes spend a day in class
at that old school. Really cool and the kids seems to have a good time
and take May baskets to the neighbors. Old Bill Barrington, who lives
across the road and went to that school back in the '30s, comes over
and tells them stories. He rides over on his horse and his wife shows
up in period dress in a buggy. Even the bell works and sounds very
good. Where is Louise when we need her? [Louise is in Shorline, WA -Maren]

-Bill Berlin ('56) ~ in Anacortes, WA - where fellow Bomber 
        Dave Priebe ('57) and his wife have moved to Gabriolla Island, 
        British Columbia. The are building a new house here but had to 
        move out of their house by May 1 whilst the new one goes up.  
>>From: Carol Carson Renaud ('60)

Re: Bomber Mom passes
    Shirley Carson, Mother of Steve ('58) Carol ('60) and David ('76) 
passed on Tuesday May 3rd. Her obituary can be found in the Tri-City 
Herald and on the Einan's Funeral Home site:  

-Carol Carson Renaud ('60)
>>From: Judy Willox (Classic Class of '61)

To: All Bombers
Re: Growing Up in the Sandstorms of Richland and My Best Friend, Myrna
    Happy, happy birthday to the best friend anyone could have been
fortunate enough to walk into those oh so many years ago! It was great
then and it is still the best. May you have many more birthdays and
may we have many more years together! Think you must be somewhere
here--maybe at your Mothers-- as I have not been able to reach you by
phone. Hope today is a good one for you and remember how much I love
ya gal!
    We all remember the sandstorms we walked, played, breathed and ran
through during our growing up years here in Richland. Occasionally 
we still have one, and somehow they don't seem as threatening as they
once did. We housewives still hate the things, cause we gotta clean 
up after them. But no way is it as bad as it was back then, when 
our Mothers sat and cried with all the sand that sifted through.
"Termination Winds" they were called and I can just imagine how much
our troops would love to terminate their locale with the pictures you
are about to witness. We thought WE had it bad? Take a look and see
how bad they have it there in Iraq and then feel lucky that we did not
suffer this kind of storm. I was told by a fellow Bomber that I should
send in this entry and share it with you all. They didn't want their
name mentioned, for whatever reason, but they know they deserve the
credit for this entry anyway. Don't you JBP? ;o)
    Iraq Sand Storm... And I thought we had dust storms in Richland. 
Sand Storm, 26 April 2005. It's a wall of sand traveling at 60 mph.
More pictures at:

Bomber Cheers,
-Judy Willox (Classic Class of '61) ~ Richland
>>From: Mike Brady ('61)

Re: Jim Hamilton's ('63) entry
    That was a great entry by my Travel Agent and good friend, Jim
Hamilton ('63), in yesterday's Sandstorm. Pete Wascher ('60) was the
first guy on our block to have cable television. He had this great
recreation room in his basement and a one armed bandit that took
nickels. Several years later, Bill Tache's ('61) had a "color
television." He attached a rainbow colored piece of transparent
plastic to the front of the set, and bingo, instant color. Each Friday
night we would go over to the Tache's house and watch the Gillette
Blue Blades Friday Night Fights. I watched Sugar Ray Robinson, Carman
Basilio and Kid Gavalin. The only light in the house was coming from
the "color" television while cigarette smoke would rise from the
chairs. I loved Mrs. Tache. She got a kick out of putting a whoopie
cushion on my chair before I sat down causing much embarrassment. She
also promised to make the local kids homemade root beer if we helped
her make home brew in the bathtub. When Charlie Clement's ('60WB) Mom
found out about that, boy, did the you know what hit the fan. Charlie
is a Mormon!

-Mike Brady ('61)
>>From: David Rivers ('65)

Re: Burt Wells and the Buckaroo Girls
    Well, Howdy Buckaroos! This is yer old Pal Burt Wells... no wait
this is just me... got caught up in the feelin' ya know... It was such
a surprise to get an email from Burt last year... Now that's pretty
darned cool... people can't believe how close knit we Bombers are 
and to have our childhood cowboy hero come out from the past is just
toooooooo much for anyone but a Bomber to understand! I mean... Big
John and Sparky were national right? So we wouldn't ever expect to
hear from Big John... tho ya never know about those puppets.. Sparky
could jump out at us any day... That picture is a classic... I spotted
Susan ('63) right off and Rosalie ('63) too... But to think I lived
across from Bethie ('63) for all those years and I still can't believe
that picture is of her! Hafta have Laura ('65) confirm that one for
me... Oh man Oh man Oh man... it's almost JUNE... Can't wait for that
first Spudnut! Is everybody else from the class of '65 as ready as I
am????????? Oh... on a sad note, Jimmy Heidlebaugh ('65) decided to
go to an old used table Vegas Landmark called "Broadacres" Swapmeet.
It was owned for years by an old cowboy by the name of Dolf Bowman...
Dolf was a real cowboy... kinda like our old Sheriff, Ralph Lamb...
bowed legs and all... everything old Dolf touched turned to gold...
one time Dolf and Bennie Binion were having a feud and Dolf rode his
horse thru the big restaurant and right out thru the window to the
street below... cops picked him up outside... tied up his horse and
took old Dolf to jail... so anyway Dolf sold the Swapmeet to his nasty
little offspring a number of years ago... (they tried to cheat him out
of the sale price even tho he sold it to them for about 1/4 what it
was worth... nasty little beings... I couldn't stand 'em... but then
Dolf was my pal and my client)... so anyway Jimmy goes out to the
swapmeet which is pretty much like going to Mexico these days... and
after about an hour of not finding anything interesting he decided to
leave... uh oh... "all you guys who have a nice Durango SUV raise yer
hand"... NOT YOU HEIDLEBAUGH! Yup... stolen right outa the lot... took
him 3 hours trying to get a cab to pick him up in that part of town...
finally some good Samaritan gave him a ride home... (yes they found it
a few days later... totally wrecked after a big joy ride)... word to
the wise... when visiting Vegas... ... ...skip the swapmeet!

-David Rivers ('65)
>>From: Mike Perkins ('67)

Re: Story from Dick Avedovech ('56)
    Dick's story in the 6 May edition reminded me of a picture I ran
across several years ago, and which has been on the desktop background
of every computer I've owned since. A particularly compelling image
and thought. Enjoy.

-Mike Perkins ('67)
>>From: Lynn Noble Paden ('72)

To: Kirk Vitulli (grandson of Art Dawald)
Hi Kirk:
    My family lived a couple of doors from your grandparents. I am the
youngest daughter of Betty and Dick Noble (who are still alive and
well at age 90 and 86) and number six of six children. We loved Art
and Bernice as if they were our aunt and uncle. Here are some memories
for you about them:
    Bernice would frequently come down to our house to visit or, at 
times, to lend a hand. I can remember her folding clothes while she 
sipped coffee and talked with us -- even if our folks weren't home.
She was an absolute delight and was loving and always cheerful. Her
hair was always perfect and we used to think that she manicured her
lawn the way she did her hair. Their home and lawn were lovely and the
envy of the neighborhood.
    Art went for walks most every day with his Boston Terrier friend,
Chum. I would always giggle when he'd walk by because I knew that he
would say, "Hi there fellas!" I'm sure he loved to see our smiles and
giggles as well. He had a quick stride and would carry a walking 
stick with him. Chum would walk dutifully in step with Art and would
"snort" a hello and wiggle his tiny tail at us.
    Bernice's sister, Mary, lived next door to them on the North side.
    We loved your grandparents and I know that my parents and sister
probably have more memories for you. I can give you their phone number
or address if you'd like to contact them. They live in Kennewick.
    I also have some photos of Art and Bernice and would be happy to 
share them with you if you'd like them. Feel free to email me at

-Lynn Noble Paden ('72)
That's it for today. Please send more.