Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/01/05
7 Bombers and 1 NAB sent stuff: 
Betty Hiser ('49), Jim McKeown ('53)
Burt Pierard ('59), Helen Cross ('62)
John Adkins ('62), Linda Reining ('64)
Jeff Curtis ('69), Don Sorenson (NAB-Not A Bomber)
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>>From: Betty Hiser Gulley ('49)

I have been requested to give you the following information:

Prayers are needed for fellow Bomber, Terry Casseday ('56). He has 
just been transferred from the Sunnyside Hospital. He has spent the 
last week to Kadlec Hospital in Richland - in the Critical Care Unit. 
He has water on his lungs, blood pressure problems, and is also a 
diabetic. Prayers also for his sister, Lyn (also a Bomber) and Terry's 
adult children. Terry needs a miracle. Thanks.

Also though I graduated in '49, I went back to high school for the
school years '49/'50 and '50/'51. If someone had a '51 annual I would 
love to have it. Thanks.

Too bad most of you did not know Kathryn Bugbee. She was the school
nurse most of my high school years. She had been a nurse for the
intern camps for the Japanese. We stayed in contact until she died.
She used to tell me the conditions that these poor individuals were
put through. 

-Betty Hiser Gulley '49er - south/government Richland - coolish nights 
             and nice during the day (supposed to get up to 64 today).
>>From: Jim McKeown ('53)

Re: Miss Richland
To: Jan Bollinger Persons ('60)
    I'm sure you are right about the succession of who replaced 
Sharon Tate ('61wb-RIP). I was a Jaycee from '56 to '60 and then was 
transferred to Lewiston, but I do remember the events each year and 
what fun it was, with the midway, the Paul Beardsley fireworks, and, 
of course, the crowning event of the Miss Richland contest. I'm 
positive that Jan was a contestant, I'm just not sure of the year.

-Jim McKeown ('53)
>>From: Burt Pierard ('59)

To: Terri Royce Weiner ('56)
Re: '55 or '56 Columbians
    The Columbians you are looking for are viewable on the Alumni 
    If you want them on CD (Vol. I '44-'49, Vol. II '50-'54, Vol. III 
'55-'59, Vol. IV '60-'64), they are available for $5.00 each ($20.00 
for the whole set). Simply send me an email and I'll give you all the 

-Burt Pierard ('59) ~ Richland
>>From: Helen Cross Kirk ('62)

Re: Larry Mattingly's ('60) news on Japan
    We spent l0 fun days in Japan in 2002 and we also rang a big bell
on a mountain somewhere in what I would call central Japan, within
walking distance of the lake below Mt. Fugi. Fun, interesting comments
from Marilyn Baird's ('60) reply. It sort of supports statistics
about the less educated, at least in the language of the country where
you are, being the first and most apt to go to prison, as I remember
sociology 101 teaching.....

It's been raining with only patches of sunshine here all week, but it
is above 60 degrees now, not 50 so much more comfortable.

and Happy Birthday, Mary Lee Coates ('59), are you related to Tippy
Coates, William, I think, who was in my class from Kindergarten at
Spalding on?

-Helen Cross Kirk ('62) ~ Greetings from soggy southeast Indiana--and 
               the house by the little lake, still enjoying the antics 
               of ducks and geese dropping by
>>From: John Adkins ('62)

Re: Marilyn Baird Singletary ('60) - Columbia Camp
    Here we are having a good ol Bomber argument about what happened 
and what we "know" (remember) and along comes Marilyn Baird Singletary 
and gives us facts.
    Well "McCoy and Pierard" wait till next spring - we can start it 
up again.

-John Adkins ('62) ~ Richland
>>From: Linda Reining ('64)

To: Larry Mattingly ('60)
Re: trip to Japan
    My oldest daughter's brother-in-law and sister-in-law live in
Japan (he is stationed there with the Navy)--when we send her emails,
we have an address that takes up two lines! Can't remember what town
they live in, but they were far enough from the recent earthquake that
they didn't even know they had one till she started getting emails
from worried family and friends.

Re: "bean" pillows
    I have those----they are called, "Sobakawa" and they are filled
with buckwheat hulls---a bit noisy (my grandkids call them, "MawMaw's
rock pillows"), at first, and take a bit of getting used to, but they
are the best pillows I have found---no longer wake up with a stiff
neck, or shoulder aches, and they "form" to my head! And, my head
doesn't get hot, either---they always stay cool, no matter the weather
or humidity!

-Linda Reining ('64) ~ Bakersfield, CA ~ Mother Nature can't make up 
    her mind---we keep having rain and cooler than normal temperatures 
    for this time of year, but, according to the weatherman last 
    night, we will be in the 80s by the middle of next week, then I 
    will start hibernating!
>>From: Jeff Curtis ('69)

Re: IV. Lights, Camera and Some Serious Action

-Jeff Curtis ('69) ~ Seattle, WA
>>From: Don Sorenson (NAB-Not A Bomber)

Re: Hanford Safety EXPO at Pasco TRAC
To: All interested parties
    There will be a display of Hanford history at the Health and
Safety Expo at Pasco's TRAC this coming Tuesday 5/3 and Wednesday 5/4.
Expo is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. both days. Free parking and free 
of charge. This display will be of particular interest to those who
worked in the 100 area Power Departments. Of course there will be 50
or more booths to visit as well. Quite a number of attractions for the
children as well. Last year we had over 30,000 attend. This will be

-Don Sorenson (NAB-Not A Bomber)
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