Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/28/05
8 Bombers and the grandson of Art Dawald sent stuff: 
Dick Harris ('49), Clarence Fulcher ('51) and Gloria Adams ('54)
Dick Pierard ('52), Tom Tracy ('55), Nancy Stull ('59), 
Gary Behymer ('64), David Rivers ('65), 
Kirk Vitulli (Grandson of Art Dawald)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Homer Raekes ('47)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Marilyn Simmons ('63)

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>>From: Dick Harris ('49)

To: Dick McCoy ('45, '46, '02)
    O.K., I apologize, but anyone who had three buckles each,
for being a Bronco, a Beaver, and a Bomber should be proud! 

-Dick Harris ('49)
>>From: Clarence Fulcher ('51) and Gloria Adams Fulcher ('54)

    We'd like to wish a very Happy Birthday, even tho it's one day 
late, to our good friend, Bev Smith Jochen ('52). You're always so 
great to remember us on holidays, etc. Im glad your birthday was 
listed so we could give you some accolades for a change.

Happy Birthday Friend, 
-Clarence Fulcher ('51) and Gloria Adams Fulcher ('54)
>>From: Dick Pierard ('52)

    The getting even with the Richland hairdresser story made the
television news here in Boston as well. An old friend from Pasco was
visiting me a couple days ago and I told him about it. He said he had
heard the story and thought it had happened in Washington, D.C.
My reply was that with all the nutty people who hang around that 
city, it would have been a more likely place.

-Dick Pierard ('52)
>>From: Tom Tracy ('55)

To: Ann Pearson Burrows ('50)
    Sometimes we have a bad hair day. Rumor has it that either Donald
Trump's or Don King's hairdresser had been hiding out in Richland. 
But we all know that a rumor goes half-way round the world before the
truth gets its pants on. I had a couple of cars in high school that
needed to be taken into the desert and put down, but my Dad was my
barber. I always needed to keep his car in reserve. He cut a lot 
of people's hair down in the basement on an old barrel where Richland's
rumors and legends were often worth hearing. From kids to teenagers
and neighbors, lots of good visits made for good friends and helped
spread good messages from politics to ping pong but no government
secrets. The worst haircut I ever got was when Dad was leveling a crew
cut and stepped on our Siamese cat's tail. It reminded him not to do
that again by attaching its retractable fingernails to his calf.
Thereafter, I always made sure the cat was outside before sitting on
that barrel.

To: Jim McKeown ('53)
    Its nice to root for your home team. After watching the last game,
it appears that the next game should be close... until right after 
the National Anthem unless someone turns out the lights. Sonics look
pretty tough. The beauty of both teams is that they don't waste time.
A tragic sight is watching a player waste the last few seconds by
letting the clock run down... Anyone doing such a thing should have 
their pay reduced commensurably.
    That's a frightening thought to players, because lots of their 
wives have already spent the playoff money at the mall, according to 
agents. It's going to be a great NBA Tournament. 

To: Jim House ('63)
    Not sure what happened to Teverbaugh, but he must have been a
great coach. (steps up on your soapbox for your coach) One thing which
uninformed fans, mindless board members and merciless Moms of losers
will not tolerate is near perfection of a good team. They somehow want
to 'tilt' the playing field. How dare a coach "run up the score"? is
their hue and cry. They want to pressure a coach to slow down play,
reduce the margin (spread) of the score to protect the ego of an
undisciplined or inexperienced performer instead of letting him/her
learn against a real competitor.
    Its important to remind them that if a coach or player in college
or the NBA is caught doing such a thing, they go to jail. Its called
'fixing' or 'making the spread' and not suffered by courts. However,
unhappy Moms and Dads of opponents, never forgive the public lessons
taught to losing coaches. They gain sympathy from public by whining
and complaining about winners 'running up the score'. How often do we
see them consider having the band or orchestra conductors agree to
play off key or miss a few notes deliberately to keep their less
disciplined or inexperienced performers from sharing their
inexperience with the public?
    I recall watching your Bomber team warm up when you were a
sophomore and remember every single layup hitting nothing but
backboard and perfectly falling through the net. It reminded one of
the early Globe Trotters perfection. Remembering Ray Juricich gruffly
reminding me, "I told them no one was guarding them and they'd better
not miss any layups during warm ups".
    Richland Bombers were noted for giving everything they had; going
for the hoop and not surrendering a moment until the last buzzer
sounds. That's what made the ticket to a Bomber game a good
investment. Your team sure gave us our money's worth.

-Tom Tracy ('55)
>>From: Nancy Stull Jewell (Knutson) ('59)

    As luck would have it, the infamous hairdresser is mine! I had 
an appointment Saturday after The Big Event. As I understand it, 
the issue was not really a bad haircut; the customer was not really
herself that day. Her husband called later and apologized for his
wife's behavior. Lots of excitement in the ol' hometown! 
   I got a good haircut Saturday -- Jill asked if I was happy with it.

-Nancy Stull Jewell (Knutson) ('59)
>>From: Gary Behymer ('64)

Re: Old pictures of Toivo Piippo (RIP)

-Gary Behymer ('64)
>>From: David Rivers ('65)

Re: '65ers

    There... that's done... do you know how long it takes to go
through your class list and copy and paste each and every email
address in there? A long time. But I did it... Now all the kids in our
class who have a KNOWN email address have the schedule and the sign up
sheet for the '65ers' 40th reunion... you know the one June 24-26 at
the Old DI in our home town. I am not doing a snail mail this year
since this is the REAL DEAL and I get a year off. Some of you from
other classes may have received a message too just in case your next
door neighbor happens to be from '65 and doesn't have email... you can
just yell across the yard... If you have any questions you can either
go to the '65 web site or contact: (Gregor LORREL
Hanson) or (Steve Upson) for more info. If
you got my email... there ain't no more info... but if you didn't or
you deleted it or your dog ate it... you can contact one of those guys
on the web site... all the info is right there for you to pick off the
ol' Internet... Who'dathunk we'd be dealing with the Internet when we
graduated... I mean UNIVAC was like three rooms big and used little
punch cards and the chads probably got stuck all the time and we
coulda nuked somebody by accident just cuz of a stupid chad that some
programmer couldn't punch out correctly... IN FACT now that I think 
of it I was probably just as good a student as Tony Harrah ('65) only
some Geek couldn't punch a chad and so Uncle Tom thought I was a
trouble maker instead of the sweet wonderful studious guy I was... 
in fact I now realize that those weren't school books baked to the
package tray of my car... those were my nuclear physics books... no
wait... Quantum physics... that's it... I remember it well... Dr.
Mecum was teaching it... sorta in a biological way... and that day at
the beginning of 2nd semester of my Sr. year... when I slinked back
into second semester geometry, (as I had been given the choice a year
or two earlier to either leave at the end of first semester with a D
or stick it out and get an F) and there was this 16 year old teacher
and a buncha little bitty kids in these little bitty desks... and the
teacher was talkin' about all kinda weird stuff I'd never heard of
before and I knew it was time to head back for advanced rope climbing
with Warford ('65) and the boys... boy what a day that was... ruined
my little physique I'll tell ya... still makes me tremble today... all
those little kids with their silly little hands in the air yelling
"pick me pick me" every time that young, young, young teacher would
ask one of her mind baffling and totally incomprehensible questions...
gimme the ol' rope climb any ol day! Man... come to think of it...
it's kinda frightening just thinking about coming home to Richland
after remembering all that! I must say tho... that as I was punching
in all those email addresses of all those kids it was fun to see them
in front of my eyes... little dirty faces with scabs on their knees...
those funny jeans with the plaid flannel inside that showed when they
rolled up the cuffs... High waters later on... .and then of course
there were the boys... 
    OK... I know... I'm starting to sound like one a Maddy's ('67)
monologues so I'd best get myself outa this fer now! Rick says he
can't make my 40th reunion cuz he's gonna be in a tent with a buncha
guys... guess I won't be visiting Huntington Beach again fer a
while... till he gets over this tent crap... 

-David Rivers ('65)
>>From: Kirk Vitulli (Grandson of Art Dawald)

Re: Art Dawald, Mary Alice Dawald Vitulli, Patrick Vitulli

Hello Bomber Alumni,
    Just happened on your website. I am Kirk Vitulli. My grandfather
was Art Dawald, my mother is Mary Vitulli, and my father was Patrick
Vitulli. I've read some of your notes and just wanted to answer a few
questions you asked.
    My father and mother moved to Spokane in 1956. Mom taught grade
school for a couple of years until my brother was born. Dad taught in
Spokane district #81 for 31 years and retired in 1988. We lost him 
in June of 1989 to cancer. Mom is doing fine at the age of 76, after
recovering from 4-level neck fusion. We visit the Tri-Cities area a 
couple times a year to put flowers on the grave of my grand parents. I 
can't wait to bring my granddaughter Faith (4 years old) to Richland
High and show her her great-great grand dad's "gym".
    I hope I haven't broken an rules by dropping you this note.

    I do have a question if I may? Which of you "guys" are the ones
that my grand mother Bernice, told me would always come by their house
and eat her double layer chocolate cake before grandpa get home?
-Kirk Vitulli (Grandson of Art Dawald)
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