Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/27/05
6 Bombers sent stuff: 
Dick McCoy ('45, '46, '02), Ann Pearson ('50)
Jim McKeown ('53), Helen Cross ('62)
Jim House ('63), Patricia de la Bretonne ('65)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bev Smith ('52)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Steve Upson ('65)

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>>From: Dick McCoy ('45, '46, '02)

Re: Fascinate
To: Old friend Dick Harris ('49)
    You apologized to Dave Brusie ('51) for that old chestnut? I'm 
the one who was grievously slandered.

-Dick McCoy ('45, '46, '02)
             Bronc, beaver, Bomber
>>From: Ann Pearson Burrows ('50)

    Just thought it was a real kick to hear of the "big" Richland
Washington story re: the person who didn't like her haircut and shot
out the back window of the hairdresser's car! No kidding this was on
local San Diego TV (all three stations) and the local talk radio. They
all said "don't think we'll get our hair done in Richland if the cuts
and/or the customers are that bad". Name of the customer or the
hairdresser was not disclosed.

-Ann Pearson Burrows ('50) ~ Looking for good weather in San Diego 
              and so far haven't gotten much.
>>From: Jim McKeown ('53)

To: Gary Behymer ('64)
    The list of Miss Tri Cities was very interesting... I noticed that
they started in the mid '60s. How many remember the Miss Richland
contests... or Miss Atomic City, I can't remember which. One of the
first ones... in '47 or '48 was won, surprisingly by my Aunt.... Susan
Wilkes. She had moved up from Portland to work at the project, and I
believe she stayed at the dorms. I also believe that the contest was
held in North Richland and that Judy Canova was the guest star for the
event. Hard to remember, since I was in the 7th grade. Also, later,
when I became a Jaycee, we held the Miss Richland contests in the mid
 '50s, and that's when Sharon Tate ('61wb-RIP), who was in School 
because her Dad was in the service and stationed here. She left town 
shortly after the event, and could not serve as Miss Richland, so the 
Crown went to Janice Kerstetter Bullek ('53). They were neat times.

-Jim McKeown, from the class of 53, rootin for the Kings.
>>From: Helen Cross Kirk ('62)

    I'd like to add my best wished to Rosalie Lansing ('63) on the
birthday. I always remember her and her brother, Craig Lansing ('62)
one of my fellow classmates as two of the beautiful people back at
Col-Hi then. But I always smile when I remember that Craig Lansing
ended up in some sort of law enforcement.

    It's been raining and colder all day today, although that is much
better than the snow and freezing temperatures we had last week. The
birds and visiting ducks and geese around our little pond don't seem
to mind, and they are fun to watch. But every day it keeps greening
up, and in anther month, summer will be here.

    I hope that Ernie Trujillo ('59) does find Rome as charming a
place as I always have the few times I've been fortunate enough to
visit there. I am just finally getting my scrapbook about our mission
trip to Russia over Old/New Year together. I love to read novels about
Russia now. I've reread a great biography about Catherine the Great,
and Russka, a book about the whole history of Russia, and am now
attempting War and Peace again.

    Next month Warren (a non-Bomber, but a Washingtonian at least,
from Brewster ('63)) and I will be heading up to Quebec to visit some
Dutch friends of mine from when I was an exchange student in l962 to
Holland, and then we'll visit Warren's 88 year old uncle on a farm in
Vermont. Should be fun.

Bomber Cheers,
-Helen Cross Kirk ('62)
>>From: Jim House ('63)

To: Mike Brady ('61)
    Art Dawald's record was 406-149 for 73%. He was followed by 
Frank Teverbaugh with a record of 155-23. Apparently a 87% winning
percentage was not good enough for Frank to keep coaching. The
following link in the Bomber website has all the scores, players and
coaches for the Colts, Broncs, Beavers and Bombers going back to 1910.
-Jim House ('63) ~ Mead, WA
>>From: Patricia de la Bretonne ('65)

    I want to add a very very Happy (tho late) Birthday to one of my
all-time favorite song leaders of the past, sweet Rosalie Lansing.
You're the best!

-Patricia de la Bretonne '65 in Seattle 
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