Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/24/05
9 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber funeral notice today: 
Wally Erickson ('53), Laura Dean Kirby ('55)
Bill Berlin ('56), Mike Bradley ('56)
Jim Armstrong ('63), Jim House ('63)
Gary Behymer ('64), Marshall Smith ('64)
Zorba Manolopoulos ('91)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Leslie Swanson ('59)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ben Hausenbuiller ('98)

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>>From: Wally Erickson ('53)

Re: Green & Gold
To: Jim McKeown ('53), Jack Sinderson ('53), the Finney girls and all
            Bombers (green & gold) from Sacramento
    I'm sure I could hear all of you clear up here in Coeur D'Alene
rooting for the "green and gold", or was that for the "Kings"? It
turned out to be a close game in the end. Both teams were giving the
ball back at critical times near the end of the game. Just wanted to
thank each of you for supporting the "green and gold".....grin. Go
Sonics!!!! Next game Tuesday.

-Wally Erickson ('53)
>>From: Laura Dean Kirby Armstrong ('55)

Re: Wine
    Washington is really getting into the wine industry and our Bomber
friend John Williams ('56) has the Kiona Winery which I agree is one 
of the best in the area. Their Late Harvest Riesling is the best of 
all locals. I read they are expanding the tasting room and vineyards.
There are several other wineries on the same road and many in the
area. Never imagined all that sage brush covered such a gold mine.

-Laura Dean Kirby Armstrong ('55)
>>From: Bill Berlin ('56)

Re: Howie Armstrong ('56-RIP)
    I was really bummed to hear that my old bud Howie Armstrong had
passed away. As is so often the case, I had not thought or seen of him
for a good many years but my memories now are very vivid. Like Hal
Smith ('56), I went to L & C, Carmichael and Col-Hi with Howie but
kind of lost touch after graduating in '56 and moving on and out of
    Howie and I did a lot of things together, most of it was just 
running around the south end of town, riding my horse, playing a 
little baseball and backyard hoops. Howie was a much better athlete 
than I and was never cut, as I recall, from Little or Pony League but 
I sure was. Just the same, Howie was a good friend and felt my pain 
when I got cut from a Pony League team.
    My heart and thoughts go out to Howie's family and whilst I don't 
know them, they were very fortunate to have known and loved a guy like 
Howie. Red skies and calm seas, my good friend.
    Hello to Hal Smith ('56) too.
-Bill Berlin ('56) ~ where the tulips are slowing being picked in the 
             Skagit Valley. Going to the Tulip Fly-In at the Skagit 
             Valley Airport today and talk "fly boy" with anyone who 
             will listen.
>>From: Mike Bradley ('56)

Re: Fission Chips
Gary, your match book cover brought back memories. I would hate to
guess how many potatoes I peeled and sliced for that store. As I
recall, there were two owners, one by the name of Cal and I can't
remember the other fellow, but I can remember what he looked like. Cal
and I also had the privilege of acting in a Richland Players rendition
of "Life with Father". He Played my older brother and I played Whitney
whose main effort was attempting to learn his catechism during the
play. The opening scene was around the breakfast table where I began
to recite my catechism, the problem was that the cereal had no milk,
so I opened my mouth to recite what ever verse was involved and
managed to spit dry cereal all over the table. It went over OK as the
audience laughed so it turned out all right.

-Mike Bradley ('56) ~ from Kirkland, WA - where the weather is great 
                 and I turned 67 today (4/23).
>>From: Jim Armstrong ('63)

    I'm sorry to hear of the passing of John Unser ('63-RIP). I didn't 
know him real well but what I did know I liked. Rest in peace, John.

Jim Armstrong (63)
    P.S. Congratulations Gerorge. My son Richard is an OSU alumnus. 
         Fine School. Mr. Evans is smiling too. 

-Jim Armstrong ('63)
>>From: Jim House ('63)

To: Dennis Hammer ('64)
    I cannot wait any longer for a classmate to come forward with the
name of the Bomber who had a "Hoosier moment" against Kennewick in
1963, the last season in our grand old gym.
    I have told his story many times on courts around the country. Not
because of the clutch free throws to win the game, but how it changed
the player's role for the rest of the season. The game had some
suspense as the Bombers were playing without two injured starters.
Dave Simpson ('63) was a starter all season but was only averaging
three points game. With several All State players on the Bomber squad,
Dave probably would not have been the choice of most fans to shoot the
clutch free throws with one second left and the game on the line. But
he accepted that challenge and made both of them!
    Now for the rest of the story. The next night, Dave at 6'4" went
against Ted Wierman of Yakima Davis who was 6'7" and later starred at
WSU. Dave led the Bombers to victory again that night, scoring 19. He
went on to average double figures the remainder of the season. In the
District semi finals he scored 17 against the taller Wierman in
another win. In the State Tournament he led the Bombers in scoring
with 17 in the victory over Hudson's Bay for third place. In that game
Dave went up against Craig Raymond, the 6'11" center that would become
a college star and a first round draft choice by Philadelphia in the
    Dave went on to play football in college, however he was also
inducted into a regional sports Hall of Fame a few years ago as a
member of the great 1964 CBC basketball team. Quite an achievement 
for a guy averaging 3 points a game before stepping to the line for 
two crucial free throws and establishing himself as the "Gold Medal 
Class '63 Basketball Hero".
    Dave's clutch free throws have to be among the greatest moments 
in that old gym, after all how many close games did Art Dawald have
there. Dawald's record for conference games in the last thirteen years
in that gym was 87-2. Incidentally, at the end of the regular season,
Jim Ott ('64) scored that last 8 points in the final game in the gym
while punishing Eisenhower (the last opponent to beat the Bombers
there) 93-58. Ray Hultman ('47) was a referee in that final game.
    Put all of that in your Bomber trivia!

-Jim House ('63) ~ Mead, WA (enjoying a beautiful sunny spring day, 
           shooting a few baskets and wondering why Ray Stein's ('64) 
           classmates did not answer his question about spring break)
>>From: Gary Behymer ('64)

Re: Columbian Yearbooks
    Found...1981 Columbian - no writing
            1984 Columbian - no writing

If interested, Please feel free to contact me. 

-Gary Behymer ('64)
>>From: Marshall Smith ('64)

Re: Any Bomber Artists Want Some Publicity?
    A big art gallery in San Francisco is having an upcoming show that
seems like a good place for an exhibit about growing up in Richland:
    Simnuke Project Gallery Show (July 28  August 10, 2005). The 
Simnuke Project is seeking art that tells the story of the Atomic Age.

-Marshall Smith ('64)
>>From: Zorba Manolopoulos ('91)

Just a reminder to register for the Basketball tournament this June.

Also, many of you who did not play in last year's tournament wanted to 
know what the jersey's looked like. I have posted a picture here:

Remember you cannot get shorts or put numbers on jerseys after May
23rd, so if you want a number, please send in your application early.

If you have any questions, let me know.

-Zorba Manolopoulos ('91)  ~~~  503-830-6961
Funeral Notice scanned from the TCHerald
by Shirley Collings Haskins ('66)

>>Brian Joseph Gales ('94) ~ 3/16/75 - 4/17/05
That's it for today. Please send more.