Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/22/05
5 Bombers sent stuff and 2 Bomber funeral notices today: 
Bill Berlin ('56), Judy Willox ('61)
Helen Cross ('62), Jeanie Walsh ('63)
Pat Doriss ('65)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ellen Weihermiller ('63)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Meg Cone ('70)

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>>From: Bill Berlin ('56)

Re: Bomber Baseball
    I read in the Skagit Valley Herald that the Bombers (8-0) are
rated #1 in the state in baseball and some Yakima outfit is rated #4.
That should be a great game but where are the Sandstorm sports
writers when I need them?

Re: Wreck Beach in Vancouver, B.C.
    Rick, "the Wreck" is still nudist and the City of Vancouver made
it legal a few years back, not that it made any difference to the UBC

-Bill Berlin ('56) ~ Anacortes, WA where we have no nudist beaches but 
    Dr. Priebe ('57) and his lovely wife Norma have to move out of 
    their current abode by 1 May. They will gypsy between their 
    home on Gabriola Island (B.C.) and Anacortes where the new 
    house is moving along. Bet they have a nudist beach on Gabriola...
>>From: Judy Willox (Classic Class '61)

To: All Bombers
Re: Green & Gold, Red & White
    Taste the wines of renowned vintner Charlie Hoppes at Club 40's
Spring wine tasting event! Join us on Saturday, April 23 from 6-9pm at
the Hampton Inn, Richland. We'll be pouring wines from Fidelitas, Canon
de Sol, Gamache and Gooseridge wineries. Tickets are $25, and include
wine, light hors d'oeurves and a silent auction to benefit the Richland
High senior graduation party. Tickets are available at the Hampton Inn,
or by calling Maggie Shallman at 627-4295. Only a limited number are
available, so get yours today!
    If you are from out of town and want to attend, attached is a form
to send in to the address on the form.

Bomber Cheers,
-Judy Willox (Classic Class '61) ~ Richland
>>From: Helen Cross Kirk ('62)

    I am catching up on the Sandstorms I missed when I was down
visiting the North Carolina mountain country with a non-Bomber
girlfriend. And I want to say a very Happy Belated Happy Birthday to
our hard-working editor, Maren Smyth ('63 and '64) and thank her again
for all her dedication to this venue that has brought us all such joy
in remembering the good ole' days in Richland. 

-Helen Cross Kirk ('62) ~ back home in West Harrison, In by the little
          lake where things are greening up here too. Also, I read a 
          comment about the movie "Hoosiers". Our minister was in 
          attendance at that basketball game, and they don't think it 
          has any reference to Bomberland!!
>>From: Jeanie Walsh Williamson (Gold Medal Class of '63)

To: Judy Willox ('61)
    I am moving back to Richland, if for no other reason than to 
attend the wine tasting.. I am soooooo jealous! My sister Kellie ('77)
especially likes a winery in Benton City...
-Jeanie Walsh Williamson (Gold Medal Class of '63) ~ Simi Valley, CA
              Home of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
>>From: Pat Doriss Trimble ('65)

    I need Maren's e-mail address. I need her help in locating/
contacting the vendor they bought the green "pouches" (with the ID 
pocket & lanyard) that were sold at the Class of '64's Reunion last 
    I'm on the planning committee for the RHS-65 Reunion (June 24 & 25)
and we'd like to contact the vendor to see if they still have the 
pouches available for sale.

-Pat Doriss Trimble ('65)
[Pat, Bought them from TLC Printing in Pasco. I'm sure they're listed
in the phone book. Sold our '64 "left overs" to Club 40 so they're for
sale here: 
Don't know how many they have left, though.                 -Maren]
Funeral Notice scanned from the TCHerald
by Shirley Collings Haskins ('66)

>>John M. Unser, Jr. ('63) ~ 7/4/44 - 4/14/05
>>Howard V. Armstrong ('56) ~ 8/25/38 - 4/19/05
That's it for today. Please send more.