Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/19/05
15 Bombers sent stuff: 
Hal Smith ('56), John Northover ('59)
John Browne, Jr. ('61), Mike Brady ('61)
Derrith Persons ('60WB), Maren Smyth ('63 & '64)
Deedee Willox ('64), Dennis Hammer ('64)
Gay Edwards ('64), Jean Armstrong ('64)
Linda Reining ('64), Jeff Michael ('65)
Lynn-Marie Hatcher ('68), Mike Howell ('68WB)
Brad Upton ('74)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Laurel Nielsen ('62)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Twins: Lloyd & Linda Swain ('66)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mark Rohrbacher ('66)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Peg Wellman ('66)

BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: Jeff Larsen ('67)  & Barbara Gile ('67)

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>>From: Hal Smith ('56)

Hi Maren. Didn't get my Sandstorm today. First time that ever happened.

-Hal Smith ('56)
>>From: John Northover ('59)

Re: Dorms
To: Mike Brady ('61)
    Your entry brought back this memory - I delivered one of the local
rags to the "DORMS" ... I think it was the "Columbia Basin News" or
"Columbian News" ... There was one guy that was always waiting for his
paper. I guess he could hear me clomping down the halls ... he would be
standing at his door and would take the paper, smile and say "thanks."
Never thought much about it, until one morning, during a cold winter
morning delivery, he took the paper and asked me if I wanted some hot
chocolate ... I said sure. I stood in the door and quickly drank the
chocolate. He was partially dressed in his trousers, t-shirt and
slippers. This would happen about once or twice a week. He would ask me
questions about where I lived, family, school ... etc. etc. etc. Never
thought much about it, but was thankful to have a warm cup of chocolate
in the middle of my route. THEN .... one morning he was waiting by the
door ... like in the past ... but he had a bath robe on!!! ... again I
did not think much about it ... (actually did not think much about a
lot of stuff back in those days as I think I recall... ) This time he
said "Come on in ... the chocolate is not hot yet, so I stepped in as
he walked over to the hot plate where he had a pan of chocolate milk.
He, with his back to me poured the hot chocolate in a cup and then
turned around ... his robe fell open ... YIKES ....!! he stood there
... looking at me ... I yelled something ... turned, slammed the door
and ran like crazy ... I do not think I finished delivering papers in
that dorm that morning. Did not mention the incident to anyone ... I am
not sure how I delivered papers to that dorm ... I do not remember him
ever waiting at his door ... I would 'scurry' down the hall dropping
papers quickly and quietly ...
    Am sitting here trying to remember If I ever thought about the
incident since it happened ... I think not ... until I read Mike's
entry. Strange how the mind works ... I wonder, now, what happened to
the guy.

john northover '59
>>From: John Browne, Jr. ('61)

Re: The Work ethic
To: Rick Maddy ('67)
    So, Rick... how's the screenplay coming along? (I'm guessing you're
putting it on mini disc and having it transcribed by your secretarial
service while you're fishing.) All the Best! ^..^

-JHBrowne, Jr. ('61) ~ Vashon Island, WA
>>From: Mike Brady ('61)

To: Patti Mathis Wheeler ('60)
    Carol ('60) is my sister. She really took a "beating" when those 
nudist magazines came out in Richland. When she walked to school, guys
called her a "whore" as they drove by in their cars, and several of her
"friends' shunned her. I don't think my younger sister had that problem
although her picture was also in the magazine. As a youngster, I
thought being a nudist was akin to being a communist. My mother told 
us not to tell anyone. A couple of years ago my younger sister was
browsing around in a record store in Pioneer Square in Seattle. The
store also carried unusual post cards. As she was looking through them,
she found a postcard with a black and white photo of her and Carol
taken at a nudist camp when they were in their teens. Now, they can
show their children and grandchildren how great they looked when they
were young! By the way, both of my sisters are doing fantastic and
still looking great.

-Mike Brady ('61)
>>From: Derrith Persons Dean ('60WB)

To: Class of '60
Re: Lets get together!!

The next planning meeting  for the class of '60
WHEN: Wednesday April 27th,
TIME: 6:30 pm,
WHERE: Conference Room in the Richland Library 
       Go to the back right corner of the library.
   Share this with other classmates so they can come and have fun too!

-Derrith Persons Dean ('60WB)
>>From: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64)

Re: April 19th
    Thanks to all who sent birthday wishes.
    Yes, Bobby, I got your precious home made birthday card and $$$ 
in the mail yesterday... thanks for not mentioning that I turned 60 
today. You're a real prince! 

Bomber cheers,
-Maren Smyth ('63 & '64)
>>From: Deedee Willox Loiseau ('64)

Re: Happy Birthday
    A Happy Birthday to our Alumni Sandstorm Queen, Maren. God knew
what He was doing when he made you! However, the rumor is that when you
were born, the doctor slapped your mother! Is that true?
    I love you, my friend, and I hope you have a wonderful birthday. 
No doubt you will be celebrating (at our age is celebrating the right
word? *LOL*) with those cute granddaughters!

-Deedee Willox Loiseau ('64) ~ Burbank, WA
[Celebrating is a good word... I'll take it!     -Maren]
>>From: Dennis Hammer ('64)

To: Donni Clark Dunphy ('63)
Re: Movies
    I just saw the preview (now days they call them trailers) of "The
River of No Return" a few hours before reading your Sandstorm entry. It
was on the DVD of "Monkey Business" which is sold today as a Marilyn
Monroe movie, but it was really a Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers movie
with Marilyn Monroe getting fourth billing. It was made just before she
became a superstar. "The River of No Return" was filmed in Canada. I
looked it up a few years ago as I had thought it had been filmed in
Washington State. Really enjoyed seeing "Jeff" from "Lassie" play
Robert Mitchem's son in that movie. Jeff was Lassie's owner when we
first got TV in 1954 or 1955. Then one day, in the middle of a season,
it started out with them all in the living room dressed up in suits.
Gramps had died and Jeff and his mother moved into town leaving Lassie
on the farm with new owner Timmy and his new adopted parents. For me
that is when the program "jumped the shark." After that it was never
anywhere near as good and I eventually quit watching. Over the years I
have talked to many people and it seems they all remember Timmy, but no
one seems to remember Jeff. Found out recently they were writing Jeff
out of the story because they decided he was getting too old for the
part, and when the actor who plaid Gramps died, they wrote that into
the story. I know if you have a dish, it does come on in the middle of
the night as "Jeff's Collie."
    Two movies that had hugely popular songs at the time they were
released were "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" and "55 Days at
Peking," but it was very disappointing that they were not in the movies
themselves. I have never seen "The Hanging Tree." but I do have the
Marty Robbins song.
    I remember getting a series of three polio shots, and it almost
seems like they gave us something after each shot in a little round
paper cup like you put catsup in at a fast-food place, but that was 50
years ago and I don't remember. I thought the sugar cubes might have
been the later oral polio vaccine. I heard week or two on Paul Harvey's
"Rest of the Story" that FDR's polio was misdiagnosed and doctor
ordered frequent painful lower back massages. A later doctor said it
was only a mild case and he probably would have fully recovered if not
for the damage done by the treatment prescribed by the first doctor.

-Dennis Hammer ('64), A Bomber in Lion Country 
>>From: Gay Edwards ('64)

Hello Bomber Buddies,
    Just checking in to let you know that one month after Vera's Bomber
Lunch Birthday Celebration... she is still carrying around her album 
and showing everyone how wonderful each of you are! I'm having another
SURPRISE celebration for Vera, inviting her contemporary pals up from
Richland to 'roast' Vee on April 30th. I'll be sure to take the Album
along for show and tell!
    Also, I'm doing a fun filled Power Point presentation of Mom's life
in a nutshell for the April 30th celebration... so everyone will get to
see all of the Bomber Lunch Pics I took on March 20th, as well. That
will be some kinda wonderful surprise for Mom, too!
    My guess is that when we become 85, the compliments and fun times
are few and far between. However, your album inclusion, attendance 
at the birthday, cards, and general loving ways... made Momma Vee's
compliments and fun times Many and Close Together. Please know that
Vera's daughter thanks you from that happy place in my heart where 
good memories are made and stored for a lifetime of joy. You're the
best... each and every one of you.
    Take another peek at the "Spokane" Bomber Lunch Website, and click
on the pic that shows Mom's happy laugh... you'll see that we've added
several more great pics of Vee Rah... just for your viewing amusement.
You'll especially love the HAT PIC! See you on May 15th for the next
Spokane Bomber Lunch. I'll bring Vee Rah!
    Blessings to Y'all.

-Gay Edwards ('64)
[       -Maren]
>>From: Jean Armstrong Reynolds ('64)

    Still trying to get caught up with everything and especially
reading the Sandstorm.. I wanted to write in and wish Maren a very
special birthday.. Hope you get to spend some quality time doing what 
you love to do.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, special Lady..

-Jean Armstrong Reynolds ('64) ~ Goodyear, AZ - Where it is starting 
                         to look a lot like summer
>>From: Linda Reining ('64)

To: Donni Clark Dunphy ('63)
    Sorry to hear about your dad---thoughts and prayers are with you. 

Re: "River of No Return"----think the river was the Rogue River in 
Oregon... loved that movie---it also starred Tommy Retig (played Jeff 
in the Lassie TV series)... wasn't Rory Calhoun also in it? Think he 
played Marilyn's boyfriend, who leaves her stranded with Robert Mitchum 
and Tommy Retig... loved the scene where Mitchum comes into the saloon 
where she is singing, picks her up, puts her over his shoulder, takes 
her out of there and puts her in the wagon.

-Linda Reining ('64) ~ Bakersfield, CA - where we had a 5. something
       magnitude earthquake on Saturday afternoon---didn't "feel" it, 
       though--we were busy driving around town, so the motion of the 
       car kept us from feeling the ground moving! did have some damage 
       in Mettler (about 35 miles South of here, at the base of the 
       grapevine)--was also felt in Los Angeles and parts of Santa 
       Barbara... glad I didn't feel it, cause those blasted things 
       give me the "heebie jeebies"!!!!!!!!!!!!
>>From: Jeff Michael ('65)

Hey there all you Bombers and Bomberettes...

Been off-line for awhile...just catching up tonight...couldn't sleep.

Was a kick to see my where abouts inquired about...sorry I missed the
"Bringing Down" event. Other than attendance, the reviews are really
great. Congrats to all who worked and attended.

The two weeks prior to the event were kinda harried for us (my wife and
I). We were buying a house and it was supposed to close Feb 28th. There
kept being hassles with the lender that delayed us a day or two at a
time for two weeks! We were going crazy (not much of a hike for me). 
We finally closed on the 14th of March. Our belongings, in storage for
about 15 months, were delivered the next day and the day after that, we
left for Seattle. We had committed to meet two of our grandkids there
for Spring Break (thus missing the gym deal). We took them several
places in Seattle (remember the World's Fair?) and to Victoria, BC. 
My folks had been there several times, but I had never been. It was 
really fun! Love the Victoria Clipper!!

Then, Donna, my lovely wife, went with the girls to San Diego and I
came back to continue the moving. When Donna came home, a week later, I
picked her up at midnight at the Pasco airport and whisked her off to
her new bedroom furniture in our new house. The fridge had just been
delivered the day before, but was mostly empty.

Some of our stuff was damaged while in Portland in the moving van.
During the heavy snow last year, the van roof had leaked and some
furniture was damaged. Also, a couple boxes of files got wet and most
of our clothes are mildewed and/or moldy. The files are still drying 
in the garage. The clothes are likewise, but still in cartons with the
tops open. Donna is very allergic to mold, so she sneezes whenever she
goes in the garage (not often). We have to unpack, sort, toss and clean
in small doses. It's been a pain and slow going. We still have stuff 
at the old house, mostly garage stuff, but no place to put it yet.

In addition, I've been working quite a bit. I've been videotaping
events. Have done several depositions (one for 4 days involving Kadlec
hospital). Most recently, I was at the HAMMER facility for three days
shooting the Nation Guard exercise you may have heard about (local
folks, that is).

Today I'm in Walla Walla for my last (I hope) follow-up visit on my
broken wrist. It seems to be about 90% recovered, we'll see what the
doc says. Tuesday is another deposition to shoot. Wednesday, hopefully,
I'll get back to the moving thing. Gotta be out of the old place by the
end of the month.

The new place is coming together nicely, we had our first guests
Saturday night. Used the BBQ grill up from San Diego. Still works! We
are now real live Pasco homeowners. Who woulda thunk it!

Wow, that got windy... sorry you asked, Ms. Ahrens?

dj jeff Michael ('65)... on the banks of the Mighty Columbia in Pasco
where the sun shone, the rain fell and the sunset was gorgeous Saturday
night. Oh, yeah, that was all at the same time!

-Jeff Michael ('65)
>>From: Lynn-Marie Hatcher Peashka ('68)

Re: getting military advice
    My 16 year old son, Nikolai, is finishing his sophomore year in
high school. He wants to invest his junior and senior years in classes
that will best position him for a military career. He is a very good
student, but has decided to enlist for a 'basic' stint right out of
high school, then go to college, participating in ROTC, then go back
into the military as an officer. His thinking is that (1) he will be
better equipped to be a good officer if he has had the experience of
being a 'grunt' from the ground up; (2) the military can help with his
education costs if he handles things this way. Right now he is thinking
of becoming a medic during his first stint  but he has yet to talk
with the recruiting officers to see what all is available.
    We would appreciate any words of wisdom/advice from those of you
with experience in these matters. Would also appreciate any contact
information you can provide for folks like Gen. Jim Mattis ('68), or
others who might be able to provide Nikolai with some guidance.

Thanks, Bombers!
-Lynn-Marie Hatcher Peashka ('68) ~ In Spokane - and less than two 
              weeks away from finishing my Psych Nurse Practitioner 
              Degree (Looks like I might live through it after all!!!!)
>>From: Mike Howell ('68WB)

To: Donni Clark Dunphy ('63)
    "The river of no Return" was filmed on the Columbia River between
Bingen and Washogal. It was filmed on both the Oregon and Washington
sides. In return they built the million dollar rest stop on the Oregon
side. It looks like a miniature capitol dome on the top of the hills 
on the Oregon side. You have to take the view drive to get there. My
mother (RIP) was an extra in the movie way back then and told us all
about it many many times.

-Mike Howell ('68WB)
>>From: Brad Upton ('74)

Where has Mike Davis ('74) been?

-Brad Upton ('74)
That's it for today. Please send more.