Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/13/05
8 Bombers sent stuff and 1 teacher/Bomber Mom funeral notice today: 
David Brusie ('51), Jim McKeown ('53)
Wally Erickson ('53), Barbara Powell ('58)
Larry Mattingly ('60), Sarah Hightower-Hill ('62)
Carol Converse ('64), Matt Crowley ('75)
>>From: David Brusie ('51)

To: Anne Pearson Burrows ('50)
    Sorry to have missed your birthday on the 5th. Mine is the 14th, 
and glad to know that you, one of  my very favorite people were born 
in April. Happy - Happy!! 

To: Dick McCoy ('45)
    Poor Baby!! Had to walk to school in the cold, cold winter in the
dark! Try walking to school at 45 to 50 below zero with a 25 mile
wind blowing in the dead of winter in South Dakota. Well enough of that
sob story!. I too walked to school from Abbot Street at the extreme
south end of Richland to school in the dead of winter when I didn't
have a quarter for my share of the gas for my neighbor Zona Beth
Bumgarner's Model "A". (Just having a little fun with you my dear

-David Brusie ('51)
>>From: Jim McKeown ('53)

Re: Polio
    Boy, do I remember Polio... I contacted the disease in 1944 when 
I was 9 years old in Portland... they believe that I contacted it at
Blue Lake, a swimming spot back in those days. I can vividly remember
the "spinal tap" that they did to diagnose it, and I remember the long
stay at Doernbecker Hospital in Portland, which was the place that the
Polio kids went... and there were a lot of us.
    I remember them telling my folks that it was doubtful if I would 
walk normal again, and I remember my Mom, Jeanne McKeown, saying 
"baloney"!! The Sister Kenney treatment had just come out and it 
involved terribly hot wool packs that were placed on the legs. I 
screamed bloody murder and my Mom continued to slap those things on, 
her hands scalded red. The long and the short of it is I played all 
the sports at Richland, and later was a mile and two miler at WSC.
    Mom is still alive and living in a care facility in Walla Walla 
and is still as ornery as she was then.

-Jim McKeown ('53)
>>From: Wally Erickson ('53)

Re: Italians and fruit trees
    This had me thinking about the Italian prune trees near the
dormitories just south of the 700 area downtown. I remember walking
thru this area with my neighbor friends going to the "old" swimming
pool in the park next to the Columbia River. We had to wait until mid-
summer before they were ripe enough to eat. If you'd bite into one
before ripening, it would be very tart; but, they were very sweet and
juicy when they started falling off the trees. We'd get a hand full and
take them with us.
    I have a couple of questions about the dormitories. I remember 
the buildings were two stories with entrances at each end. I remember
seeing "W-5" on one of the buildings. Was that for women only? I'm sure
they had dormitories for men too. What ever happened to the buildings
and when were they taken down? It would be interesting to get some
feedback. Maren, do we have any pictures on the dormitories?
     [Yep:    -Maren]

Re: Golden Arches (50th anniversary)
    Does anyone remember the Golden Arches (McDonald's) on Kennewick
Ave. near the Angus Village in Kennewick? This had to be one of the
first McDonald's in our area. The building was actually built between
two "golden arches". I believe during that time they were grilling the
meat patties on a flat grill. I can't remember the price in the mid
Fifties, but my guess the hamburgers were somewhere between 29/39 cents
each... only a guess.

Re: Iron Lung
    I can still picture in my mind someone in an Iron lung!! It was
very depressing! The polio vaccine was considered a miracle drug at
that time (50 years ago).

-Wally Erickson ('53) ~ Coeur D'Alene area where it's still cool in 
             the evenings. Getting some rain and snow in the mountains. 
>>From: Barbara Powell Beaudry ('58)

    What a lovely tribute to Mrs. Vera Edwards on her 85th birthday.
Obviously there were many students that had and still have fond
memories of her as a person and a teacher or would not have gone so far
to attend her celebration. Unfortunately, I don't believe she was at
Carmichael when I was there. Our Granddaughter is 19 and had a teacher
in the second grade that had such an influence on her, that all she has
ever wanted to be was a second grade teacher. She is just finishing up
her first year of college and is in education and then as far as her
job goes while in college is helping with the care of 12 two year olds
at a church day care center. I guess if you just touch one child, then
it makes it all worth while and sounds like Mrs Edwards has touched

Happy Birthday
-Barbara Powell Beaudry ('58)
>>From: Larry Mattingly ('60)

Re: Columbia Camp
    Like many, I spent most of my life believing Columbia Camp was a
POW work camp. Oh well... I do remember the slow degradation and final
destruction of all traces of what was there. We fished and hunted all
up and down that stretch of the Yakima for many years. I also attended
several Boy Scout camp outs there. There were stories of ghosts of 
the dead prisoners wandering around at night, snipe hunts, campfire
activities, and all done to the howling of coyotes on a nearby ridge.

Re: Tang
    My 2 girls grew up with a glass of Tang every morning with the
fluoride drops in it for their teeth. Must have worked as they both
have near perfect teeth with no problems. I drank it frequently until 
a couple of years ago. Tastes change with age I guess.

Re: Polio
    Among my childhood fears the 2 biggies were the Russians dropping
the bomb on Richland/Hanford, and Polio. The rather emotional
announcement that Dr. Jonas Salk had developed a vaccine came none too
soon. While some were scared of the shots and sugar cubes I found great
relief in the blind faith of my young mind that my worries were over.

Re: Tickets
    There are still some tickets left for the Tacoma Rainiers home
opener with Fireworks after the game. Drop me an e-mail before noon
Thursday and I will put your name on them. The weather is looking good
for game night.

Re: A bit of grandfather's pride if I may...
    (This is the short version of a long story) My granddaughter Jessie
in the Phoenix area has spent her last year of high school finishing
the last 2 credits she needed to graduate, via the internet. Her GPA 
is over 3.8. This while working 20 hours or more a week, and taking
several courses at a culinary college at the same time. She won first
place in each of several cooking competitions over the last few months,
and yesterday received news of a complete "full ride" scholarship.
According to my daughter it is the largest scholarship they have
awarded and the Board of Directors at the college are taking her to
dinner tonight to make the presentation. I had a hard time figuring 
out what happened when Debbie called me yesterday morning, as she was
crying so hard she could hardly speak.

"Happiness is the sky in bloom"
-J Larry Mattingly ('60) ~ From my office in the sopping wet woods 
                     South of Olympia.
>>From: Sarah Hightower Hill ('62)

Re: Tucson Bomber Lunch
    On April 3rd Bombers gathered for their semi annual get-together at
the home of Sarah Hightower Hill ('62). We had a grand time reminiscing
and looking through Bonnie's year books. We were joined by Waltrud
(Trudy) Young who is visiting Sarah from Stuttgart Germany. George
Barnett ('63) -- once again -- did a great job with the steaks and

-Sarah Hightower Hill ('62)
>>From: Carol Converse Maurer ('64)

Re: Polio
To: Patti Mathis Wheeler ('60)
    What did touching your chin to your chest have to do with polio?
Just curious as I never heard that before.
     I remember being in the Community House waiting to receive by 
sugar cube. Did we have to get them more than once? Seems I also got 
them at school, but could have just been the booster shots.

-Carol Converse Maurer ('64) ~ Eureka, CA - It sure is trying to 
        behave like Spring, but just can't make it. Have had a lot 
        of rain lately.
>>From: Matt Crowley ('75)

To: Tami Lyons
    I think the character's name was "Tudor" Turtle. Yep, I remember
it. Anyway, give that name a try on Google and see if it leads
anywhere. Good luck.

-Matt Crowley ('75)
Funeral Notice scanned from the TCHerald
by Shirley Collings Haskins ('66)

>>Adella Last ~ Teacher and Bomber Mom ~ 4/15/25 - 4/8/05
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