Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/08/05
7 Bombers and Vera Edwards sent stuff: 
Dick McCoy ('45), Dick Avedovech ('56)
Ray Stein ('64), Linda McKnight ('65)
Bill Wingfield ('67), Tami Lyons ('76)
Ron Harman ('77), Vera Edwards (Teacher)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: John Wingfield ('66)

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>>From: Dick McCoy ('45)

Re: School Daze
To: Mary Triem Mowery ('47)
    I not only walked to school in the dark cold winter, but it was 
up hill and against the wind both ways.
To: Burt Pierard ('59)
    The only reason I didn't answer your statement about security 
passes at Columbia POW camp, is that there was none. Who would think 
of giving Ed Johnson, Pinky Bloomer and I, milkmen and hi school 
delinquents all, such clearances? That would be as unbelievable as 
giving us driver's licenses!! Cheez... Forgive me for calling you poor. 
I hear you have a substantial stash.
-Dick McCoy, milkman from the Class of 1945
>>From: Dick Avedovech ('56)

Re: Churches of Richland during the '50s
    Mary Jones Metcalf's ('56) comment reminded me of a somewhat 
sacrilegious activity dealing with a church: During that time there 
was a large church being built around Hudson Avenue and GWWay. I think
it was a Baptist church. When it got dark and the construction people 
left, a group of us would go there and play hide and go seek. The 
rafters 2 stories up and the baptismal fountain were great hiding 
places. It was dangerous but we were kids and a little stupid then. 
But it sure was fun.

-Dick Avedovech ('56)
>>From: Ray Stein ('64)

Re: Italian POWs
    Just wondering if the Italian POWs that McCoy ('45), and others
seem to remember could have been Italian Service Units (ISUs). Consider 
the following: 
    Italy "surrendered" or "joined" the Allies in September of 1943. At
the time there were over 50,000 Italian POWs being held in the US. When
Italy switched sides, about 45,000 (or 90%) of Italian POWs agreed to
support the US war effort by joining ISUs. "They were relocated almost
immediately to coastal and industrial sites across the US. They worked
with American civilians and military personnel in combat related work
for the remainder of the war. ISUs were given increased freedom of
movement, and as a result had increased interaction with American
civilians." Italian POWs were said to have contributed millions of
hours to the war effort. They were repatriated in January of 1946.
    When I read the above quoted passage about Italian POWs ". . .
Relocated . . . to industrial sites . . . In combat related work . . .
And freedom of movement . . .", it sounded like the situation that some
have described about Italians at Hanford. I doubt if we will get a
definitive answer though. As one researcher I read lamented, " . . .
the story of Italian POWs in the US during WWII is one that has
remained hidden in the margins of history."

-Ray Stein ('64) ~ Mead, WA
>>From: Linda McKnight Hoban ('65)

Re: Class of '65ers 40th Reunion
Hi Fellow Members of the Class of '65:
    Just wondering what the plans are for our big 40th. (I know, I
know... didn't I just walk with Terry Krueger to get my diploma...
where oh where have the years gone... I feel like Peggy Sue... you know
in the movie with Kathleen Turner and who was the guy????).
    I know on our website it says planning is starting in January.
Well, my darling planners, it happens to be April, and we don't know
much except the dates have been penciled in at the Hanford House. We
already have our reservations there, on the AARP special rate, but...
wondering if my hubby and I will be attending just the car show... I
have it on good authority that David Rivers will be in town... on
Thursday night, at the DQ. Vroom Vroom.
    If you need help, just give a yell. See you in June, hopefully.

Bomber hugs,
-Linda McKnight Hoban ('65)
>>From: Bill Wingfield ('67)

Re: Bomber Reunion - Augusta, GA
    We've just had the best Bomber Reunion of the '67 BRC.
    My best friends, (actually more like brothers) Don Andrews ('67),
and Diamond Dave McDaniels ('67) came down from the Portland, and
Seattle areas respectively, for the 2005 Masters. From Chicago, Rob
Holloway (Dona Pfeifer '72's husband), and George Ditore came down, for
some sun and golf. 
    We were fortunate enough to get tics for Monday's practice round,
and tried to go yesterday to the par 3 tournament, but with tics going
for $300 a pop, we decided to pass, after we watched some poor guys
getting popped for buying the scalped tics, and this is just the
practice rounds. With badges going for 4 figures, this really is the
hardest ticket to get.
    I hate to see my friends going back to their homes, but we sure 
had a good time.
-Bill Wingfield (BRC '67) ~ Augusta, GA - where it was beautiful Mon, 
           Tues, & Wed of the practice rounds, but the sky is getting 
           ready to open up.  
>>From: Tami Lyons Zirians ('76)

Re: Wool Wax Creme
    Does anyone remember using "Wool Wax Creme"? They used to make it
at Kadlec Hospital and sold it in the gift shop there. Is it still
being sold there?

-Tami Lyons Zirians ('76)
>>From: Ron Harman ('77)

Re: Back with more shameless self-promotion
    Any of you in the Portland area who remember hearing me sing in
school (or better yet, who sang with me - I would love to see some of
you guys!) have a chance to hear me again this month. My partner Rhonda
and I are appearing on Tuesday nights at Wilf's restaurant and cabaret
at Union Station in Portland's Pearl District.
    The program is schmaltzy standards and show tunes, from Gerschwinn
to Billy Joel, all on the themes of finding love, losing love, and
discovering life after love. Yes, Dad (Bob Harman - '51), there's some
Nat King Cole in there, and I think of you every time I sing it.
    Shows are at 7:30 on Tuesday evenings. More details:

-Ron Harman ('77)
>>From: Vera Edwards (Teacher)

Dear Bomber Pals,
    I have never been so excited as when I stepped into the banquet
room of the Cathy Inn in Spokane, on March 20th! As I looked around, I
saw so many familiar faces...darling faces from a long time ago. Could
it be possible that I would recognize and recall so many of my former
students? How fun to walk up to you and call out your name and my
memories of our wonderful times together...of course, the name tags
    My daughter, Gay Edwards ('64), had mentioned that we were
attending our first Spokane Bomber Lunch, however, she forgot to
mention that this luncheon was in my honor. Wow! This affair surely
made turning 85 much more pleasant than I had anticipated!!!! I should
have caught on when I saw the balloons and table decorations, that 
this was not a typical get together luncheon. However, until the Happy
Birthday Mrs. Edwards song was sung, I never dreamed that something so
special was in the works.
    Your precious faces are still as beautiful today, as when you sat
before me in Carmichael and Chief Jo classrooms. I shall always
remember this special birthday celebration as the day you filled my
heart with such joy.
    Many of you traveled long distances to be with me on March 20th,
and I am immensely grateful for your efforts in joining our Spokane
Bomber group of celebrants. For you who were unable to attend, I have
your delightful emails and photos enclosed in a lovely memory
album...which I shall enjoy always.
    In case you wish to 'honor' me again...I'm available at the 
following contact information.
Vera Edwards
PH: 509-443-1976 (I don't listen to my voice mail)
Harbor Crest
Res: Vera Edwards Apt. #164
3117 E. Chaser Lane
Spokane, WA 99223

-Vera Edwards (Teacher)
[Spokane lunch pictures:   -Maren]
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