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 Alumni Sandstorm Archive ~ March, 2005
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16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 *********************************************** *********************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/01/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers sent stuff: Betty Hiser ('49), Jim McKeown ('53) Dean Enderle ('57), Barb Belcher ('72) Vicki Owens ('72), Mike Davis ('74) Gil Blankenship ('81) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Elwin "Gene" Boyle ('64WB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Patricia Inghram ('72) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Sheri Lukins ('75) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Deana Shipman ('77) BOMBER LUNCH Today: Ladies of '56 BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Betty Hiser Gulley ('49) Mary Jones Metcalf ('56): When we first came out here we "teen-agers" had to make up our own language. For instance: Haircuts: my girl friend called them Heines, I called them GI's, others called them burrs, crew cuts, etc. It was like learning an entire foreign language. The block that I lived on consisted of 27 families and there was not one family from Richland or the state of Washington. They were from Arkansas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, New York, Montana, etc. Talk about a mixture. At one point in time my neighbors were from Mississippi and Boston. The lady from Mississippi asked the lady from Boston where she could find some fresh ok-ree and butter beans. The lady from Boston asked me what the heck she was talking about and I told her that she wanted to know where she could find okra and lima beans. This was in the '70s. They were both had some very funny sayings. At one job I had on the Project a gal from Texas started working for us. She told us one day that we talked funny. We told her we didn't talk funny - she did. I love hearing about all your travels. Thanks. -Betty Hiser Gulley '49er - south/government Richland - Guess what? It is sprinkling. YEAH! Kinda dark too. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim McKeown ('53) Isn't there a Bomber lunch in Portland on the 12th of March? It appears that I might be in town on that day, and if so, maybe attend. Thanks, -Jim McKeown ('53) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dean Enderle ('57) Re: More linguistic comment Been reading some of the unusual and quaint sayings and differences in the speech which are usually attributed to regional and national backgrounds. Here are a couple I heard that have stuck in my mind, I had a friend who had spent time in Australia and he used to say if someone was acting a bit silly "you're as daft as a cut snake" and another friend of mine used to reply when asked how he was, "fine as frogs hair". Anyway there you have it, after many thousands of miles travelled and having met a great many people from all walks of life I should probably have more than that but the old brain box doesn't always recall when you want it to. Now I am going to go a little "pc" with reference to an entry by Mary Jones Metcalfe, just for the record, most English people do not like to be referred to as "limeys" much the same as most Americans don't really like being called "yanks". These terms were quite often preceded by some sort of expletive or other, usually very derogative and although we were allies during the war things were not always cordial. I will end the lecture for now, best wishes to all of you out there in "Bomber" land, take care, good health and enjoy life because it really is too short. -Dean Enderle ('57) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Barb Belcher Valinske ('72) Happy Birthday (March 1) to Patricia Inghram Curtis ('72). Also, congratulations on opening your own business, Curtis Counseling, in Richland. -Barb Belcher Valinske ('72) ~ West Richland, where it is raining just a little bit ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Vicki Owens ('72) Re: Talkin' Suthurn My mom was a Cajun from Sulphur, Louisiana who boarded the train to Hanford in the fall of 1943. There she met my dad, born in the foothills of the Bitterroot Mountains near Darby, Montana. In primary school a classmate mentioned something about a "southern drawl" and I asked what that was. They said, "The way your mom talks." I think my response was a brilliant "Uh uhhhhh!" Then I realized that when my mom spoke, all of the canonized members of the Catholic communion were "sants" and the thing on top of the house was the "ruff". And of course every good Cajun is from Loosyana. Growing up in a cross-cultural home, with Dad from "north of the Mason-Dixon Line" and Mom from just off Choupique Bayou, was the best preparation possible for living in Uganda! To: Betty Hiser Gulley ('49) I certainly hope we never get to World War 11, but I remember listening to a news show one night when the reader said, "World War Eye Eye". I wish I could remember the offender, because he was a national figure. To: Jeff Curtis ('69) How I wish I could be at the dedication of the park to your dad! Ernie was my first real boss. When I came home from my first summer in college, he hired me as a recreation leader at Howard Amon Park. Imagine getting paid to play with the kids and organize fun stuff to do?! I'll never forget that idyllic summer. And he was a great boss. He BELIEVED in you. And because he did, you started believing in yourself. He was a good man, and fully deserving of this honor. And you've done him proud, Jeff. -Vicki Owens ('72) ~ Kampala, Uganda ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Mike Davis ('74) Re: Mt. Rushmore and Brad Upton They were going to add Brad Upton ('74) as the fifth head on Mt. Rushmore due to his worldwide comedy success, but they decided it might be too dangerous. The sun reflecting off that bald head of his could possibly devastate the entire population of Rapid City. (Geez, talk about burning up little ants with your magnifying glass!) -Mike Davis ('74) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gil Blankenship ('81) To: Susan Anderson Shattuck ('49) Small world. My parents are from that area (Joplin) - as is a gentleman I have been working with for some number of years now, a Pasco graduate. -Gil Blankenship ('81) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/02/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Teacher funeral notice today: Dick McCoy ('45), Susan Anderson ('49) Bill Berlin ('56), Mary Jones ('56) Lora Homme ('60), Jay Siegel ('61) Dennis Hammer ('64), Gary Behymer ('64) Anna Durbin ('69), Alyssa Harting ('93) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: John Adkins ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Yesterday (3/1): Anna Durbin ('69) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dick McCoy ('45) Re: Club 40 There are several messages flitting about regard Club 40 re our association with reunions of various classes. As a founder, and President for the first 10 years, I can speak for those years. With just a couple of exceptions, we have always hosted such reunions (40th, 50th, etc.) without "running" them. All the Forties Classes have had reunions which usually resulted in recognition without separation of any kind. In 1991 we broke that tradition for the Class of '51, who did not choose to celebrate with us, but rented half of the hall at the Shilo. We had the other half. They had their own menu and program. However we negotiated for the band and bandstand, which we controlled. At the finish of their program, the curtain was rolled back and we had a great party... one of the best ever. Since then they have been one of the best classes of all, even tho they have slowed a little, as we all have. -Dick McCoy, Bomber from the Tin Can Class of 1945 ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Susan Anderson Shattuck ('49) To: Dean Enderle ('57) After OCS school in Texas, my hubby was stationed in Biloxi, MS at Keesler AFB. He left here in July and in September I met him in Biloxi. We lived on base in a converted barracks, 2 apartments up and two down. We lived up. The other three tenants were from the deep South. Two of the wives came to introduce themselves to me and the first question was, of course, "Where are you from?" I said "Washington state". Then they said it was okay because I wasn't one of those D___ Yankees. And we got along fine for the 9 months we spent there. To: Gilbert Blankenship ('81) It certainly is a small world!! I was born in Carthage but we moved a lot between Joplin and Carthage and even lived in Neosho, MO for a few months. Don't know if you know who Robert Cummings was. He was a popular movie star born in Joplin. -Susan Anderson Shattuck ('49) ~ Puget Sound where we finally got some rain Saturday. It rained all night and all the day. But our governor is still talking drought. Are you getting rain in Richland? ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Bill Berlin ('56) Re: Report from Beijing Not sure there are any Bombers in Beijing (kind of has a ring to it..."Bombers in Beijing") but it is cold (33F high) and overcast. I am staying just across the street from the Beijing West Railway Station where 150,000 people a day board some 4,000 trains. Had a great Peking Duck dinner tonight complete with a bottle of Great Wall Red for US$18.00 for a party of four. Getting the Sandstorm every day is great and keeps me in touch with what is going on in Bomberland, thousands of miles away. -Bill Berlin ('56) ~ in Beijing, China home to the 2008 Olympics and are they coming along nicely. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Mary Jones Metcalf ('56) Re: Stomped again! Dag nab it, Dean Enderle ('57), I forgot what it felt like to be chided for my language but you got me on using the term "limeys." In my defense, the people I described in conversation used the "limeys" or "Brits" about themselves while calling us (me!) "Yank" or "exiled colonist" and it was all in good fun. There were times when England felt every bit as foreign as Italy or Switzerland had and I wondered if I needed an interpreter. My brain had to work with the spare tire being carried in the "boot" of the automobile until I learned that the engine was under the "bonnet." It seemed like they needed to call the automobile the "clothes closet!" I'd heard the word "pram" before but when a friend told her husband to put the baby in the "perambulator," I was ready to call the cops. However, that wouldn't work because it wasn't cops they had but "bobbies" which sometimes (depending on what region of the Isles they came from) sounded like "boobies." What kind of police presence is that? It seemed there was finally an official of the law present when I was told one day to pull my auto up next to the "sleeping policeman." I was dutifully looked for some tired individual in uniform only to be told in a tone of total condescension to pull over by the raised strip of asphalt in the parking lot! In a land of "bangers and mash" and feeling "chuffed" when pleased or excited, I was often strongly reminded that theirs was the parent language and we were simply the youngsters who mangled the language much like teenagers often do. And to Betty Hiser Gulley ('49), I didn't even know what okra was until I was an adult! And you have an absolutely phenomenal memory that I enjoy immensely. Your ability to list the home States of your block of 27 families is amazing. Maybe staying in Richland preserved your memory while my jaunts around the planet drained mine? You remind me of Karol Brimhall Smith ('56) who tried to remind me of something or someplace one day by saying, "You remember...." to which I answered "no" and she said "Well, you remember..." and I had to say "no" again until I finally had to accept that her memory was sharp as a tack and mine was a rusty, much bent and dulled old nail. Maybe there is a strange cultural shift in the memory workings of the (can we borrow the term?) homeys and the wanderers. Look at Vicki Owens ('72), a pleasing product of a Cajun and a Montana mountain man, raised in Richland and now in Uganda! All I can say is that it doesn't matter whether you wandered far from the banks of the Columbia River or have stayed near and experienced the changes of this once isolated community; growing up here was an unparalleled experience. Whatever pioneer spirit or wanderlust propelled our parents to drag us into the bleak landscape of sand storms and tumbling tumble weeds certainly resulted in developing progeny of exceptional proclivities. And, with that collective pat on the backs of all of us "wunderkind," I'll retreat again into reading over your shoulders as I enjoy each issue of the Sandstorm! -Mary Jones Metcalf ('56) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Lora Homme Page ('60) Re: Hanford Melting Pot When we came here from Montana in 1944, my dad, who will be 98 in June and can't remember their first names, went to work with a guy, last name Humphrey, from Tennessee or Kentucky. Another guy who worked with them, last name Clay, was always ribbing Humphrey. One day Humphrey had had enough and said, in a slow deliberate drawl, "Clay, y'all air a fixin' to have a spell a cryin'." That became a family saying and to this day, when one of us has had enough, we repeat it. -Lora Homme Page ('60) ~ in the "Home Town" where the sun is shining, the trees are budding out, and it's a beautiful day! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jay Siegel ('61) Re: The South After spending over 1/3 of my life in "Down East North Carolina", I'm not really sure that the North did win the war (Civil War, that is). The life style is reflected in the "drawl" - slowed down to be comfortable. When things are getting stressful, I often call friends back there just to hear them talk. A particular phrase that should be made a part of everyone's vocabulary is "y'ol". Not "you all" or "y'all", but "y'ol". It takes in one or thirty, and is friendly no matter how it is used. I once had an irate farmer, upon whose property I had inadvertently trespassed, instruct me in a very unfriendly manner "Y'ol better git outa now!" He was menacing but after I turned and took a step, he said "Go on git!" I turned around and walked back to him and stuck out my hand and said "Sir, my name is Jay Siegel and I had no idea that I was trespassing." After I told him that I was sorry he looked at me dumbfounded. "I knew that you was a Marine from "The Base" cuz of that silly hair, but you sure don't act like one. They don't unerstand friendly ner nuthen." Maybe not exact words but pretty close. We remained friends as long as I was out there, often hunting quail together. His life was like his speech - unencumbered and to the point. After returning to Washington with the hustle and bustle, locked doors and a distinct aversion to looking someone in the eyes, I am not entirely sure that the North won! Even in the "Research Triangle" area of North Carolina, often referred to as "San Jose, East" people tend to be more open, more caring, more willing to become friendly. Yes and even in an environment that discourages it the "Souther Drawl" is still prevalent and there to enjoy! Clear blue skies and warm, gentle breezes -Jay Siegel (the Classic Class of 1961) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dennis Hammer ('64) Re: Southern speak I had only been in the Navy about three months when I was sent down to Radio I to get some "glue and towells." So I whent down there and asked for some glue and towells. I was told, "We don't have any towells,... we have glue." Then after a pause, "We got tiles." I said, "Well that must be it then, I don't know how to speak southern." Re: Sayings One saying I always liked I learned from watching the "Beverly Hillbillies." Jed Clambett once said, "Lower than a snake's belly in a wagon rut." I have used that one many times over these 40 some odd years. To: Betty Hiser Gulley ('49) Re: Food and Language Found out about three years ago that my mother likes okra, never had it when I was growing up (OK, some people think I haven't grown up yet). My parents are from Southeast Missouri, or "Missoura" as my relatives living there call it. My dad also said "pert near" and called pajamas "jaw-mers." I had never seen or heard of okra until the Navy. I think that okra was one of the two worst things they fed us, the other was that reconstituted canned sterilized milk we had after being at sea long enough to run out of the fresh stuff. Most people complained about it, but still drank it. Me, I not only wouldn't drink it, and although I used to drink a lot of milk, it stopped me from drinking milk entirely. I haven't drank milk since April 1969. One day four of us sat down at a table on the mess deck and one of them looked down at the hominy on his tray and said,"That is the worst looking corn I ever saw." To: Dean Enderle ('57) Re: "limeys" and "yanks" Reminds me of a good story from someone I worked with in the "Area," (now there is a term that is definitely Hanford speak, anywhere else it would be called the "site". During "WW 2" (that looks funny but it ought to stop confusion) Bob Noland (Bomber dad-RIP) was on board a ship tied up next to a British ship. He yelled over to a sailor, "How's the second biggest Navy in the world this morning?" To which British sailor replied, "Just great. How is the second best?" And how does a southerner feel when a "limey" calls him/her a "Yankee?" I hadn't planned to talk so much about the Navy, but I guess that in the Military, you often travel a lot, and even if you are stationed in one place, you still meet people from all over the country. -Dennis Hammer ('64) ~ from Kennewick, the tiny suburb of the mighty Bomberville ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) Here are your interests (;-) These items are listed on eBay. The number behind each item represents the number of 'hits' on each site! Richland Washington A Key City of the Atomic Age - 171 Termination Winds - Pasco Washington 1908 - 123 The Ray Stein and Lenny Allen Fan Club Card - 110 "Dupus Boomer" Cartoons by Dick Donnell (Original) - 59 Plutonium Reactors (In Color) Richland Washington - 27 Steamer Inland Empire near City Park Richland, WA - 17 Richland Washington City Hall 1945? - 15 Souvenir Program Richland Day Sept 2, 1946 - 13 Atomic Bomb Plant Postcards by Robley Johnson - 13 -Gary Behymer ('64)... in the Palouse... requesting prayers for timely rains to 'make a crop'! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Anna Durbin ('69) Hey, it's my birthday too [3/1]. I have decided it is time to become younger and beautiful. (If I said more beautiful, my siblings would have some sarcastic comments.) Funny how it doesn't feel like high school is that far away when I read mail on the Sandstorm. -Anna Durbin ('69) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook. >>From: Alyssa Harting Schultz ('93) GUESTBOOK COMMENTS: None -Alyssa Harting Schultz ('93) ****************************************************** ******************************************************* Funeral Notice scanned from the TCHerald by Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) >>Laura Spargur ~ Retired Teacher ~ 1/19/39 - 2/25/05 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/03/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers sent stuff: Lois Weyerts ('56), Tom Hughes ('56) Ruth Miles ('59), Derrith Persons ('60WB) Lola Heidlebaugh ('60), Roger Gress ('61) Frank Whiteside ('63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Monique Mangold ('80) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: Jon Boisoneau ('67 & Vicki Gill ('68) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Lois Weyerts Harrold ('56) Just wanted to say that we had a great luncheon for the Class of '56 ladies at Nola Davey Meichle's ('56) house on Tuesday. We laughed so much and covered more subjects than you can imagine. Those that attended were: Sally Foley Chapman ('56), Carol Kibler Payne Kerlee ('56), Ruth White Tanner ('56), Mary Jones Metcalf ('56), Nola Davey Meichle ("56), Lois Weyerts Harrold ('56), Annette Verellen Parnell ('56), Millie Brooks Bohlke ('56), Shirley Bumgarner Woods ('56), and Barbara Baalman Jones ('56). We even discussed some of the topics appearing on the Alumni Sandstorm and got others interested in joining. I just want to encourage some of you local people who haven't attended yet or if you happen to be in Richland when we have our next luncheon to give it a try. You won't be sorry. I need to correct an error that was pointed out to me awhile back from a couple of alert classmates that Larry Harrold ('56 ) and Lois Weyerts Harrold ('56) were working at Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone Park in 1959 (not 1949) when the big earthquake hit. They had no living quarters for working married couples so Larry slept in the boys' dorm and I slept in a two story girls' dorm. Late that evening after going to bed the dorm shook and the bed and dresser started to move. My roommate and I ran outdoors because we thought that maybe a geyser had erupted under our dorm. When we could see nothing unusual we went back to bed. A few minutes later our dorm shook again and this time we grabbed the most important item in our room - our MONEY!- and ran outside again and headed to the boys' dorm where Larry was staying. We felt we could be safe with him. After a while he had to go to the hotel to help people get out of their rooms. People tipped well under circumstances like this! Some people slept through the whole episode and had to be awakened by a loud knock on the door. When we looked at the parking lot from the front porch of Old Faithful Inn, the cars were moving up and down with the tremors from the earthquake. It was an interesting but frightening experience. I felt after shocks for days even if there weren't any. Another special visitor that came to see me while I was working as a maid was our very own Col-Hi English teacher, Miss Nadine Brown. She saw Larry out front when she came to the hotel and he told her I was working upstairs so she stopped by to say "hello." I'm enjoying the comments about southern sayings and other language oddities. I also am amazed at the memory that several of you have about Richland in the past. It is fun to relive the old days through your stories and recollections. -Lois Weyerts Harrold ('56) ~ I think Spring is definitely here! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Tom Hughes ('56) Re: South Puget Sound Area/Fife luncheon No reservations necessary! If you would like you can email Tom Hughes if you will be at the luncheon. DATE: Sunday, March 13, 2005 COFFEE TIME: 11:30am LUNCH TIME: 12:30pm WHERE: Fife Bar and Grill (In between Goodyear Tire and Day's Inn) PHONE: (253) 922-9555 ADDRESS: 3025 Pacific Highway E., Fife, WA I-5 Northbound, Exit 136-B (Port of Tacoma) I-5 Southbound Exit 136 Turn left on Pacific Highway E. PRICE: Price range $10.00 - $14.50 includes drink and tip All Bomber Spouses and Friends are welcome! -Tom Hughes ('56) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Ruth Miles Bruns ('59) Re: Drought Oh yes, there seems to be a serious drought underway, and there are visible signs out here east of the mountains. I understand that the snowpack on the mountains is less than 10% of normal, which does not bode well for summer water in the Yakima Valley (fruit and vegetable garden to us and the world). The Simcoe Mountains, just north of Goldendale, haven't had any visible snow for about a month. In a normal year, there would be visible snow until sometime in May (old timers say don't start your garden until the snow is off the Simcoes). Not a good sign ... Maybe Mom Nature is helping California to take away our Pacific NW water this year, but it isn't doing them much good either, is it? -Ruth Miles Bruns ('59) ~ in Goldendale WA, where we had measurable rain on Monday for the first time in about a month ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Derrith Persons Dean ('60WB) Re: Class of '60 Bomber Lunch WHEN: Saturday, March 5th, 2005 TIME: 11:30 am WHERE: 3 Margaritas, 627 Jadwin; Richland -Derrith Persons Dean ('60WB) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Lola Heidlebaugh Bowen ('60) Re: Portland/Vancouver Bomber Luncheon DATE: Saturday - March 12, 2005 TIME: 11:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. PLACE: DoubleTree/Columbia River I-5 Exit #308 - Jantzen Beach I-5 Northbound - follow Jantzen Beach Center signs 2nd traffic light, turn right - that puts you in the parking lot. I-5 Southbound - Jantzen Beach exit - stay in right lane - go thru the traffic light - turn left - you're in the parking lot! Enter Front door - go past front desk to Little Brickstone Room RSVP: Lola at ALL BOMBER SPOUSES AND FRIENDS ARE WELCOME! THE MORE THE MERRIER! If possible, please let Lola know if you can be there! Thanks! -Lola Heidlebaugh Bowen ('60) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Roger Gress (Classic Class of '61) To: Dick McCoy ('45) Does the Tin Can Class refer to anything in particular? -Roger Gress (Classic Class of '61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Frank Whiteside ('63) Re: Cajunspeak and Nawlin's nin't ward yak As Frank Davis, my favorite local TV guy would say, "Hey, y'all, where y'at? If anyone wants a cool Nawlins Christmas album filled with local vernacular for next Christmas, go to and order his "The 12 Yats of Christmas." I know it's a bit early for Christmas songs, but save the site address for later if you want a cool, goofy album. To really understand it completely, you have to have lived in New Orleans. It sells out in this region every year because it's so popular. It isn't cheap, but it's a local classic, very humorous and replete with a funky New Orleans beat. Jimbeaux would love it! Also, for our favorite Cajunspeak jokes about "Boudreaux 'n Thibodeaux," the Cajun goofballs, try If you just type in "Boudreaux and Thibodeaux jokes," a bunch of sites will pop up as well. -Frank Whiteside ('63) ~ on the bayou *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/04/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber funeral notice today: Dick McCoy ('45), Bob Harman ('51) Judy Willox ('61), Jim Armstrong ('63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ruth Patty ('56) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Vicki Gill ('68) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim Wingfield ('71) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dick McCoy ('45) Re: Tin Can Class To: Roger Cress of the Classic Class of 1961 You and others have inquired as to the meaning of the "Tin Can" Class of 1945. Well Rog, the tin can was everything to those of us who endured the Great Depression. Our fast foods came out of same. Beans, soup, spaghet, etc. We used the cans for patching everything, from a hole in the outhouse wall, to wrap a hole in the Model A exhaust pipe, to repair most anything else. It was used for recreation. We played kick the can, put them on a post to play basketball with a tennis ball. Also for stick ball. They were used for containers, from nails to screws to pencils. They were used to vent on an undone assignment, being kicked from home all the way to school. They were tied to the bumpers of newlyweds as they left the church. A remarkable thing the tin can was. Still is. Bomber Cheers -Dick McCoy from the Remarkable Tin Can Class of 1945 ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Bob Harman ('51) I have a couple of southern Missouri stories to add to the discussion of southern sayings. Both of these are true stories. A neighbor of ours, I'll call him only Homer, had eleven sons and no daughters. We were nominally acquainted with the family. Times were hard for all of us back them. Homer came down to our house with a hand full of his boys. He proceeded to ask my dad, "Will you share my boys?" My sister, in her early teens at the time, began to look the boys over trying to decide which ones we should take. I took us a while to realize that what he wanted was for my dad to give the boys a haircut! Share, shear, get it? The next story is about a neighbor who raised strawberries. It was picking time and a number of neighbors had joined in to help. He had a son who wasn't too ambitious. He was overheard telling his son, "Ya better hep yer hep while ye have yer hep to hep ya." Free translation; "You better help your help while you have your help to help you." Note, we moved from central Kansas so we never talked like that!! -Bob Harman ('51) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Judy Willox ('61) To: All Bombers, Specially Alumni Once again I remind you that we are going to have a party on March 19th from 7:00 - 11:00 p.m. to say farewell to the upper part of the Dawald Gym. A party to end all parties and I hate to see any of you missing it. I don't want one alumni who wants to be there to have to be on the outside looking in, and I think this could happen the way the tickets are going. So please fellow alumni, get those tickets and let's party with The Kingsmen. Also, don't forget the shirts to commemorate this event. They are pretty neat with quite the design on them. They are black, 100% heavy cotton. They run $15.00 plus $5.00 for the mailing if you want one mailed. Tickets are also $15.00 and will be $20.00 at the door IF there are any left. Hope to see many of you there. Below are the links for the information poster and for the order form for the tickets and the shirts. Richland Bomber Boosters and HAPO Credit Union present... "Bringin' Down The House" Farewell party to the upper gym at Art Dawald Gymnasium Featuring The Kingsmen With MUDSHARK RHS Gold Rush Dance Team Saturday, March 19, 2005 RHS Art Dawald Gymnasium 7:00pm - 11:00pm Thanks to DQ, Tim Bush Motors, NW Orthopedics, Red Lion Hanford House, US Linen and HAPO Come join the Richland Community as we say good-bye to an old friend, any excuse for a party! All proceeds to benefit RHS new weight room Advance tickets $15 @ both Richland Albertsons stores, RHS office or Judy Willox also has tickets 943-0222 along with a special bonus. We can send them out to you after we get your check if you are out of town, or in town for that matter. Tickets $20 @ door, if still available. Questions? Want to help? Call one of us!!! Kim Oates 627-4083 Luis Ojead 539-1661 Judy Willox 943-0222 Bomber Cheers, -Judy Willox ('61) ~ Richland ~ where the days are so beautiful and the robins are singing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [OK. I'm officially confused. "Art Dawald Gymnasium" is singular. That means ONE gymnasium. What is the "upper part of the Art Dawald Gym"? What is going to be "demolished"? What is going to be "renovated"? The poster says "destruction tour". What's being destructed? The poster says "Bringin' Down the House". Which house is being brought down? In the 2/16/05 Sandstorm entry from John Sonderland ('62) he said "the floor did vibrate and move with the crowd. It was the absolute best playing court... bar none" This added to my confusion. They're not REALLY gonna tear down the gym with the "best playing court", are they? -Maren] ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim Armstrong ('63) Re: Wailers To whom it may concern especially David Rivers ('65) Be at the Centralia Eagles Saturday, March 26, 2005 for dancin' to the Fabulous Wailers with Kent Morrill!! Be there or be... well you know. Pitts ('63) -Jim Armstrong ('63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* Funeral Notice scanned from the TCHerald by Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) >>Leonard R. "Len" Huesties ('70) ~ 12/27/51 - 2/28/05 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/05/05 - IDITAROD TIME AGAIN ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCoy ('45), Mike Clowes ('54) Ken Heminger ('56WB), Gary Persons ('57) Barb Isakson ('58), Jim Meigs ('58) George Swan ('59), Ann Engel ('63) Maren Smyth ('63 & '64), Lori Simpson ('70) Mike Hogan ('70), Debra Dawson ('74WB) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* Today's STUFF: Class of '60 & spouses Lunch Ernie Curtis Playground Dedication Ceremony 2005 Iditarod Begins BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dick McCoy ('45) Re: Musing To all you Bomber Cougars that would never watch a TV Husky BB game, last Thurs at halftime of the Dawg-Cal game they showed an excellent bio of the ultimate Bomber Cougar, Gene Conley ('48). As a sophomore, league Champs in baseball and basketball, player of the year. As a pro, NBA Champion ring with Boston, World Series Ring with the Braves. Winner and loser of two all star games in a row. I read where the Go 2 guy, a salivating, ranting Cougar implanted with the Seattle PI, wants to see the UW Football program given the death penalty. Cheez, wouldn't that take away the Cougar's one big payday? Then I read that Eastern Wash half wants to break away from the West half. Fine by me. Maybe we can then reduce some of our taxes over here. And maybe Richland could win another State title. But, where would you put the Capitol? Spokaloo? Nah, too much like Seattle. Wenatchee? Too close to Seattle. One of the Tri-Cities? If Richland, it would look best right next to the Uptown Tavern. Looking at the last election results, what happened to all the Demos in Richland? You folks forget who brung ya to the dance.? A big Bomber hello from Camano Island in Western Wash -Dick McCoy of the Tin Can Class of 1945 ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) Re: "Bringing Down the Walls" Maren, the area of destruction will be the Gym that was built during the first remodel of what we know as Columbia High. Back in the day it was know as the boy's gym; the girls got the original gym. And as to "bouncing floor", the gym floor was built on a spring base. Guess that was a "state of the art" thing back then. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) ~ still in Albany, OR, where the Weather Channel says we're going to be sunny and dry for the next week. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Ken Heminger ('56WB) Re: Tin Can class Dick McCoy ('45) forgot to mention one other use for the tin can... we as kids would stomp a couple of cans and they would clamp to the bottom of the shoe, and would sound like horse shoes as you trotted around. To: Lois Weyerts Harrold ('56) Wish you would have included pictures of the Class of '56 luncheon. It would be nice to see my classmates again... -Ken Heminger ('56WB) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gary Persons ('57) Re: Bomber Support Last Monday a memorial service was held for Bomber dad Harold Persons (fondly known as Ol' Weird Harold), who passed away at the age of 94. Because Harold had outlived most of his peers, we planned a small, informal service in the chapel at C.U.P., where family and some of his younger golfing buddies could pay their respects. As we milled about at the back of the chapel before the service, we were surprised to see one Bomber after another arrive, and we were so pleased to greet them that we forgot our sadness for a while. (I noticed that the pianist had to crank the volume to compete with our happy chatter!) Many of those people took time off from work to be there and most had never met Dad, just knew his Bomber kids. On behalf of my entire family, I would like to express a sincere thanks to those at the service and the many others who have offered their condolences. Our Bomber family is just the best! -Gary Persons ('57) ~ Spokane ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Barb Isakson Rau ('58) Re: Class of '58 Luncheon March 6, is this Sunday at 1:00 at the Shilo Inn Restaurant called O'Callahan's is our class of '58 Luncheon. John Richardson was here in February and we had a good turn out and a lot of fun. So if any of you out of town classmates come to town please look us up there. See you there this Sunday, March 6 at 1:00 PM. Class mate -Barb Isakson Rau ('58) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim Meigs ('58) To: Lois Weyerts Harrold ('56) Re: Yellowstone Park Employment Lois, Your entry on this subject did bring many fond old memories about working there. In fact I did make contact with your husband Larry one afternoon the summer of '58 when I became aware of other Bombers working at Old Faithful. I was working at Old Faithful Cafeteria that summer and with no reservations I can say that it was an experience I will always remember. It was the real ticket for someone who had just graduated from the #1 high school around and had never been out of this area. Most of the kids I worked with had also just graduated and I had a lot of explaining to do with the name and all. The boy and girl who were killed that summer I believed also worked at the lodge did they not? That was the only low point of the summer. I made a lot of new friends there, caught a lot of big fish and in fact spent a year after that summer living in Salt Lake with some of those friends. I had kept in touch with some of them years after that, but lost contact in the late '70s. Thanks for letting me ramble. -Jim Meigs ('58) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: George "Pappy" Swan ('59) Re: Ghillie Suits and Southern Talk OK y'all, ready or not, I'm back. Thanks very much to all who expressed their condolence in the passing of our oldest son. My dear wife, Jeanne, and I thank you, very much. A long stretch of other family concerns topped off with Scott's untimely death apparently produced a little more stress than ol' Pappy realized culminating in a rather harsh bout with one of those nasty flu bugs. Unfortunately for Jeanne, a week after Scott's passing, she had to witness my hitting the floor unconscious. Six hours in the ER and a few IVs later, she took me home with the diagnosis of "Acute Syncope Dehydration." So, I caution any of you who may encounter the flu bug ... DRINK WATER! A LOT OF WATER! I thought that I had been consuming plenty but learned the hard way. All is well now. I used my convalescence time to rest up and complete my "Ghillie Suit" Kit. A "Ghillie" is a camouflage suit made by tying about a million burlap strings of various colors onto a jacket and cap sewn from netting. Ghillies are most commonly used by military snipers to disappear into the terrain. Mine will serve me well in a variety of hunting scenarios but most importantly, I can now make like a big hairy bush next to the puddle and "attempt" to conduct first hand observations of elves and Natterjacks. To: Bob Harman ('51) Your "Southern Talk" stories triggered a memory that I feel compelled to tell on myself. Laughing at one's self purges the soul. As my "much younger" sister, Marilyn Swan Beddo ('63), says, "We were the real Clampetts growing up." We moved to Washington from the "Deep South" in about 1945. Our "Deep South" was southern Kansas, just north of the Oklahoma state line and west of the Arkansas River. Of course, if you lived in Kansas, it was pronounced, "R-Kansas River." We left there when I was about four years old but visited often so I absorbed some of the "talk." Years later, being the family "clown," I conjured up a story of turkey hunting. Of course, I never hunted a turkey until about ten years ago and since then turkeys make a turkey out of me most of the time but those are other stories. Anyway, trying to impress folks with my fabricated turkey hunting abilities, I told of how I lay behind a log, skillfully calling with my turkey call. A big ol' Gobbler with about a foot-long beard and spurs that looked like horseshoe nails ran up to the other side of the log so I "retch" under the log and grabbed him by the feet but he was too big to pull under the log. So, I let him go and called again. Unable to resist my amorous hen calls, ol' Tom raced right back and that time I "retch" over the log and grabbed him without firing a shot. Those northerners that I told the story to just couldn't seem to "unnerstan" southern Kansas talk fer the past tense of "reach." Still amazes me. -George "Pappy" Swan ('59) ~ Now playing in the "Bush League" at Burbank, WA - where the sun shines brightly like a spring day and its supposed to get up to about 65F today -- It might even get hot in the Ghillie so I'll drink lots of water. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Ann Engel Schafer ('63) Re: Freddie's 60th surprise birthday party -Ann Engel Schafer ('63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64) Re: Iditarod Update and/or Today the 33rd running of the Iditarod begins... with the "restart" on Sunday. Race officials have changed the restart location because the trail "between Anchorage and Eagle River and Wasilla and Knik is that they are not adequate for 79 dog teams to safely travel." My usual favorite, 4-time winner Martin Buser -- neighbor of Maggie Gilstrap O'Hara ('74) and Vickie Andersen Simmons ('67) -- drew #78 and he's glad to have the extra time to rest before starting this year. On 3/1 Martin had an accident with his table saw and doctors amputated the "top part of the middle finger on Busers right hand and patched up two other hurt fingers..." He's figuring out how to made adaptations so that he can do things like hold on to the sled, set the snow hook, etc., etc., etc. Check Martin's website for updates: Stay tuned... Bomber cheers, -Maren Smyth ('64 & '64) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Lori Simpson Hogan ('70) Re: Gyms Maren, the "girls" gym (smaller of the two gyms, Dawald being the bigger "boys" gym)) is scheduled to be torn down later this spring. This is part of the entire schools renovation. So I hope that the dance is being held in the "girls" gym! All the different advertising has been confusing to me, too, and I live here!?! I thought that originally Club 40 was sponsoring this...then the Bomber boosters joined in and now according to the latest ads there are a lot of local businesses sponsoring as well. Well, they do say that it takes a village to raise a child.... and so it goes. Mike and I will be there for sure, with our dancin' shoes on. Take care -Lori Simpson Hogan ('70) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [This URL sent by a Bomber today tells it all: -Maren] ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Mike and Lori Simpson Hogan ('70) Re: Class of '70 in '05 Hi, this is Mike and Lori Simpson Hogan ('70). Our 35th reunion is right around the corner and a few of us locals wanted to get as many of us together as possible on short notice! We haven't picked a date yet, that's where all of you come in! The plan is to maybe gather at The Towne Crier in Richland on a Saturday night sometime this summer. They have a DJ so there will be music after 9pm. Another option in town would be to gather at Duke's Pourhouse, alias Stalag 13 and Victors. They also have music, on Saturday nights. Both places offer good food and drink. Now the big question is which Saturday should we meet? Write in with your preferences, ASAP, and we'll tally them up and let you know. There would probably be no cost involved other than whatever you spend on food and drink. (Occasionally Dukes charges a $5.00-$8.00 cover charge, depending on which band is playing.) So let's try to have all our preferences in no later than March 31, 2005. Hope to see you there...Lori and Mike :-} -Mike and Lori Simpson Hogan ('70) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Debra Dawson Fogler ('74WB) I've been contacted by a Dept. of Labor subcontractor in Richland who is actively seeking claimants against the DOE and its subcontractors for cancer-related illness and death among Hanford workers. Since my dad died of lung cancer metastasized to the brain after working many years for Hanford, my family is eligible to file a claim. My question is, has any Sandstorm reader already done this, and what are the results? I know of one person who filed a couple of years ago and has yet to hear of how her claim will be resolved. Please email me directly, as I'm sure this is a subject generally avoided in the Alumni Sandstorm. -Debra Dawson Fogler ('74WB) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/06/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers sent stuff: Dave Brusie ('51), Dick Pierard ('52), Terri Royce ('56) Gary Persons ('57) and Jan Bollinger ('60) Roger Gress ('61), Maren Smyth ('64 & '64) Gary Behymer ('64), Jen Frank ('02) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ray Wells ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: John Browne, Jr. ('61) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Pat Doriss ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bobbie Gilstrap ('72) BOMBER LUNCH Today: Class of '58 BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dave Brusie ('51) To all Bombers who Care!! The boys' gym as we called it. What a great floor. No shin splints on this floor. If I'm not mistaken wasn't the new gym built over concrete??? I think the Portland Trail Blazers if I recall it right refused to ever play there again, but then who cares if they do or not. When I played for Kessler Air Force Base we played the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa on a floor built over concrete. Everyone came down with shin splints. Talk about a basketball floor?? In the '50 and '51 State Tournament at the U. Dubb you played on a floor that had plywood squares as a base and every square had it's own characteristics. One square you were bouncing the ball around your ankles and the next square you had to jump up to retrieve the ball. God Bless the springy floor at our school.. Great memories!!!!!! Re: Here is an Idea!!!!!! When they demolish the gym why don't they salvage the floor and sell (one foot by one foot squares of the floor) or 6 inch by 6 inch and use the proceeds for some charity, etc. -Dave Brusie ('51) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dick Pierard ('52) Reading the story that they are going to tear down the "girls" gym (it was the boys gym when I was in high school) makes me realize how old I have gotten. I can remember when we kids played on the construction site when the gym was built. Also it indicates how little sense of history people in the West have. In the Boston area where I live now, people take pride in old structures and proudly display on their houses signs saying it was built in 1789 or 1820 or what have you. The city newspaper occasionally runs a picture of a neighborhood taken 100 years ago and now, and it is amazing how many structures are still around. People will spend hundreds of thousands (and even millions) of dollars rehabbing old structures. Brother Burt ('59) comes in tonight. Who knows what havoc we will wreak. -Dick Pierard ('52) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Terri Royce Weiner ('56) Re: Lois Weyerts Harrold and Yellowstone I spent the summer after my freshman year at WSU, working in the soda fountain (just try and find it today!) at Paradise Lodge on Mt. Rainier. Since fresh fruit was expensive to get up the mountain, we all had parents and other visitors bring it. Then we'd either smother it in ice cream (half a cantaloupe filled with strawberry), or fill the peaches and watermelons with vodka for our after-work parties. There was a bartender that year who was the first black person I'd ever met (I had just seen Norris ('57) and CW ('58) at school -- never met them). He was writing a doctoral dissertation on the habits of people hanging out in bars. When they recruited us for Mt. Rainier, a rule was that we all had to play musical instruments. I took my alto sax and the whole bunch of us would entertain the guests in the evening. I can't believe they got away with that -- or that people wanted to hear us. They had the ice caves back then, and after lying in the sun on the snow one day, I hiked up to them with friends. Trouble was, I was just wearing tennis shoes (well -- and hiking clothes) and, once I got down into the cave, I had one heck of a time climbing/slipping/panicking back out. It was really steep. I spent the rest of my days-off sitting in various spots along the trails to write wistful poems about the mountain and various 19-year-old's traumas. We were not allowed to go off the mountain the whole summer -- a fact that just leaves today's Rainier worker-bees stunned. Years later, after moving back to Seattle from 31 years in Florida and elsewhere, I drove up there and ran into a guy who had worked there the same year that I had. Small world. -Terri Royce Weiner ('56) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gary Persons ('57) and Jan Bollinger Persons ('60) *********** SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE!! ********** All Bombers are invited to attend a surprise 85th birthday party for teacher Vera Edwards! Mrs. Edwards is now living in Spokane near her daughter Gay ('64), and the party will be held in conjunction with the Spokane Bomber Alumni lunch on March 20th. Gay is assembling a scrapbook of memories submitted by her mom's former students, and contributions for the scrapbook may be sent to her at If you don't have a specific memory to share, just send your best wishes to a lady who might very well remember you! DATE: Sunday, March 20, 2005 COFFEE: 11:30 AM LUNCH: 12:30 PM PLACE: The Cathay Inn (Chinese and American menu) ADDRESS: 3714 North Division (Look for the tall sign on the east side of the street.) PRICE: Most lunches $5.95 - $7.95 RSVP: Many Bombers are already planning to be on hand to salute one of our favorite teachers and we need to know how much space to reserve at the restaurant. Please make your lunch reservation as soon as possible to -Gary Persons ('57) and Jan Bollinger Persons ('60) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Roger Gress (Classic Class of '61) A big Happy Birthday to John Browne, Jr. (Classic Class of '61) -Roger Gress (Classic Class of '61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64) Re: Iditarod Update and/or The 33rd running of the Iditarod is underway, but they only traveled 11 miles to the "restart" location (Willow, AK). I'll check the websites and see if I can watch any of it online. Jessie Royer is in first place. In fact, everybody is in exactly the same position they were when the race started. This race doesn't really start until the "restart" today. I saw Martin Buser begin the race live on my computer screen - streaming video. It doesn't sound like Martin thinks his missing digit is going to be much of a factor at all. Stay tuned... -Maren Smyth ('64 & '64) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) Scenes from Richland... Hanford Washington Atomic Works Aerial View Hanford - Richland Washington Aerial View Seattle First Bank 1943? Richland, Washington Alphabet Home Richland Washington Alphabet Home 4-Bedroom Richland Washington Alphabet Home Pre-fab Richland Washington Alphabet Home Four Bedroom Richland WA Alphabet Home Three Bedroom Richland WA Alphabet Home 'A' Duplex Richland WA Trailer Homes 1944 or so in Richland WA -Gary Behymer ('64)...still crazy after all these years in downtown Colfax, WA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jen Frank (2002) Re: Bringin' Down the House My parents are highly involved in Bomber Boosters, my Dad is the president and Mom is the secretary (I think that is her official title anyway). From what I've been told by Mom (so correct me if I'm wrong and have misunderstood anything) is that they are going to seal off the upstairs when destruction time comes and tear all that down. The entire thing will be placed with a state-of-the-art weight room. The concert profits are going to go putting equipment in the weight room (when the bond was passed they only budgeted for the actual construction, not the equipment to go in the room). Not much later, they will be tearing down the big gym as well. Prior to basketball season there was a pretty big flood in the gym, some pipes broke and ended up warping the gym floor pretty bad, they had to come in and sand down a huge amount of material in order to make it "playable" for basketball season. The floor was originally built on only cork, rather than suspended, like the newer floors. The floor really does vibrate and it is the best court I've ever played on. At the same time, because of our floor, we ended up having a lot of problems with shin splints, sore backs and knees and bodies in general. Refs love the atmosphere in our gym, but it beats them up physically. In the long run, it will all be brought down, the floor redone, as well as the bleachers I believe. The "Bringin' Down The House" concert will be in the lower gym from what I understand. At the same time, the upper gym will be the place of an auction for old Bomber memorabilia (jerseys and such). This should be an awesome event and I know that the Bomber Booster team has put a TON of work into this. I am very sad to see the gym I grew up in go. Lots of experiences and lots of learning the game of basketball happened in that gym. Please attend this event. It should be an awesome last memory for the Bomber gym. -Jen Frank ('02) ~ in Boise, ID - where it's 60 and there isn't a cloud in the sky; midterms are over and spring break is almost here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [] *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/07/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff: Ann Clancy ('50), Gene Keller ('50) Bob Cross ('62), Maren Smyth ('64 & '64) Gary Behymer ('64), Mary Jane Smith ('70) Dave Doran ('72), Tim Cowan ('95) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Melanie Lawson ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ray Fisher ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Rod Jochen ('80) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Ann Clancy Andrews ('50) Re: Paradise Lodge on Mt. Rainer After WW2 ended our Dad took us to see Mt. Rainer. Paradise Lodge reopened to the public on the same day we arrived. The whole experience was pretty overwhelming to a kid. That big mountain up close. High banks of snow still along the hiway. The beautiful lodge. I had never seen anything like it. The main event that stands out in my mind though is Hershey Chocolate bars. For you kids that were not around then, Hershey bars went to the troops... none for the home front during the war. Apparently Paradise Lodge had their supply of Hershey's in storage. The staff handed out to all the kids~~for free~~~~~~Hershey bars. It was sooooooooo good. What a treat after going so long without chocolate. -Ann Clancy Andrews ('50) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gene Keller ('50) Re: Bringin' Down the House I remember it well. It was so exciting to be playing basketball in a new gym and a new floor and baskets. We had played in the small gym and it was dark and crowded and fans all on one side of the gym. The new gym was huge and the crowd was so really into the game. The 1948-'49 team was suppose to be a very good team with all seniors back from going to state the year before with Gene Conley ('48) and Orv Marcum ('48-RIP). A new coach named Art Dawald introduced a new type of basketball to the team. The Art Dawald Era emerged and you know the rest of the story! Playing basketball in that gym was so exciting for the players and the best fans in the Yakima Valley were there in green and gold to push us to do our very best. I really support the upcoming event and I hope I can be there. -Gene Keller ('50) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [] ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Bob Cross ('62) Re: Proud Grandparent again I just cannot resist announcing that my daughter, Amy Putman of Boise, Idaho, gave birth Friday morning to twin boys (Brian and David). Everyone is doing fine and grandpa is now floating about a foot off the ground (need more rocks in my pockets I guess). -Bob Cross ('62) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64) Re: Iditarod Update and/or 7 teams have arrived at Checkpoint #6 (of 27) - Skwentna Teams have begun to move up from their starting positions. Some "Movers" include: DeeDee Jonrowe moved from #29 to #2 Rick Swenson (5-time winner) - moved from #17 to #4 Robert Sorlie ('03 winner) - moved from #50 to #25 Lance Mackey moved from #60 to #26 Charlie Boulding moved from #62 to #28 Martin Buser (4-time winner) moved from #78 to #61 Jeff King (3-time winner) moved from #79 to #63 Martin's doctor makes "trail calls" and will check on the amputated finger at one of the checkpoints. They made adjustments to the splint so that Martin can use his pinkie and he travelled very fast (13.10 mph) into checkpoint #5. Stay tuned... -Maren Smyth ('64 & '64) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) Colfax, Washington ...Home to the State 1A Girls Basketball 2005 Champions...and 2004! ...and for all of those who may have not known? (;-)...Home to the State 1A Girls Volleyball 2004 Champions! Two more Hanford items... a bit different than the others you have seen: Hanford Atomic Works Bracelet Richland Washington Paper Placemat from Richland Washington Atomic Bomb -Gary Behymer ('64) ~ in downtown Colfax, WA... where the women are strong... the men good looking and the kids well above average. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Mary Jane Smith Poynor ('70) Re: Iditarod time again Once again this year I was a happy volunteer at the Iditarod start here in Anchorage. 79 mushers with at least 16 dogs each made for a noisy and fun filled day. I arrived "on the street" as the sun was coming up over the mountains. The volunteer crews had been up all night spreading snow on the street and putting up the fencing to define the team staging areas. Musher trucks of all varieties were parked at intervals along the streets and the dogs either snoozed in their "dog boxes" or watched the excitement from their front row seats. I'm sending a few pictures along in case you would like to experience some of the excitement. The pretty lady in blue is DeeDee Jonrowe, one of the crowd favorites and a very determined woman. DeeDee is a breast cancer survivor and ran the race just after completing chemotherapy a few years back. Enjoy!! Maren - I saw Martin (and crew) but was unable to get a good photo as he was surrounded by well wishers and fans. He's got a special splint on his right hand that allows him to use his thumb and forefinger and a deluxe high tech mitten to cover the whole hand. mjp -Mary Jane Smith Poynor ('70) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dave Doran ('72) Re: A very interesting link This is some of the most beautiful work I've ever seen! -Dave Doran ('72) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Tim Cowan ('95) Hi Bombers, I have an update about my wife and her band, which I manage/play guitar in. Jennifer Lynn was recently featured in Washington State Magazine, which has a distribution of 140,000! It included an article about her live performance in Portland, Oregon, for WSU Alumni last fall and a review of her debut album, which reads: "[Leavin'] is a mix of classic country, rockabilly, and folk, all wrapped around [her] soulful and commanding vocals." The debut album is selling well and recently had to be restocked at Music Millennium record stores in Portland. It is currently being sold through Music Millennium, CD Baby, Tower Records and at live performances. We would like to book a performance in the Tri- Cities and could use some help finding a venue and the support to promote it. Let me know if you have any suggestions! For more info, please visit or You can email me at In addition to the articles about my wife, I also got an article in Washington State Magazine for my work on B Reactor preservation. Tim Steury, WSM Editor, joined me on a B Reactor tour I arranged through DOE last summer. A first-time visitor, he wrote: "The B Reactor is as haunted and fascinating a place as you'd ever want to visit." He went on to describe my thesis project from WSU, in which I proposed building a separate interpretive center outside the 100 B/C Area to act as the museum, so B Reactor would not have to be altered and could simply remain an exhibit. To get a copy of the magazine, go to Anyhow, that's the update from here! -Tim Cowan ('95) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/08/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers and 1 Bomber Mom sent stuff: Barbara Isakson ('58), Katie Sheeran ('61) Bob Rector ('62), Helen Cross ('62) Jim House ('63), Maren Smyth ('63 & '64) Gary Behymer ('64), Janine Rightmire ('65) Kathie Moore ('69), Nancy Nelson ('69) Kim Meares Oates (Bomber Mom) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Susan Anderson ('49) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim Adair ('66) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Barbara Isakson Rau ('58) Up date on the class of '58 Luncheon on the 6th of March. We had three Surprise Visitors at this Luncheon. Gloria Falls Evens and Larry Leavitt, they were the out of town ones. Sharon (Sheri) Sorick is back in the area and has come once before. Also their was Jerry Whitten, brought Larry Leavitt and Gloria Falls Evens was brought by Vera Smith Robbins. Their was Glen and Carol Roses, Fred Klute, James (Jim) Wendland and myself Barbara Isakson Rau. Was so pleased that our classmates from out of town are dropping in and some of them that have been their once say they well be coming more now. So if you haven't been for a while please put us on your calendar 1st Sunday of the month unless its a holiday then its the 2nd Sunday of the month at 1:00 at Shilo Inn off of GWWay. Also in the month of Sept. we don't meet because of Club 40, sorry don't have the dates for that this year. Well, get it and pass it on in another up date! Club 40 is all class that have been out for 40 years or more. Its a fun time too, for everyone to celebrate and see each others from other classes. All of us that were their have a wonderful time always but sure lot more fun to see our out of town class mates. So Thank You! Come again Larry Leavitt and Gloria Falls Evens and John Richardson, David Bowls (his first time was in February) Pass it on and come a little more often now that seem the out of towers are looking us up. OK Your Class mate -Barbara Isakson Rau ('58) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Katie Sheeran Johnson ('61) Re: Iron Dog Race Since Maren brought up the Iditarod, I told her I wanted to "brag" about my sister Sally's ('58) son-in-law, Todd Palin, who does the Iron Dog Race every year. The Iron Dog is a snowmachine race from Wasilla to Nome and back and they complete it within a weeks time. I think it totals 2000 miles and is held every year around the first part of February. Todd has won it 3 times and placed 2nd twice so we're very proud of him. Some men I used to work with at Hanford would say "Big deal Katie, they're on snowmachines." My response would be, "Then let's see you guys race from Richland to Walla Walla... just one way in minus twenty or so degree weather." Doubt if any of them could even do that!! -Katie Sheeran Johnson ('61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Bob Rector ('62) Re: flying Howdy Maren, Yes, since you guys are talking dog sledding, I thought I would remind you of the 70 (plus) in Richland, so I took my first Power Parachute ride of the season. This was Sunday evening, March 6, 2005 on the North West corner of Red Mountain, with Richland way in the background. Rattlesnake mountain starts to climb about two miles behind me. I'm headed straight for Kiona Winery about two miles ahead. Kiona is a world ranked winery owned by Richland Bombers, John Williams ('56) and my sister, Ann Rector Williams ('58). John also has a power parachute but as we flew over, he was working on his boat... fishing season you know. Maren, I cannot remember when I last "paid my sandstorm dues"... please remind me what to send and of course, your new address etc. Thank you. Stay warm, -Bob Rector ('62) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Helen Cross Kirk ('62) Hello from West Harrison, IN where I am home after spending a wonderful week cruising from LAX to sunny Mexico with 2 girlfriends from Roseville, CA where we used to live. It was fun, we had a great time, and we got to see whales this time off Cabo San Lucas! I even heard that there was someone on the ship from Kennewick, but I didn't get to talk to him. The week before the cruise I had been having a wonderful time back in God's country: Washington State visiting friends and family. I got to see my mom, brother and his family, and Allen ('59), Bob ('62), Carol ('64), Maryjane ('68-RIP), and Duane's ('78) dad, my uncle Bob who is the last surviving child of my dad's family, and his lovely wife, Louise, and they were so kind to have me, as my brother said I'd have to share a room with fire toads, and something else, perhaps rats, in his busy house with teenagers. I love to be in Washington State, and had such great weather there, I could hardly believe it was February. I hope and pray somehow you get the needed moisture to stop the drought. I just got caught up on the Sandstorms I've missed. I'm sorry I missed the ladies of '63 and '64 lunch when I was in the Tri-Cities. I wish I could somehow make this great closing down the gym party, but I won't. I do remember fellow classmate, John Sunderland ('62) saying what a great gym floor that was to play on, and with all his experience and that of his brothers, he should know. And Happy Birthday to John Adkins ('62), so many neat classmates we have!! And thanks to Maren for keeping us up on what's happening with the Iditarod race in Alaska. Another I'd like to see item... And I'd like to publicly congratulate my cousin, Bob ('62) who I also got to see in Battleground this visit, on the birth of his twin grandsons!! I always knew that twins are possible in our family, and now that I've raised my kids, I'm glad I didn't get them. -Helen Cross Kirk ('62) ~ in the house by the little lake where it was in the 50s when I arrived late last night, but snow is in the forecast for tomorrow, of course. And I was surprised my tulips haven't started to bloom in West Harrison, IN. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim House ('63) Re: Bomber Basketball It was great to watch four Bomber basketball games this week at the Regional tournament in Spokane. The Bomber "show girls" that performed at half time of both games on Friday had a routine of Las Vegas quality that was far superior to what I have seen from the Spokane schools. The band was equally impressive. Hearing them play the "Theme from Peter Gunn" gave me a shot of adrenaline just as it did during warm ups more than 40 years ago. Each time they played the Bomber fight song, I stood up and thought of Carole, Donna, Sue, Ellen and Micki the classy Gold Medal ('63) Song Leaders. Throughout the Saturday game, Ray Stein ('64) and I commented back and forth about the tenacity of one particular standout player. Near the end of the game I realized that the player's parents were seated directly behind us. As I told them how impressed we were with their Bomber, I couldn't help but wonder what it was like for my parents attending my games. What was it like to hear the cheers for my successes and the jeers from my critics? We never discussed that. I remember Dad, putting up a basket when I was in third grade, as I dreamed of playing for the Bombers like our neighbor Bernie Qualheim ('56), and Mom always hurrying home to prepare that special pre=-game meal for me. That brings me to the concept of "Senior Night" that wasn't around in my era. It would have been great to have the opportunity to publicly thank my parents for all their support. Even though they will not see this, I guess I just did. -Jim House ('63) ~ Mead, WA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64) Re: Iditarod Update and/or 2 teams have arrived at Checkpoint #9 (of 27) - Rhon and the #2 team is none other than Martin Buser!! Sometime after I posted the 3/7/05 Sandstorm, Martin moved from 63rd place to 39th place. I took a short nap yesterday afternoon and when I woke up -- only a couple of hours later -- he was in 6th place!! Martin's amputated finger was on his right hand and he's a southpaw. 3-time winner Jeff King is doing something different this year. He's towing a small sled behind his main sled that has a small dog carrier. His goal, he said, was to rest one dog at all times "until I don't have an excess of power." Stay tuned... -Maren Smyth ('64 & '64) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: 1981 Hanford Washington PNWA Coin -Gary Behymer ('64) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Janine Rightmire Corrado ('65) To: Jimmie Adair ('66) Happy Birthday to a wonderful Bomber and a very special friend!!! Hope your day includes health, happiness, blessings and a terrific time with your family, Kathie ('69) and Steven ('08). Wish I could be with you to give you a birthday hug 'cuz I love ya! Take care and enjoy! This is from John and the Girls too! -Janine Rightmire Corrado ('65) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Kathie Moore Adair ('69) I would like to wish my sweet husband, Jimmie, a very Happy Birthday today. I love you Willis!!!! -Kathie Moore Adair ('69) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Nancy Nelson Wyatt ('69) As we are all thinking about the good ole days, just was talking to my parents and they were telling me there was a news article on the local news on television about the alphabet houses and their first home on Haupt Street was featured. Did an interview with my parents, Clayton and Ruth Nelson, about it. We then moved from the "B" house on Haupt in 1954 to the "R" house on Davison. They have been there ever since and I enjoy driving around to see the old places I used to play and go to and the old/new schools I attended. -Nancy Nelson Wyatt ('69) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Kim Meares Oates (Bomber Mom) Re: Bringin' Down The House Big thanks to all who are supporting the "Bringin' Down The House" fundraiser for Richland High School. You can always count on Bombers to fully support something "Green and Gold". The "Bringin' Down The House" fundraiser was initiated by Richland Bomber Boosters to raise funds to help equip the new weights and agility facility at RHS after it is built. When we heard that the old gym and current weight room would be demolished sometime in the spring/early summer we couldn't pass up the opportunity to throw a party and give everyone a chance to get together, reminisce and say good-bye, to the old gym that is. So we contacted our friends at Club 40 (Judy Willox ('61) and told them that we had signed on "The Kingsmen" as our main entertainment and asked for their help in helping to spread the word. As word got out that we were having this fundraiser/party people wanted to help defray the costs of bringing in the bands, stage and promotion. So thank Tom Tierney at Dairy Queen, Tim Bush at Time Bush Motor Co., Jim Gibson at Red Lion Hanford House, Dr. John Perry at NW Orthopedics, Rick Snyder at US Linen, Carl Taylor at McDonalds and our Major Sponsor Ron Hue at HAPO Credit Union. These businesses stepped up just to make the fundraiser a success and they have in a huge way. It was amazing to get calls from these businesses asking how they could help. It makes me very proud to call Richland my home with such wonderful support from the business community. This type of event does bring the whole community together. We have people from all over the school district signed up to volunteer at the event. Folks from Hanford Middle School, Carmichael Middle School, Badger Mountain Elementary, Lewis and Clark Elementary, Jason Lee Elementary and of course our Richland High School staff have really stepped up to help make this happen. Principal, Steve Neill ('72) bought the first ticket while the tickets were still warm off of the press. The kids and staff at Richland High School make you want to go the extra mile to make things as good as they can be for them. So were having a fundraiser/party to say good-bye to the old gym. The event is March 19th from 7:00 - 11:00. We will have a local band named MudShark open for "The Kingsmen". Doors will open do at 6:00pm. We plan to have the upper gym (old gym) decked out in green and gold memorabilia with tables and chairs to sit and take a break or reminisce with friends. In the lower (big gym) is were the bands will play. Richland Gold Rush Dance team will perform between the bands. We will have cold refreshments, hot dogs, sausage, hamburgers, tacos and popcorn for those that need sustenance to keep on dancing. Richland High School will be selling old, surplus uniforms and such. They have found some pretty cool stuff as they get ready for the remodel. So everyone bring your dancin' shoes and join us, it promises to be a memorable, fun event that you just can't pass up. Oh, and for those interested in owning a piece of the old gym floor........ Bomber Boosters will be salvaging the floor to sell as a fundraiser. So that is a done deal too. Details unveiled at the "Bringin' Down The House" fundraiser/party. Cheers, -Kim Meares Oates (Mom, sister, daughter, niece and aunt of bombers) a Bomber Booster and Co-chair of "Bringin' Down The House" *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/09/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers sent stuff: Jim Jensen ('50), Beverly Barfuss ('58) Patti Jones Ahrens ('60), Roger Gress ('61) Helen Cross ('62), Joanna Faulkner ('63) Maren Smyth ('63 and '64), Gary Behymer ('64) David Rivers ('65), Tamara Lyons ('76) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: George Hammons ('51) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Rob Peutz ('73) BELATED BOMBER DAD Birthday (3/7): Bill Goslin BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: Leonard Peters ('61) & MaryMike Hartnett ('61) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim Jensen ('50) Re: Treats To: Ann Clancy Andrews ('50) Your posting of 3/7/05 concerning the Paradise Lodge chocolate hand- out brought back some memories of the Richland and Village theaters during World War II. In those days the candy cases were virtually empty. As you said, chocolate had gone to help fill field rations for our troops. If I remember correctly there were two, small, lonely stacks of "treats" in the cases. One was "Orbit" gum - dark green (?) wrapper... white at the top with little, colored planets printed there. The other "cache" consisted of "111" (one-eleven) bars... these had an odd taste which one might "acquire" over a period of time... though the flavor was familiar, I couldn't quite identify it. Oh well, there was always the water fountain and sometimes popcorn. Ann, you always scratch a memory pod with your Alumni Sandstorm contributions. Thanks... -Jim Jensen ('50) ~ Katy, Texas... Maren's concept of heaven on earth... where Spring has actually become a season. Normal Spring duration - about 2-3 weeks, tops. This year about five weeks. Liquid heat is due again any day now. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Beverly Barfuss Shaffer ('58) Re: '58 Luncheon Hi, from the "missing" Beverly Barfuss Shaffer. In January my husband sold one of our cars to Wayne Lysher ('57) and when I found out that he was from Richland, I told him that I lived there for about 10 years. He than told me that he lived a few blocks from where I lived and is a year older. He then told me about the web page and the Sandstorm e-mail and I have had a great time reading about everyone else... Well today bought back lots of memories of classmates who attended the '58 luncheon last Sunday. Larry Leavitt, Sharon Sorick and Vera Smith and Barb Isakson... I will try to attend one of the meetings. What good times we had. -Beverly Barfuss Shaffer ('58) ~ Yakima, where the sun is shining ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) Re: '60's once a month luncheon Last Saturday was the luncheon for the class of '60 which is every 1st Saturday of the month at Las Margaritas in Richland. The luncheon was for just ladies and has been opened up to all '60's graduates and their spouses. Mary Judd Hinz and her husband missed because of illness. I know they were quite disappointed because it was Mary's birthday. Happy Birthday Mary! Pete Overdahl didn't mind as it left him the only guy. Pete finally had his with a harem. His wife Maggie watched after him though. Out of the fifteen at the luncheon we had some surprises. Lora Homme Page who takes care of her 97 year old father and mother who is (I think Lora said) 86 years old, in her and her husband's home. It is not easy for Lora to get away but husband Paul amongst his work will take care of them for Lora when he can. Lora says her parents are doing well. Stephanie Dawson Janicek was there but I am not sure whether it was her first time, as I have only been going for about four months myself. Stephanie talked about her work. Says her work is so good she's not ready to retire. Darlene Manning (who has been spotted around town a lot lately) showed up. Darlene has been through her own battle with health recently. Darlene is doing very well. Margie Qualheim Haggard (who doesn't miss) was away this time seeing grandchildren with Danny. Carolyn Seaver Norton came and is happy to be retired. Also in attendance Barbara Seslar Brackenbush, Rita Brackenbush Sevcik, Sandy Snider Roberts (who brought Dee Dee Delsing Weinberg ('54)), Derrith Persons Dean, Connie Dean O'Neil, Marsha Lawell Hathcox, Kaye Ivers and myself. Everyone talked a lot about our 45th reunion which will be during Club 40. Everyone is looking forward to it. Many old pictures were passed around for everyone to see. A page of Dupus Boomer pictures was passed around that were made up personally for different people by Mr. Donell. One of those that I can remember was done for Connie O'Neil's family. Everyone got some good laughs out of the pictures. I don't know who the pictures belonged to. If you read this please scan and send to the Sandstorm for everyone to see. Our next luncheon will be April 2nd. Yes, I do miss all the Bomber gang at the Fife luncheon. Happy to move right into another Bomber luncheon here though. There are so many things to do here with the Bombers that I am ready for a weekend at home in my garden. Don't know when that will happen! Bombers Have Fun -Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) ~ West Richland, WA - Loving the warm weather. Computer said 73 today. Weather report says temperatures will drop towards the weekend. Darn. I'd like it to stay at about 70. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Roger Gress (Classic Class of '61) Happy Anniversary to Leonard Peters & Mary Mike Hartnett Peters (Classic Class of '61) -Roger Gress (Classic Class of '61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Helen Cross Kirk ('62) Found some entries I missed, and while reading them I had to laugh at Rick Maddy's ('67) comments on complaining travel companions. I too missed the entrance to Laura Ingalls Wilder's (museum) looking for it along the Mississippi between Minnesota and Wisconsin I think. (I also missed the house in S. Dakota and didn't know it til now, darn...). I agree our national parks and other history we find along the road are all so interesting. We visited an original old Pony Express stop in Nevada, between the middle two stops along that "lonliest HW of the US" when we traveled along HW 50 when my husband did his bicycle trip in 2003. -Helen Cross Kirk ('62) ~ W. Harrison, IN - where the temperature did drop and we got our predicted snow, but it seems to be melting now in time for our 5 0'clock rush hour. A few geese are visiting the little lake, hope they don't become permanent residents.... ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Joanna Faulkner Brown ('63) To: Linda Reining ('64) Linda ~ could you please email me when you get this message? I lost your email address. Bomber cheers, -Joanna Faulkner Brown ('63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Maren Smyth ('63 and '64), Re: Iditarod Update and/or 3 teams have arrived at Checkpoint #11 (of 27) - McGrath Earlier yesterday in Nikolai - Some were wondering where Martin was hiding. He usually camps a little way out of Nikolai, then blasts through in the early evening to be the first into McGrath. Didn't happen that way this year, though. 1st and 2nd place teams have departed McGrath... Martin (#3 right now) is resting in McGrath. Martin's dog, "Freedom", slipped on the ice, fractured her humerous, and was sent home... Martin's down to 15 dogs. . Stay tuned... -Maren Smyth ('64 & '64) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) To Wendy's 'Friends forever'... Wine Flowing / A Lamb Surrenders / Angels in the Light (Wendy's Dream) by Chris Carlberg (Wendy's brother) ".....The kisses have faded, though some claim they still see them dancing on the outer fringes of the Sun. Others have seen the Angels, motionless, in the Light. Eternal thanks for sharing them with us, since most of us here still seek their Visionary Portrait." Wendy Carlberg January 15,1946 to March 9,1996 ********** Re: Great Reading from the Manhattan Project! MY NUCLEAR CHILDHOOD Harold F. Koch - Electrical Engineer - Oak Ridge Margaret "Peggy" Nancy Dickson - Oak Ridge -Gary Behymer ('64) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: David Rivers ('65) Re: A Once Upon A Time True story. Once upon a time there was a boy who lived at 1002 Van Geisen. There was another boy who lived on the Williams Hill, just above the cemetery in a big white house, overlooking the Uptown. The Van Geisen boy had a '47 Ford 4 door Sedan as his first car that he'd bought from Brian Johnson's ('65) Dad for 25 smackers. Yeah... it was a 4 door and to make it worse the engine was all froze up. The VG boy was pretty good at working on his model cars but knew nuthing 'bout birthin' no engines. the Williams Hill boy was a great mechanic even tho he, like the VG boy was only 15 years old. One day the Williams boy was toolin' with some girl in his greasy jeans and a white t-shirt in a '46 Chevy with no reverse. He happened to spot the Ford in the yard on Stevens and VG and check it out... he sauntered up to the VG boy doin' his best James Dean with a Buddy Holly curl thrown in for good measure... the VG boy probably had just died his hair "blonde" with his pal Terry Davis ('65) and was now sporting a baldy that Brian Johnson had given him... so anyway... this James Dean Character appeared to be about 20 years old or so... and of course he was driving so the VG boy figured he'd better be careful and not let the kid take advantage of him... pretending to know something about cars, the VG kid kicked the tires of both cars and since he noticed that the Chevy was actually capable of motivating down the road agreed to a swap of pink slips right then and there... Eventually the Williams boy got the Ford running and sold it for a profit... Danged if I remember whatever happened to that Chevy... but one thing I do know... that was the start of one of the most precious friendships I've ever known. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO DOC 40 JIMMIE ADAIR ('60's decade). -David Rivers ('65) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Tamara Lyons Zirians ('76) I wanted to wish good luck to the Richland Girls Basketball team tomorrow as they play Bethel High at the state play-offs. Being a transplant to the Pacific Northwest, I am also rooting for the Snohomish High Girls team to beat Evergreen High tomorrow. I am counting on both teams to win so that they will match up on Thursday night for game 16 at 8:30. Coincidently, my oldest daughter, Jordan, is a senior at Snohomish high and is the captain of the dance team there. Her dance team will be performing at the half time of that game on Thursday night if Snohomish wins. So Go Panthers and Bombers!!! -Tamara Lyons Zirians ('76) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/10/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers sent stuff: Patti Mathis ('60), Walt Bailey ('60) Roger Gress ('61), Vicky Fitzgerald ('61) Donna Nelson ('63), Earl Bennett ('63) Maren Smyth ('63 & '64) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Barb O'Malley ('70) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Patti Mathis Wheeler ('60) In case Sandi Snyder reads this, I don't have your e mail, and would like to chat. -Patti Mathis Wheeler ('60) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Walt Bailey ('60) To: Patty Jones Ahrens ('60) Patty, could you please provide me with more information about the 45th reunion for the class of '60? -Walt Bailey ('60) ~ Virginia, USA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Roger Gress (Classic Class of '61) Brad Upton ('74) will be at the Clover Island Inn this Friday. -Roger Gress (Classic Class of '61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Vicky Fitzgerald Dwight ('61) Happy Anniversary Leonard and Mary Mike. Hope all is going well with you both. Congrats -Vicky Fitzgerald Dwight ('61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Donna Nelson ('63) I thought maybe I'd see someone from the Yakima area comment on Mt. St. Helens ash falling around them. I haven't seen the news yet this am but saw it was coming that direction. Also, I just spent $37 to send a 14 lb. package to my daughter in law in Baghdad. I think mailing to soldiers should be free as long as they're there doing the job. Does anyone know a cheaper way to mail other than US? -Donna Nelson ('63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Earl Bennett (Gold Medal Class of '63) Does all this gymnasium destruction chatter mean that those of us who contributed to the "Get Floored" campaign will soon receive the floorboard piece we were promised oh so long ago? I haven't seen any references to the project or mail from the leaders for a very long time, but I must admit I've read less than half of the Sandstorms over the last 10 to 12 months. Still have them, just haven't read them. If any emails have been sent since September '04, they would not have reached me at the address I had when I contributed, as that ISP went out of the ISP business - I can now be reached at the address above. Still live at the same place though. It would be real nice to get it soon, as my wife and I are installing an oak floor in the addition to our house within the next couple of months. We plan to get some decorative pieces to add to the stock red oak we purchased, and I will get the right router bits to custom fit the decorative elements, so it should be easy to work in a piece of the old floor for a long-term memento. Might even inscribe it appropriately for future generations in central Virginia to wonder about the "Bombers" out there in the wild, wild west. Should be fun explaining it to our 6-year- old granddaughter. Regards, ecb3 -Earl Bennett (Gold Medal Class of '63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64) Re: Iditarod Update and/or 11 teams have departed Checkpoint #13 (of 27) - Ophir for Iditarod At the beginning of the Iditarod, teams depart Anchorage in 2 minute intervals. The starting differential is adjusted during each team's 24 mandatory hour stop. It is the musher's responsibility to remain for the entire 24 hour period plus starting differential. The Iditarod Trail Committee gives each musher the required time information prior to leaving the starting line. An early front pack has emerged, but its composition will change as the race wears on. In the "front pack" is: Srlie (2003 winner), Buser (4-time winner, Ramy Brooks, King (3-time winner), Jonrowe, Zirkle, Mitch Seavey (2004 winner), Swingley (4-time winner), Rick Swenson (5-time winner) and John Baker. Anyone in the "middle pack" can catch/pass and those include: Bjnar Andersen, Jason Barron, Paul Gebhardt and Jessica Hendricks, Tyrell Seavey, Aaron Burmeister, Ed Iten, Lance Mackey, Charlie Boulding, Jessie Royer, Melanie Gould, Hugh Neff, Cim Smyth and Ramey Smyth... all strong teams this year. Some of the early confusion will clear up as the teams take their mandatory 24-hour lay over. Mushers must take a 24-hour break at one checkpoint along the trail. They usually go 350 to 550 miles before making the pit stop. The team in front now can change in a heartbeat. Stay tuned... Bomber Cheers, -Maren Smyth ('64 & '64) ~ Gretna, LA *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/11/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 Bombers sent stuff: Jim Jensen ('50), Barbara Powell ('58) John R. Northover ('59), Gloria Davis ('61) Judy Willox ('61), Marilyn Stewart ('62) Roy Ballard ('63), Maren Smyth ('64 & '64) Gary Behymer ('64), Susan Baker ('64) Chuck Crawley ('67) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jay McCue ('56) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mandy Holmes ('97) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim Jensen ('50) Re: Tumble weeds To: Any Interested Bombers From time to time I've read postings about problems with tumble weeds in the Tri-City area - particularly in Richland/West Richland. Someone has done something about the dreaded plague. In the Clovis (New Mexico) News Journal of March 9, 2005, I read an article about a retired Nebraska farmer named Dan Kinnison. Mr. Kinnison owns "Prestige Manufacturing, Inc." an entity located in Kimball, Nebraska. About five years ago he began offering his "Tumbleweed Eradicator" to primarily ranchers and government agencies in Wyoming, Colorado and Nebraska. He is currently bidding on work for Roosevelt County, New Mexico. The "Eradicator" snags tumble weeds off from fences, shreds them and leaves a trail of pieces. The "Fence Eradicator" sells for about $4,500.00. A model that may be used to clear roads goes for $7,000.00 - $7,500.00. The article indicated the device typically is hooked up to a tractor. Possible civic solution??? Bomber Cheers, -Jim Jensen ('50) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Barbara Powell Beaudry ('58) I moved to Richland when I was 4 and we had to wait a year before moving there until our house was built. When we arrived, there were houses, no yards, no trees and lots of blowing sand. Little did I know at that time what a wonderful experience it was growing up in Richland where your neighbors became your family. I am so fortunate to have Carolyn Brown just two miles from me here in AZ. where we get together and rehash our childhood. Our house was furnished with all "HEW" furniture which was covered with a dark varnish. My Mother took all of it off and underneath was birds eye maple. They bought the entire set of furniture for $163.00. (Our daughter still has the bill of sale) We grew up with the furniture, our children grew up with it around them and now all of the furniture is at our daughters house and still looks like new. I do hope the class of '58 still holds their luncheons in the summer months when we will return to Yakima for the summer as would love to come. -Barbara Powell Beaudry ('58) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: John R. Northover ('59) Just sent this to Donna Nelson ('63) ... but thought it may be useful information for any one of the Bomber faithful mailing 'stuff' to our brave men and women defending our freedom in the arm pit of hell ... [actually the anatomical location I reference ... is a bit south ... since this is a family show ... could not say that.] Donna, You only should have paid postage to her military post office box, which is either San Francisco or New York. From that point the freight is free as packages and mail are transported via contract civilian carriers for the military or military carriers [aircraft, ships, trucks, ponies, doggie sleds, back packs ... etc. etc. etc ... making deliveries through rain, sleet, snow ... and sand storms ...] v.r -john northover ('59) ... living in Sunny San Diego where the women wear skimpy bikinis, all the men have an occasional shot of tequila on a regular basis and all the boy teens are going on 4 and all the girl teens are going on 33 ... ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gloria Davis Tinder ('61) Congratulations to two great friends who found each other 40 years after graduation. Happy Anniversary Mary Mike and Leonard! -Gloria Davis Tinder ('61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Judy Willox ('61) To: Earl Bennett (Gold Medal Class of '63) The "Get Floored" project was put on hold temporarily as the new gym floor was placed into the bond that passed last year. There will be floor pieces from the gym which is being totally destroyed and there will be forms at the "Bringing Down the House" party for you to order those. However, if you have already sent money in and wish to have a piece of the upper gym floor rather then the lower gym floor, that can be arranged. They will send those in lieu of the other floor pieces. Then in two years you can get a piece of the other one if you wish. The Boosters will again offer pieces of that floor as it is torn up. So, in essence, you could own a piece of each of the gym floors to incorporate into your house for long-term mementos. You will just have to put one board in loose until the lower gym floor is ready for selling. ;o) Since you live in Virginia, if there is anything I can do to be of assistance in getting these to you, let me know and I will do what I can for you. This goes for anyone wanting to get a slice of Bomberville, and who lives out of the area. I am sure there will be an order form posted on the site as soon as they get this perfected. This would go onto the RHS website and as soon as it does, I will have Maren add a link to that order form. Bomber Cheers, -Judy Willox (Classic Class of '61) ~ Richland ~ where the weather is absolutely gorgeous! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Marilyn Stewart Stephenson ('62) To: Donna Nelson ('63) There is a cheaper way to send packages overseas. The post office has packages they call 770's. They come in two sizes and no matter how much they weigh, they cost 7.70 to mail, our group A.C.E.S. uses these packages to send to our military overseas and it is so much cheaper to send. You can pack alot in these boxes, if you pack everything in Zip lock bags and try to make the items as flat as you can. Good luck with your next mailing and God Bless our Troops. -Marilyn Stewart Stephenson ('62) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Roy Ballard ('63) To: Donna Nelson ('63) Get a hold of Kathy Hoff Conrad ('64). She is connected with ACES -- a group that sends things to the military and also welcomes them home. -Roy Ballard ('63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64) Re: Iditarod Update and/or Leading teams have arrived at Checkpoint #14 (of 27) - Iditarod We wait and watch now... Iditarod is the half way point of the "southern" (odd year) route. Martin is currently in 4th place and will be departing Iditarod after his mandatory 24 hour lay over around 3am Alaska time "Team Norway" (Robert Sorlie this year -- last year it was Kjetil Backen) was first to arrive in Iditarod and won a bunch of gold nuggets for arriving first and is on his 24-hour lay over... Paul Gebhardt is currently in 1st place as he has already departed Iditarod, but he hasn't taken his 24-hour lay over yet. The team in front now can change in a heartbeat. Stay tuned... Bomber Cheers, -Maren Smyth ('64 & '64) ~ Gretna, LA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) 'Say it aint so...' "The smooth tones of Bobby Darin, circa 1959, greet me as I step through the doorway on this sad mission to say goodbye. "Dream lover, where are you? With a love that's, oh, so true " Little Nell's Records doesn't need a dream lover.....After 30 years of satisfying the needs of jukebox junkies and music collectors, Eloise Moeller, the 83-year-old owner of this beloved Spokane institution at 711 N. Monroe St., is calling it quits." Doug Clark Spokesman Review 03/10/05 I don't remember any used record stores, in the Tri-Cities, during the sixties though a member, (Tom?), from the Bomber Class of 1967?......owned a store in Kennewick for a number of years during the '80s-'90s? I dare say that many of you do not have a functional 'turntable' in your home? ...though I count on 'Fletch (64) & Pitts (65) to have one or more. -Gary Behymer ('64) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Susan Baker Hoover ('64) What a wonderful day!!!! My 5th grandchild was born in Dallas, TX this afternoon. Her proud parents are Dan (Hanford class of '95) and Nikki Hoover. She will be called Ellie Louise. Not a tiny tike, she weighed in at 7 lb 15 oz. No, I don't know how long she is because they hadn't measured her by the time my son called. When asked if she was cute, my son answered "she is adorable". His brother, father of 3, said he could tell that Ellie already has her father wrapped around her teeny little finger. Dan's sister will be welcoming a new little one into this World in about 4 or 5 weeks. Six Grandchildren!!!!! Life is good. -Susan Baker Hoover ('64) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Chuck Crawley ('67) Re: Happy anniversary Jon & Vicki Boisoneau Just catching up on my Sandstorms so I'm a little late on this. Sorry about missing it but congratulations to Jon & Vic nonetheless. How many years is this? They gotta be the longest running marriage in our class. If they aren't, who is? -Chuck Crawley (BRCo '67) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/12/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber funeral notice today: Betty Hiser ('49), Ralph Myrick ('51) Lois Weyerts ('56), Barb Isakson ('58) Helen Cross ('62), Dave Hanthorn ('63) Maren Smyth ('63 & '64), Gary Behymer ('64) Gay Edwards ('64), Janis Cook ('68) Linda Sasser ('68wb?), Greg Alley ('73) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ray Loescher ('57) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: John Richardson ('58) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jeanie Walsh ('63) BOMBER LUNCH Today: PDX/Vancouver BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Betty Hiser Gulley ('49) To: Jim Jensen ('50): When I first came to Richland in 1944 there was only the Richland Theater. Though the stores could not get candy they always had it at the theater. I am a chocolate and mint lover. Brach's candy made the best candy bar with both chocolate and mint. You would walk up to the ticket taker and say, "Please pretty please can I go in just to get a candy bar?" He would only let one person at a time in to get a candy bar and watched you like a hawk. My girl friend hated mint and she always said: "You just bought that so you wouldn't have to give me a bite." What could I say? The State of Washington had some very strange liquor laws when we first came out. My mother and I went to the store to buy peppermint flavoring so she could made a peppermint frosting. We looked and looked and the only thing we could find was vanilla. Momma asked Mac (manager) where the flavorings were and he replied, "Grocery stores are not allowed to sell flavorings - you have to go over to the drug store to buy those." He told her it was because most flavorings are more than 75 percent alcohol. Does anyone remember the old old Safeway (where Margarita's is now located)? I never did understand why you had to buy pop and beer (stores were not allowed to sell wine at that time) around the corner from the front entrance. You had to have bottles in order to buy any pop or beer (in the days before canned beer and pop). My father managed somehow to find 6 pop bottles before we came to Richland. That poor manager certainly earned his money. I never did know his name. I know they called him Mac and his wife's name was Dorothy and they lived in a "B" House on Gillespie - just a hop, skip and jump from the store. My mother, sister, and I would go to the store before it opened. Mac would unlock the door and run to the back as fast as he could so he wouldn't get trampled. We would get a cart, my sister would get in line, and my mother and I ran around and picked up the groceries and by the time we finished my sister would be near the head of the line. Lines, lines, lines. If you wanted to go to the matinee you had to be at the theater by 11:30 a.m. to get in to see the 1:00 p.m. show. I received a very bad sunburn waiting out in that line!!! My mother smoked and we had to wait in line to get ONE pack of cigarettes - not at the grocery store. Mt. St. Helens burped really bad yesterday around 5:00 p.m. You can write your name on your car. The ash was supposed to continue falling until midnight. I haven't checked anything this morning. -Betty Hiser Gulley '49er ~ south/government Richland - the sun is shinning and it has been beautiful during the day - cool at night. No rain in sight. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Ralph Myrick ('51) To: Jim Jensen ('50) Jim were you writing from Clovis, NM? The reason I asked is I used to live in Clovis. We lived in a trailer park but can't remember where. My wife, Judy, worked at the Clovis Air Base and I attend ENMU in Portales. Later, we moved to Portales where I received my degree. Judy worked for Dr. Coleman while I was in school. How are the Greyhounds doing? -Ralph Myrick ('51) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Lois Weyerts Harrold ('56) To: Jay McCue ('56) Happy Birthday to a fellow classmate and a former neighbor on Horn Avenue. Hope all is going well with you and your family. The memories of growing up on Horn Avenue and attending Jefferson are still great. Best Wishes from Larry and Lois Harrold! -Lois Weyerts Harrold ('56)~ enjoying our beautiful sunny days and my early morning walks under the stars in Richland. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Barb Isakson Rau ('58) I just found a class of '58 John Richardson had a Birthday today. Happy belated Birthday John Richardson from your Class mates. -Barb Isakson Rau ('58) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Helen Cross Kirk ('62) I agree with Lloyd Swain ('66) (was your mother Mrs. Swain, the home ec teacher at Carmichael?) Whenever I am in the Tri-Cities I always go walk along the Columbia River and enjoy that natural wonder. I have walked there in the early morning to see the sunrise, and raced down there to see the sunrise, but it is always beautiful, and a great park in Kennewick and Richland, sorry, I don't know how to get to the river in Pasco. The only places I can find there are the airport, the greyhound bus station,and CBC. Still cleaning out my inbox!! Still finding Sandstorms I missed while I was having fun traveling and cruisin'. Did I ever wish John Adkins ('62) a late Happy Birthday?? Hope you had a great day, you deserve it. My friend Billie Cummings Christian, who would have graduated with us, had she not had to move to California with her family when we were sophomores asked me for the website concerning people who have contracted serious diseases who formerly worked at Hanford. Can anyone tell me again what it is. Thanks. I think of all the national parks and beautiful sights I've been blessed to see, going to the Sun highway in Montana is high on the list, as is Glacier my favorite National Park for some reason. As we are so lucky to have so much beauty, even in Washington State, as well as the whole US of A. -Helen Cross Kirk ('62) ~ West Harrison, IN - where we have had lots of snow flurries the past few days, but no icy roads, thank goodness, so we can still drive until Spring finally makes it's way in. The little lake is doing fine, enjoying the geese and ducks that stop by to visit. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dave Hanthorn ('63) Re: Iditarod Maren, ABC News did a "Person of the Week" report on this musher tonight: There is also a good write-up on her on the Iditarod website: What makes her impressive as a musher isn't that she's a woman (there have been many women in the race, and at least one woman has won) [TWO have won, Dave: Libby Riddles the first woman to win in '85 and Susan Butcher 4 times. -Maren] nor is it that she is young (just nineteen years old, but there have been other youngsters in the race). No, what makes her special (and therefore the "Person of the Week") is that she is legally blind. She says that racing blind in the Iditarod doesn't make her courageous, she just does it so as not to let an "obstacle" be an "obstacle" to her. I think that makes her pretty courageous after all. Like they said on ABC, she won't win the race, but I believe just finishing will be a big victory for her, and for all people who have some kind of "obstacle" that they are trying to overcome. Go Rachael, -Dave Hanthorn (Gold Medal Class of '63) ~ from sunny and warm Mercer Island, WA. Man, I dig this El Nino weather! But the draught this summer won't be pretty. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64) Re: Iditarod Update - Checkpoint #11 (of 27) - Anvik and/or 3 teams have departed Anvik: #1 Robert Sorlie (with 15 dogs), #2 DeeDee Jonrowe (with 13 dogs), #3 Martin Buser (11 dogs). Ramy Brooks and Mitch Seavey (with 13 dogs each) should depart Anvik shortly and not far behind them Jeff King (with 15 dogs), Ed Iten and Aliy Zirkle (with 14 dogs each), Lance Mackey (12 dogs), Bjrnar Andersen (15 dogs), Doug Swingley (13 dogs), Jessica Hendricks and Hugh Neff (12 dogs each) and Charlie Boulding with only 10 dogs now) So, Sorlie appears to be the one to beat now. Not too far behind them are Ramy Brooks (2nd in '03), Aliy Zirkle, Jeff King (3-time winner), Rookie Bjornar Andersen, Doug Swingley (4-time winner), Lance Mackey, Mitch Seavey (last year's winner) and Charlie Boulding. Re: Rick Swenson The Iditarod's only 5-time champion, Rick Swenson, set another record when he scratched for the first time in 29 races. Getting down on dogs is the reason. He only had 11 dogs out of Takotna and was going to have to drop 2 more at Ophir. Swenson won his first Iditarod in '77. He was 2nd in '78 (but his SLED was first to cross the finish line that year). Rick won again in '79, broke the record in '81 and then won again in '82. Rick was the "main guy" running against Susan Butcher in all those years that Susan won (4 times). The press had a field day with the "mouthy" Swenson while the women were winning. '85 was the first year a woman won and that was Libby Riddles. Susan Butcher raced that year, but had to scratch after a moose stomped her team and killed her leaders, Johnny and Hyde. Swenson was 4th that year. Those were the years (the late '80s) when you'd see bumper stickers and T-shirts that said: "ALASKA!! Where men are men and women win the Iditarod" In '86 Butcher was 1st Swenson was 3rd; '87 & '88 Susan was 1st and Rick was 2nd; '89 Susan was 2nd and Rick was 3rd; '90 Susan was 1st Rick was 7th, '91 was the last year that Rick won and he won after he harnessed himself up and led his team through a blizzard to Nome. Martin Buser was 2nd that year and Susan Butcher was 3rd. It was kinda sad to see Rick Swenson have to scratch. The team in front now can change in a heartbeat. Stay tuned... Bomber Cheers, -Maren Smyth ('64 & '64) ~ Gretna, LA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Pictures from Home... Frank Whiteside ('63) has shown us the beauty from down south... here's the beauty of the Palouse! Re: Secret Underground Facility in Hanford Washington Re: Hanford - Washington Ghost Town -Gary Behymer ('64) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gay Edwards ('64) Re: All Ready For Vera Edwards' Birthday Party... Hello Friends, I have been placing all of your wonderful emails on fancy paper, with fancy fonts, in a sweet little album for Vera (Mom). We will present the album at the: Spokane Bomber Lunch on Sunday, March 20th. Need details? My contact info detailed below! If there is any way that you can join us for our Spokane Bomber Lunch/Vera's 85th Birthday Party... PLEASE DO SO!!! This will be a good opportunity for all of us to reunite and have some serious FUN together. Mom is already excited about attending her first Spokane Bomber Lunch on the 20th... yet, has no idea she will be honored at this affair! Neat, huh? Hope to see you there... please note my contact info below, in case you want to contact us at any time in the future. I'm going to try to attach some recent pics of Mom with this email. Hope this works!!! Again, thanks for your interest in celebrating Vera's teaching career, and her love and appreciation for each of you, by email and pics. Many blessings to you always. -Gay Edwards ('64) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Janis Cook Tames ('68) For all those who might have missed it, Shirley Wilson Matheny ('51) passed away on 3/6/05. Her obit was in the Tri-City Herald on Wednesday the 9th. She was a great friend and will be missed. Sadly, -Janis Cook Tames ('68) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook. >>From: Linda Sasser Sanger ('68wb?) COMMENTS: NONE -Linda Sasser Sanger ('68wb?) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Greg Alley ('73) To: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Little Nells's Yes I have bought quite a few used records from Little Nell's. Its always been a hobby to head to the bigger cities and find these small stores and search for deals and hard to find records. Not many had a little old lady behind the counter. It was usually someone with a ponytail, a guy that is. There is another place called 4000 holes in Spokane. TJ in Kennewick still runs R and P records part time. Most of the great stores in Seattle don't carry records anymore. I still play mine all the time. -Greg Alley ('73) ~ In warm Richland at work listening to tournament basketball as the Bomber girls lost there second round game. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* ******************************************************* Funeral Notice scanned from the TCHerald by Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) >>Shirley Wilson Matheny ('51) ~ 10/18/33 - 3/6/05 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/13/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff: Jim McKeown ('53), Derrith Persons ('60WB) John Browne, Jr. ('61), Maren Smyth ('63 & '64) Mike Howell (68WB), Kim Darrow ('??WB) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Gary Hinkle ('56) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim McKeown ('53) Re: Illness My wife and I have spent the last week in Walla Walla, in the intensive care unit of St. Mary's, where my Brother Tom's ('53) wife Darlene Card McKeown ('54), has been on life support. Darlene has been a smoker for 40 years, and her lungs are in terrible shape. She is on a respirator, which is helping her breathe. She can intake the Oxygen, but can't expel the Carbon Dioxide, which is the bad stuff. She will probably always have to have Oxygen with her, if she ever gets well enough to breathe on her own. Tom is beside himself, having gone thru, successfully, a bout with cancer, and your thoughts and prayers would be much appreciated. They will enjoy their 50th anniversary in August. We are now in Portland, heading to the Seattle area, and then back to Walla Walla next week-end for a few days, and then back to Sacramento. -Jim McKeown ('53) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Derrith Persons Dean ('60WB) Re: things that Bombers do to have fun! There is a play at my church that is really awesome. If you have a chance to come and see, please do so... tickets are free, the price has already been paid. What play: Eternity, A stage production about life after death. Where: Desert Streams Bible Church 2505 Duportail St (at Highway 240 and Duportail) Richland. Dates: starts Saturday March 12th through Wednesday March 16th. Time: Sunday night at 6 pm, Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday at 7 pm. Yes there are Bombers in the play!! Bombers have fun!! All are invited... Happiness is Sharing Life!! -Derrith Persons Dean ('60WB) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: John Browne, Jr. ('61) To: Gary Behymer ('64) Thanks for the UFO pic above Rattlesnake. I can see that lacustrine edge up there, about 100' below the peak... One of those Palouse pics looked like a landscape painting (or a computer-enhanced photo). What's the high rise in the background? BTW, I forwarded your snapshot of Christ the King (on eBay) to a couple of young ladies who received their First Communion there, (but don't know if that did you any good)... ^..^ -JHBrowne, Jr. ('61) ~ Vashon Island, WA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64) Re: Iditarod Update - Checkpoint #18 (of 27) - Eagle Island and/or 4 teams have departed Eagle Island: Robert Sorlie (1st), Lance Mackey (2nd), Ramy Brooks (3rd), and Martin Buser (4th). Dateline: Eagle Island checkpoint Headline: AWOL dog costs Buser a couple hours One of his leaders, "Quebec", came loose during a snow storm and Martin didn't notice right away... had to go back and find/get him. Quebec was a napping black dot on the trail when Martin found him. Buser said it was "a two-hour detour on a single trail" Well, dagonit! Charlie Boulding scratched at the Anvik checkpoint. Dunno why yet, but I suspect it had something to do with the fact that he was down to only 9 dogs. I had hoped he'd have a great finish for his last Iditarod. The team in front now can change in a heartbeat. Stay tuned... Bomber Cheers, -Maren Smyth ('64 & '64) ~ Gretna, LA - where birds chirp at night ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Mike Howell (68WB) To: Linda Sasser Sanger ('68wb?) Hi Linda; I have wondered what ever happened to you many times over the years. I don't know if you even remember me from school or not but I just wanted to say Hi. To: Terry Ganz ('68WB) I tried to send you a birthday message but email bounces back to me. I won't be home next week to do it and I didn't want to be late. So I am trying to be the First. Happy Birthday, Terry. -Mike Howell (68WB) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook. >>From: Kim Darrow Class Year: 1978 Marcus Whitman 68-70 COMMENTS: Moved to Kennewick in 71.. great site I have some class pictures from Marcus Whitman if interested??? -Kim Darrow *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/14/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 15 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber funeral notice today: Betty Hiser ('49), Jim Jensen ('50) Glenda Winston ('53), Wally Erickson ('53) Marguerite Groff ('54), Tom Tracy ('55) Margo Heiling ('57), Larry Mattingly ('60) Jim Yount ('61), Ann Engel Schafer ('63) Earl Bennett ('63), Marie Ruppert ('63) Maren Smyth ('63 & '64), Gary Behymer ('64) Kathy Feaster ('75) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Diane Dvorak ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Marcia Wade ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mary Horton ('75) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim Millbauer ('77) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Betty Hiser Gulley ('49) To: Jim McKeown ('53) - even though I know your mother and met your father several times I never met any of her family. My prayers are for your entire family but especially Tom and his wife. There was some talk recently that someone wanted to make a separate state of Eastern Washington. When I first went to work on the Project my boss had been raised in the Lewiston, ID area. He told me that in the early 1900s a group of people got together and tried to make a state out of Eastern Oregon, Eastern Washington and part of Idaho and name it the State of Lincoln. According to him they tried several times but couldn't get anyone to vote on it. -Betty Hiser Gulley '49er - south/government Richland - Coolish last night but the sun is out today. Broke several temperature records in the past week. No rain though. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim Jensen ('50) To: Ralph Myrick ('51) Re your posting of 3/12/05 regarding Clovis and environs. Nope! Didn't send my email from Clovis. Since my wife, Alliene, grew up there and we still have family there, I view the Clovis News Journal internet version every day. I was stationed at Clovis AFB, later Cannon AFB, 1954-1958. I too attended ENMU off and on, but didn't secure a degree as you did. It was a great educational oasis... on the small side... intimate environment. My favorite professor was Dr. Rebecca West. Had two classes with her: "Main Currents in American Thought" and "Modern British and American Poetry." Truly enjoyed both the course material and her method of imparting knowledge. One of her comments made a profound impression upon me: "Wisdom begins when one first comprehends how much one doesn't know." Since all of my classes were at night I met a lot of school teachers who were catching up on professional development courses. Wallace Austin (Clovisite transplanted to Artesia) a high school teacher and Dorothy Chambers (from Deming) a graduate and student teacher (at ENMU) I came to know fairly well. My brother-in-law, Dutch Thatcher, took his masters in education at ENMU. Haven't followed the Greyhounds... sorry. To: Gary Behymer ('64) Your picture postings of 3/12/05 were great! I had no idea the Palouse had such eye appeal. I always thought of that area as either dry as dust or covered in wheat. That big hill in the background of the first picture is mysterious... sort of out of place. There must surely be a geological term that describes the "hilly" formation, but I don't know what it is. Thanks for sharing. Bomber Cheers, -Jim Jensen ('50) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Glenda Winston Shaeffer ('53) To: Jim McKeown ('53) Thanks for letting us know about Darlene and Tom. I'm keeping all of you in my prayers and ask you to tell them that I'm thinking about them. Tom and Darlene have been through so much these past few years, and what a loving brother you've been. Although I couldn't come to our fiftieth reunion I did get the photo and the book about everyone and enjoyed so much looking at and reading about the great class of '53. Please update us on Darlene when you know more. -Glenda Winston Shaeffer ('53) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Wally Erickson ('53) To: Jim McKeown ('53) Re: Tom's wife Darlene Thanks for sharing about Darlene's ('54) health. They definitely have our prayers and thoughts To: Betty Hiser Gulley ('49) Re: Original Safeway Store You asked about Mac (the manager of Safeway). His name was Donald MacElrath... everyone called him Mac. His wife Dorothy was also the bookkeeper at the store. I remember her saving old "Indian head" pennies and other old coins while counting the money. She must've had a great coin collection after doing that for all those years. They had no children. I remember Mac taking a stocking cart and NCR cash register to the back of the store onto the loading dock on Friday's between 5 pm and 7 pm. Mac sold only cases of beer and full cartons of cigarettes off the loading dock. This was done for the workers in the area so they wouldn't have to stand in those long lines inside the store. It helped take some pressure away from the front check stands (there were only four). My Dad, Mike Erickson, was the Meat Manager at Safeway. It was a full service meat market; he made lots of friends behind the meat counter (special cuts, etc.). I was a box boy (we used boxes because we could get more stuff into them) for a short year. We weren't allowed to take any shopping carts out of the store to take groceries to the car... the carts were there for customers only. Sometimes, the customer would have to wait for an empty shopping cart... yep, there was even lines to get a cart. Oh, bye the way, the parking lots where on the side of the store... not in front... duhh! This store did so much business, the customers would park across the street just west of CC Andersons (later the Bon). You're right about not selling wine in the stores then. I don't remember the bottle exchange; but, I do remember sorting empty bottles in the back room... that was not fun work. The Grocery stores were closed on Sundays then. Several years later the grocery stores opened for Sunday, they weren't able to sell any alcohol beverages on Sunday. I don't remember the exact year when the stores were able to stock wine. Not anywhere close to the varieties now in Supermarkets. Some Supermarkets have wine stewards. Sorry, to drag this on for so long in answering your question. But, it brings back some fond memories for me and others. -Wally Erickson ('53) ~ Just got back from the Washington Coast for some R&R. So I have some catching up to do on the Sandstorm. We're having beautiful weather here in Coeur D' Alene, ID; no snow and we'll pay for it big time this summer. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Marguerite Groff Tompkins ('54) To: Jim McKeown ('53) Thanks for letting us know about your brother Tom's ('53) wife, Darlene Card McKeown's ('54) health problems. I can assure you that prayers are most certainly being said for her. I'm sorry to hear that she is so ill. What is the name of the hospital she is in? I would like to send a card. Hopefully she is able to read any cards that she receives. Please keep us posted on her condition. To: Class of '54 gals This coming Friday (3/18) is our monthly lunch. Same time, same place (noon - Granny's). I've been told of one attendee from out of town. I'm not telling who, but we always enjoy her visits. Let's have a really good turnout for her. -Marguerite Groff Tompkins ('54) ~ Richland where the weather is beautiful! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Tom Tracy ('55) To: Jim McKeown ('53) Please extend my best thoughts to Tom. You and he were heroes of our class of '55. Our prayers join with all the many others for him and Darlene. We have great memories of watching you both play in so many sporting events. You were both fine examples for your younger classmates. All the best to you. To: The Magnificent Class of '55 Hope to see some of you in Richland on the 19th... I want a piece of the 50 year old floor. It should be well-seasoned. Today, almost 50 years to the moment, our Bomber Team defeated the No.1 ranked Lincoln High team of Seattle in the UW "Hec" Edmundson Gymnasium in Seattle at the State Tournament. It seems like yesterday. Happy 50th year to the memory of the great win for the best guys you could bring together to form a loyal team: Thanks a million John Cowan, Denny Olson, Norris Brown, Bernie Qualheim, Derald Mitchell, Lonnie Whitner, Denny Olson, Chuck Curtis, Dave Forrest, Tilbert Neal, Bill Johnson and Robbie Hatfield. You were great guys as team mates. I'm grateful to Art Dawald for letting me play on your team! Our UW Fraternity which Lonnie Whitner (RHS' great center) and I joined had a fraternity party 25 years later in Seattle. Four of the Lincoln team members who were had also been members, attended and when they saw Lonnie and I they smiled and said You Merciless, #%&~, Richland Bombers!!! They hadn't forgotten the score and I'm sure it still stung. They were good sports and we had a fine party. Now someone is taking down the gym where we practiced, played, attended concerts, held special events, assemblies, graduation ceremonies, competed in the Two Bits, Four Bits, Six Bits cheering competition and other glorious events. We remember well the thundering welded steel floors that reverberated under our stomping feet and supported us and our white Converse tennis shoes. To all Bomber classmates who love fast break basketball and want to see the slow game disappear... you might appreciate the following comments: Running up The Score Who's been Running Up The Score? Who's afraid to "Run Up The Score"? What will people think if you run up the score on their team? Is it a shameful thing to Run-Up-The_score against an opponent? How thoughtless to "shame the opposing coach by Running Up The Score". What does "Running up the score" mean? A decree once went out from a local school superintendent and his declaration became a Commandment. Thou Shalt Not Run Up the Score. His outrage plagued coaches who had to compete against slower, less experienced, lazy, untalented opponents and inept opposing coaches who sometimes spent too much time watching Hoosiers and not enough time teaching technique and building self-confidence. Vows were taken from athletic directors and coaches in the community, "I don't want any coaches running up the scores against opponents and having to listen to complaints from parents about this matter". "Friends-don't-let friends Run Up The Score' discussions prevailed. Revealing unexpected talent and skill must be considered inappropriate to such Moms and Superintendents. No more high school Moms phoned him declaring deliberate high scoring margins between teams. His concern for not wanting to have mad Moms upset because upset baby boys were saddened through exposure to highly talented performances of opposing teams. The administrator went beyond the pale of sensibility and if followed would be equivalent to enforced 'point shaving' by coaches; an offense that can cost one a jail term in college or professional sports. The School Board erroneously named an old school facility after that Superintendent but fortunately the community recently demolished it. How dare a coach unleash all the talent possible from his team? What was he thinking? In that certain moment, one reflects on discrimination against talent, good coaching and excellence. Think about applying that to competitive performances for High School Orchestras. Listen to the talented orchestra leader remind his accomplished students "When we get to the chorus, be sure to play slightly off key so the band from Kitty Breath Creek Township doesn't feel intimidated and experience bed-wetting or other psychologically serious maladies because we ran up the score' or performed outside their level of expertise. I recently heard a woman chastising a coach and screaming at him for running up the score. Upon asking her if she was a player's Mom, she quickly snapped "Absolutely not.' She was the Mother of the losing coach. We recall the former Notre Dame coach's Lou Holtz comment. "At a halftime break during my first year coaching I walked toward the locker room and confronted my coach from the year before who was playing against us. "What do you mean by running up the score on me"? He quickly told me, "It's your job and that of your team to stop us from scoring, not mine and don't you forget it." Rest assured Lou didn't call Mom or our former Superintendent. One thing for sure. We Bomber fans love our young players of today and know they always perform to the best of their ability. Being a Bomber might not be everything, but assured that it's way out in front of whatever is in 2nd place. Bomber Cheers, best wishes and good thoughts. -Tom Tracy ('55) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Margo Heiling Barron ('57) Re: Class of '57 Lunch, Saturday, March 19, in Richland Just a reminder of the lunch scheduled at 3 Margaritas (aka Las Margaritas) at 627 Jadwin in Richland at 12 Noon, next Saturday, March 19. Please send me an e-mail to reserve your place. If you're not sure you can make it and on Saturday find your schedule is open, you're welcome to just show up; the restaurant usually isn't busy at that time on Saturdays. The event is also on the Bomber calendar (link at the top of this page) if you want to respond later in the week. If you know of any classmates who do not read the Sandstorm, please pass the word. -Margo Heiling Barron (Class of '57 Ahead of our Time) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Larry Mattingly ('60) I got a little hasty with my erase button and so can't recall who brought up the tunnels at Hanford. In the mid '60s when I worked at Hanford, we were out near the foot of the mountain on the Hanford side. I saw what appeared to be a tunnel entrance with a heavy door. It was right into the mountain, near the SE corner. When I asked around about it I was told it was "52L". Supposedly it was a place where managers of Hanford could go in case of an attack or other emergency. I was told there were food supplies and beds for 30 people, along with power generators, water, air filtration, and so on. For a number of years there was a light near the door and you could see it from highway 240. I haven't seen that light for many years. Saturday the 12th I was teaching a pyro class at a fire station in Beavercreek, OR and looked up from my lunch just in time to see Mt. St. Helens blow some ash and steam to 15,000 or so feet. That afternoon when I finished the class, I drove to Ocean Shores to do a fireworks display for a convention. Just as I arrived there I heard on the radio of an earthquake that was said to have knocked out some power in Seattle. A few minutes later, about 7:45, a bunch of us on the beach watched the biggest meteor any of us had ever seen light up the entire area and land in the ocean slightly SW from Ocean Shores. It was a monster, and was bright green and pulsed brighter three times before disappearing, apparently into the Pacific. Years ago I saw a meteor go down near the Olympic Mountains. A couple of days later, in response to a newspaper article, I sent a compass line on a map to a Prof at the UW. Months later I got a letter of thanks. My compass line and that of another person well to the North of where I was, put him close enough to find the meteor strike point and recover several pieces. Driving home at nearly 2 AM Sunday morning, I kept thinking about the earth and the rest of the universe doing it's thing, with no regard for mankind. Last Thursday I made a quick trip to the Tri-Cities for lunch with a client at the Pasco Red Lion and then was off to Yakima area to drop a proposal to a potential client. I had stopped at the Tesoro station on Van Geisen for gas and as I went inside I heard someone honking their horn. I stopped and asked myself, was that women honking at me? Then I realized, blue pick-up and small dog... yep it was Patti Jones Ahrens ('60). We talked a few minutes and I had to run, but it was fun to run into someone you know in a town of strangers, even though you grew up there. Spent most of the day today looking at maps and trying to analyze what fireworks displays we may not be able to fire because of the drought. We could loose a few displays but it doesn't look too bad so far. A shutdown of all fireworks in Alaska last year by the governor just before the 4th was a disaster for that business. But the fire danger was extreme. Will be in Japan next month to present a technical paper at the International Fireworks Symposium. It will be at a hotel on Lake Biwako near Osaka. My business partner in that separate venture will be in heaven as he loves sushi. I am told there is an American style restaurant near the hotel so I won't have to go hungry as I did on one of my trips to Japan. On that trip I was the guest of a Japanese businessman at a small inn near Fuji. I could not eat most of what they served and I lost several pounds in 4 days. The cities are crowded, but I love the country areas of Japan. Any Bomber Alums in that area? "Happiness is the sky in bloom" -J Larry Mattingly ('60) ~ From home near Tacoma and while it is only mid March I am behind in yard work already. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim Yount ('61) To: Class of 1961 Re: Getting older This year, most of us in the class of '61 will be turning 62. Being eligible for Social Security helps take the sting out of getting older, I guess. But another neat thing happens: we're eligible for a "Golden Age" (don't you just hate the name?) Passport, giving lifetime free access to all National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, Corps of Engineers, Fish and Wildlife Service, and Forest Service sites with admission fees (includes passengers in your vehicle). This costs a ONE TIME fee of $10, and is good for the rest of your life. Since we live 15 miles from an entrance to a National Park, we use the parks a lot. Today, I was advised by a local ranger to sign up for the card as soon as possible. Reason? The program is being considered for canceling, as part of budget cutting exercises. You really don't want to pass this one up, if you have an active outdoor lifestyle. -Jim Yount ('61) ~ Where we're having gorgeous Summer weather, but the mountains are WAY too dry. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Ann Engel Schafer ('63) Re: Portland Area March Bomber Luncheon We had a good turnout for the March luncheon with three new people attending. This was our last luncheon at the Thunderbird {formerly the Doubletree}. The May 14 luncheon will be held next door at Shenanigan's at Janzen Beach Red Lion (formerly the Doubletree). Our three new people were Peg Wellman Johnson ('66), Paul Ratsch ('58), and Barbara Crowder Hopkins ('55). The others in attendance were Alan Porter ('67), Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54), Don Andrews ('67)', Ron Holeman ('56), Leslie Swanson Holeman ('59), Jo Heidlebaugh ('74), Lola Heidlebaugh Bowen ('60), Ann Engel Schafer ('63), Fred Schafer ('63) and Mary Heidlebaugh (Bomber mom). -Ann Engel Schafer ('63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Earl Bennett ('63) Judy: Thanks a heap. I assume the "lower gym" is the one that opened for business in 1964, the year after I graduated. I also assume the old boys gym, where I learned the phrase "wouldn't that just frost your balls" at the feet of Fran Rish, is long gone and not available under these programs - naturally that would have been my first choice. But I do remember dancing with the beautiful girls' PE teacher in the girls' gym, as well as a lot of Friday night dances, so that would be an acceptable alternative. Let me know if my assumptions are wrong, and how to get a piece of the girl's gym floor if I am right. The only time I was ever in the Dawald gym - isn't that what they named the lower one? - was a game during the Christmas break my first year at WSC. Of course, Ray Stein ('64) performed with his usual genius, and the game was so lopsided they started putting in a lot of second stringers. Fred something was really a football player who barely made the basketball team, and his usual job was hatchet man when a foul was needed to create a potential turnover. The whistle blew, and his hand went up immediately, he was so accustomed to being at fault, but the ref was actually pointing at the player he was guarding. So, he folded his arms across his chest and walked to the free-throw line with a sheepish grin on his bowed face. Not enough of a memory to make me want to put it in my house. I think you graduated before we had the fund-raiser, probably my senior year, where they sold "deeds" to a square foot of the old boy's gym floor, which included a map to identify the actual location on the floor. The "deed" gave you the right to stand on that square foot during the lunch hour (in socks, of course). I bought two and sent one as a gift to the girl from Grandview I had a crush on that year - met her on a Lutheran youth group trip to PLU. I wonder if she still has it ... we corresponded through my four years in the Air Force, her brief marriage and having a daughter, saw each other a couple of times when I got back and went to UW, then lost contact. Regards, ecb3 -Earl Bennett ('63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Marie Ruppert Hartman ('63) We need a miracle and Bomber prayers for my nephew, Nick Ruppert (son of John Ruppert ('67) and Elaine Roberts Ruppert ('67). Nick is a student at Arizona State and a really great young man. On Thursday night as he was crossing a street in the Phoenix area he was the victim of a hit and run driver. He is in a coma in the hospital and the prognosis is not good, but he has overcome tremendous odds to reach this point. Please add a prayer for him to your prayer chains. -Marie Ruppert Hartman ('63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64) Re: Iditarod Update - Checkpoint #20 (of 27) - Unalakleet and/or 2 teams have arrived in Unalakleet. #1 Sorlie arrived 3/13 20:45 AKST - 12:01 enroute time @ 7.50 mph #2 Buser arrived 3/13 22:53 AKST - 12:00 enroute time @ 7.50 mph Sorlie is 1st to leave Unalakleet 3/14 00:11 AKST The websites I've been watching BOTH show Buser in 1st place and Sorlie in 2nd place, but I think the order is reversed... time will tell. The Race Trail into Unalakleet, aka "Unk", has been moved off the Unk River and onto the banks of the river due to overflow. The decision was made after strong, warm SW winds created the overflow. Unk (population 882) is situated on the coast of Norton Sound and is the gateway to the Bering Sea where mushers can expect sudden storms and high winds. The team in front now can change in a heartbeat. Stay tuned... Bomber Cheers, -Maren Smyth ('64 & '64) ~ Gretna, LA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Palouse Photos I had serval inquiries on the two Palouse photos that were posted the other day. They were done by Michael G. Furner ('68)... a professional nature and wildlife photographer. ( artist in my book!) One was taken from the summit of Kamiak Butte looking North and the other one was taken from Steptoe Butte looking South. -Gary Behymer ('64) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Kathy Feaster Alley ('75) Re: '75's 30-Year Class Reunion August 12-13, 2005 -- Save the date! At the Shilo Inn in Richland. At this time, the committee is looking for current addresses of our classmates. Please send me your address (and of others in our class you may have) as soon as possible. More information is available at -- scroll down til you see the "Reunions" listed and click on the '7i6 reunion dates. We are looking forward to seeing you in August. Spread the word! The Committee: Ron Marsh, Terri Devoir Larson, Pat Noland, Meg Lujan Soldat, Kathy Lucas Lee, Kay Simpson, and Kathy Feaster Alley). Contact: Kathy Feaster Alley at -Kathy Feaster Alley ('75) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* ******************************************************* Funeral Notice >>Lloyd Carter Russell ('67) ~ 12/4/48 - 2/19/05 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/15/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers sent stuff: Betty Hiser ('49), Betty Bell ('51) Wally Erickson ('53), Judy Willox ('61) Joe Ford ('63), Roy Ballard ('63) Maren Smyth ('63 & '64), Bob Grout ('66WB) Brad Upton ('74) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ron Holeman ('56) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Roy Ballard ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Theartis Wallace ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Barbara Smith ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Terry Ganz ('68) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jessica Avant ('95) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Betty Hiser Gulley ('49) To: Wally Erickson ('53) Thanks for the info on Mac. As soon as I saw the name I recognized it right away. That was the reason my mother, sister, and I went to the store before it opened so we could be assured of getting a cart. One of the checkers was Mrs. George. She was a native Washingtonian - being raised in the Prosser area. She thought it was very strange that we would buy Concord grapes to eat. She only knew people who bought the grapes to make jelly, etc. I really liked her. She must have had the patience of Job - I rarely saw her angry. That was in the days when you had to give up your stamps for meat and other grocery products. Wasn't there also parking across the street - in front of CC Anderson's -the parking lot is still there for Margarita's. I remember one day it was so hot in the store (no air conditioning) that a pregnant lady fainted and here was Mac trying to figure out what to do. My mother told him to make everyone go away and give the poor lady some breathing space. Someone finally called Patrol and they took her to the hospital. To: Larry Mattingly ('60) In the old 190 Buildings in all the areas except N and KE/KW Power had the responsibility of maintaining all of the evacuation material. We were audited about every 2 or 3 years. Don't know about tunnels. Speaking of tunnels: I can't remember if I asked this once before or not. Does anyone remember the tunnel that went from Carmichael to Col Hi? Saw an ad in yesterday's Tri-City Herald about Louie Louie. -Betty Hiser Gulley '49er - south/government Richland - beautiful days and cool nights. Love it. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Betty Bell Norton ('51) The Richland Seniors Association is sponsoring another "all-ages" dance on Friday March 18th from 1:00 - 4:00pm at the Richland Community Center. The Easy Swing Band will play for all kinds of dancing, refreshments will be served and all for only $4 at the door! We hope you will join us. Do you know of a non-profit group that would like a good money maker? The Richland Seniors Association, the City of Richland and non-profit groups have several pancake breakfasts each year as fund raisers for the groups. The Hanford High School Dance Fever team made approximately $1,000 on Saturday, March 12 on their most recent one. If you know anyone interested, please have them contact me at 946-5385 or through the Sandstorm, and I will give them more information. Another activity we are working on now is THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF COLOR FASHION SHOW AND TEA. This fashion show will be held Sunday, April 3 from 1:00 - 3:00 at the Richland Community Center, with about 15 models from Annie Zs, Catherines and Amber Rose. Four of the models are Rose Latta, Marilyn Wallace Hultman ('47), Eunice Hutton and Rita Mazur modeling clothing from Mary Lou McVicker's Annie Zs. Refreshments are being furnished by several business around the Tri-Cities and there will be door prizes. Tickets can be purchased from Annie Zs, Catherine's and Amber Rose, at the Gift Shop in the Community Center or from me for only $5. Last year we had more than 125 people in attendance and we hope to do better this year. To reserve a table for your group, please call me at 946-5385. -Betty Bell Norton ('51) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Wally Erickson ('53) To: Tom Tracy ('55) Re: Lonnie Whitner ('55) Enjoyed reading your email on Bomber Basketball..."fast break". Those were the days! I've often wondered what happened to Lonnie Whitner ('55)? I was a senior when I first met Lonnie. We occasionally played "one on one" basketball during the lunch hour. After the '53 Bomber basketball team made it to the State Tournament in Seattle; Lonnie and I talked about going to Seattle to see the games. At first we were going to take the Greyhound bus to Seattle...then decided at the last minute to "hitch hike". My friend Lenny Miller ('53) drove us out to West Richland to give us a head start. It wasn't fifteen minutes had gone by and we had our first ride in a new '53 Packard They were farmers and would take us to Yakima. They left us on the north side of downtown Yakima on "old" hi-way 99. About 10 to 20 minutes later two cars pulled over and asked where we were going? After we told them we were going to Seattle; they asked if we wanted to drive one of the cars to Seattle and they would lead the way in the other car. Lonnie and I looked at each other as if....can this be true?? We decided to drive the other car, I did the driving It was dark when we arrived in Seattle, but we were well ahead of the Greyhound bus. It was a great ride!!!!! They told us the cars were going to a used car dealer in Seattle; hey, we didn't ask any questions....we just wanted to get to Seattle as fast as we could.....grin. We stayed in a downtown hotel (can't remember the name) and took the trolley car to the University of Washington. Like you mentioned the games were played at the "Hec" Edmundson gym. That was a fun time and great memories. I've asked before if anyone knew the where a bout's of Lonnie Whitner? When you mentioned his name, it sure brought back some great memories. He was a neat guy. He was about 6'4" when I knew him; it sounds like he just kept growing. Would appreciate any feed back. Thanks. -Wally Erickson ('53) ~ sunny Coeur D'Alene, ID. And they say this is winter?? ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Judy Willox ('61) Maren, Can you run the entry that I just sent to you for the next four days for me? I would appreciate it. To: All Bombers Attending the "Bringing Down the House" Party The Boosters have arranged to have Ben Franklin Transit run a shuttle from the Fran Rish Stadium parking lot and Carmichael's parking lot because of the limited parking at RHS due to the remodeling. Do yourselves a favor and take it, cause having been at the school a great deal this year, I can tell you it is not easy to park there. A big resounding "Thank-You" to the Boosters for providing this. For those of you who have not gotten your tickets to this party, don't delay! The party is this weekend and don't miss your chance to spend a great evening with The Kingsmen and your Bomber family. It promises to be an evening of sheer fun and delight. See you all there! Bomber Cheers, -Judy Willox (Classic Class of '61) ~ Richland ~ where the excitement grows and the time is short for getting tickets to the party! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Joe Ford ('63) Re: Gary Behymer's ('64) beautiful photos of the Palouse I'm nearly certain that the view from Kamiak Butte north looks down on the farm of a man named Weldon Askins. 35 years ago, I lived for spring semester at WSU in an old farm house one mile west of the Askins spread. Just out of the Army, back to school to re-do an earlier and not very successful academic career, and needing cheap digs, I lighted on the north side of Kamiak Butte. The Askins were our nearest neighbors. Weldon was something. His farm didn't have a phone for many years, although the phone lines crossed his land. In the terrible winter of '68-'69 (legendary cold in eastern Washington), he walked a mile each way, twice a day, to look in on the young family that occupied the old farm house the year prior to my stay there. The Palouse once had a much larger human population, and the old graveyard on a side road had Askins' names on headstones dating back to the 19th century. Lovely photos, Gary, and a trip into nostalgia. Thanks so much for posting them. Cheers to all from Olympia, where spring is in full strut, at least two or three weeks early. It was 70 yesterday! -Joe Ford ('63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Roy Ballard ('63) Today is Theartis Wallace's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you THEARTIS. Have a wonderful... the 15th has been a good day for us all these years. -Roy Ballard ('63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64) Re: Iditarod Update - Checkpoint #23 (of 27) - Koyuk and/or Top Ten as of 9:52pm 3/14 1 Robert Srlie - left Koyuk w/9 dogs 2 Jeff King - left Koyuk w/11 dogs 3 John Baker - left Koyuk w/10 dogs 4 Mitch Seavey - 11 dogs 5 Ramy Brooks - 12 dogs 6 Martin Buser - 9 dogs 7 Lance Mackey - 11 dogs 8 Ed Iten - 11 dogs 9 DeeDee Jonrowe - 11 dogs 10 Doug Swingley - 11 dogs Quote from the head checker at checkpoint #20 (Unalakleet), who says he never picks wrong: "Buser will pass Srlie quickly, then King will pass Srlie between Shaktoolik and Koyuk. King won't catch up to Buser until near White Mountain. "It's gonna be close," he said. "It's gonna be who's got the fastest trotting team." The eventual winner is maybe supposed to reach Nome by Wednesday morning, as early as 4am AKST but probably later. The team in front now can change in a heartbeat. Stay tuned... Bomber Cheers, -Maren Smyth ('64 & '64) ~ Gretna, LA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Bob Grout ('66WB) Thought I would pass this on to the alumni. Please click on the website. Excellent pictures at a 2003 air show. -Bob Grout ('66WB) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Brad Upton ('74) I wanted to thank all the Bombers that came out to see me last Saturday night in Kennewick. I hope all of you had as much fun as I did. I am writing to tell some of you that I had to cancel my dates in Spokane for April 21-23. I will be in the Pittsburgh, PA area as part of the "Mid-Life Crisis Comedy Tour" April 21-24. Also, I'll be back at Catch A Rising Star in the Silver Legacy in Reno May 10-15th. Hope to see some of you somewhere! -Brad Upton ('74) P.S. How's Mike Davis ('74) doing this year in the Iditarod? *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/16/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff: Carol Horstman ('53), Judy Willox ('61) Maren Smyth ('63 & '64), Gary Behymer ('64) Paula Jill Lyons ('64), Linda Reining ('64) Mary Jane Smith ('70), Brad Wear ('71) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Hazel Morgan ('52) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Debra Anne Crane ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Tami Lyons ('76) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Rhonda Miller ('78) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Carol Horstman Massey ('53) To: Jim McKeown ('53) I was very sorry to hear about Tom's ('53) wife. Please tell Tom that my thoughts and prayers are with him. I myself smoked for many years and gave it up four years ago, and feel much better for doing so, Tell Darlene ('54) that when she gets better and I know she will to please give up the smoking. Keep us posted on how she is doing. Your Friend and Classmate -Carol Horstman Massey ('53) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Judy Willox ('61) Re: "Bringing Down the House" Party To: All Bombers Attending the "Bringing Down the House" Party The Boosters have arranged to have Ben Franklin Transit run a shuttle from the Fran Rish Stadium parking lot and Carmichael's parking lot because of the limited parking at RHS due to the remodeling. Do yourselves a favor and take it, cause having been at the school a great deal this year, I can tell you it is not easy to park there. A big resounding "Thank-You" to the Boosters for providing this. For those of you who have not gotten your tickets to this party, don't delay! The party is this weekend and don't miss your chance to spend a great evening with The Kingsmen and your Bomber family. It promises to be an evening of sheer fun and delight. See you all there! Re: RHS Journalism Class FundRaiser this week at Barnes & Noble This voucher can be printed and used at Barnes & Nobel for the valid dates. If customers use the voucher when making purchases at the Columbia Center Mall Barnes & Noble between March 18th and March 25th, 2005, the RHS Journalism will receive a percentage of those sales. Any funds raised will be used to help subsidize the cost of Journalism students attending this year's National convention that is being held in Seattle this Spring. The convention will be a great skill building event for our journalism students. Re: RHS Journalism Class General FundRaiser Form (Printable form) Maren - Can you run this about every other day from here until the 31st of this month? Robin Morris of Richland High School Sandstorm and RHS Columbian fame is asking for help to get her journalism students to the National High School Journalism Convention in Seattle the first part of next month. Robin and her students are so dedicated that they are giving up part of their spring break to attend this convention and they need our help. This would be a classic Bombers helping Bombers if we could each of us donate, and sponsor a kid, to help with their expenses. Thanks in advance to you out there who help them out. -Judy Willox (Classic Class of '61) ~ Richland ~ beautiful, beautiful weather ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64) Re: Iditarod Update - Checkpoint #25 (of 27) - White Mountain and/or #1 Sorlie left at White Mountain at 8:59pm AKST on 3/15 with 8 dogs Sorlie is poised to be a two-time Iditarod Champion (he was first in 2003). He's hours ahead of anybody "chasing" him. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, he should arrive in Nome *roughly* 9 hours after he departed White Mountain (6am AKST - give or take). If you go to there's a link there to watch the web cam that they have set up in Nome. The link should be active as soon as somebody gets close to Nome (around 9am Central Time for me). If you're reading this early enough, you might even be able to see Sorlie cross the finish line on the internet!! Top Fifteen as of 12:49:59am AKST 3/16/05 1 Robert Srlie 2 Ed Iten 3 Mitch Seavey 4 Ramy Brooks 5 Bjrnar Andersen 6 John Baker 7 Paul Gebhardt 8 Lance Mackey 9 Jessie Royer 10 Jeff King 11 DeeDee Jonrowe 12 Martin Buser 13 Aliy Zirkle 14 Doug Swingley 15 Tyrell Seavey (son of #3 Mitch Seavey) The weather along the route where the leaders are has had planes and snow machines (with race officials, media, and checkpoint vets) socked in. The best way to get to Nome is by dog sled - as it was in 1925. The Iditarod commemorates a desperate race to save the lives of hundreds of children in Nome in 1925. Mushers ran legs of trail from Nenana, each handing off a package of diphtheria serum to the next. The serum arrived safely, and was used to inoculate residents here against the life-threatening disease. The team in front now can change in a heartbeat... but it probably won't. Stay tuned... Bomber Cheers, -Maren Smyth ('64 & '64) ~ Gretna, LA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: More on Palouse Photos To: Joe Ford ('63) & all who contacted me on the beauty hereof... You're familiar with the 'left brain' 'right brain' studies... whatever side might be the artistic is NOT me... I'm a 'bean counter'... a black or white type. Michael Furner ('68) is the artist on those photos... The following link takes you to more photos by him! Works by photoimagery -Gary Behymer ('64) ...somewhere in downtown Colfax 'counting beans'. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Paula Jill Lyons ('64) Re: Tami Lyons Zirians ('76) March 16 is her birthday. Happy Birthday Little Sister!!!! I can't believe you're so OLD!!!! Because when I look at your age, I have to add 12 years to get mine!!!! Can still remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. I was so upset you weren't a brother, but once I took a look at that little teeny, tiny baby with all that black hair, those skinny little arms and legs, and that rolly, polly butt, I couldn't imagine a better little sister in the world!!!! I love you Tami Lu!!!!! XO XO XO -Paula Jill Lyons ('64) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Linda Reining ('64) Re: "Bringing Down the House" I ordered the t-shirt that Club 40 is selling for this event and it arrived in yesterday's mail! It is soooooooooooo cool! Just wish I could be there to see it "up close and personal", but budget just can't take the hit! Am hoping lots of pictures will be taken and posted to the Sandstorm, so those of us not able to attend, can read all about it and possibly "be there" in pictures. -Linda Reining ('64) ~ Bakersfield, CA - starting to warm up and no more rain predicted anytime, soon. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Mary Jane Smith Poynor ('70) Re: Iditarod and other activities Just wanted to mention that not only can you watch the finishers come into Nome during the Iditarod you can also play golf - at the same time!! The winner of the race will no doubt be into Nome and well rested by next Saturday, however there are still plenty of mushers still out on the trail. Saturday night is the "Finishers Banquet" held at the Community Center, before the banquet is the Bering Sea Ice Classic Golf Tournament. - Yep, nine holes out on the sea ice with florescent golf balls and sawed off shotgun shells (empty of course) as tees. The sea ice is within a stone's throw of Front Street and the finish line so when a musher comes in you can stop to watch the arrival. A few years back my brother in law Rick ('68), sister in law Cathy ('69), husband Greg ('67) and I flew north and a shared a round of golf with one of the veterinarians fresh off the trail (I got to keep score). In the group ahead of us was a musher that had finished his race the evening before. Needless to say we all had an experience of a life time. -Mary Jane Smith Poynor ('70) ~ Anchorage, AK ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Brad Wear ('71) I've been bouncing back and forth between the Tri-Cities and Texas since January 3rd and I've really enjoyed meeting up with old friends over the last couple of months and finding out what everyone has been doing. I'm in the process of moving back for good so if anyone wants a restored muscle car, or a custom chopper look me up. I've also had a good education over the past several weeks regarding how wheat impacts certain people. If you or someone you know suffers from diabetes, migraine headaches, autisim, or food allergies there's a new store in Richland that caters to your needs. It's right next to Zip's on Lee, it's called Pacific Northwest Market, and it provides wheat free, gluten free and dairy free products. Try the granola bars, unreal. I'll admit this is a shameless entry, as I'm seeing the woman that owns the store. But...... don't let that stop you from going in to browse. -Brad Wear ('71) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/17/05 ~ ST. PATRICK'S DAY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers and 1 NAB sent stuff today: Dick McCoy ('45, '46, '02), Dave Brusie ('51) Curt Donahue ('53), Wyoma Baker ('53) Tom Tracy ('55), Jan Bollinger ('60) Judy Willox ('61), Maren Smyth ('63 & '64) Gary Behymer ('64), Pam Ehinger ('67) Lynn-Marie Hatcher ('68), Jim Rice ('75) Don Sorenson (NAB=Not A Bomber) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Richard "Dick" Roberts ('49) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: Thomas Peashka ('68) & Lynn-Marie Hatcher ('68) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dick McCoy ('45, '46, '02) Re: Irish And a fine St. Paddy's to all you Irish and wannabees. Hoist a couple for me, as I don't imbibe of the devil's drink any longer. I was seeing too many of the wee little people. Not that there's anything wrong with that, I just didn't want to step on one of them.. O' the days of the Kerry dancing O' the ring of the Piper's tune O' for one of those hours of gladness, Gone, alas, like our youth, too soon... -Dick McCoy ('45, '46, '02) Bronc, Beaver, Bomber, Blarney 1st Class. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dave Brusie ('51) To: Jim McKeown ('53) Darlene and Tom, and your family certainly have our prayers. -Dave Brusie ('51) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Curt Donahue ('53) Re: St. Paddy's Day To: All Bombers Everywhere: May the sun always be on your face and the wind always on your back and may God hold you in the palm of His hand all the days of your life. Have a great St. Patrick's Day!! -Curt Donahue ('53) ~ Federal Way, WA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Wyoma Baker Vale ('53) Re: McKeown family Good morning, Jerry Dudley ('53) has been sending me the Alumni Sandstorm email and I'm so sorry to hear about Darlene Card McKeown ('54). Hopefully she will get better soon. My prayers will be with the family. -Wyoma Baker Vale ('53) ~ Anacortes, WA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Tom Tracy ('55) Maren: We're poised to see the biggest Husky Iditarod performance this week. The UW Huskies are in town and tomorrow afternoon they'll feasting on grizzly burgers here in Boise at our ungainly named Taco Bell Arena at Boise State Univ... I like what their coach said, "I've got a few kids who really know how to win". Best team the UW has had since '48 imho. A little bit of Firehouse basketball... so get your hot dogs early, lay out the chip dip... and maintain a good bladder... 'cause it looks like if you blink you'll miss a good part of the game. Good old fashioned Bomber basketball in Purple and Gold. We'll see on Thursday. Bomber Cheers. -Tom Tracy ('55) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jan Bollinger Persons ('60) Re: Flying, Stinging Things There has been some interesting Email discussion at the Puddle about firewalking and how Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) introduced Lora Homme Page ('60) to that experience at a seminar some years ago, where the objective was to overcome fear and limiting preconceptions, and encourage individual power. Lora credits her first firewalk with releasing her from what she describes as a pathological phobia of flying, stinging things. Lora related some early encounters with bees and wasps that reminded me of another classmate and a Labor Day trip to Priest Lake in the early '60s. Five Bomber couples rented a large cabin at Grandview Resort and had three days of roasting weenies, fishing, card games, dancing to jukebox music at the lodge, and general hilarity. One of the couples was Marj Qualheim Haggard ('60) and Dan ('57). I never knew before that trip about Marj's fear of flying, stinging things. Now, I also have a healthy respect for all stinging things (flying or otherwise) because I'm allergic to them and swell up horribly; but I have a more serious fear of drowning, and never learned to swim. So, when hubby Gary ('57) and I were on the lake in a rented boat fishing with Marj and Dan, and a bee started buzzing around us, you can imagine the scene: Marj came out of her seat and started jumping around and flapping her arms, while I loudly wailed that she was going to overturn the boat. The bee was persistent, as was Marj's flailing and my wailing, and we finally escaped disaster by starting the motor and out-running it. Not long after we won the race with the bee, it came to our attention that there was considerable water in the transom area of the boat... and it continued to accumulate. Hmmm. We eventually reached the conclusion that this damn boat was gonna sink! Now, Dan was a good-sized lad, and he made his way over the windshield to the bow of the boat, to keep the nose down as we hightailed it for the nearest shore, bailing water as we went. With no bee in sight, Marj was pretty cool, but now it was my turn to panic. There were no life jackets in the boat (they weren't required back in the '60s) and I had every intention of being the first one off of that boat--assuming we reached land before it sank! I think Dan probably was first off, being on the bow, but I was over the side with one huge leap. In the same motion, the top of my two-piece swimming suit popped a button and dropped off! In spite of my panic, modesty prevailed and that top never hit the ground. I juggled it for a bit, but it never hit the ground. No one in our party knew of my "wardrobe malfunction," because they were all busy securing the boat. However, there was a guy standing some distance from the shore who witnessed our chaotic emergency debarking. He was wearing a red plaid, long-sleeved shirt. That night and every night after, as we partied at the lodge, all my Bomber friends went out of their way to point out guys in red plaid shirts who undoubtedly recognized me as the beach exhibitionist. (In case anyone is wondering, the reason the boat took on water is that someone failed to replace the cork in the well of the transom the last time the boat was drained.) -Jan Bollinger Persons ('60) ~ Spokane - Where we're looking forward to seeing lots of Bombers at the lunch/birthday party on Sunday. If you haven't yet made your reservation, now's the time! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Judy Willox ('61) Re: "Bringing Down the House" Party To: All Bombers Attending the "Bringing Down the House" Party The Boosters have arranged to have Ben Franklin Transit run a shuttle from the Fran Rish Stadium parking lot and Carmichael's parking lot because of the limited parking at RHS due to the remodeling. Do yourselves a favor and take it, cause having been at the school a great deal this year, I can tell you it is not easy to park there. A big resounding "Thank-You" to the Boosters for providing this. For those of you who have not gotten your tickets to this party, don't delay! The party is this weekend and don't miss your chance to spend a great evening with The Kingsmen and your Bomber family. It promises to be an evening of sheer fun and delight. See you all there! Re: RHS Journalism Class fundraiser this week at Barnes & Noble This voucher can be printed and used at Barnes & Nobel for the valid dates. If customers use the voucher when making purchases at the Columbia Center Mall Barnes & Noble between March 18th and March 25th, 2005, the RHS Journalism will receive a percentage of those sales. Any funds raised will be used to help subsidize the cost of Journalism students attending this year's National convention that is being held in Seattle this Spring. The convention will be a great skill building event for our journalism students. -Judy Willox ('61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64) HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY - Corned beef 'n cabbage is cookin'. Stop on by! Re: Iditarod Update - Checkpoint #27 - Nome - #1 Robert Sorlie Finished in 9 Days 18 Hrs 39 Min 31 Sec with 8 dogs and/or #2 musher, Ed Iten was only 34 minutes behind Sorlie. NOTE: Martin Buser (#13 this year) still holds the record for the fastest Iditarod with his 2002 1st place time of 8:22:46:02 78 mushers started 15 (so far) have scratched 17 have finished (so far) 1 Robert Srlie 2 Ed Iten 3 Mitch Seavey 4 Bjrnar Andersen 5 Ramy Brooks 6 John Baker 7 Lance Mackey 8 Jessie Royer 9 Paul Gebhardt 10 DeeDee Jonrowe 11 Aliy Zirkle 12 Jeff King 13 Martin Buser 14 Doug Swingley 15 Jessica Hendricks 16 Tyrell Seavey 17 Ken Anderson GENERAL INFORMATION FROM website Re: Red Lantern vs. Widow's Lamp During the days of Alaska sled dog freighting and mail carrying, dog drivers relied on a series of roadhouses between their village destinations. Since these mushers ventured out in most all kinds of weather, for safety reasons they found the idea that pilots rely on, known today as the flight plan. Word was relayed ahead that a musher and team were on the trail, and a kerosene lamp was lit and hung outside the roadhouse. It not only helped the dog driver find his destination at night, but more importantly, it signified that a team or teams were somewhere out on the trail. The lamp was not extinguished until the musher safely reached his destination. In keeping with that tradition, the Iditarod Trail Committee will light a "Widow's Lamp" at 10:00 a.m., on the first Sunday in March, in Nome at the trail's end. This lamp, which will be attached to the Burled Arch, our official finish line, will remain lit as long as there are mushers on the trail competing in the race. When the last musher crosses the finish line, officials will extinguish the "Widow's Lamp" signifying the official end of the Iditarod for that year. All too often, public and media think of the race as being over when the winner crosses the finish line, yet there are still teams on the trail. We hope you will find this often overlooked part of the race worthy of your attention. There are many very good stories about these other mushers on the trail. Often the "red lantern" is confused with the "widow's lamp." They are not the same. An article several years ago in Alaska magazine states that the first red lantern was awarded in the 1953 Fur Rendezvous Race. According to Alaska, "Awarding a red lantern for the last place finisher in a sled dog race has become an Alaskan tradition. It started as a joke and has become a symbol of stick-to-itiveness in the mushing world." Earl Norris said, "The idea was that the last fellow was so far behind, he needed to light his way home." In this tradition, Wells Fargo awards a red lantern to the last musher off the trail in the Iditarod. The Red Lantern position this year currently occupied by Shane Goosen and he's between checkpoints #19 Kaltag and #20 Unalakleet. I'll give reports until all mushers have crossed the finish line in Nome. A note about the visually impaired Rachael Scdoris from Oregon and her "visual interpreter", Paul Ellering. They both scratched late yesterday afternoon. Stay tuned... Bomber Cheers, -Maren Smyth ('64 & '64) ~ Gretna, LA - where it's turned a right chilly 46 (wind chill 400 Brrrrrr. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) Items of Richland Interest Here's Hanford! What your Dad received when he showed up at the Project in 1944! 1966 Warrior Yearbook from Chief Jo -Gary Behymer ('64) ...from downtown Colfax, WA - where we watched the Tri-Cities 'blow by' today! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Pam Ehinger ('67) Re: Marcia Wade ('67) Oh Marci I'm so very sorry I did not wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY On your day of days! So a bit late! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you had a good one! Hey ya still remember the Bombers Single Wing Ding?? I'm still working on it! But it may be that the Point instead of The Park, as the City wants $10/hr for a place in The Park! I was willing to pay the $36 for an all day thing by the Finger Nail. But sorry guys and gals no can do the hourly thing and Hey it's a City Park! Don't we pay taxes on that Place? Oh Well I'll keep you all posted on whats going on and where it will be! I guess the dance will be at the Point too so we'll still be close enough to Shake a leg!! OH and I want to hear from more people about this Wing Ding! Come on Guys you're short on the up take here!!!! Hey just think if only on guys shows up he'll have his pick of All the gals that are coming! Hee Hee Bombers Rule -Pam Ehinger (The Blue Ribbon Class of '67) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Lynn-Marie Hatcher Peashka ('68) Happy St. Patricks Day to all, and HAPPY FIRST ANNIVERSARY to us from us, Thomas Peashka ('68) and Lynn-Marie Hatcher Peashka ('68)! Now I know we have a lot of classmates ahead of us in terms of years of marriage (Vicki Gill Boisineau ('68) and husband, Jon ('67), at 37 years come immediately to mind), but what we have missed out on in years together, we are making up for in "interesting" situations and circumstances that continue to come into our lives, one after another and sometimes several at once! There's nothing like some excitement and a good challenge or two (or three or seventeen ) to strengthen those marriage bonds. The marriage vows are quick and easy to say, but provide powerful grace in many a moment of life-difficulty. Six weeks from today, my course work for my Masters of Nursing and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner degree will be completed. In one way, that sounds great. In another, it is MOST terrifying, as there is FAR more than six weeks worth of work to be done. Prayers and good thoughts on my behalf will be appreciated beyond measure. I have had three serious interviews for Nurse Practitioner jobs. All the way around, things are looking best for us in the Lewiston/Clarkston, with a side trip once a week to Orofino. So the land we are most serious about now has an address of "Cul-de-Sac, Idaho" between Lewiston and Orofino. (Kind of an interesting name, huh? The locals pronounce it "call-deee-sack".) Greetings to all enjoy reading your thoughts and sharings every morning. Then BACK TO THE THESIS. Groan. -Lynn-Marie Hatcher Peashka ('68) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim Rice ('75) Check out the photo of Dick Cartmell ('73) on the cover of this week's Sports Illustrated. (I'm pretty sure he's the ref in the lower left-hand corner. I'd recognize that shiny pate anywhere -- it's either him or Upton.) Go Zags! -Jim Rice ('75) ~ Mount Rainier, Maryland ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Don Sorenson (NAB=Not A Bomber) Re: Tunnels and L52 To: Larry Mattingly ('60) There is a tunnel between the launch area and the crews sleeping quarters at the base of Rattlesnake. The L in L-52 stands for launch. Near this launch area is an old baseball field and basketball court. The backstop and backboards (no hoops) are still in place. And by the by does anyone remember a fellow named Ernie Gregory? He worked for power in D area. If this helps, he had a peg leg. -Don Sorenson (NAB=Not A Bomber) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/18/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Wally Erickson ('53), Margo Heiling ('57) Diane Davenport ('62), Judy Willox ('61) Maren Smyth ('63 & '64) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Les Fishback ('34) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Carol Brady ('60) BOMBER LUNCH Today: Girls of '54 BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Wally Erickson ('53) Re: St. Patrick's Day Just another memory from the past at Col-Hi. Remember if you didn't have green on before you went to school, you could come home with a lot of "pinch" marks on your body. Now, since green was one of our colors, there really wasn't an excuse not having any green on; unless you came from another part of the world. -Wally Erickson ('53)~ Coeur D'Alene where we got just a little snow last night, but it's gone now with a day of sunshine. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Margo Heiling Barron ('57) Re: Class of '57 Lunch this Saturday, March 19 Last reminder for Class of '57 lunch this Saturday, March 19, 12 noon, at 3 Margaritas on Jadwin Avenue in Richland. -Margo Heiling Barron (Class of '57 Ahead of our Time) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Diane Davenport ('62) Does anyone know Julie Wilson Benson's ('62) current e-mail or snail mail address? Any hints much appreciated. -Diane Davenport ('62) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Judy Willox ('61) Re: "Bringing Down the House" Party To: All Bombers Attending the "Bringing Down the House" Party The Boosters have arranged to have Ben Franklin Transit run a shuttle from the Fran Rish Stadium parking lot and Carmichael's parking lot because of the limited parking at RHS due to the remodeling. Do yourselves a favor and take it, cause having been at the school a great deal this year, I can tell you it is not easy to park there. A big resounding "Thank-You" to the Boosters for providing this. For those of you who have not gotten your tickets to this party, don't delay! The party is this weekend and don't miss your chance to spend a great evening with The Kingsmen and your Bomber family. It promises to be an evening of sheer fun and delight. See you all there! Re: RHS Journalism Class fundraiser this week at Barnes & Noble This voucher can be printed and used at Barnes & Nobel for the valid dates. If customers use the voucher when making purchases at the Columbia Center Mall Barnes & Noble between March 18th and March 25th, 2005, the RHS Journalism will receive a percentage of those sales. Any funds raised will be used to help subsidize the cost of Journalism students attending this year's National convention that is being held in Seattle this Spring. The convention will be a great skill building event for our journalism students. Re: RHS Journalism Class General FundRaiser Form (Printable form) Robin Morris of Richland High School Sandstorm and RHS Columbian fame is asking for help to get her journalism students to the National High School Journalism Convention in Seattle the first part of next month. Robin and her students are so dedicated that they are giving up part of their spring break to attend this convention and they need our help. This would be a classic Bombers helping Bombers if we could each of us donate, and sponsor a kid, to help with their expenses. Thanks in advance to you out there who help them out. -Judy Willox ('61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64) Re: Iditarod Update - Checkpoint #27 - Nome 2005 Finished time: 9:18:39:31 and/or 78 mushers started 15 (so far) have scratched 17 finished on 3/l6 18 thru 31 have finished (so far) 18 Hans Gatt 19 Tim Osmar 20 Ramey Smyth 21 Louis Nelson, Sr. 22 Vern Halter 23 Melanie Gould 24 Aaron Burmeister 25 Ray Redington, Jr 26 Hugh H. Neff 27 Diana Moroney 28 Peter Bartlett 29 Harmony Barron 30 Jason Barron 31 John Barron Red Lantern (#63) this year currently occupied by Perry Solmonson and he's between checkpoint #20 Unalakleet and #21 Shaktoolik I'll give reports until all mushers have crossed the finish line in Nome. Stay tuned... Bomber Cheers, -Maren Smyth ('64 & '64) ~ Gretna, LA *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/19/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff: Dave Rhodes ('52WB), Judy Willox ('61) Dave Hanthorn ('63), Maren Smyth ('63 & '64) David Nelson ('68), Steve Piippo ('70) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Cheryl Raekes ('74) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dave Rhodes ('52WB) Re: A bomber death I received an email from Dorothy Hinson letting me know that Her husband and my long time friend Hugh ('52) passed away at 2pm in Tacoma, WA on March 17. -Dave Rhodes ('52WB) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Judy Willox ('61) Re: "Bringing Down the House" Party To: All Bombers Attending the "Bringing Down the House" Party The Boosters have arranged to have Ben Franklin Transit run a shuttle from the Fran Rish Stadium parking lot and Carmichael's parking lot because of the limited parking at RHS due to the remodeling. Do yourselves a favor and take it, cause having been at the school a great deal this year, I can tell you it is not easy to park there. A big resounding "Thank-You" to the Boosters for providing this. For those of you who have not gotten your tickets to this party, don't delay! The party is this weekend and don't miss your chance to spend a great evening with The Kingsmen and your Bomber family. It promises to be an evening of sheer fun and delight. See you all there! Re: RHS Journalism Class fundraiser this week at Barnes & Noble This voucher can be printed and used at Barnes & Nobel for the valid dates. If customers use the voucher when making purchases at the Columbia Center Mall Barnes & Noble between March 18th and March 25th, 2005, the RHS Journalism will receive a percentage of those sales. Any funds raised will be used to help subsidize the cost of Journalism students attending this year's National convention that is being held in Seattle this Spring. The convention will be a great skill building event for our journalism students. -Judy Willox ('61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dave Hanthorn ('63) To: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64) Re: Iditarod and family trees So Maren, is Ramey Smyth (finished 20th) like a long lost cousin of yours or something? [No. No relation. -Maren] And are you related to the semi-famous "Smyth, not Smith, the Smoother Movers" out of Spokane? (I don't know why I never asked you or Tim ('62) this one when we were kids, I've often wondered about it.) [Nope. Not related to the Smoother Movers, either. -Maren] And here's a belated "Happy St. Patrick's Day" to all you Bomber Irish and Irish WBs. I found out a few years ago that Hanthorn is an Irish name, not English as I had always thought. So now I have Irish on both sides of my family. That must explain something, although I'm not sure exactly what. *grin* Bomber Cheers, -Dave Hanthorn ('63) ~ from sunny Mercer Island, WA - where after one day of rain we have returned to our beautiful El Nino weather. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64) Re: Iditarod Update - Checkpoint #27 - Nome Robert Sorlie finished in 9 Days 18 Hrs 39 Min 31 Sec with 8 dogs and/or 78 mushers started 16 (so far) have scratched 31 finished on 3/l6 and 3/17 #32 thru #47 finished yesterday 32 Gerald Sousa 33 Mark Stamm 34 Cim Smyth (no relation) 35 Gregg Hickman 36 Mike Williams 37 Trine Lyrek 38 Sebastian Schnuelle 39 Robert Bundtzen 40 Jim Lanier 41 Michael Salvisberg 42 Bill Pinkham 43 Ed Stielstra 44 Judy Currier 45 Aaron Peck 46 Kelley Griffin 47 Bill Steyer Red Lantern (#63) this year currently occupied by Perry Solmonson and he's between checkpoint #22 Koyuk and #23 Elim. I'll give reports until all mushers have crossed the finish line in Nome. Stay tuned... Bomber Cheers, -Maren Smyth ('64 & '64) ~ Gretna, LA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: David Nelson ('68) Ron Brightman ('68-RIP), passed away March 12th, 2005, of acute illness at the age of 54. Many of you may remember him as the drummer of the popular Morning After band of our high school days. He also played with Minas Tirith, a Kennewick band featuring Ann and Linda Colby (now of Nashville), and as the second drummer for the nationally popular "local" band, Applejack. He will be remembered for this zany humor, great impressions, and love of the 1960's regional northwest bands such as Merrilee Rush, Don and the Good times, and the Sonics. -David Nelson ('68) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Steve Piippo ('70) To: Dick Cartmell/Leon Rice 73 While everyone knows Dick Cartmell ('73) can blow a whistle, he has also excelled at parenting. I am enjoying the privilege to teach his oldest son Ben Cartmell and also have Ben as a TA this school year. Ben is a first class kid, excellent student, role model, creative and enjoys a good sense of humor. Just yesterday Ben explained... how he can hit a golf ball 350 yards and find the golf ball located center of the fairway, every time. Kids like Ben Cartmell make the 30th and last year special here in RHS. -Steve Piippo ('70) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/20/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber Funeral Notice today: Lois Weyerts ('56), Margo Heiling ('57) Judy Willox ('61), Roger Gress ('61) Maren Smyth ('63 & '64), Donna Fredette ('65) Rediske kids ('63), ('66), ('69) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Leah Collins ('61) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Joanna Faulkner ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Sherri Daugherty ('67) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Lois Weyerts Harrold ('56) Re: Information on classmates for 50th Reunion The 50th reunion committee for the class of '56 is seeking information from all our 1956 classmates so that we can contact you with our reunion information next fall. Would you please email the following information to Lois Weyerts Harrold or Nola Davey Meichle ('56) as soon as possible. Full name (include maiden name if applicable) plus spouse name if applicable Address (summer and winter if applicable) Phone number + area code email address If this information should change, please notify us promptly to help us keep our files current. Thanks. Our 50th Reunion will be held in conjunction with the Club 40 Reunion the second weekend in September, 2006. Club 40 was established for all Richland High graduates who have been out of high school for 40 years or more. They have an annual reunion every September. We will have a time set aside on Saturday afternoon for our class to meet alone. The rest of the activities will occur with Club 40. This way you can see classmates from our class and those friends from other years. Hope to hear from as many of you as possible. If you know classmates who don't receive the Alumni Sandstorm maybe they can give you the information and you could email it to us. Bomber Cheers! -Lois Weyerts Harrold ('56) ~ in cloudy Richland with a few sprinkles of rain. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Margo Heiling Barron ('57) Re: Class of '57 lunch update The Class of '57 met for lunch at 3 Margaritas in Richland on Saturday. It was great to see Roger and Diane Anderson, Sharon Gates Gillis, Dan Haggard, Pat Foley, Linda Stewart Nicholson, Phil Heffner, Ray Hall, Sharon Panther Taff, Sandy Denberger Koontz, and driving over the mountain from Renton, Jim McDougal and Max Sutton. We think we'll get together once every three months or so and plan to extend an invitation to members of other classes, say from '55 to '59. Tentatively we plan to schedule a lunch on a Saturday in June or early July at Richland's new restaurant, Anthony's, on Columbia Point. If anyone in other classes wants to be informed of upcoming class of '57 activities, please send me your email address. We are also thinking about planning the 50th class reunion in '07. -Margo Heiling Barron (Class of '57 Ahead of our Time) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Judy Willox ('61) Re: RHS Journalism Class fundraiser this week at Barnes & Noble This voucher can be printed and used at Barnes & Nobel for the valid dates. If customers use the voucher when making purchases at the Columbia Center Mall Barnes & Noble between March 18th and March 25th, 2005, the RHS Journalism will receive a percentage of those sales. Any funds raised will be used to help subsidize the cost of Journalism students attending this year's National convention that is being held in Seattle this Spring. The convention will be a great skill building event for our journalism students. Re: RHS Journalism Class General FundRaiser Form (Printable form) Robin Morris of Richland High School Sandstorm and RHS Columbian fame is asking for help to get her journalism students to the National High School Journalism Convention in Seattle the first part of next month. Robin and her students are so dedicated that they are giving up part of their spring break to attend this convention and they need our help. This would be a classic Bombers helping Bombers if we could each of us donate, and sponsor a kid, to help with their expenses. Thanks in advance to you out there who help them out. -Judy Willox ('61) ~ Richland ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Roger Gress (Classic Class of '61) Happy Birthday to Leah Collins (Classic Class of '61) -Roger Gress (Classic Class of '61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64) Re: Iditarod Update - Checkpoint #27 - Nome #1 Robert Sorlie ~ Time: 9:18:39:31 with 8 dogs and/or 78 mushers started 16 (so far) have scratched 47 finished on 3/l6, 3/17, and 3/18 #48 thru #54 finished yesterday 48 Eric Butcher 49 Steve Rasmussen 50 John Hessert 51 Dallas Seavey 52 Dodo Perri 53 Bryan Mills 54 Melanie Shirilla Red Lantern (#63) this year currently occupied by Phil Morgan and he's resting at checkpoint #23 (Elim). I'll give reports until all mushers have crossed the finish line in Nome. Stay tuned... Bomber Cheers, -Maren Smyth ('64 & '64) ~ Gretna, LA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Donna Fredette ('65) To: Wendie Walker Vermillion ('62) Thanks so much for letting us know about Robb ('62) and Chip ('65) Abrams. I was devastated to hear about their struggle. I grew up with Chip at church and saw him at the 20th reunion at Riverside Park. I will never forget how happy he looked that day and what a great reunion it was for all of us. God Bless you, Robb and Chip, and know my prayers are with you. It's always something. Love You, -Donna Fredette ('65) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Rediske kids ('63), ('66), ('69) I am asking for prayers for our Mom Lois Rediske. She will have a triple, or more, bypass at Kadlec on Monday morning. I don't know how many Bombers and their parents might remember her, but she was a long time Allied Arts member, and helped put on the art shows in the summer, starting with the old frontier days celebrations and up thru all the big shows that covered about all of Riverside park, back in the day. She also sang in Richland Lutheran's choir for years. It's ironic that Jim McKeown ('53) has just been writing lately about his sister in law, Darlene ('54), and I had just passed his note from the Alumni Sandstorm on to Dad (Art), when we got the call that Mom had had a heart attack and was in the hospital. All us Rediskes are sending prayers to Tom, Darlene, and Jim's family. The McKeown's were our neighbors on Acacia for years. Thanks to all for any prayers, cards or good wishes to our Mom, -Patricia ('63), Len ('66) and Claire & Carol ('69) Rediske ******************************************************* ******************************************************* ******************************************************* Funeral Notice scanned from the TCHerald by Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) >>Ron Brightman ('68) ~ died 3/12/05 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/21/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff: Lois Weyerts ('56), Burt Pierard ('59) Judy Willox ('61), Maren Smyth ('63 and '64) Greg Alley ('73), Jill Walser ('81) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Donna McGregor ('57) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Marji Brewder ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Molly Hinkle ('79) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Lois Weyerts Harrold ('56) To all of you who are sending information to Lois Weyerts Harrold ('56) and Nola Davey Meichle ('56), if you are married to a graduate of Richland High School, please include the year your spouse graduated. Club 40 is interested in this information for their database. Thanks to all who have responded so far and we hope to hear from many more! We just noticed in the Tri-City Herald that another of our 1956 classmates has died. Sandra Reninger Whiting died March 18 at Kadlec Medical Center in Richland. Our thoughts and prayers go to her husband Gary and family. The obituary has not been in the paper yet. -Lois Weyerts Harrold ('56) ~ in Richland, Home of the fabulous Bombers ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Burt Pierard ('59) To: Dick McCoy ('45 and '46) Re: Columbia Camp Revisited Since it occurs on an approximately annual basis, it is about time for someone to write in claiming that German and/or Italian POWs were inmates at Columbia Camp, so I am jumping in first. It is obvious that McCoy (and probably others) were not convinced by the documentation that was cited last year. To review, I cited the Richland Villager and East Benton County Historical Society accounts that stated that there were NO POWs ever confined in the camp although Conscientious Objectors were acknowledged as inmates and would explain the German & Italian speaking people that some mentioned as encountering. The prisoners were all Minimum Security (referred to as "security prisoners" in the DuPont Final Project Report) from McNeil Island. I cited the Geneva Convention Accords to show that there was a slim chance that any POWs were even confined at McNeil (POWs could only be sent to prison for committing serious enough crimes (escape attempts didn't qualify) in Camp to justify a judicial proceeding (trial)), let alone sent to an Honor Farm. Since last year, I've discovered two more sources that should put this issue to rest before it even comes up again. The first is the DuPont Final Project Report which stated "Prison inmates, guards, and others employed in the undertaking were cleared by the Protective Security Unit before they were permitted within the Project Area. The identical rules and restrictions limiting Project employees applied." This means they were granted Security Clearances and were allowed to traverse the Project Area at least as far out as White Bluffs to tend the orchards and vegetable farms. By definition, POWs are non-USA citizens and to my knowledge, the only non-citizens granted Clearances were the scientists and critical Project personnel. It is beyond me how anyone could believe that a POW would have been Cleared to be in the camp and work on the Project site. The second is Leslie Groves concern about any POWs being close enough to any of the Manhattan Project Sites that they could escape and commit sabotage. (Remember, there was no fence around Columbia Camp.) In the recent Robert Norris biography of Groves, "Racing for the Bomb," Norris cites a memo from Groves complaining " ... that some German prisoners were to be placed in a hospital in Walla Walla, only sixty-seven miles from Hanford." If Groves was that concerned about POWs being sixty-some miles away, how can any reasonable person believe that he would allow them in an unfenced facility near Hanford and even on the Project Site? The Defense rests. Bomber Cheers, -Burt Pierard ('59) ~ Richland ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Judy Willox ('61) Re: RHS Journalism Class fundraiser this week at Barnes & Noble This voucher can be printed and used at Barnes & Nobel for the valid dates. If customers use the voucher when making purchases at the Columbia Center Mall Barnes & Noble between March 18th and March 25th, 2005, the RHS Journalism will receive a percentage of those sales. Any funds raised will be used to help subsidize the cost of Journalism students attending this year's National convention that is being held in Seattle this Spring. The convention will be a great skill building event for our journalism students. -Judy Willox ('61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Maren Smyth ('63 and '64) Re: Iditarod Update - Checkpoint #27 - Nome #1 Robert Sorlie ~ Time: 9:18:39:31 with 8 dogs and/or 78 mushers started 16 (so far) have scratched 54 finished between 3/l6 and 3/20 #55 thru #62 finished yesterday 55 Andrew Letzring 56 Debbie Moderow 57 Greg Parvin 58 Tom Knolmayer 59 Jeff Holt 60 Lachlan Clarke 61 Shane Goosen 62 Perry Solmonson #63 RED LANTERN - Phil Morgan - the only team still on the trail -- is resting at checkpoint #25 (White Mountain). I'll give reports until the last musher (Morgan) has crossed the finish line in Nome. Stay tuned... Bomber Cheers, -Maren Smyth ('64 & '64) ~ Gretna, LA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Greg Alley ('73) Re: Bringing down the house. The event at the high school last night was well done but extremely poorly attended. It was only 15 bucks for the Kingsmen, another band called Mudshark and some great school memorabilia, let alone money towards a new weight room. I know a Saturday night in Richland is filled with sooo much entertainment that its hard to choose. I know that a beer garden was always nice when we all saw the Kingsmen at the street dances, but try to pull that off at a high school or college campus. The tables set up in the OLD gym that will come crashing down soon were really well done with lots of pictures and trivia from all the years at the schools (Col-High, Richland, and all the grade schools). The people dancing on the Dawald hard floor probably have chin splints this morning. For the amount of people who live in Richland and have gone to the school over all the years, it was a sad turnout. -Greg Alley ('73) ~ It's raining in town but we need a lot more. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jill Walser ('81) I would like to announce the unveiling of my new website: If you or someone you love needs a professional resume, interview coaching or job finding assistance, I provide a great resource. All Bombers or friends of Bombers will get a 20% discount on resume services! -Jill Walser ('81) ~ Bellevue - Where it is overcast and finally rained yesterday *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/22/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 13 Bombers sent stuff: Jim McKeown ('53), Ray Wells ('54) Terri Royce ('56), James "Skip" Hutton ('57WB) Denny McDaniel ('60), Larry Mattingly ('60) Patti Jones ('60), Judy Willox ('61) Roger Gress ('61), John Campbell ('63) Maren Smyth ('63 & '64), John Zimmer ('66) Pam Ehinger ('67) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mike Rice ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jeanie Crigler ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Nina Jones ('65) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim McKeown ('53) Re: Darlene Card McKeown ('54) I would like to thank everyone for the unbelievable response on Darlene's condition. I copied everyone's messages and showed them to Tom ('53). He was blown away. Darlene has made a remarkable recovery that, at the moment, has the doctors shaking their heads. She started to recover mid week last week, and was taken off of life support on Thursday. Friday she was sitting up in bed and since then is communicating with a whisper. Her lungs will never be the same, and she may have to have oxygen all the time, but even that has not been determined. The best news is that she goes home tomorrow... yeah, I know, unbelievable. For those who asked how to contact Tom: his address is [deleted for Tom's privacy. Email Jim for Tom's address and phone number. -Maren]. Tom thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers. -Jim McKeown ('53) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Ray Wells ('54) This is for Burt Pierard ('59) I don't know where this fits in your research on POWs, but when I was in grade school (Marcus Whitman) my friend Donald Young and I used to ride our bicycles out to the cherry orchard which used to be located in or around where Jason Lee Elementary School was eventually built, to pick and eat ripe Bing Cherries. On several occasions, when we were gorging ourselves with cherries, we saw groups of prisoners in black and white striped prison garb, accompanied by armed guards, while they performed agricultural maintenance. We didn't get close enough to hear them speak so we couldn't say we heard any foreign speech, but my father told us these were German and Italian POWs. The scuttlebutt was that they were based at Columbia Camp, but I cannot say that this is a fact.. Bomber Cheers, -Ray Wells ('54) ~ Richland ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Terri Royce Weiner ('56) To: Hazel Morgan Latal ('52) Hi Hazel -- you must have a new e-mail address. Let me know what it is and I'll answer your last message. Thanks so much. -Terri Royce Weiner ('56) ~ Seattle -- where the rain and wind makes golfing a breeze ******************************************************* ******************************************************* From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook. >>From: James "Skip" Hutton Class Year: '57 would have been COMMENTS: Left in '55 due to father's death. Have lived in Moses Lake since retiring from the Air Force in '79. Came across website thru a friend here in town. Awesome website keep up the good work. -James "Skip" Hutton ('57WB) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Denny McDaniel ('60) Artie McDaniel's ('51) wife, Sherry, passed away on Saturday, March 19, 2005, after a long illness. Our prayers go out to him and his family. Hang in there, bro. -Denny McDaniel ('60) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Larry Mattingly ('60) Re: Brad Upton ('74) Friday night I took a half dozen of my pyro friends to the Tacoma Comedy Underground to see Brad. It was easy for them to see why he is a headliner at Vegas and on cruise boats. He is a genuinely funny guy. Laughter was almost continuous. I have seen him 3 times now over the last couple of years. He is more polished each time. Great job, Brad. One of my friends was totally impressed when Brad recognized me and we had a moment's chat after the show. What a pleasure it is to see a home town Bomber doing so well. "Happiness is the sky in bloom" -J Larry Mattingly ('60) ~ From home So of Tacoma where I dodged rain showers to work in the yard today. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) To: Greg Alley ('73) I do agree with you that the attendance was low for the "Bringing Down the House" party. The fun was still had for those in attendance. A lot of us were gathering in the boys/girl gym (depends on when you graduated). Not sure who it was but someone said, "Let's make the bleachers thunder for the last time". It didn't take long for a bunch of us to jump up on the bleacher seats. Within a minute we had the bleachers singing their ode to Columbia High. Everyone was laughing. As the beat slowed down no one wanted it to end. The stomping began again. Even when the bleachers returned to norm everyone was beaming. Camera popping. A few pictures were taken by a Bomber. Whoever took them please send them into the Sandstorm. The class of '60 had a good turn out for the event. The music by "Kingsmen" kept lots of dancing going for a couple of hours. No one seemed to be in a hurry to leave when the "Kingsmen" finished with "Louie, Louie". Four or five of us ladies didn't have a male to dance with so did the '50's way dancing the fast songs together. John Zimmer ('66) showed up from his security position watching over the pictures in the girls/boys gym, glad to find some ladies to dance with. Wouldn't have missed the last thunder of the bleachers for the world or the whole party. Where were you dj Jeff Michael ('65)? If you're doing your dj stuff in the Tri-City area, could you let me know? Some of us are looking for a good place, with good music to dance. Or if anyone does know of a good place please let me know? Bombers Have Fun -Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) ~ Surprise visit from daughter, Kimberly, yesterday gave some good laughs. She drove over for the first time from Western Washington to visit since I came here. When she was about 11 miles out of Richland I started talking with her on her cell phone to guide her to the house. As she turned off of the Bypass (she came from the Vantage area) she kept saying to me "Mom, you live in the middle of nowhere." She walked in the house saying "You live in the middle of nowhere. Guess West Richland is in the middle of nowhere." These were weird words from my Kimberly who had been in Richland numerous times in 38 years. What I know the most is I am only six miles to the heart of Richland. Loving every minute of it. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Judy Willox ('61) Re: RHS Journalism Class fundraiser this week at Barnes & Noble This voucher can be printed and used at Barnes & Nobel for the valid dates. If customers use the voucher when making purchases at the Columbia Center Mall Barnes & Noble between March 18th and March 25th, 2005, the RHS Journalism will receive a percentage of those sales. Any funds raised will be used to help subsidize the cost of Journalism students attending this year's National convention that is being held in Seattle this Spring. The convention will be a great skill building event for our journalism students. Re: RHS Journalism Class General FundRaiser Form (Printable form) Robin Morris of Richland High School Sandstorm and RHS Columbian fame is asking for help to get her journalism students to the National High School Journalism Convention in Seattle the first part of next month. Robin and her students are so dedicated that they are giving up part of their spring break to attend this convention and they need our help. This would be a classic Bombers helping Bombers if we could each of us donate, and sponsor a kid, to help with their expenses. Thanks in advance to you out there who help them out. -Judy Willox ('61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Roger Gress (Classic Class of '61) I just wanted to let everyone know about one of our famous Bombers. Loreen Muhlestein Bliss ('89) is an up and coming country singer and has a CD. She is really good and has her own web site and you can check out her singing. Check her out and buy her CD. -Roger Gress (Classic Class of '61) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [I second the motion, Roger. Loreen's CD is great. -Maren] ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: John Campbell ('63) Re: Bringing Down the House I am echoing Greg Alley's ('73) remarks about the poor attendance at the event. It takes a lot of volunteer work to put something on like this. I was pleased that they had tables and chairs, so we old folks could sit down after exhausting ourselves on the dance floor (which didn't take long). Marilyn and I had a good time with my sister, Jo ('57), and her husband Gary Hinkle ('56). Don and Lila Brackenbush ('63), and Don's sister Rita ('60), his brother Larry ('58) and their spouses also attended. It would have been nice to have it in the old gym, given the attendance. We all enjoyed the table displays. We came down from Seattle to support this. It would be nice if more alums who live in the area could support these events too. Perhaps they were attending what might have been the last Tri-City American hockey game. Oh, and it was fun looking at all the old Bomber athletic stuff being sold by the girl's soccer team. -John Campbell ('63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64) Re: Iditarod Update - Checkpoint #27 - Nome #1 Robert Sorlie ~ Time: 9:18:39:31 with 8 dogs Sorlie's first Price was $72,066.67 plus a truck worth (I think) $40,000. and/or 78 mushers started 16 scratched 63 finished #63 RED LANTERN - Phil Morgan - Time: 15:06:02:57 with 8 dogs With Phil Morgan's arrival in Nome, that concludes the 2005 Iditarod. A story told at the post-race banquet: Martin Buser told about a moment at Rohn when his recently amputated right middle finger was swollen and painful. He asked a race veterinarian to cut some dead skin and nerve endings off, only to hear Rick Swenson's gravelly voice bark out, "Why don't you take the other two off!" Offended, Buser shot back that he was already hurting enough, thanks. As he looked in Swenson's direction, though, he realized his competitor was talking to one of his dogs, who'd managed to pull two of its booties off. The pair burst out laughing. Bomber Cheers, -Maren Smyth ('64 & '64) ~ Gretna, LA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: John Zimmer ('66) Re: Bringing Down The House Just a short note to let all Bombers that could not make it Saturday... You all missed a great time. For starters, Judy Willox ('61) and Nick Nelson ('56) did a fantastic job putting together the "Club 40" room. So much work and attention to detail so all the visitors could get to enjoy all the nostalgia. And the main gym, what can I say. Kim Oates and all her volunteers came up with an event that everyone in attendance will talk about for quite some time. The first band, The Mudsharks, got the party going with some great dancing music and then..THE KINGSMEN..... they definitely brought the house down. There were lots of pictures taken, food eaten and I'm sure some pretty sore feet with all the dancing. Even Kim hustled up some extra energy (I don't know how she possibly could) and busted some pretty good moves on the dance floor. Thanks again to Judy, Nick, Kim and all the volunteers for a memorable evening. -John Zimmer ('66) ~ Back home in windy, rainy Tacoma ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Pam Ehinger ('67) Re: Bringing Down The House Yes it was poorly attended. But I was told there were 700 tickets sold. Sorry that they didn't show up! It was great time! Don Andrews ('67) drove from Vancouver, WA to be there! There was lot of Bomber things to buy! Don bought 5 (or was it 7?) Bomber golf bags! He thought he'd died and gone to heaven! He only paid $5 each! Now that is a bargain! The only other one I saw from the class of '67 was Steve Shockley, we visited for a bit re our next '67 Class Reunion! (Hey guys and gals of the class '67 this will be our 40th!! Let's do her up right!) There was John Zimmer ('66) and of course Judy Willox ('61) and Nick Nelson ('56). The girls' gym had some really cool stuff in there to look at and to remember! Thank you to all who helped put this dance together! It was a lot of fun! What I would like to know is where were all the Bombers who live in town?? We who had to drive several hours to get there were there! Where were you? Missed a great time! Bombers Rule -Pam Ehinger (The Blue Ribbon Class of '67) P.S. Marcia Wade ('67) please send me an email ASAP! *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/23/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers sent stuff and 2 Bomber funeral notices today: Betty Hiser ('49), Dave Brusie ('51) Lenora Hughes ('55), Burt Pierard ('59) Judy Willox ('61), Deedee Willox ('64) Gary Behymer ('64), Linda Reining ('64) David Nelson ('68), Jim Wheeler ('81) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim Wade ('76) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Betty Hiser Gulley ('49) I'm sorry the attendance was low at the Kingsmen, etc. I really wanted to go but have not been feeling well for the past 2 weeks. I knew I could not sit for 3 hours - my back would have been screaming really loud. Have to go back in for a shot for my back in a week or so. Pain pain!!! Hope everyone enjoyed the program. I would have been screaming as loud as everyone else - but no dancing - would have moved to the music though. I knew the Bombers were excellent for something - all the prayers for Darlene Card McKeown (and our other Bombers). They seemed to have worked. Hope she keeps getting better and better. -Betty Hiser Gulley '49er - south/government Richland - had a few spits of rain for the weekend - still have fairly nice days and cool nights (and, of course, the lovely winds). ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dave Brusie ('51) To: Jim McKeown ('53) Thank god and you are entirely welcome for our prayers. We are not going to stop here. Tell Tom hello for me. To: Artie McDaniels ('51) Artie our prayers are with you. Sorry to hear of your wife's passing. -Dave Brusie ('51) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Lenora Hughes Bejarano ('55) Re: Las Vegas luncheon Hello all! It is almost time for another Las Vegas luncheon. Hope we have a wonderful turn-out. We are doing pretty could, but I know we could do better, so come on all of you that live close enough to come. We need your presence there. DATE: Saturday, April 2, 2005 TIME: 12:00 Noon WHERE: Road Runner, 9820 West Flamingo Please come and join us. Spouses and friends are more than welcome to join us too. If you need more information just contact me at or Robbi Hill Karcher ('49) at Bomber cheers, -Lenora Hughes Bejarano ('55) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Burt Pierard ('59) To: Ray Wells ('54) Re: Columbia Camp (continuing) An interesting account. This is the first I heard about the striped prison garb and armed guards but it certainly makes sense for the time period we are discussing. Your mention of your Dad's statement and referring to the "scuttlebutt" illustrates the two main problems I had with getting the story straight. Namely, most adults around town didn't really know what was happening out there either (you know, don't talk or ask questions about the Project, "need to know," etc.) and I'm sure every kid who grew up here during the '40s & '50s has some sort of "scuttlebutt" story. I certainly know I have one and my illustrious History Prof Bro, Dick ('52), has a similar recollection, to wit, we kids knew there had been a Camp out there that was rumored to be a Prison Camp. We couldn't figure out what kind of Prison Camp would have been out here in the wilderness so we ASSUMED it was a POW Camp and just accepted that. That recollection stayed with me until about 10 years ago when I was browsing the Richland Villager microfilms (on another research project) and I stumbled on the Feb. 23, 1950 article about the final closing of the Camp (it was used by subcontractor employees & the Corps of Engineers after the Federal Prison Industries left in 1947). I believe that Maren has that article on the site (along with the East Benton County Historical Society paper). [] This shows again why I feel it is vitally important to tie our history down or some people will blithely rewrite it. Bomber Cheers, -Burt Pierard ('59) ~ Richland ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Judy Willox ('61) Re: RHS Journalism Class fundraiser this week at Barnes & Noble This voucher can be printed and used at Barnes & Nobel for the valid dates. If customers use the voucher when making purchases at the Columbia Center Mall Barnes & Noble between March 18th and March 25th, 2005, the RHS Journalism will receive a percentage of those sales. Any funds raised will be used to help subsidize the cost of Journalism students attending this year's National convention that is being held in Seattle this Spring. The convention will be a great skill building event for our journalism students. -Judy Willox ('61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Deedee Willox Loiseau ('64) Re: Iditarod To: Maren: Thanks for sharing the Iditarod race with us. I enjoyed the daily updates. [You're entirely welcome, my friend! -Maren] -Deedee Willox Loiseau ('64) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Keith Welsch ('64) Can anyone tell me if the Keith Welsch list in the following article is from the Col-Hi Class of 1964? "New medical isotope therapy starts today" -Gary Behymer ('64) know - the fellow at the 3rd stoplight in downtown Colfax, WA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Linda Reining ('64) Re: Bringing Down the House poor attendance Yep, I don't understand it, either. Most of us who live too far away to attend Bomber activities, would do almost anything to be able to attend these events and Bombers who live right in the vicinity just don't seem to care enough to attend! What happened to school spirit??? Makes me so sad to think that so many of you don't care enough to attend... just don't "get it". I could say more, but since we no longer have the Sagebrush Rag, I'll stop and save Maren the chore of having to censor. -Linda Reining ('64) ~ Bakersfield, CA - had rain over the weekend, they keep predicting more, but skies are clear and no rain clouds in sight--at least it is still cool outside. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: David Nelson ('68) Re: Ron Brightman ('68-RIP) For those of you interested, Randy Shipman is putting together a memorial get-together to honor the late Ron Brightman. It will be this Saturday, March 26th, at the north end of Howard Amon Park (near the boat ramps). 11am - 4pm. He'll provide some snacks and whatever. You are welcome to provide the attendance, anecdotes, and memories, and whatever, if you wish. -David Nelson ('68) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim Wheeler ('81) I would like to wish my mother, Patti Mathis Wheeler ('60) a very happy 30th birthday (wink, wink) -Jim Wheeler ('81) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* ******************************************************* Funeral Notice scanned from the TCHerald by Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) >>Carl Dreher ('47) ~ 11/20/28 - 3/20/05 >>Sandra Reninger Whiting ('56) ~ 8/2/38 - 3/18/05 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/24/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 14 Bombers sent stuff: Betty Ely ('47), Ralph Myrick ('51), Carol Horstman ('53), Gloria Adams ('54), Bill Berlin ('56), Richard DeFord ('56) and Barb Farris ('59WB) Marla Jo Lowman ('55) and Sandy Finney ('60) Virginia Eckert ('58), Judy Willox ('61), Jim Hamilton ('63) Shirley Collings ('66), Dave Doran ('72), Rob Hausenbuiller ('93) Rediske Kids ('66, '63, and '69) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Cindy Lust ('72) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Rick Dahlin ('72WB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Lynn Dunton (former Richland teacher) BELATED BOMBER BIRTHDAY (3/22): Janet Ell ('72) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* ANNOUNCEMENT: Derrith Persons Dean ('60WB) sent pictures from the Bring Down the House celebration. If anyone else has any, please send them to so I can add them and have a single page of thumbnails for viewing. -Maren ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Betty Ely King ('47) Re: Carl Dreher ('47-RIP) Carl was a longtime pal. We sat next to each other at graduation because he was the "D" and I was "E". We always talked over the years and when I talked too much, he would just roll back his head and laugh. He married Jean Williamson from my brother's '49 class. She was the sunshine in his life. Jean always had the most beautiful smile because she was not only pretty on the outside, but she always had an inner beauty. They sure were a wonderful couple. He told me once that he had worked with my ex-husband and never did like him. I told Carl that was why I have been so happy since the age of 40. I missed Jean and Carl last year at the reunion. Jean has brothers who will help her through this loss. Jean was a wonderful wife. -Betty Ely King ('47) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Ralph Myrick ('51) I don't know how many of you Bombers have been to the dentist lately, but costs, like everything else, is soaring. I paid $163.00 to have my teeth cleaned and this will paid four times a year. Also, I had two small fillings, one was $183.00 and the other was $283.00 plus a $48.00 doctor check which took about five minutes. All the work was excellent, however, the expense is high. So, my wife and I checked in at the school of dentistry at CBC. The first visit was a check of your teeth. This is free. To have your teeth cleaned $25.00 and fillings up to $60.00. You have to have time because an instructor checks everything a student does. X-rays and cleaning during your first cleaning $55.00. We have had the first step. In about three months we will have our teeth cleaned. The first impression was a good one. Right now they are looking for people with dirty teeth. This sounds gross but the senior students need this before they graduate. Might be something some of you may want to check out. -Ralph Myrick ('51) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Carol Horstman Massey ('53) To: Tom McKeown ('53) I was so glad to hear that Darlene ('54) was getting out of the hospital, I know she will continue to improve every day, just tell her to give up the smoking, I know this has been a pretty hard struggle for both of you but the worst is behind, just keep your faith and everything will be just fine. -Carol Horstman Massey ('53) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gloria Adams Fulcher ('54) In catching up on the Alumni Sandstorm, we are saddened by a few of the entries of friends of ours from the past. Darlene Card McKeown ('54) Tom, our prayers are with you and Darlene and your family. Darlene and I were good friends in high school. I taught her how to jitterbug!! It's a great relief to hear she's doing so much better. Please tell her we send our love and prayers. Artie McDaniel ('51) My old friend and brother of one of my closest friends in high school, Nancy, my heart goes out to you and your family. You were always a special person to me and I pray for you in your time of need. Please accept our heart felt condolences. Jean Williamson Dreher ('49) I'm so sorry to hear about Carl's passing. I'd heard his health had not been good but had no idea of the real pain you both were suffering. Our hearts and prayers are with you and your family. -Gloria Adams Fulcher ('54) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Bill Berlin ('56) Re: Back from China (3.23.05) I am back from three weeks in cold, cold north China. It rarely got above 25-26F during the day and was at least 10F degrees less at night. What was the killer was the usual 20-25 mph wind, thus a serious chill factor. The good news was that when I was reading Maren's reports on the Iditarod, I could relate to the mushers big time. How weird is it to read about the Iditarod whilst sitting in a hotel in China? Great work Maren and a lot better than the sports news I could pull up on my laptop. Re: Dave Brusie ('51) Now there is a name that has twigged my long ago Bomber memory. I can clearly remember listening to the radio broadcasts of Bomber basketball and Dave's name was a top feature. I believe that Jack Sinderson ('53) played on that same team and Jack lived just up the block from us on GWWay, thus he and Brusie ware my heroes. Jack was 5 or 6 years older than I was but he always spent as much time with "the little kids" as he could and that was very cool to us "little kids", Jimbeaux Hamilton ('63), Jim Russell ('58), Pat Murray ('60), John Cowan ('56). -Bill Berlin ('56) ~ in Anacortes, WA - where Dr. Dave Priebe's ('57) new house is on hold with neighbor problems. What else? Whatever happened to the days when neighbors did not whine and snivel about what their neighbors were doing? Ah, for the simple life again. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Richard DeFord ('56) and Barb Farris DeFord ('59WB) Re: New Bomber Lunch (?) I think it would be fun to start a luncheon here in Springfield, MO for Bombers who live in this area or anywhere near. Even if you're just from the Richland area. Would love to hear from you all. -Richard DeFord ('56) and Barb Farris DeFord ('59WB) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Marla Jo Lowman Kenitzer ('55) and Sandy Finney Harvego ('60) Re: Sacramento Area Bomber Luncheon DATE: April 18, 2005 (Monday) COFFEE TIME: 11:30 A.M. LUNCH TIME: 12:30 P.M. WHERE: Coco's Restaurant PHONE: (916) 966-0707 ADDRESS: 7887 Madison Ave, Citrus Heights, Sacramento, CA DIRECTIONS: The restaurant is located on the NW corner of Madison Ave and Sunrise Blvd. From Hwy. 50, exit at Sunrise and go north 4.1 miles, turn left at Madison. From the West: exit I80 at Madison Ave (East) 4.6 miles, make a U Turn at Sunrise. From the East/North: Exit I80 at Sunrise (South), 4.1 miles, turn right at Madison. We have reserved a private dining room and we do need to have a head count. Please email me: I formatted my hard drive and lost all my email addresses, so no special notices this time around - hope everyone reads their Alumni Sandstorm..... Also, I have a little surprise for you. -Marla Jo Lowman Kenitzer ('55) ~ West Point, CA -Sandy Finney Harvego ('60) ~ Sacramento, CA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Virginia "Jinnie" Eckert Stephens ('58) Re: Iditarod Maren, your interest in the Iditarod makes me want to share a wonderful book. It is "Winterdance" by Gary Paulsen. It is his accounting of how he got into the Iditarod and all of his experiences training and getting ready for it. And the big race itself! I laughed, I cried, I thoroughly enjoyed as did my husband Ron ('56). -Virginia "Jinnie" Eckert Stephens ('58) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Gary withdrew this year before the race began. He was still listed in the 2005 Official Race Iditarod Race Guide... pretty interesting reading. -Maren] ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Judy Willox ('61) Re: RHS Journalism Class fundraiser this week at Barnes & Noble This voucher can be printed and used at Barnes & Nobel for the valid dates. If customers use the voucher when making purchases at the Columbia Center Mall Barnes & Noble between March 18th and March 25th, 2005, the RHS Journalism will receive a percentage of those sales. Any funds raised will be used to help subsidize the cost of Journalism students attending this year's National convention that is being held in Seattle this Spring. The convention will be a great skill building event for our journalism students. Re: RHS Journalism Class General FundRaiser Form (Printable form) Robin Morris of Richland High School Sandstorm and RHS Columbian fame is asking for help to get her journalism students to the National High School Journalism Convention in Seattle the first part of next month. Robin and her students are so dedicated that they are giving up part of their spring break to attend this convention and they need our help. This would be a classic Bombers helping Bombers if we could each of us donate, and sponsor a kid, to help with their expenses. Thanks in advance to you out there who help them out. -Judy Willox ('61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim Hamilton ('63) So the always lovely and forever young Miss Nancy ('65)and I are going to be in Phoenix the 22, 23 and 24 of April, and didn't know if the local Cactus, Roadrunner and Tumbleweed chapter of the Bomber Nation might not be having a Happy Hour or Breakfast meeting. We're always looking to improve on our collection of miniature drink umbrellas or those little plastic olive swords, so that we can at least come up to the knees of them Heilings ('63) or Mary Lou Rhebeck ('63). Semper Bomberus jimbeaux -Jim Hamilton ('63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) Re: Dog saves master Several weeks ago someone inquired about a dog helping to save its master by dialing '911' for help. Your story is confirmed on page 24 in the 3/21/05 issue of Time magazine. Look at the top of the page under 'Notebook.' It reads: 'WATCHDOG' After speed-dialing 911 for her unconscious owner and barking into the phone, a Rottweiler in Richland, Wash., let the cops inside. -Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) ~ Richland - where the chill factor was 21 yesterday about 9am. Our weather had been in the 60s for several weeks! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dave Doran ('72) Re: Birthday wishes Happy 51 [on 3/22] to my lovely and talented ex-wife and very close friend, Janet Ell Doran ('72)! You still look 18 to me. -Dave Doran ('72) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Rob Hausenbuiller ('93) I'd like to take a moment to wish my Uncle Jim (James Wade) a happy birthday... belated of course. -Rob Hausenbuiller ('93) ~ In London, England, where the sun is back from it's holiday and spring has finally sprung. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Rediske Kids ('66, '63, and '69) Re: Lois Rediske progress report To: All Bombers that have been praying for our mother Lois Rediske. She came through the triple bypass surgery very well considering she is a spry 82 years old. They had her sitting up on her bed, as well as sitting up in a chair for about an hour on Tuesday. Hopefully, they will be moving her from Intensive Care to Intermediate Care either today or tomorrow. Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers. -Len Rediske ('66), Pat Rediske ('63), and Claire & Carol Rediske ('69) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/25/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers sent stuff: Jim Grow ('51), Jim McKeown ('53) Derrith Persons ('60WB), Jan Bollinger ('60) Judy Willox ('61), Helen Cross ('62) Lloyd Swain ('66) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Virginia Brinkerhoff ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Karen Davis ('76) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim Grow ('51) To: Virginia "Jinnie" Eckert Stephens ('58) Your maiden name caught my eye. Could you possibly be the younger sister of a girl who lived up on the corner of Van Giesen and Marshall in the '50s? Quite a pretty looking girl if I recall correctly but one who for some reason would not have a thing to do with me.. I do remember her looks though--tough as nails but a pretty little thing. Awhile back I noticed in here that some Harmon fellow was possibly talking about this same girl as he lived in the same Van Giesen area. They were supposedly going out in the bushes in a Van Giesen cherry orchard on a fruit picking scheme. Boy, one thing I do remember is she sure would not go out in the bushes with me. She would not even give me the time of day. I remember I was broken hearted but she never even seemed to notice. A hard hearted little girl to say the least. In fact that's all I got from her -- the least and nothing. One could safely say I was broken hearted. On a trip to Spokane I had her name tattooed on my left leg but an airplane wreck ten years ago took that part of my leg. My vision is so bad I would not be able to read it anyway. I would be interested in knowing if this girl might possibly be your older sister. I remember she came from a large family and probably had little sisters. Oh, one other thing I remember. Her father did not like me either. What's with this Harmon fellow anyway. When I heard of the incident I wondered. A little girl who is pure as the driven snow out wandering around in the brush pretending to pick fruit. Sounds fishy to me. This can not be the young little angel of my childhood dreams. What is going on here. What would her father think and I am not referring to what he thinks about me. I refer to what he does not know about this Harmon fellow. -Jim Grow ('51) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim McKeown ('53) Re: Lois Rediske (Bomber Mom) To the Rediske Kids, Boy, your note brought back a lot of memories for me. I remember your Mom and Dad, since we lived next door to you on Acacia, across from Spalding grade School. You guys were just little tykes when we were in High School. I believe our address was 1307, but not sure....I remember when your Dad brought home the first TV in the had a screen about 4 or 5 inches wide, but, it created a stir....we all slipped next door to watch. Hope your Mom improves and is able to go home. -Jim McKeown...banner class of '53 ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Derrith Persons Dean ('60WB) Re: an up coming event ATTENTION CLASS OF '60 Planning meeting reminder Place: Sterlings, GWWay, Richland Time: 6:30 pm Date: Wednesday, March 30th, 2005 Who: Class of 60, men and women Let's plan to have a fun time!! Happiness is sharing life! -Derrith Persons Dean ('60WB) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jan Bollinger Persons ('60) Re: What a Party! The Bomber spirit was alive and well in Spokane last Sunday, as 30 alumni and guests stood to sing "Happy Birthday" and applaud teacher Vera Edwards when she arrived with her daughter Gay Edwards ('64). A more timid lady of 85 years might have felt overwhelmed at finding herself the guest of honor and center of attention, but not our Mrs. Edwards! She rose to the occasion with delight and hugs all around, and only a bit misty-eyed. Never known for being shy, we weren't too surprised when halfway through lunch, she volunteered to give a speech. (What a perfect guest of honor!) It seemed a good time for her remarks just before she cut her birthday cake, and she considered where to stand for her delivery. When told she could stand anywhere she chose, she wondered if that included ON the table! Yes, this was the same Mrs. Edwards we knew and loved, and she's still a beautiful, classy lady with a great sense of humor and lots of wisdom to share. Following Mrs. Edwards' speech, Gay presented a handsome album to her mother, a large collection of memories submitted by former students and reprinted on colorful stationery. Another Bomber presented her a report card from 1954 and asked if she wouldn't like to reconsider her comments on that 7th grade report. Mrs. Edwards denied any recollection of Jan Bollinger Persons ('60) ever being "over-talkative" as was recorded; however, the consensus of the assembled Bombers seemed to be that it was probably a very fair appraisal! (Now, why would they think that?!!) Nine Bombers from the Richland area were in Spokane to congratulate the birthday lady: Dan Haggard ('57) and spouse Marj Qualheim ('60), Vera Smith Robbins ('58), Judy Willox ('61), Nick Nelson ('56), Derrith Persons Dean ('60), Connie Dean O'Neil ('60), Kaye Ivers ('60), and Marsha Lawell Hathcox ('60). All of those alums had attended the Bringing Down the House party on Saturday night and were still in high spirits! Gary Behymer ('64) came from Colfax, and Sue Elliot Homan ('62) and spouse Tom came from Hayden Lake, Idaho. The Coates family was represented by three generations: Richard Coates ('52) and spouse Kay Mitchell Coates ('52), their daughter Julie Hedges ('75), and granddaughter Melissa Hedges ('02 WB). Spokane Bombers attending were Gloria Falls Evans ('58) and spouse Jim, Ralph Bean ('58) and spouse Barb, Rick Valentine ('67), Jim House ('63), Linda Davis Brede ('67) and spouse Doug, Ray Stein ('64), and Bomber friends Don and Jackie Rappe. As usual, Gary Persons ('57) and spouse Jan Bollinger Persons ('60) were on hand to blow up green and gold balloons. After the party, ten Bombers regrouped at the Persons house for more talking and laughing, and six of us played dominoes into the wee hours of Monday. It was a day and night of nonstop fun! Thanks to all who participated! -Jan Bollinger Persons ('60) and Gary Persons ('57) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Spokane Lunch website:] ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Judy Willox ('61) Re: RHS Journalism Class fundraiser this week at Barnes & Noble This voucher can be printed and used at Barnes & Nobel for the valid dates. If customers use the voucher when making purchases at the Columbia Center Mall Barnes & Noble between March 18th and March 25th, 2005, the RHS Journalism will receive a percentage of those sales. Any funds raised will be used to help subsidize the cost of Journalism students attending this year's National convention that is being held in Seattle this Spring. The convention will be a great skill building event for our journalism students. -Judy Willox ('61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Helen Cross Kirk ('62) As I was just catching up on the week's worth of Sandstorms I've missed, I was saddened to learn of fellow classmate, Robb Abrams ('62) cancer, and I have sent to Maren to learn of all his addresses possible. The last time I saw Robb was at the end of our last reunion in 2002 and he looked very healthy, heading off for Egypt, I believe. I know I really appreciated all the mail and support I got from Bombers and others when I had breast cancer last May, and I had a very good prognosis, so let's get Robb all the good wishes that we can to boost his morale. (I will send prayers for him too. I have heard of some very seemingly lost cases turning out good lately, and will be praying that this will be another one.) I just had my first mammogram after having had the surgery last May for the removal of a non-invasive cancer. And I wanted to again urge everyone to have their mammogram done if a year has passed. I don't know how often they (the medical profession) urge men to have this done, as I have known men who have had breast cancer. Incidentally, I was just giving my health history to another doctor for my son, Ryan, who has high blood pressure at 24, and the doctor said to me to be sure to have checks done for colon cancer as they often go hand in hand. Lately, I am wondering if I can even get all my check-ups done in one year, before it is time to start over, but of course, it is better to be healthy and preventing medical illnesses, than to be treating them. Glad to hear that the Northwest is having some rain, as it was sure dry when I was out in February. We have been having some back here too, but that is nothing out of the ordinary. A sunny day with temperatures above 60 is what is unusual here. However, my crocuses are now blooming and the daffodils look to be ready to bloom any day now, so spring is coming to the Midwest, at least to the house by the little lake in INdiana too. Happy Easter blessing to one and all, and belated St. Patrick's Day greetings too. We didn't get to celebrate this year, as I was busy learning how to make Russian pieroskies for our Russian dinner at our church. For my first attempt at yeast dough since I had home ec in Carmichael, they didn't turn out too badly. Also greetings to you Wendie Walker Vermillion ('62) As I was going down the gorge alone the beautiful Columbia River going to Portland, Oregon in February, I was thinking of all the classmate living in the Portland area and how lucky they are to be living in such a beautiful spot,and your name came to mind. Soon we, too, will be having our 45th reunion and can catch up!! -Helen Cross Kirk ('62) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Lloyd Swain ('66) Just wanted to say a few words regarding bringing down the house event. I couldn't attend because Charter broadcast the two media classic basketball games live on channel three that night. What I believe lacked was advertising and promotion tantamount to making events like this successful. Most of the local cable, television and radio media will give at least two for one commercials but you do need a budget. I know you all put in a heck of a lot of hours and it is disappointing when folks don't show and especially when the state band shows up. I am sorry the attendance was so low. -Lloyd Swain ('66) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/26/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers sent stuff: Betty Hiser ('49), Bob Harman ('51) Joan Eckert ('51), Lois Weyerts ('56) Virginia Eckert ('58), Deedee Willox ('64) Betti Avant ('69), Zorba Manolopoulos ('91) Heidi Davis ('00) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jon McDougal ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Twins: Dale and Gale Gunter ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jeffrey Suchland ('90) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Betty Hiser Gulley ('49) Just a note to wish everyone a very nice Easter. For those of you in the class of '49 - my friend Pat Monroe Old is in town. She married and Englishmen and is visiting from England. My last mammogram did not please the radiologist and I have to see a cancer doctor for a biopsy. Hope everything is OK as I have had breast cancer twice. Don't like the sounds of three strikes and you are out. Wish me luck. -Betty Hiser Gulley - 49er - south/government Richland. Still very cool nights and sunny days. Spits of rain are helping but not too much. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Bob Harman ('51) To: Jim Grow ('51) Don't soil the good name of the sweet little girl of which you speak by implying that anything bad happened in the cherry orchard!! Joan was, and still is, a sweet lady and is still as beautiful as you remember. She has been at a few of our class reunions and is probably reading this message. If you had read more closely you would have noticed that we went to the cherry orchard after she went on my paper route with me. We just visited and we were, and I hope still are, like brother and sister. By the way, I did kiss her once at our graduation! Again, it was a brotherly/sisterly kiss. I will admit that I was a bit jealous of Bob Johnson who had her attention for some time. I had the attention of his sister, Suzie, who was also a beautiful girl, and a blonde to boot. You might know her as Suzie Haney. -Bob Harman ('51) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Joan Eckert Sullens ('51) To: Jim Grow ('51) I've read that the mind can falter as one ages. Your memories re the older sister of Jinnie Eckert prove the point! Number one, she definitely did have a crush on you. But you were into a more or less self destruct mode at the time. One reminder should bring it all back. Remember tossing beer bottles on the sidewalk in front of her house to get her attention? That might have had something to do with her father being not too fond of you. Bob Harman ('51) doesn't deserve your snide remarks! Theirs was an innocent friendship based on shared interests including cherry trees! Crossword puzzles and bridge are thought to be great brain de-fuzzers, Jamy. -Joan Eckert Sullens ('51) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Lois Weyerts Harrold ('56) Re: '56 Ladies Lunch The ladies of the class of '56 will have their April luncheon on Wednesday, April 6, at the home of Carol Kibler Payne Kerlee ('56) at 11:00 for visiting and 12:00 for eating lunch. Please email Lois Weyerts Harrold at by March 31 if you plan to attend. Carol needs a head count to plan on seating. Food is provided so just come and enjoy the company. We always have a wonderful time and would love to welcome some new people. The luncheon is in Richland, the home of the great Bombers! I will give you her address when you email me. Re: '56 in '06 - 5oth Reunion We've heard from several of our 1956 classmates with the information that we requested so that we can get ready for our 50th reunion that will be happening in 2006. If we haven't heard from you yet, please send us your Name (maiden if applicable) and your spouse's full name and year he or she graduated if a Bomber. Your current address (summer and winter if applicable). Your phone number. Your email address if you have one. Please be sure to contact us if any of your information changes before our reunion so that we can have a way to send information to you. Thanks. Send the information to Lois Weyerts Harrold at the email address above. -Lois Weyerts Harrold ('56) ~ in chilly Richland but there are signs of spring everywhere! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Virginia "Jinnie" Eckert Stephens ('58) Hey Sis, are you going to answer Jim Grow or should I???? -Virginia "Jinnie" Eckert Stephens ('58) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Judy Willox ('61) Re: RHS Journalism Class General FundRaiser Form (Printable form) Robin Morris of Richland High School Sandstorm and RHS Columbian fame is asking for help to get her journalism students to the National High School Journalism Convention in Seattle the first part of next month. Robin and her students are so dedicated that they are giving up part of their spring break to attend this convention and they need our help. This would be a classic Bombers helping Bombers if we could each of us donate, and sponsor a kid, to help with their expenses. Thanks in advance to you out there who help them out. -Judy Willox ('61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Deedee Willox Loiseau ('64) Re: Old Friends I just got back from spending several days with my dear friend, Dena Evans ('64). I want to thank you, Gary and Maren, for the Alumni Sandstorm. It's because of you that Dena and I were re-connected after 37 years. We had a great visit. It was like we had never been separated all those years. I took my camera, but we were having so much fun, we forgot to take pictures. Oh well, next time (and I can hardly wait). -Deedee Willox Loiseau ('64) ~ Burbank, WA PS: Pappy, are you there ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Betti Avant ('69) I'd like to wish all of you a lovely Easter. I guess we are due for rain all day. Yesterday (Th.) it even hailed enough to cover the ground in white for a bit. Luckily my car is under a carport so no dings. I'm glad the surprise party for Mrs. Edwards was a success. I'll second the idea that one must keep up on their health screenings. I work in the medical profession and can attest to its positiveness. I myself am scheduled for the dreaded colonoscopy in a couple of weeks. Bomber good wishes to all, -Betti Avant ('69) ~ Eugene, OR ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Zorba Manolopoulos ('91) Just a reminder that Early registration for the (3on3 - 5on5) basketball tournament ends on March 31. If you didn't receive an application in the mail, don't worry I probably just don't have your address. If you would like to receive an application, email and let me know and I can send one out. Or, you can also register at If you have any questions, let me know. -Zorba Manolopoulos ('91) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Heidi Davis Mortensen ('00) Happy birthday to Karen Davis! We love you! -Heidi Davis Mortensen ('00) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/27/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers sent stuff: Dave Rhodes ('52WB), Bill Berlin ('56) Irene de la Bretonne ('61), Judy Willox ('61) Gary Behymer ('64), David Rivers ('65) Dennis Eskeli ('74) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Char Dossett ('51) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Lenora Hughes ('55) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: George Barnett ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Georgia Rushworth ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Gayla Armstrong ('74) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* ANNOUNCEMENT: Here's all the pictures from Bring Down the House. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dave Rhodes ('52WB) Happy Easter To all Bombers everywhere. -Dave Rhodes ('52WB) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Bill Berlin ('56) Re: Skagit Valley Tulips...Get Out There For all Bombers and WB Bombers reading the Alumni Sandstorm and want to see the Tulips in Skagit Valley, they are out big time. My guess, not being a Dutch Tulip or Cheese farmer, is that they are very early and will probably last for another 2-3 weeks. Tuliptown is open and this is a good place to get a cross section of what is being grown up here. They expect between 300,000 and 400,000 visitors to the Valley and it officially starts on April 1. That is the good news. The bad news is that it is windy and rainy this Saturday morning and the forecast for the next week is MOS (more of the same). We were out there this morning (Saturday) and the colours are fantastic... even in the rain. Spend some money. Skagit County needs the money to help King County pay for all of their outlandish projects they don't want to pay for. -Bill Berlin ('56)... In Anacortes, WA where I am keeping my Tulips (two lips) closed after that last sentence. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Irene de la Bretonne Hays ('61) To: Jinnie and Joan Eckert In our preschool days, your younger sister Rita was my neighborhood best friend. I remember learning all your names and can recite them today: Joan, Junior, Jinnie, Bobby, Bunny, Donnie, Mary, Pat, Johnny, Jeanie. Impressive, no? Bunny (Rita) and I always admired the older sisters. -Irene de la Bretonne Hays ('61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Judy Willox (Classic Class '61) To: All Bombers Re: Green & Gold, Red & White Taste the wines of renowned vintner Charlie Hoppes at Club 40's Spring wine tasting event! Join us on Saturday, April 23 from 6-9pm at the Hampton Inn, Richland. We'll be pouring wines from Fidelitas, Canon de Sol, Gamache and Gooseridge wineries. Tickets are $25, and include wine, light hors d'oeurves and a silent auction to benefit the Richland High senior graduation party. Tickets are available at the Hampton Inn, or by calling Maggie Shallman at 627-4295. Only a limited number are available, so get yours today! Bomber Cheers, -Judy Willox (Classic Class '61) ~ Richland ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) ...from the 'do your remember column' The PATTERSON FERRY Columbia river US 30 1953 WASHINGTON State High School BASKETBALL 1953 WASHINGTON State High School BASKETBALL -Gary Behymer ('64) home this Easter season ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: David Rivers ('65) Re: Baby-sitters need love too Nuther Birthday on the 27th coming up... I'll have you know that the Reed Girls were not my only baby-sitters... I had one before those girls that really BABY sat... like when I was a real baby... boy I bet I was cute... those girls shoulda sat me for free... wonder if I can get the money back ... let's see... 10 cents an hour... uh... hmmmmmmmmm... bet it went up to 25 cents at some point... wow... back then I coulda got a gallon of gas and a pack a smokes... hey this is big money we're talking about... Anyway... this girl is one of the sweetest, kindest people I've ever known... so I hope everyone will join in wishing HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LENORA HUGHES BEJARANO ('55)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David Rivers ('65) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook. >>From: Dennis Eskeli ('74) COMMENTS: Wow cool site, found it this morning and I'm still here. I have three Bombers now and 7 to go {yes 10 kids} hope to hear from someone. -Dennis Eskeli ('74) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/28/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber funeral notice today: Judy Cameron ('60), Jay Siegel ('61) Judy Willox ('61), Roger Gress ('61) Jo Clark ('67), Scott Bristol ('75) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: 03/28 Jay Siegel ('61) BOMBER LUNCH Today: 1940's Ladies & Spouses BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Judy Cameron Ayers ('60) Re: Jefferson School Reunion Just want to share a special time we had here in Phoenix getting together with old classmates from Jefferson Grade School. A few weeks ago I got an email from David Shaw, who was in grade school with me and took me on a "date" to the movies back in fourth grade. Do any of you from Jefferson School remember him? He was in Jefferson from Kindergarten to 6th grade. His Dad was the head of the Hanford Project and he lived here until the end of his 7th grade (Chief Jo) and then moved to Washington D.C. never to be seen again. He found my email address on the Richland Bomber site and wrote to me that he had found some old pictures of grade school days and was just wondering where I was. As it turned out we both are here in Phoenix so we got together for lunch. It has only been 50 years since we have seen each other! We had a great time reminiscing over all the class pictures we both brought to the lunch. David was also very good friends with Jim Walton and Tom Hunt as well as my best friend in grade school, Lynn Wolte. Do any of you from Jefferson remember Lynn Wolte? She also moved away in 7th grade. So I emailed Jim (he lives in Jackson Hole now) and Lynn (she now lives in Charlotte, NC) to let them know about my getting together with David after all these years. Jim wrote that he was coming to Phoenix March 12- 19th to visit his grandkids and would like to get together with us. Lynn wrote back and said she already had planned a trip to Phoenix and was coming to Phoenix March 13-22 and would very much like to get together with us. I could not believe that we were all going to be here the same week so we set up a dinner date on March 16th in Scottsdale and Jim wrote to me that Tom Hunt was coming also from Portland! What are the chances of that ever happening again????? Jim and Tom also knew Lynn very well in grade school. In fact in 4th grade Jim and Tom tried to climb in Lynn's bedroom window one day after school and Lynn's mother hit Jim over the head with a baseball bat! For Lynn and David, it had been 50 years since they had seen Jim and Tom. I have sent a group picture of our gathering to the Sandstorm but I don't know where it will be posted. It was such a highlight to see everyone again and reminisce and laugh over our times together at such a tender young age. Those memories are with us forever. The names of kids fell out of our mouths so easily even after 50 years. Incredible! I will submit the Jefferson Grade School pictures to the Sandstorm that the 5 of us have pieced together with the names of most of the kids as soon as I can. David, as well as the rest of us were most grateful for this gathering... a kind of piecing together of a very nice time of our lives. For all of these years after leaving Richland, it was Lynn's wish to see Tom and Jim again and somehow it all came together after 50 years! A great time, for sure! -Judy Cameron Ayers ('60) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jay Siegel ('61) Re: Sunrise Services As I was driving to sunrise service this morning, my mind drifted back 40 - some-odd years to sunrise services at the Bomber Bowl and how effective it was to sit on the west side and watch the sun come up across the skyline directly in front of the stands. Aside from some great memories that accompanied the original one a question came to mind - "Do they still have the sunrise services there?" -Jay Siegel (Classic Class of '61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Judy Willox (Classic Class '61) Re: RHS Journalism Class General FundRaiser Form (Printable form) Robin Morris of Richland High School Sandstorm and RHS Columbian fame is asking for help to get her journalism students to the National High School Journalism Convention in Seattle the first part of next month. Robin and her students are so dedicated that they are giving up part of their spring break to attend this convention and they need our help. This would be a classic Bombers helping Bombers if we could each of us donate, and sponsor a kid, to help with their expenses. Thanks in advance to you out there who help them out. To: All Bombers Re: Green & Gold, Red & White Taste the wines of renowned vintner Charlie Hoppes at Club 40's Spring wine tasting event! Join us on Saturday, April 23 from 6-9pm at the Hampton Inn, Richland. We'll be pouring wines from Fidelitas, Canon de Sol, Gamache and Gooseridge wineries. Tickets are $25, and include wine, light hors d'oeurves and a silent auction to benefit the Richland High senior graduation party. Tickets are available at the Hampton Inn, or by calling Maggie Shallman at 627-4295. Only a limited number are available, so get yours today! Bomber Cheers, -Judy Willox (Classic Class '61) ~ Richland ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Roger Gress (Classic Class of '61) Happy Birthday to Jay Siegel (Classic Class of '61). -Roger Gress (Classic Class of '61) ****************************************************** ******************************************************* >>From: Jo Clark Donahoo ('67) I spent last week reviewing Richland School District's National School Lunch Program to determine compliance with state and federal regulations. What a trip down memory lane. I was pleased to discover that after all these years they're still serving Chili and Cinnamon Rolls. Richland School District Chili Recipe Richland School District Cinnamon Rolls Recipe When I talked to the kids, Chili and Cinnamon Rolls was frequently named as the favorite lunch along with Cheese Zoombies (these came after my time but I tried one while I was there and it was good). And, as I remembered, the cooks are great. -Jo Clark Donahoo ('67) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook. >>From: Scott Bristol ('75) COMMENTS: NONE -Scott Bristol ('75) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* Funeral Notice scanned from the TCHerald by Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) >> Nancy Luther Arbuckle ('49) ~ 12/27/30 - 3/25/05 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/29/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff: Betty Hiser ('49), Marilyn DeVine ('52) Dick Avedovech ('56), Ken Heminger ('56WB) Patti Mathis ('60), Judy Willox ('61) Gary Behymer ('64), David Rivers ('65) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Pattie Crigler ('59) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Brian Johnson ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Gary Crow ('65) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Betty Hiser Gulley ('49) I want to thank each of you who sent suggestions about having a biopsy. And for all the people who said they would put me on their prayer lists. Judy Cameron Ayers: When I first came to Richland (Sept. 1944) I went to Lewis and Clark (L&C) to register for school. (Registration was 2 weeks late because they were bringing in train loads of people to work on the Project.) At that time I was small for my age (those were the days). When the lady looked at me she said, "Thank God you are not in the eighth grade - we have no eighth or fifth grades." When I told her that I was in the eighth she told my dad he would have to take me over to Jefferson (the school wasn't finished - the gym had stored huge boxes - no PE). We registered my sister and off we go and I registered. The teacher said, "Well, you make 52." There were 52 of us in one room - ten books of each subject and we sat at elongated tables. In 2 weeks there were 72 of us. They told us to report to the class the next day and they would try to figure out what to do with the overload. The next day they started pointing at us. They pointed to me and said report to Sacajawea in the morning. My dad took me to Sacajawea and there were 120 of us and only two class rooms. (My dad told me I had to know how to spell Sacajawea by the time I got home that night.) They sent all of us home and told us to report to Sacajawea the next morning. When I arrived they started pointing at us again. The lady pointed at me and said, "You report here tomorrow afternoon at 1pm" The next day they explained that they were building a new grade school (Marcus Whitman) and remodeling L&C so we would only go to Sacajawea until the Christmas break. The school children were given tickets to ride the bus system for nothing. We got out at 5pm - just in time to miss the 5 o'clock bus so had to stand out there for a 1/2 hr. waiting for the bus. At Christmas break they told each of us where to go to school. I was to report to L&C because they supposedly had finished the remodeling. They had not finished Marcus Whitman nor the new addition to L&C. I went the entire school year, in Richland, from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. They didn't finish the addition to L&C until the summer of '45. So at one point in time I went to every grade school they had in Richland. Does that bring back memories!!! -Betty Hiser Gulley '49er - south/government Richland - had 15 drops of rain yesterday afternoon, wind, and coolish. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Marilyn DeVine Dow ('52) Hi Everyone; After breaking down 4 times in 3 days, we finally got it all together and have had a wonderful time. Will send photos later. I am in Austin now, and will return to Albuquerque by a different route Wednesday, then back to Yuma, then back to Las Vegas and home by the end of the month. Will send more details later, but wanted to get a quick note off to you. Maren: we won't make it to New Orleans, after all. Boo hoo! Take care, all, and enjoy this beautiful Spring. -Marilyn "Em" DeVine Dow ('52) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dick Avedovech ('56) Re: Tulips Bill Berlin's entry about the Tulips in Skaget Valley reminded me of a time when I was teaching an Anatomy/Physiology course to nursing students at Clark College in Vancouver, WA. On a quiz I had as an extra point question: What flower do we find associated with the human head? Answer: Two Lips (Tulips). -Dick Avedovech ('56) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Ken Heminger ('56WB) Jay Siegel's ('61) comment about Sunrise Services reminded me that we in what was then Heminger City, put the first cross on top of Flat top. Sunrise services were subsequently held every year on old Flat Top while I lived there. I left for the service in 1955 so don't know after that. It was possible to drive to the top back then, but some would elect to park at the bottom and climb to the top. During my last trip through there in June of 2000, I noticed that a cross was still up there, but the top was all fenced off so don't know if services are still held there or not. If anyone has information as to why it was fenced off, or if services are still held, I'd like to know. -Ken Heminger ('56WB) ~ Great Falls, MT ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Patti Mathis Wheeler ('60) Re: Sunrise service on Easter at the Bomber Bowl I remember them well. One year Christine Romanelli ('60) and I went and you are right, it was truly beautiful. As far as I know, they don't have them anymore there, but I know there has been some lately in West Richland. I have heard the older you get the less sleep you need, but not so in my case. Sunrise services are way too early for me now, but am glad I went to the one I did. -Patti Mathis Wheeler ('60) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Judy Willox (Classic Class '61) Re: RHS Journalism Class General FundRaiser Form (Printable form) Robin Morris of Richland High School Sandstorm and RHS Columbian fame is asking for help to get her journalism students to the National High School Journalism Convention in Seattle the first part of next month. Robin and her students are so dedicated that they are giving up part of their spring break to attend this convention and they need our help. This would be a classic Bombers helping Bombers if we could each of us donate, and sponsor a kid, to help with their expenses. Thanks in advance to you out there who help them out. Bomber Cheers, -Judy Willox (Classic Class '61) ~ Richland ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Hanford -Gary Behymer ('64) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: David Rivers ('65) Re: The Architect and the Boss Jock Ho ho ho... Meeeeeeeerry... oh wait... it's march... wrong Holiday... "Happy happy birthday baaaaaaaby"... no that won't work either... too mushy... so you've probably guessed by now that we got two Bomber guys having birthdays on the 29th. Great guys both of them and I've pretty much exhausted all the dirt I've got on these two over the past several years telling their little secrets of years past. The truth is that both these guys have always been my buds true blue even if our school colors are green and gold... (tho one of them went to Chief Jo with me and they had Blue and Gold)... ah what the heck... it's no secret that two of the guys from '65 are having birthdays and will be showing up at our 40th very soon. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BRIAN LEE JOHNSON AND GARY CROW ('65) -David Rivers ('65) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/30/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCoy ('45), Loretta Ostboe ('55) Derrith Persons ('60WB), Judy Willox ('61) Deedee Willox ('64), Gary Behymer ('64) Linda Barott ('71) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Wayne Killand ('48) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Patsy McGregor ('54WB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Linda Belliston ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Craig Perkins ('69) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dick McCoy ('45) Re: Traveler's mumbles I have been in Cal for two weeks, and just got home. There are good and bad news since I left. On arrival I couldn't find the keys for the second car. Ida said that is OK, if I lose my keys it's normal, but if you find them and don't know what they are for, that is a problem. I have a couple of dozen keys hanging in my pantry, and I have no idea what they are for. Before I left, good friend Jim McKeown ('53) wrote in the Sandstorm that brother Tom's ('53) wife Darlene Card McKeon ('54) was in intensive care. When I got back, he reporteded that she had made a great recovery. Just shows that prayers do help, Jim. I see that Burt Pierard, ('59) has made his annual denial as to Itlaian Prisoners at Columbia Camp. I can only repeat that Ed Johnson, Pinky Bloomer and I made semi-weekly deliveries of milk to the camp, and some concience objectors? spoke Italian as they helped us unload. Cheez1 We went to Death Valley to see the flowers in bloom. I couldn't understand why all the people were taking up close pics, when the real view was the sweep of yellow, white and purple in the hills around the still white dead sea. Finally, and unhappily, I read of the death of Carl Dreher ('47). Ida and I send our deepest sympathy to his wife, Jean Williamson Dreher ('49). Carl and Jean were dear friends and very good supporters of Club 40. We saw them every year. Later, Carl -Dick McCoy ('45) - Bomber always ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Loretta Ostboe Fraser ('55) Re: Happy Birthday, Lenora! Don't have your personal email in my list, so although I'm a few days late, just read that March 27 is your birthday, hope it was a happy one! My Bill turned 70 on the l4th, and my brother Rod had a birthday this month also, so this has been a busy month for birthdays! Let me know how it was, turning one year younger! Your friend, -Loretta Ostboe Fraser ('55) ~ West Richland, WA - Where it's wind alert until 9pm tonight...yuk! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Derrith Persons Dean ('60WB) Re: More reminders WOW!! Are we having fun or what??? Today! March 30th, Wednesday at 6:30 pm, Sterlings on GWWay, it's our '60 in '05 planning meeting!! We are planning a fun 45th! Then Saturday, April 2nd, our monthly lunch at Three Margaritas on Jadwin in Richland, at 11:30 am! Bombers having fun!!! YES!! Happiness is sharing life!! -Derrith Persons Dean ('60WB) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Judy Willox (Classic Class '61) Re: RHS Journalism Class General FundRaiser Form (Printable form) Robin Morris of Richland High School Sandstorm and RHS Columbian fame is asking for help to get her journalism students to the National High School Journalism Convention in Seattle the first part of next month. Robin and her students are so dedicated that they are giving up part of their spring break to attend this convention and they need our help. This would be a classic Bombers helping Bombers if we could each of us donate, and sponsor a kid, to help with their expenses. Thanks in advance to you out there who help them out. Bomber Cheers, -Judy Willox (Classic Class '61) ~ Richland ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Deedee Willox Loiseau ('64) To: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Hanford As usual, Gary, you found an interesting website and share it with us. Thank you. I spent a bit of time browsing through the article and the links. Interesting reading. -Deedee Willox Loiseau ('64), Burbank, WA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Gene Conley ('48) "Gene Conley: One of a Kind" (Written by Gene's Wife) October 12, 2003 picture of Gene with other members of the Boston Braves -Gary Behymer ('64) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Linda Barott Rodriguez ('71) To: Ken Heminger ('56WB) Bethany Church of West Richland held Easter Sunrise Services on Flattop for many years. It was a sad day when the city sold Flattop and the owner put the fence around the top. It made it very difficult for people to attend, but we had a standing permission slip to have the services, and in the past few years, we had it jointly with a couple of other churches in West Richland. The first year the owner bought the property, they escorted us around to the front of the cross telling us not to step on any flora or vegetation that might get hurt. Next year the fence went up to keep all out and we had to walk around the perimeter to get to the cross. Need I say more. Every year before Easter, Herb Ganz would make sure that the cross was painted. It was wooden for a long time and when someone pushed it over on its side one year, it was then fabricated out of metal. The paint covered up the graffitti some are compelled to scratch on it and made it look nice again for services. There were many years we didn't see the sun at all, and the wind chill bit into you, but it was worth the wait for that Sunday when the sunrise came up over the horizon and it was so beautiful. Vera Edwards, Mayme Brown, and Elvera Stephens took turns playing the old pump organ that they had to transport as far as they could and then carry to the cross. Sad to say Bethany Church held their last services on Feb. 27, 2005 of this year. I hope somebody else will take up the tradition. We also had a pancake breakfast afterward that had carried on for years with Dale Hendrickson, Red Stephens, Bob Barnett, Don Bintliff, Don Forsythe, and the Barott family all taking turns flipping pancakes. If you left hungry it was your own fault as they pushed pancakes until you could eat no more. Friends of Bethany can still find remaining members and charter members and fellow Bombers, Doris Hackney Barott and Elvera Hackney Stephens at Northwest United Protestant Church off Wright in Richland, as we merged with them. It was very hard for us to leave the church we knew for 54 years, but declining membership left us no choice. We feel good about the ministry our little church had for so many years, and trust that God isn't finished with us yet because we know, when he closes a door, he opens a window. -Linda Barott Rodriguez ('71) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/31/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers sent stuff: Jan Bollinger ('60), Judy Willox ('61) Sue Elliott ('62), Donna Bowers ('63) Donni Clark ('63), Jeanie Walsh ('63) Rick Maddy ('67), Stu Osborn ('71) Zorba Manolopoulos ('91) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Tonya Day ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Anita Kolb ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Byrne Haskins ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mary Haskins ('70) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jan Bollinger Persons ('60) Re: Hummers 2005 You've all probably seen the hummer nest that was passed around in 2003. Here is a link to Hummer Nest '05. The camera used this year gives lots more detail. And no mysterious disappearance of one chick! Enjoy! -Jan Bollinger Persons ('60) ~ Spokane - Sunshine today, rain tomorrow, sunshine Friday, rain Saturday, and so on. We keep reminding ourselves that this region really needs the moisture ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Judy Willox (Classic Class '61) Re: RHS Journalism Class General FundRaiser Form (Printable form) Robin Morris of Richland High School Sandstorm and RHS Columbian fame is asking for help to get her journalism students to the National High School Journalism Convention in Seattle the first part of next month. Robin and her students are so dedicated that they are giving up part of their spring break to attend this convention and they need our help. This would be a classic Bombers helping Bombers if we could each of us donate, and sponsor a kid, to help with their expenses. Thanks in advance to you out there who help them out. To: All Bombers Re: Green & Gold, Red & White Taste the wines of renowned vintner Charlie Hoppes at Club 40's Spring wine tasting event! Join us on Saturday, April 23 from 6-9pm at the Hampton Inn, Richland. We'll be pouring wines from Fidelitas, Canon de Sol, Gamache and Gooseridge wineries. Tickets are $25, and include wine, light hors d'oeurves and a silent auction to benefit the Richland High senior graduation party. Tickets are available at the Hampton Inn, or by calling Maggie Shallman at 627-4295. Only a limited number are available, so get yours today! If you are from out of town and want to attend, attached is a form to send in to the address on the form. Bomber Cheers, -Judy Willox (Classic Class '61) ~ Richland - where the weather has been cool, breezy and rainy. But we do need that rain! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Sue Elliott Homan ('62) To: Linda Barott Rodriguez ('71) Re: Bethany Church I'm grateful (and saddened) to read about the recent history of Flattop, Easter sunrise services, and Bethany Church in West Richland. After my parents, Chuck and Zylda Elliott, retired, they moved their church membership from CUP, which had gotten very large, to Bethany. They were living in North Richland by then, and it was handy for them to pop out to West Richland on Sunday mornings. As long at they could, they helped plant flowers and tend the church garden. They loved their little church, and eventually memorial services were held for both of them there. When we kids (myself, Toby ('64), Ellen ('68), and Andy ('71) and our families visited, we usually attended worship services with them - got to at least one Flattop Easter sunrise service, which was bone chillingly cold, but beautiful and memorable. So I thank you, Linda, for bringing back some wonderful memories - it's sad to know Bethany has closed its doors, but for our family and, I'm sure for many others, it was indeed a very special place, with a unique ministry. -Sue Elliott Homan ('62) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Donna Bowers Rice (Gold Medal Class of '63) Dear Sandstorm: To: Bill Berlin ('56) and all you tulip lovers in Bomberland Last year we went to Holland, Michigan for tulip time and the sight of over 1500 people dressed in authentic Dutch costumes dancing in wooden shoes in the middle of the street is truly a sight to behold, but I was surprised and amazed that though they had plenty of fields of varieties of tulips and the only authentic wooden windmill from Holland, they did not have the amount of tulip fields that the Skagit Valley has, let alone the amazing setting Puget Sound and mountain setting. Neither are to be missed on your list of things to do. The people of Holland, MI are all very friendly and quite proud of their celebration. Little children are dressed, even babies with wooden shoes, as well as the only high school marching band that marches in wooden shoes. And you are not far from little seaside villages similar to Puget Sound on lake Michigan - worth the trip! I have not been to Skagit valley in a long time. Do they do anything similar there? Oh, yes, the Dutch in Holland, MI scrub the streets every morning of the celebration. LOVE SPRING!!! -Donna Bowers Rice (Gold Medal Class of '63) ~ St. Louis, MO ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Donni Clark Dunphy (Gold Medal Class of '63) Hi Bombers, I haven't emailed since Jan. lst. but I have been enjoying all the travel logs, history and all the great news when I have a few minutes. Because of the Sandstorm an old, childhood friend and neighbor found me several months ago and he (Kerry Forsythe ('64) and his lovely wife Paula came and had dinner. We found out we didn't live too far apart. Kerry was the one I found polliwogs with in the swamp, rode down the hill with no hands and sometimes no feet too on our bikes, played cowboys and Indians and pirates with, climbed trees, played on tire swings in the back pastures, played Hide and Go Seek and Truth and Dare on those warm summer nights, sledded down the hills and played snow games and many other childhood pastimes. We had a great time reliving some of the old memories and having our own little reunion. I have some wonderful news and some sad news. The wonderful news is that my daughter and her husband as of last week received two new little children into their home. They are the ones who lost the little baby "Emmy" who went back to her birth mom. We still hurt over loosing Emmy but now we have two dear new little ones to love. The little girl will be three next week and the little boy turned one in December. Both parents have turned over their rights and this looks like it will turn out more promising for adoption. Please pray all will turn out well and that they will be able to adopt. The sad news is that my Dad has been put on Hospice and today they told me he may only have 2 to 3 days to live. Re: Bethany Church in West Richland I went to Bethany for about 4 years before my mom got her license and could get the car to drive in town to the Lutheran Church. Bethany is where I first heard about Jesus and asked him into my heart when I was a little girl. I still have my 4 Sunday School Pins from those years. I have some wonderful memories of Bethany. I still remember the potluck dinners in the basement, the weddings we attended there and my sister was baptized there. I remember the little stairway that went up from the basement to the back of the altar and that is where we would always get the giggles and have to whisper when we were waiting to go on as angels. I remember the time Carol Logston ('63) and I were suppose to sing a duet and we got the giggles so hard that we just had to sit down. We couldn't finish our piece. Elvera and Red Stevens were a big part of my life. They lived just a few houses over from me and I started babysitting all their kids when I was about l2. They were some of the most fun-loving and kindest people I ever knew. And yes I remember the cross on the hill. I even wrote a poem about it several years ago. Whenever anyone went out to West Richland, they couldn't miss the cross on the hill. Gee, didn't anyone ever eat at the Mexican Inn? -Donni Clark Dunphy (Gold Medal Class of '63) ~ La Mirada, CA - where we have had an unusually clear and cool spring. Everything is green and the flowers are all in bloom! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jeanie Walsh Williamson (Gold Medal Class of '63) Happy Birthday Linda Belliston ('63)...... It's been many many a year since we shared birthdays. Living next door to you in the "B" house on Hunt Street, walking to Chief Jo... wow how the years go by fast.. I hope they are good to you and Dick and that retirement is a "good thing"... -Jeanie Walsh Williamson (Gold Medal Class of '63) ~ Simi Valley CA - Home of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, where the Santa Ana's are a blowin' this morning ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Rick Maddy ('67) Re: The Cross on the hill To: Linda Barott Rodriguez ('71) We talk of prayer and the Christian (I assume) God in the Sandstorm and the benefits and manifestations of this power quite often. I have yet seen a post that says it is offensive (Marens prerogative whether it is or isn't posted). The cross on West Richland's Flattop was certainly an icon for many of us for many years. I'm not sure what the non-Christian Bomber religious or non-religious sects (i.e., Muslim, Jew, agnostic, atheist) think or feel about the cross on the hill. Never hear from them. We now live in a different America from the one even as far back as a quarter Century ago. A new generation of politics, thinkers, immigrants and religious backgrounds. I believe the America we now live in is one leaning more and more toward what our Founding Father's agreed on in our Constitutional Amendments. At least the part on religion. Whether they did it purposely or by folly I have not a clue, nevertheless... West Richland most likely would have had to remove the cross anyway. The new owner can do with the cross what he pleases on his private property... to a point. I hope it stays for icon purposes alone because it was always a welcome sight coming into town from that direction - I speak for myself. The separation of Church and State. Although our Christian majority America has a hard time swallowing what non-Christian American's perceive as impious irreverence, a snub, a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, or less than, to their religious icons while Christendom adorns government property (i.e., Nativity scene in the park, Ten Commandments in granite on/in government buildings, White House Christmas tree, a white cross on city property, etc. etc.), the following generations will not have any problem seeing that positive change is a good thing... at least some of the time. For example, our first seventeen Christian presidents owned slaves and government eventually removed this problem in the courts after the mores of those times culminated into a long, bloody, five year war. America, now more than ever, is a melting pot of Race, Creed, Color and RELIGIONS (plural) coming from every corner on earth. Slavery is an aberration most Americans consider abhorrent to the degree of disbelief it ever happened in this country to begin with. At least in it's measure of cruelty in comparison to what some think of as the American white collar slavery of today. Christian services on city land under a Christian cross without permit, if such permit exists, is just such an instance of recent change in our troubled country. All religions in this country are going to worship freely without persecution as they have in the past, but on their tax exempt property... not on the property of the government (a.k.a. United States of America, the State, Union, Federal, state, city, we the people, us). At least not without that permit. I imagine it is a bitter pill to swallow for most. Tradition is something we all cherish and sometimes does not go away peacefully. Nevertheless, just like the immigrants coming to America today from all over the world as we did, by the third generation they will be as American as the rest of us in our forever changing democratic society and they will speak English... articulation may be another matter, particularly in Tennessee. And many of us will be long gone as will be the crosses on the hills owned by the cities. -Rick Maddy ('67) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Stu Osborn ('71) Re: Hodaka Days in June - need bike trailer Fall to Spring transition! Ahhh...!!! Time to think about going motorcycle riding... Do any of the Bombers on this forum own a motorcycle trailer they would like to sell? A three-railer would be just fine. Hodaka Days in Athena, OR is coming up on June 24, 25 and 26. Would love to find one before then. -Stu Osborn ('71) - ('73 Wombat 125 - '71 Ace 100B+ - '67 Ace 90) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Zorba Manolopoulos ('91) Re: RHS Alumni Tournament - Female Players I have been working with Katie Snowhite ('89) on trying to get more women to play in the tournament this summer. However, it has proved to be difficult to locate former female alumni since often they change their last name. If you know of some female alumni who would like to play basketball, please email me and let me know. Tournament info at If you have any questions, let me know. -Zorba Manolopoulos ('91) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for the month. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` February, 2005 ~ April, 2005