Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/28/05
6 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber funeral notice today: 
Judy Cameron ('60), Jay Siegel ('61)
Judy Willox ('61), Roger Gress ('61)
Jo Clark ('67), Scott Bristol ('75)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: 03/28 Jay Siegel ('61)

BOMBER LUNCH Today: 1940's Ladies & Spouses

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>>From: Judy Cameron Ayers ('60)

Re: Jefferson School Reunion
    Just want to share a special time we had here in Phoenix getting
together with old classmates from Jefferson Grade School. A few weeks ago
I got an email from David Shaw, who was in grade school with me and took
me on a "date" to the movies back in fourth grade. Do any of you from
Jefferson School remember him? He was in Jefferson from Kindergarten to
6th grade. His Dad was the head of the Hanford Project and he lived here
until the end of his 7th grade (Chief Jo) and then moved to Washington
D.C. never to be seen again. He found my email address on the Richland
Bomber site and wrote to me that he had found some old pictures of grade
school days and was just wondering where I was. As it turned out we both
are here in Phoenix so we got together for lunch. It has only been 50
years since we have seen each other! We had a great time reminiscing over
all the class pictures we both brought to the lunch. 
    David was also very good friends with Jim Walton and Tom Hunt as 
well as my best friend in grade school, Lynn Wolte. Do any of you from
Jefferson remember Lynn Wolte? She also moved away in 7th grade. So I
emailed Jim (he lives in Jackson Hole now) and Lynn (she now lives in
Charlotte, NC) to let them know about my getting together with David
after all these years. Jim wrote that he was coming to Phoenix March 12-
19th to visit his grandkids and would like to get together with us. Lynn
wrote back and said she already had planned a trip to Phoenix and was
coming to Phoenix March 13-22 and would very much like to get together
with us. I could not believe that we were all going to be here the same
week so we set up a dinner date on March 16th in Scottsdale and Jim wrote
to me that Tom Hunt was coming also from Portland! What are the chances
of that ever happening again????? Jim and Tom also knew Lynn very well in
grade school. In fact in 4th grade Jim and Tom tried to climb in Lynn's
bedroom window one day after school and Lynn's mother hit Jim over the
head with a baseball bat!
    For Lynn and David, it had been 50 years since they had seen Jim and
Tom. I have sent a group picture of our gathering to the Sandstorm but 
I don't know where it will be posted. It was such a highlight to see
everyone again and reminisce and laugh over our times together at such a
tender young age. Those memories are with us forever. The names of kids
fell out of our mouths so easily even after 50 years. Incredible! I will
submit the Jefferson Grade School pictures to the Sandstorm that the 5 
of us have pieced together with the names of most of the kids as soon 
as I can. David, as well as the rest of us were most grateful for this
gathering... a kind of piecing together of a very nice time of our lives.
For all of these years after leaving Richland, it was Lynn's wish to see
Tom and Jim again and somehow it all came together after 50 years! A
great time, for sure!

-Judy Cameron Ayers ('60)
>>From: Jay Siegel ('61)

Re: Sunrise Services
    As I was driving to sunrise service this morning, my mind drifted
back 40 - some-odd years to sunrise services at the Bomber Bowl and 
how effective it was to sit on the west side and watch the sun come up
across the skyline directly in front of the stands. Aside from some
great memories that accompanied the original one a question came to 
mind - "Do they still have the sunrise services there?"

-Jay Siegel (Classic Class of '61)
>>From: Judy Willox (Classic Class '61)

Re: RHS Journalism Class General FundRaiser Form (Printable form)
    Robin Morris of Richland High School Sandstorm and RHS Columbian fame
is asking for help to get her journalism students to the National High
School Journalism Convention in Seattle the first part of next month.
Robin and her students are so dedicated that they are giving up part of
their spring break to attend this convention and they need our help. This
would be a classic Bombers helping Bombers if we could each of us donate,
and sponsor a kid, to help with their expenses. Thanks in advance to you
out there who help them out. 

To: All Bombers
Re: Green & Gold, Red & White
    Taste the wines of renowned vintner Charlie Hoppes at Club 40's
Spring wine tasting event! Join us on Saturday, April 23 from 6-9pm at
the Hampton Inn, Richland. We'll be pouring wines from Fidelitas, Canon
de Sol, Gamache and Gooseridge wineries. Tickets are $25, and include
wine, light hors d'oeurves and a silent auction to benefit the Richland
High senior graduation party. Tickets are available at the Hampton Inn,
or by calling Maggie Shallman at 627-4295. Only a limited number are
available, so get yours today!

Bomber Cheers,
-Judy Willox (Classic Class '61) ~ Richland
>>From: Roger Gress (Classic Class of '61)
Happy Birthday to Jay Siegel (Classic Class of '61).
-Roger Gress (Classic Class of '61)
>>From: Jo Clark Donahoo ('67)

    I spent last week reviewing Richland School District's National 
School Lunch Program to determine compliance with state and federal 
regulations. What a trip down memory lane. I was pleased to discover 
that after all these years they're still serving Chili and Cinnamon 
  Richland School District Chili Recipe
  Richland School District Cinnamon Rolls Recipe
    When I talked to the kids, Chili and Cinnamon Rolls was frequently
named as the favorite lunch along with Cheese Zoombies (these came after
my time but I tried one while I was there and it was good).
    And, as I remembered, the cooks are great.

-Jo Clark Donahoo ('67)
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>>From: Scott Bristol ('75)


-Scott Bristol ('75)
Funeral Notice scanned from the TCHerald
by Shirley Collings Haskins ('66)

>>  Nancy Luther Arbuckle ('49) ~ 12/27/30 - 3/25/05
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