Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/26/05
9 Bombers sent stuff: 
Betty Hiser ('49), Bob Harman ('51)
Joan Eckert ('51), Lois Weyerts ('56)
Virginia Eckert ('58), Deedee Willox ('64)
Betti Avant ('69), Zorba Manolopoulos ('91)
Heidi Davis ('00)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jon McDougal ('64)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Twins: Dale and Gale Gunter ('69)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jeffrey Suchland ('90)

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>>From: Betty Hiser Gulley ('49)

Just a note to wish everyone a very nice Easter.

For those of you in the class of '49 - my friend Pat Monroe Old is in
town. She married and Englishmen and is visiting from England.

My last mammogram did not please the radiologist and I have to see a
cancer doctor for a biopsy. Hope everything is OK as I have had breast
cancer twice. Don't like the sounds of three strikes and you are out.
Wish me luck.

-Betty Hiser Gulley - 49er - south/government Richland. Still very cool 
       nights and sunny days. Spits of rain are helping but not too much. 
>>From: Bob Harman ('51)

To: Jim Grow ('51)
    Don't soil the good name of the sweet little girl of which you speak
by implying that anything bad happened in the cherry orchard!! Joan was,
and still is, a sweet lady and is still as beautiful as you remember. 
She has been at a few of our class reunions and is probably reading this
message. If you had read more closely you would have noticed that we went
to the cherry orchard after she went on my paper route with me. We just
visited and we were, and I hope still are, like brother and sister. 
By the way, I did kiss her once at our graduation! Again, it was a
brotherly/sisterly kiss. I will admit that I was a bit jealous of Bob
Johnson who had her attention for some time. I had the attention of his
sister, Suzie, who was also a beautiful girl, and a blonde to boot. You
might know her as Suzie Haney.

-Bob Harman ('51)
>>From: Joan Eckert Sullens ('51)

To: Jim Grow ('51)
    I've read that the mind can falter as one ages. Your memories re the 
older sister of Jinnie Eckert prove the point!
    Number one, she definitely did have a crush on you. But you were into
a more or less self destruct mode at the time. One reminder should bring
it all back. Remember tossing beer bottles on the sidewalk in front of
her house to get her attention? That might have had something to do with
her father being not too fond of you.
    Bob Harman ('51) doesn't deserve your snide remarks! Theirs was an 
innocent friendship based on shared interests including cherry trees! 
    Crossword puzzles and bridge are thought to be great brain 
de-fuzzers, Jamy.

-Joan Eckert Sullens ('51)
>>From: Lois Weyerts Harrold ('56)

Re: '56 Ladies Lunch
 The ladies of the class of '56 will have their April luncheon on
Wednesday, April 6, at the home of Carol Kibler Payne Kerlee ('56) at
11:00 for visiting and 12:00 for eating lunch. Please email Lois Weyerts
Harrold at by March 31 if you plan to attend. Carol
needs a head count to plan on seating. Food is provided so just come and
enjoy the company. We always have a wonderful time and would love to
welcome some new people. The luncheon is in Richland, the home of the
great Bombers! I will give you her address when you email me.

Re: '56 in '06 - 5oth Reunion
    We've heard from several of our 1956 classmates with the information
that we requested so that we can get ready for our 50th reunion that will
be happening in 2006. If we haven't heard from you yet, please send us
your Name (maiden if applicable) and your spouse's full name and year he
or she graduated if a Bomber. Your current address (summer and winter if
applicable). Your phone number. Your email address if you have one.
Please be sure to contact us if any of your information changes before
our reunion so that we can have a way to send information to you. Thanks. 
Send the information to Lois Weyerts Harrold at the email address

-Lois Weyerts Harrold ('56) ~ in chilly Richland but there are signs of 
                     spring everywhere!
>>From: Virginia "Jinnie" Eckert Stephens ('58)

Hey Sis, are you going to answer Jim Grow or should I????

-Virginia "Jinnie" Eckert Stephens ('58)
>>From: Judy Willox ('61)

Re: RHS Journalism Class General FundRaiser Form (Printable form)
    Robin Morris of Richland High School Sandstorm and RHS Columbian fame
is asking for help to get her journalism students to the National High
School Journalism Convention in Seattle the first part of next month.
Robin and her students are so dedicated that they are giving up part of
their spring break to attend this convention and they need our help. This
would be a classic Bombers helping Bombers if we could each of us donate,
and sponsor a kid, to help with their expenses. Thanks in advance to you
out there who help them out. 

-Judy Willox ('61)
>>From: Deedee Willox Loiseau ('64)

Re: Old Friends
    I just got back from spending several days with my dear friend, 
Dena Evans ('64). I want to thank you, Gary and Maren, for the Alumni 
Sandstorm. It's because of you that Dena and I were re-connected after 
37 years. We had a great visit. It was like we had never been separated
all those years. I took my camera, but we were having so much fun, we 
forgot to take pictures. Oh well, next time (and I can hardly wait).

-Deedee Willox Loiseau ('64) ~ Burbank, WA
           PS: Pappy, are you there
>>From: Betti Avant ('69)

    I'd like to wish all of you a lovely Easter. I guess we are due for 
rain all day. Yesterday (Th.) it even hailed enough to cover the ground 
in white for a bit. Luckily my car is under a carport so no dings. I'm 
glad the surprise party for Mrs. Edwards was a success.
    I'll second the idea that one must keep up on their health 
screenings. I work in the medical profession and can attest to its 
positiveness. I myself am scheduled for the dreaded colonoscopy in a 
couple of weeks.

Bomber good wishes to all,
-Betti Avant ('69) ~ Eugene, OR
>>From: Zorba Manolopoulos ('91)

Just a reminder that Early registration for the (3on3 - 5on5) basketball
tournament ends on March 31.

If you didn't receive an application in the mail, don't worry I 
probably just don't have your address. If you would like to receive 
an application, email and let me know and I can send one out.

Or, you can also register at

If you have any questions, let me know. 

-Zorba Manolopoulos ('91)
>>From: Heidi Davis Mortensen ('00)

Happy birthday to Karen Davis! We love you!

-Heidi Davis Mortensen ('00)
That's it for today. Please send more.