Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/22/05
13 Bombers sent stuff: 
Jim McKeown ('53), Ray Wells ('54)
Terri Royce ('56), James "Skip" Hutton ('57WB)
Denny McDaniel ('60), Larry Mattingly ('60)
Patti Jones ('60), Judy Willox ('61)
Roger Gress ('61), John Campbell ('63)
Maren Smyth ('63 & '64), John Zimmer ('66)
Pam Ehinger ('67)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mike Rice ('60)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jeanie Crigler ('62)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Nina Jones ('65)

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>>From: Jim McKeown ('53)

Re: Darlene Card McKeown ('54)
    I would like to thank everyone for the unbelievable response on
Darlene's condition. I copied everyone's messages and showed them to Tom
('53). He was blown away. Darlene has made a remarkable recovery that, at
the moment, has the doctors shaking their heads. She started to recover
mid week last week, and was taken off of life support on Thursday. Friday 
she was sitting up in bed and since then is communicating with a whisper. 
Her lungs will never be the same, and she may have to have oxygen all the 
time, but even that has not been determined. The best news is that she 
goes home tomorrow... yeah, I know, unbelievable.
    For those who asked how to contact Tom: his address is [deleted for
Tom's privacy. Email Jim for Tom's address and phone number.    -Maren].
Tom thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers.

-Jim McKeown ('53)
>>From: Ray Wells ('54)

This is for Burt Pierard ('59)
     I don't know where this fits in your research on POWs, but when I
was in grade school (Marcus Whitman) my friend Donald Young and I used to
ride our bicycles out to the cherry orchard which used to be located in
or around where Jason Lee Elementary School was eventually built, to pick
and eat ripe Bing Cherries. On several occasions, when we were gorging
ourselves with cherries, we saw groups of prisoners in black and white
striped prison garb, accompanied by armed guards, while they performed
agricultural maintenance.
    We didn't get close enough to hear them speak so we couldn't say we
heard any foreign speech, but my father told us these were German and
Italian POWs. The scuttlebutt was that they were based at Columbia Camp,
but I cannot say that this is a fact..

Bomber Cheers,
-Ray Wells ('54) ~ Richland
>>From: Terri Royce Weiner ('56)

To: Hazel Morgan Latal ('52)
Hi Hazel -- you must have a new e-mail address. Let me know what it is 
and I'll answer your last message. Thanks so much.

-Terri Royce Weiner ('56) ~ Seattle -- where the rain and wind makes 
                         golfing a breeze
From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook.
>>From: James "Skip" Hutton
Class Year: '57 would have been

COMMENTS: Left in '55 due to father's death. Have lived in Moses Lake
since retiring from the Air Force in '79. Came across website thru a
friend here in town. Awesome website keep up the good work.

-James "Skip" Hutton ('57WB)
>>From: Denny McDaniel ('60)

    Artie McDaniel's ('51) wife, Sherry, passed away on Saturday, March
19, 2005, after a long illness. Our prayers go out to him and his family.
Hang in there, bro.

-Denny McDaniel ('60)
>>From: Larry Mattingly ('60)

Re: Brad Upton ('74)
   Friday night I took a half dozen of my pyro friends to the Tacoma
Comedy Underground to see Brad. It was easy for them to see why he is 
a headliner at Vegas and on cruise boats. He is a genuinely funny guy.
Laughter was almost continuous. I have seen him 3 times now over the last
couple of years. He is more polished each time. Great job, Brad. One of 
my friends was totally impressed when Brad recognized me and we had a
moment's chat after the show. What a pleasure it is to see a home town
Bomber doing so well.

"Happiness is the sky in bloom"
-J Larry Mattingly ('60) ~ From home So of Tacoma where I dodged rain 
                          showers to work in the yard today.
>>From: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60)

To: Greg Alley ('73)
    I do agree with you that the attendance was low for the "Bringing
Down the House" party. The fun was still had for those in attendance.
    A lot of us were gathering in the boys/girl gym (depends on when 
you graduated). Not sure who it was but someone said, "Let's make the
bleachers thunder for the last time". It didn't take long for a bunch of
us to jump up on the bleacher seats. Within a minute we had the bleachers
singing their ode to Columbia High. Everyone was laughing. As the beat
slowed down no one wanted it to end. The stomping began again. Even when
the bleachers returned to norm everyone was beaming. Camera popping. A
few pictures were taken by a Bomber. Whoever took them please send them
into the Sandstorm. 
    The class of '60 had a good turn out for the event. The music by
"Kingsmen" kept lots of dancing going for a couple of hours. No one
seemed to be in a hurry to leave when the "Kingsmen" finished with
"Louie, Louie". Four or five of us ladies didn't have a male to dance
with so did the '50's way dancing the fast songs together. John Zimmer
('66) showed up from his security position watching over the pictures 
in the girls/boys gym, glad to find some ladies to dance with. 
    Wouldn't have missed the last thunder of the bleachers for the world
or the whole party. 
    Where were you dj Jeff Michael ('65)? If you're doing your dj stuff 
in the Tri-City area, could you let me know? Some of us are looking for 
a good place, with good music to dance. Or if anyone does know of a good
place please let me know?
Bombers Have Fun
-Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) ~ Surprise visit from daughter, Kimberly,
       yesterday gave some good laughs. She drove over for the first time 
       from Western Washington to visit since I came here. When she was 
       about 11 miles out of Richland I started talking with her on her 
       cell phone to guide her to the house. As she turned off of the 
       Bypass (she came from the Vantage area) she kept saying to me 
       "Mom, you live in the middle of nowhere." She walked in the house 
       saying "You live in the middle of nowhere. Guess West Richland is 
       in the middle of nowhere." These were weird words from my Kimberly 
       who had been in Richland numerous times in 38 years. What I know 
       the most is I am only six miles to the heart of Richland. Loving 
       every minute of it.
>>From: Judy Willox ('61)

Re: RHS Journalism Class fundraiser this week at Barnes & Noble
    This voucher can be printed and used at Barnes & Nobel for the valid
dates. If customers use the voucher when making purchases at the Columbia
Center Mall Barnes & Noble between March 18th and March 25th, 2005, the
RHS Journalism will receive a percentage of those sales. Any funds raised
will be used to help subsidize the cost of Journalism students attending
this year's National convention that is being held in Seattle this
Spring. The convention will be a great skill building event for our
journalism students.

Re: RHS Journalism Class General FundRaiser Form (Printable form)
    Robin Morris of Richland High School Sandstorm and RHS Columbian fame
is asking for help to get her journalism students to the National High
School Journalism Convention in Seattle the first part of next month.
Robin and her students are so dedicated that they are giving up part of
their spring break to attend this convention and they need our help. This
would be a classic Bombers helping Bombers if we could each of us donate,
and sponsor a kid, to help with their expenses. Thanks in advance to you
out there who help them out.

-Judy Willox ('61)
>>From: Roger Gress (Classic Class of '61)
    I just wanted to let everyone know about one of our famous Bombers. 
Loreen Muhlestein Bliss ('89) is an up and coming country singer and has 
a CD. She is really good and has her own web site and you can check out 
her singing.
    Check her out and buy her CD.

-Roger Gress (Classic Class of '61)
[I second the motion, Roger.  Loreen's CD is great.    -Maren]
>>From: John Campbell ('63)

Re: Bringing Down the House
    I am echoing Greg Alley's ('73) remarks about the poor attendance at
the event. It takes a lot of volunteer work to put something on like
this. I was pleased that they had tables and chairs, so we old folks
could sit down after exhausting ourselves on the dance floor (which
didn't take long). Marilyn and I had a good time with my sister, Jo ('57),
and her husband Gary Hinkle ('56). Don and Lila Brackenbush ('63), and 
Don's sister Rita ('60), his brother Larry ('58) and their spouses also 
attended. It would have been nice to have it in the old gym, given the 
attendance. We all enjoyed the table displays. We came down from Seattle 
to support this. It would be nice if more alums who live in the area 
could support these events too. Perhaps they were attending what might 
have been the last Tri-City American hockey game. Oh, and it was fun 
looking at all the old Bomber athletic stuff being sold by the girl's 
soccer team.

-John Campbell ('63)
>>From: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64)

Re: Iditarod Update - Checkpoint #27 - Nome
    #1 Robert Sorlie ~ Time: 9:18:39:31 with 8 dogs
Sorlie's first Price was $72,066.67 plus a truck worth (I think) $40,000. and/or

78 mushers started
16 scratched
63 finished

#63 RED LANTERN - Phil Morgan - Time: 15:06:02:57 with 8 dogs

With Phil Morgan's arrival in Nome, that concludes the 2005 Iditarod.

A story told at the post-race banquet:
    Martin Buser told about a moment at Rohn when his recently amputated
right middle finger was swollen and painful. He asked a race veterinarian
to cut some dead skin and nerve endings off, only to hear Rick Swenson's
gravelly voice bark out, "Why don't you take the other two off!"
Offended, Buser shot back that he was already hurting enough, thanks. As
he looked in Swenson's direction, though, he realized his competitor was
talking to one of his dogs, who'd managed to pull two of its booties off.
The pair burst out laughing.

Bomber Cheers,
-Maren Smyth ('64 & '64) ~ Gretna, LA
>>From: John Zimmer ('66)

Re: Bringing Down The House
    Just a short note to let all Bombers that could not make it
Saturday... You all missed a great time. For starters, Judy Willox ('61)
and Nick Nelson ('56) did a fantastic job putting together the "Club 40"
room. So much work and attention to detail so all the visitors could get 
to enjoy all the nostalgia. And the main gym, what can I say. Kim Oates 
and all her volunteers came up with an event that everyone in attendance 
will talk about for quite some time.
    The first band, The Mudsharks, got the party going with some great 
dancing music and thenů..THE KINGSMEN..... they definitely brought the 
house down. There were lots of pictures taken, food eaten and I'm sure 
some pretty sore feet with all the dancing. Even Kim hustled up some 
extra energy (I don't know how she possibly could) and busted some pretty 
good moves on the dance floor. Thanks again to Judy, Nick, Kim and all 
the volunteers for a memorable evening.

-John Zimmer ('66) ~ Back home in windy, rainy Tacoma
>>From: Pam Ehinger ('67)

Re: Bringing Down The House
    Yes it was poorly attended. But I was told there were 700 tickets
sold. Sorry that they didn't show up! It was great time! Don Andrews ('67)
drove from Vancouver, WA to be there! There was lot of Bomber things to
buy! Don bought 5 (or was it 7?) Bomber golf bags! He thought he'd died 
and gone to heaven! He only paid $5 each! Now that is a bargain! The only
other one I saw from the class of '67 was Steve Shockley, we visited for
a bit re our next '67 Class Reunion! (Hey guys and gals of the class '67
this will be our 40th!! Let's do her up right!) There was John Zimmer ('66)
and of course Judy Willox ('61) and Nick Nelson ('56). The girls' gym had 
some really cool stuff in there to look at and to remember! Thank you to 
all who helped put this dance together! It was a lot of fun! What I would 
like to know is where were all the Bombers who live in  town?? We who had 
to drive several hours to get there were there! Where were you? Missed a 
great time!

Bombers Rule
-Pam Ehinger (The Blue Ribbon Class of '67)
       P.S. Marcia Wade ('67) please send me an email ASAP!
That's it for today. Please send more.