Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/19/05
6 Bombers sent stuff: 
Dave Rhodes ('52WB), Judy Willox ('61)
Dave Hanthorn ('63), Maren Smyth ('63 & '64)
David Nelson ('68), Steve Piippo ('70)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Cheryl Raekes ('74)

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>>From: Dave Rhodes ('52WB)

Re: A bomber death
    I received an email from Dorothy Hinson letting me know that 
Her husband and my long time friend Hugh ('52) passed away at 2pm 
in Tacoma, WA on March 17.

-Dave Rhodes ('52WB)
>>From: Judy Willox ('61)

Re: "Bringing Down the House" Party
To: All Bombers Attending the "Bringing Down the House" Party
    The Boosters have arranged to have Ben Franklin Transit run a shuttle
from the Fran Rish Stadium parking lot and Carmichael's parking lot
because of the limited parking at RHS due to the remodeling. Do
yourselves a favor and take it, cause having been at the school a great
deal this year, I can tell you it is not easy to park there. A big
resounding "Thank-You" to the Boosters for providing this.
    For those of you who have not gotten your tickets to this party,
don't delay! The party is this weekend and don't miss your chance to
spend a great evening with The Kingsmen and your Bomber family. It
promises to be an evening of sheer fun and delight. See you all there!

Re: RHS Journalism Class fundraiser this week at Barnes & Noble
    This voucher can be printed and used at Barnes & Nobel for the valid
dates. If customers use the voucher when making purchases at the Columbia
Center Mall Barnes & Noble between March 18th and March 25th, 2005, the
RHS Journalism will receive a percentage of those sales. Any funds raised
will be used to help subsidize the cost of Journalism students attending
this year's National convention that is being held in Seattle this
Spring. The convention will be a great skill building event for our
journalism students.

-Judy Willox ('61)
>>From: Dave Hanthorn ('63)

To: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64)
Re: Iditarod and family trees
    So Maren, is Ramey Smyth (finished 20th) like a long lost cousin of 
yours or something?    [No. No relation.   -Maren]
    And are you related to the semi-famous "Smyth, not Smith, the 
Smoother Movers" out of Spokane?  (I don't know why I never asked you or 
Tim ('62) this one when we were kids, I've often wondered about it.)
[Nope. Not related to the Smoother Movers, either.    -Maren]
And here's a belated "Happy St. Patrick's Day" to all you Bomber Irish
and Irish WBs. I found out a few years ago that Hanthorn is an Irish
name, not English as I had always thought. So now I have Irish on both
sides of my family. That must explain something, although I'm not sure
exactly what. *grin*

Bomber Cheers,
-Dave Hanthorn ('63) ~ from sunny Mercer Island, WA - where after one day 
       of rain we have returned to our beautiful El Nino weather.
>>From: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64)

Re: Iditarod Update - Checkpoint #27 - Nome
    Robert Sorlie finished in 9 Days 18 Hrs 39 Min 31 Sec with 8 dogs and/or

78 mushers started
16 (so far) have scratched
31 finished on 3/l6 and 3/17
#32 thru #47 finished yesterday

32 Gerald Sousa
33 Mark Stamm
34 Cim Smyth (no relation)
35 Gregg Hickman
36 Mike Williams
37 Trine Lyrek
38 Sebastian Schnuelle
39 Robert Bundtzen
40 Jim Lanier
41 Michael Salvisberg
42 Bill Pinkham
43 Ed Stielstra
44 Judy Currier
45 Aaron Peck
46 Kelley Griffin
47 Bill Steyer

Red Lantern (#63) this year currently occupied by Perry Solmonson and 
he's between checkpoint #22 Koyuk and #23 Elim.

I'll give reports until all mushers have crossed the finish line in Nome.

Stay tuned... 

Bomber Cheers,
-Maren Smyth ('64 & '64) ~ Gretna, LA
>>From: David Nelson ('68)

    Ron Brightman ('68-RIP), passed away March 12th, 2005, of acute
illness at the age of 54. Many of you may remember him as the drummer of
the popular Morning After band of our high school days. He also played
with Minas Tirith, a Kennewick band featuring Ann and Linda Colby (now of
Nashville), and as the second drummer for the nationally popular "local"
band, Applejack. He will be remembered for this zany humor, great
impressions, and love of the 1960's regional northwest bands such as
Merrilee Rush, Don and the Good times, and the Sonics.
-David Nelson ('68)
>>From: Steve Piippo ('70)

To: Dick Cartmell/Leon Rice 73

    While everyone knows Dick Cartmell ('73) can blow a whistle, he has
also excelled at parenting. I am enjoying the privilege to teach his
oldest son Ben Cartmell and also have Ben as a TA this school year. Ben
is a first class kid, excellent student, role model, creative and enjoys
a good sense of humor. Just yesterday Ben explained... how he can hit a
golf ball 350 yards and find the golf ball located center of the fairway,
every time. Kids like Ben Cartmell make the 30th and last year special
here in RHS.

-Steve Piippo ('70)
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