Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/16/05
8 Bombers sent stuff: 
Carol Horstman ('53), Judy Willox ('61)
Maren Smyth ('63 & '64), Gary Behymer ('64)
Paula Jill Lyons ('64), Linda Reining ('64)
Mary Jane Smith ('70), Brad Wear ('71)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Hazel Morgan ('52)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Debra Anne Crane ('71)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Tami Lyons ('76)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Rhonda Miller ('78)

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>>From: Carol Horstman Massey ('53)

To: Jim McKeown ('53)
    I was very sorry to hear about Tom's ('53) wife. Please tell Tom that
my thoughts and prayers are with him. I myself smoked for many years and
gave it up four years ago, and feel much better for doing so, Tell
Darlene ('54) that when she gets better and I know she will to please
give up the smoking.  Keep us posted on how she is doing.

Your Friend and Classmate 
-Carol Horstman Massey ('53)
>>From: Judy Willox ('61)

Re: "Bringing Down the House" Party
To: All Bombers Attending the "Bringing Down the House" Party
   The Boosters have arranged to have Ben Franklin Transit run a shuttle
from the Fran Rish Stadium parking lot and Carmichael's parking lot
because of the limited parking at RHS due to the remodeling. Do
yourselves a favor and take it, cause having been at the school a great
deal this year, I can tell you it is not easy to park there. A big
resounding "Thank-You" to the Boosters for providing this.
   For those of you who have not gotten your tickets to this party,
don't delay! The party is this weekend and don't miss your chance to
spend a great evening with The Kingsmen and your Bomber family. It
promises to be an evening of sheer fun and delight. See you all there! 

Re: RHS Journalism Class FundRaiser this week at Barnes & Noble
    This voucher can be printed and used at Barnes & Nobel for the valid
dates. If customers use the voucher when making purchases at the Columbia
Center Mall Barnes & Noble between March 18th and March 25th, 2005, the
RHS Journalism will receive a percentage of those sales. Any funds raised
will be used to help subsidize the cost of Journalism students attending
this year's National convention that is being held in Seattle this
Spring. The convention will be a great skill building event for our
journalism students.

Re: RHS Journalism Class General FundRaiser Form (Printable form)
Maren - Can you run this about every other day from here until the 31st 
of this month? 
    Robin Morris of Richland High School Sandstorm and RHS Columbian fame
is asking for help to get her journalism students to the National High
School Journalism Convention in Seattle the first part of next month.
Robin and her students are so dedicated that they are giving up part of
their spring break to attend this convention and they need our help. This
would be a classic Bombers helping Bombers if we could each of us donate,
and sponsor a kid, to help with their expenses. Thanks in advance to you
out there who help them out. 

-Judy Willox (Classic Class of '61) ~ Richland ~ beautiful, beautiful weather
>>From: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64)

Re: Iditarod Update - Checkpoint #25 (of 27) - White Mountain and/or

#1 Sorlie left at White Mountain at 8:59pm AKST on 3/15 with 8 dogs

Sorlie is poised to be a two-time Iditarod Champion (he was first in
2003). He's hours ahead of anybody "chasing" him. Barring any unforeseen
circumstances, he should arrive in Nome *roughly* 9 hours after he
departed White Mountain (6am AKST - give or take). If you go to there's a link there to watch the web cam 
that they have set up in Nome. The link should be active as soon as 
somebody gets close to Nome (around 9am Central Time for me). If you're 
reading this early enough, you might even be able to see Sorlie cross 
the finish line on the internet!!

Top Fifteen as of 12:49:59am AKST 3/16/05
  1 Robert Sørlie
  2 Ed Iten
  3 Mitch Seavey
  4 Ramy Brooks
  5 Bjørnar Andersen
  6 John Baker
  7 Paul Gebhardt
  8 Lance Mackey
  9 Jessie Royer
 10 Jeff King
 11 DeeDee Jonrowe
 12 Martin Buser
 13 Aliy Zirkle
 14 Doug Swingley
 15 Tyrell Seavey (son of #3 Mitch Seavey)

The weather along the route where the leaders are has had planes and snow
machines (with race officials, media, and checkpoint vets) socked in. The
best way to get to Nome is by dog sled - as it was in 1925. The Iditarod
commemorates a desperate race to save the lives of hundreds of children
in Nome in 1925. Mushers ran legs of trail from  Nenana, each handing off
a package of diphtheria serum to the next. The serum arrived safely, and
was used to inoculate residents here against the life-threatening

The team in front now can change in a heartbeat... but it probably won't.
Stay tuned...

Bomber Cheers,
-Maren Smyth ('64 & '64) ~ Gretna, LA
>>From: Gary Behymer ('64)

Re: More on Palouse Photos
To: Joe Ford ('63) & all who contacted me on the beauty hereof...
    You're familiar with the 'left brain' 'right brain' studies...
whatever side might be the artistic is NOT me... I'm a 'bean counter'...
a black or white type.  Michael Furner ('68) is the artist on those
    The following link takes you to more photos by him!
  Works by photoimagery 
-Gary Behymer ('64) ...somewhere in downtown Colfax 'counting beans'.
>>From: Paula Jill Lyons ('64)

Re: Tami Lyons Zirians ('76)
    March 16 is her birthday.
    Happy Birthday Little Sister!!!! I can't believe you're so OLD!!!!
Because when I look at your age, I have to add 12 years to get mine!!!!
Can still remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. I was so
upset you weren't a brother, but once I took a look at that little teeny,
tiny baby with all that black hair, those skinny little arms and legs,
and that rolly, polly butt, I couldn't imagine a better little sister in
the world!!!!
    I love you Tami Lu!!!!! XO XO XO

-Paula Jill Lyons ('64)
>>From: Linda Reining ('64)

Re: "Bringing Down the House"
    I ordered the t-shirt that Club 40 is selling for this event and it
arrived in yesterday's mail! It is soooooooooooo cool! Just wish I could
be there to see it "up close and personal", but budget just can't take
the hit! Am hoping lots of pictures will be taken and posted to the
Sandstorm, so those of us not able to attend, can read all about it and
possibly "be there" in pictures.

-Linda Reining ('64) ~ Bakersfield, CA - starting to warm up and no more 
                  rain predicted anytime, soon.
>>From: Mary Jane Smith Poynor ('70)

Re: Iditarod and other activities
    Just wanted to mention that not only can you watch the finishers come 
into Nome during the Iditarod you can also play golf - at the same time!!
    The winner of the race will no doubt be into Nome and well rested by
next Saturday, however there are still plenty of mushers still out on the
trail. Saturday night is the "Finishers Banquet" held at the Community
Center, before the banquet is the Bering Sea Ice Classic Golf Tournament.
- Yep, nine holes out on the sea ice with florescent golf balls and
sawed off shotgun shells (empty of course) as tees. The sea ice is within
a stone's throw of Front Street and the finish line so when a musher 
comes in you can stop to watch the arrival. A few years back my brother 
in law Rick ('68), sister in law Cathy ('69), husband Greg ('67) and I 
flew north and a shared a round of golf with one of the veterinarians 
fresh off the trail (I got to keep score). In the group ahead of us was a 
musher that had finished his race the evening before. Needless to say we 
all had an experience of a life time.

-Mary Jane Smith Poynor ('70) ~ Anchorage, AK
>>From: Brad Wear ('71)

    I've been bouncing back and forth between the Tri-Cities and Texas
since January 3rd and I've really enjoyed meeting up with old friends
over the last couple of months and finding out what everyone has been
doing. I'm in the process of moving back for good so if anyone wants a
restored muscle car, or a custom chopper look me up. I've also had a good
education over the past several weeks regarding how wheat impacts certain
people. If you or someone you know suffers from diabetes, migraine
headaches, autisim, or food allergies there's a new store in Richland
that caters to your needs. It's right next to Zip's on Lee, it's called
Pacific Northwest Market, and it provides wheat free, gluten free and
dairy free products. Try the granola bars, unreal. I'll admit this is a
shameless entry, as I'm seeing the woman that owns the store. But......
don't let that stop you from going in to browse.   

-Brad Wear ('71)
That's it for today. Please send more.