Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/12/05
12 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber funeral notice today: 
Betty Hiser ('49), Ralph Myrick ('51)
Lois Weyerts ('56), Barb Isakson ('58)
Helen Cross ('62), Dave Hanthorn ('63)
Maren Smyth ('63 & '64), Gary Behymer ('64)
Gay Edwards ('64), Janis Cook ('68)
Linda Sasser ('68wb?), Greg Alley ('73)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ray Loescher ('57)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: John Richardson ('58)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jeanie Walsh ('63)

BOMBER LUNCH Today: PDX/Vancouver

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>>From: Betty Hiser Gulley ('49)

To: Jim Jensen ('50): When I first came to Richland in 1944 there was
only the Richland Theater. Though the stores could not get candy they
always had it at the theater. I am a chocolate and mint lover. Brach's
candy made the best candy bar with both chocolate and mint. You would
walk up to the ticket taker and say, "Please pretty please can I go in
just to get a candy bar?" He would only let one person at a time in to
get a candy bar and watched you like a hawk. My girl friend hated mint
and she always said: "You just bought that so you wouldn't have to give me
a bite." What could I say?

The State of Washington had some very strange liquor laws when we first
came out. My mother and I went to the store to buy peppermint flavoring
so she could made a peppermint frosting. We looked and looked and the
only thing we could find was vanilla. Momma asked Mac (manager) where the
flavorings were and he replied, "Grocery stores are not allowed to sell
flavorings - you have to go over to the drug store to buy those." He told
her it was because most flavorings are more than 75 percent alcohol.

Does anyone remember the old old Safeway (where Margarita's is now
located)? I never did understand why you had to buy pop and beer (stores
were not allowed to sell wine at that time) around the corner from the
front entrance. You had to have bottles in order to buy any pop or beer
(in the days before canned beer and pop). My father managed somehow to
find 6 pop bottles before we came to Richland.

That poor manager certainly earned his money. I never did know his name.
I know they called him Mac and his wife's name was Dorothy and they lived
in a "B" House on Gillespie - just a hop, skip and jump from the store. 
My mother, sister, and I would go to the store before it opened. Mac 
would unlock the door and run to the back as fast as he could so he 
wouldn't get trampled. We would get a cart, my sister would get in line, 
and my mother and I ran around and picked up the groceries and by the 
time we finished my sister would be near the head of the line.

Lines, lines, lines. If you wanted to go to the matinee you had to be at
the theater by 11:30 a.m. to get in to see the 1:00 p.m. show. I received
a very bad sunburn waiting out in that line!!! My mother smoked and we
had to wait in line to get ONE pack of cigarettes - not at the grocery

Mt. St. Helens burped really bad yesterday around 5:00 p.m. You can write
your name on your car. The ash was supposed to continue falling until
midnight. I haven't checked anything this morning.

-Betty Hiser Gulley '49er ~ south/government Richland - the sun is
              shinning and it has been beautiful during the day - cool at 
              night. No rain in sight.
>>From: Ralph Myrick ('51)

To: Jim Jensen ('50)
    Jim were you writing from Clovis, NM? The reason I asked is I used to
live in Clovis. We lived in a trailer park but can't remember where. My
wife, Judy, worked at the Clovis Air Base and I attend ENMU in Portales.
Later, we moved to Portales where I received my degree. Judy worked for
Dr. Coleman while I was in school. How are the Greyhounds doing?

-Ralph Myrick ('51)
>>From: Lois Weyerts Harrold ('56)

To: Jay McCue ('56)
    Happy Birthday to a fellow classmate and a former neighbor on Horn
Avenue. Hope all is going well with you and your family. The memories of
growing up on Horn Avenue and attending Jefferson are still great. Best
Wishes from Larry and Lois Harrold!

-Lois Weyerts Harrold ('56)~ enjoying our beautiful sunny days and my 
                      early morning walks under the stars in Richland.
>>From: Barb Isakson Rau ('58)

    I just found a class of '58 John Richardson had a Birthday today.  
Happy  belated Birthday John  Richardson from your Class mates. 

-Barb Isakson Rau ('58)
>>From: Helen Cross Kirk ('62)

    I agree with Lloyd Swain ('66) (was your mother Mrs. Swain, the home
ec teacher at Carmichael?) Whenever I am in the Tri-Cities I always go
walk along the Columbia River and enjoy that natural wonder. I have
walked there in the early morning to see the sunrise, and raced down
there to see the sunrise, but it is always beautiful, and a great park in
Kennewick and Richland, sorry, I don't know how to get to the river in
Pasco. The only places I can find there are the airport, the greyhound
bus station,and CBC.
    Still cleaning out my inbox!! Still finding Sandstorms I missed while 
I was having fun traveling and cruisin'.
    Did I ever wish John Adkins ('62) a late Happy Birthday?? Hope you 
had a great day, you deserve it. 

    My friend Billie Cummings Christian, who would have graduated with
us, had she not had to move to California with her family when we were
sophomores asked me for the website concerning people who have contracted
serious diseases who formerly worked at Hanford. Can anyone tell me again
what it is. Thanks.

    I think of all the national parks and beautiful sights I've been
blessed to see, going to the Sun highway in Montana is high on the list,
as is Glacier my favorite National Park for some reason. As we are so
lucky to have so much beauty, even in Washington State, as well as the
whole US of A.

-Helen Cross Kirk ('62) ~ West Harrison, IN - where we have had lots of 
       snow flurries the past few days, but no icy roads, thank goodness, 
       so we can still drive until Spring finally makes it's way in. The 
       little lake is doing fine, enjoying the geese and ducks that stop 
       by to visit.
>>From: Dave Hanthorn ('63)

Re: Iditarod
    ABC News did a "Person of the Week" report on this musher tonight:
    There is also a good write-up on her on the Iditarod website:
    What makes her impressive as a musher isn't that she's a woman (there
have been many women in the race, and at least one woman has won) [TWO
have won, Dave: Libby Riddles the first woman to win in '85 and Susan
Butcher 4 times. -Maren] nor is it that she is young (just nineteen years
old, but there have been other youngsters in the race). No, what makes
her special (and therefore the "Person of the Week") is that she is
legally blind. She says that racing blind in the Iditarod doesn't make
her courageous, she just does it so as not to let an "obstacle" be an
"obstacle" to her. I think that makes her pretty courageous after all.
    Like they said on ABC, she won't win the race, but I believe just
finishing will be a big victory for her, and for all people who have some
kind of "obstacle" that they are trying to overcome.
    Go Rachael,
-Dave Hanthorn (Gold Medal Class of '63) ~ from sunny and warm Mercer 
            Island, WA. Man, I dig this El Nino weather! But the draught 
            this summer won't be pretty.
>>From: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64)

Re: Iditarod Update - Checkpoint #11 (of 27) - Anvik and/or
  3 teams have departed Anvik: #1 Robert Sorlie (with 15 dogs), 
#2 DeeDee Jonrowe (with 13 dogs), #3 Martin Buser (11 dogs).

Ramy Brooks and Mitch Seavey (with 13 dogs each) should depart Anvik
shortly and not far behind them Jeff King (with 15 dogs), Ed Iten and
Aliy Zirkle (with 14 dogs each), Lance Mackey (12 dogs), Bjørnar Andersen
(15 dogs), Doug Swingley (13 dogs), Jessica Hendricks and Hugh Neff (12
dogs each) and Charlie Boulding with only 10 dogs now)

So, Sorlie appears to be the one to beat now. Not too far behind them are 
Ramy Brooks (2nd in '03), Aliy Zirkle, Jeff King (3-time winner), Rookie 
Bjornar Andersen, Doug Swingley (4-time winner), Lance Mackey, Mitch 
Seavey (last year's winner) and Charlie Boulding.

Re: Rick Swenson
    The Iditarod's only 5-time champion, Rick Swenson, set another record
when he scratched for the first time in 29 races. Getting down on dogs is
the reason. He only had 11 dogs out of Takotna and was going to have to
drop 2 more at Ophir. 
    Swenson won his first Iditarod in '77. He was 2nd in '78 (but his
SLED was first to cross the finish line that year). Rick won again in
'79, broke the record in '81 and then won again in '82. Rick was the
"main guy" running against Susan Butcher in all those years that Susan
won (4 times). The press had a field day with the "mouthy" Swenson while
the women were winning. '85 was the first year a woman won and that was
Libby Riddles. Susan Butcher raced that year, but had to scratch after a
moose stomped her team and killed her leaders, Johnny and Hyde. Swenson
was 4th that year.
    Those were the years (the late '80s) when you'd see bumper stickers
and T-shirts that said: "ALASKA!! Where men are men and women win the
    In '86 Butcher was 1st Swenson was 3rd; '87 & '88 Susan was 1st and
Rick was 2nd; '89 Susan was 2nd and Rick was 3rd; '90 Susan was 1st Rick
was 7th, '91 was the last year that Rick won and he won after he
harnessed himself up and led his team through a blizzard to Nome. Martin
Buser was 2nd that year and Susan Butcher was 3rd.
    It was kinda sad to see Rick Swenson have to scratch.

The team in front now can change in a heartbeat.
Stay tuned...

Bomber Cheers,
-Maren Smyth ('64 & '64) ~ Gretna, LA
>>From: Gary Behymer ('64)

Re: Pictures from Home...
    Frank Whiteside ('63) has shown us the beauty from down south...
here's the beauty of  the Palouse!

Re: Secret Underground Facility in Hanford Washington 

Re: Hanford - Washington Ghost Town 

-Gary Behymer ('64)
>>From: Gay Edwards ('64)

Re: All Ready For Vera Edwards' Birthday Party...
Hello Friends,
    I have been placing all of your wonderful emails on fancy paper, with
fancy fonts, in a sweet little album for Vera (Mom). We will present the 
album at the: Spokane Bomber Lunch on Sunday, March 20th. Need details? 
My contact info detailed below!
    If there is any way that you can join us for our Spokane Bomber
Lunch/Vera's 85th Birthday Party... PLEASE DO SO!!! This will be a good
opportunity for all of us to reunite and have some serious FUN together.
Mom is already excited about attending her first Spokane Bomber Lunch on
the 20th... yet, has no idea she will be honored at this affair! Neat,
    Hope to see you there... please note my contact info below, in case 
you want to contact us at any time in the future. I'm going to try to 
attach some recent pics of Mom with this email. Hope this works!!!
    Again, thanks for your interest in celebrating Vera's teaching 
career, and her love and appreciation for each of you, by email and 
pics. Many blessings to you always.

-Gay Edwards ('64)
>>From: Janis Cook Tames ('68)

    For all those who might have missed it, Shirley Wilson Matheny ('51) 
passed away on 3/6/05. Her obit was in the Tri-City Herald on Wednesday 
the 9th. She was a great friend and will be missed.

-Janis Cook Tames ('68)
From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook.
>>From: Linda Sasser Sanger ('68wb?)


-Linda Sasser Sanger ('68wb?)
>>From: Greg Alley ('73)

To: Gary Behymer ('64)
Re: Little Nells's
    Yes I have bought quite a few used records from Little Nell's. Its
always been a hobby to head to the bigger cities and find these small
stores and search for deals and hard to find records. Not many had a
little old lady behind the counter. It was usually someone with a
ponytail, a guy that is. There is another place called 4000 holes in
Spokane. TJ in Kennewick still runs R and P records part time. Most of
the great stores in Seattle don't carry records anymore. I still play
mine all the time.

-Greg Alley ('73) ~ In warm Richland at work listening to tournament 
           basketball as the Bomber girls lost there second round game.
Funeral Notice scanned from the TCHerald
by Shirley Collings Haskins ('66)

>>Shirley Wilson Matheny ('51) ~ 10/18/33 - 3/6/05
That's it for today. Please send more.