Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/11/05
11 Bombers sent stuff: 
Jim Jensen ('50), Barbara Powell ('58)
John R. Northover ('59), Gloria Davis ('61)
Judy Willox ('61), Marilyn Stewart ('62)
Roy Ballard ('63), Maren Smyth ('64 & '64)
Gary Behymer ('64), Susan Baker ('64)
Chuck Crawley ('67)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jay McCue ('56)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mandy Holmes ('97)

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>>From: Jim Jensen ('50)

Re: Tumble weeds
To: Any Interested Bombers
    From time to time I've read postings about problems with tumble weeds 
in the Tri-City area - particularly in Richland/West Richland. Someone 
has done something about the dreaded plague. 
    In the Clovis (New Mexico) News Journal of March 9, 2005, I read an
article about a retired Nebraska farmer named Dan Kinnison. Mr. Kinnison
owns "Prestige Manufacturing, Inc." an entity located in Kimball,
Nebraska. About five years ago he began offering his "Tumbleweed
Eradicator" to primarily ranchers and government agencies in Wyoming,
Colorado and Nebraska. He is currently bidding on work for Roosevelt
County, New Mexico. The "Eradicator" snags tumble weeds off from fences,
shreds them and leaves a trail of pieces. The "Fence Eradicator" sells
for about $4,500.00. A model that may be used to clear roads goes for
$7,000.00 - $7,500.00. The article indicated the device typically is
hooked up to a tractor.
    Possible civic solution???

Bomber Cheers,
-Jim Jensen ('50)
>>From: Barbara Powell Beaudry ('58)

    I moved to Richland when I was 4 and we had to wait a year before
moving there until our house was built. When we arrived, there were
houses, no yards, no trees and lots of blowing sand. Little did I know at 
that time what a wonderful experience it was growing up in Richland where 
your neighbors became your family. I am so fortunate to have Carolyn
Brown just two miles from me here in AZ. where we get together and rehash
our childhood. Our house was furnished with all "HEW" furniture which was
covered with a dark varnish. My Mother took all of it off and underneath
was birds eye maple. They bought the entire set of furniture for $163.00.
(Our daughter still has the bill of sale) We grew up with the furniture,
our children grew up with it around them and now all of the furniture is
at our daughters house and still looks like new.
    I do hope the class of '58 still holds their luncheons in the summer
months when we will return to Yakima for the summer as would love to

-Barbara Powell Beaudry ('58)
>>From: John R. Northover ('59)

    Just sent this to Donna Nelson ('63) ... but thought it may be useful
information for any one of the Bomber faithful mailing 'stuff' to our
brave men and women defending our freedom in the arm pit of hell ...
[actually the anatomical location I reference ... is a bit south ...
since this is a family show ... could not say that.]

 You only should have paid postage to her military post office box, which
is either San Francisco or New York. From that point the freight is free
as packages and mail are transported via contract civilian carriers 
for the military or military carriers [aircraft, ships, trucks, ponies,
doggie sleds, back packs ... etc. etc. etc ... making deliveries through
rain, sleet, snow ... and sand storms ...]

-john northover ('59) ... living in Sunny San Diego where the women wear
         skimpy bikinis, all the men have an occasional shot of tequila 
         on a regular basis and all the boy teens are going on 4 and all 
         the girl teens are going on 33 ...
>>From: Gloria Davis Tinder ('61)

Congratulations to two great friends who found each other 40 years
after graduation. Happy Anniversary Mary Mike and Leonard!

-Gloria Davis Tinder ('61)
>>From: Judy Willox ('61)

To: Earl Bennett (Gold Medal Class of '63)
    The "Get Floored" project was put on hold temporarily as the new gym
floor was placed into the bond that passed last year. There will be floor
pieces from the gym which is being totally destroyed and there will be
forms at the "Bringing Down the House" party for you to order those.
However, if you have already sent money in and wish to have a piece of
the upper gym floor rather then the lower gym floor, that can be
arranged. They will send those in lieu of the other floor pieces. Then in
two years you can get a piece of the other one if you wish. The Boosters
will again offer pieces of that floor as it is torn up.
    So, in essence, you could own a piece of each of the gym floors to
incorporate into your house for long-term mementos. You will just have to
put one board in loose until the lower gym floor is ready for selling.
;o) Since you live in Virginia, if there is anything I can do to be of
assistance in getting these to you, let me know and I will do what I can
for you.
    This goes for anyone wanting to get a slice of Bomberville, and who
lives out of the area. I am sure there will be an order form posted on
the site as soon as they get this perfected. This would go onto the RHS
website and as soon as it does, I will have Maren add a link to that
order form.

Bomber Cheers,
-Judy Willox (Classic Class of '61) ~ Richland ~ where the weather is
                absolutely gorgeous!
>>From: Marilyn Stewart Stephenson ('62)

To: Donna Nelson ('63)
    There is a cheaper way to send packages overseas. The post office 
has packages they call 770's. They come in two sizes and no matter how 
much they weigh, they cost 7.70 to mail, our group A.C.E.S. uses these
packages to send to our military overseas and it is so much cheaper to
send. You can pack alot in these boxes, if you pack everything in Zip
lock bags and try to make the items as flat as you can. Good luck with
your next mailing and God Bless our Troops.

-Marilyn Stewart Stephenson ('62)
>>From: Roy Ballard ('63)

To: Donna Nelson ('63)
    Get a hold of Kathy Hoff Conrad ('64). She is connected with ACES --
a group that sends things to the military and also welcomes them home.

-Roy Ballard ('63)
>>From: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64)

Re: Iditarod Update and/or
  Leading teams have arrived at Checkpoint #14 (of 27) - Iditarod 

    We wait and watch now... Iditarod is the half way point of the
"southern" (odd year) route. Martin is currently in 4th place and will 
be departing Iditarod after his mandatory 24 hour lay over around 3am 
Alaska time
    "Team Norway" (Robert Sorlie this year -- last year it was Kjetil 
Backen) was first to arrive in Iditarod and won a bunch of gold nuggets 
for arriving first and is on his 24-hour lay over...
    Paul Gebhardt is currently in 1st place as he has already departed
Iditarod, but he hasn't taken his 24-hour lay over yet.

The team in front now can change in a heartbeat.
Stay tuned...

Bomber Cheers,
-Maren Smyth ('64 & '64) ~ Gretna, LA 
>>From: Gary Behymer ('64)

'Say it aint so...'
    "The smooth tones of Bobby Darin, circa 1959, greet me as I step
through the doorway on this sad mission to say goodbye. "Dream lover,
where are you? With a love that's, oh, so true " Little Nell's Records
doesn't need a dream lover.....After 30 years of satisfying the needs of
jukebox junkies and music collectors, Eloise Moeller, the 83-year-old
owner of this beloved Spokane institution at 711 N. Monroe St., is
calling it quits." Doug Clark Spokesman Review 03/10/05
    I don't remember any used record stores, in the Tri-Cities, during
the sixties though a member, (Tom?), from the Bomber Class of
1967?......owned a store in Kennewick for a number of years during the
    I dare say that many of you do not have a functional 'turntable' in
your home? ...though I count on 'Fletch (64) & Pitts (65) to have one or

-Gary Behymer ('64)
>>From: Susan Baker Hoover ('64)

    What a wonderful day!!!! My 5th grandchild was born in Dallas, TX
this afternoon. Her proud parents are Dan (Hanford class of '95) and
Nikki Hoover. She will be called Ellie Louise. Not a tiny tike, she
weighed in at 7 lb 15 oz. No, I don't know how long she is because they
hadn't measured her by the time my son called. When asked if she was
cute, my son answered "she is adorable". His brother, father of 3, said
he could tell that Ellie already has her father wrapped around her teeny
little finger.
    Dan's sister will be welcoming a new little one into this World in 
about 4 or 5 weeks. Six Grandchildren!!!!! Life is good.

-Susan Baker Hoover ('64)
>>From: Chuck Crawley ('67)

Re: Happy anniversary Jon & Vicki Boisoneau
    Just catching up on my Sandstorms so I'm a little late on this. Sorry
about missing it but congratulations to Jon & Vic nonetheless. How many
years is this? They gotta be the longest running marriage in our class.
If they aren't, who is?

-Chuck Crawley (BRCo '67)
That's it for today. Please send more.