Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/09/05
10 Bombers sent stuff: 
Jim Jensen ('50), Beverly Barfuss ('58)
Patti Jones Ahrens ('60), Roger Gress ('61)
Helen Cross ('62), Joanna Faulkner ('63)
Maren Smyth ('63 and '64), Gary Behymer ('64)
David Rivers ('65), Tamara Lyons ('76)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: George Hammons ('51)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Rob Peutz ('73)
BELATED BOMBER DAD Birthday (3/7): Bill Goslin

       Leonard Peters ('61) & MaryMike Hartnett ('61)

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>>From: Jim Jensen ('50)

Re: Treats
To: Ann Clancy Andrews ('50)
    Your posting of 3/7/05 concerning the Paradise Lodge chocolate hand-
out brought back some memories of the Richland and Village theaters
during World War II. In those days the candy cases were virtually empty.
As you said, chocolate had gone to help fill field rations for our
troops. If I remember correctly there were two, small, lonely stacks of
"treats" in the cases. One was "Orbit" gum - dark green (?) wrapper... 
white at the top with little, colored planets printed there. The other 
"cache" consisted of "111" (one-eleven) bars... these had an odd taste 
which one might "acquire" over a period of time... though the flavor was 
familiar, I couldn't quite identify it. Oh well, there was always the
water fountain and sometimes popcorn.
    Ann, you always scratch a memory pod with your Alumni Sandstorm 
contributions. Thanks...

-Jim Jensen ('50) ~ Katy, Texas... Maren's concept of heaven on earth... 
        where Spring has actually become a season. Normal Spring duration
        - about 2-3 weeks, tops. This year about five weeks. Liquid heat 
        is due again any day now.
>>From: Beverly Barfuss Shaffer ('58)

Re: '58 Luncheon
    Hi, from the "missing" Beverly Barfuss Shaffer. In January my husband
sold one of our cars to Wayne Lysher ('57) and when I found out that he 
was from Richland, I told him that I lived there for about 10 years. He 
than told me that he lived a few blocks from where I lived and is a year
older. He then told me about the web page and the Sandstorm e-mail and I 
have had a great time reading about everyone else...
    Well today bought back lots of memories of classmates who attended 
the '58 luncheon last Sunday. Larry Leavitt, Sharon Sorick and Vera Smith 
and Barb Isakson... I will try to attend one of the meetings.
    What good times we had.

-Beverly Barfuss Shaffer ('58) ~ Yakima, where the sun is shining 
>>From: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60)

Re: '60's once a month luncheon
    Last Saturday was the luncheon for the class of '60 which is every
1st Saturday of the month at Las Margaritas in Richland. The luncheon was
for just ladies and has been opened up to all '60's graduates and their
spouses. Mary Judd Hinz and her husband missed because of illness. I know
they were quite disappointed because it was Mary's birthday. Happy
Birthday Mary! Pete Overdahl didn't mind as it left him the only guy.
Pete finally had his with a harem. His wife Maggie watched after him
though. Out of the fifteen at the luncheon we had some surprises. Lora
Homme Page who takes care of her 97 year old father and mother who is (I
think Lora said) 86 years old, in her and her husband's home. It is not
easy for Lora to get away but husband Paul amongst his work will take
care of them for Lora when he can. Lora says her parents are doing well.
Stephanie Dawson Janicek was there but I am not sure whether it was her
first time, as I have only been going for about four months myself.
Stephanie talked about her work. Says her work is so good she's not 
ready to retire. Darlene Manning (who has been spotted around town a lot 
lately) showed up. Darlene has been through her own battle with health 
recently. Darlene is doing very well. Margie Qualheim Haggard (who
doesn't miss) was away this time seeing grandchildren with Danny. Carolyn 
Seaver Norton came and is happy to be retired. Also in attendance Barbara 
Seslar Brackenbush, Rita Brackenbush Sevcik, Sandy Snider Roberts (who 
brought Dee Dee Delsing Weinberg ('54)), Derrith Persons Dean, Connie 
Dean O'Neil, Marsha Lawell Hathcox, Kaye Ivers and myself. Everyone 
talked a lot about our 45th reunion which will be during Club 40. 
Everyone is looking forward to it.
    Many old pictures were passed around for everyone to see. A page of
Dupus Boomer pictures was passed around that were made up personally for
different people by Mr. Donell. One of those that I can remember was done
for Connie O'Neil's family. Everyone got some good laughs out of the
pictures. I don't know who the pictures belonged to. If you read this
please scan and send to the Sandstorm for everyone to see.
    Our next luncheon will be April 2nd.
     Yes, I do miss all the Bomber gang at the Fife luncheon. Happy to 
move right into another Bomber luncheon here though. There are so many 
things to do here with the Bombers that I am ready for a weekend at home 
in my garden. Don't know when that will happen!

Bombers Have Fun 
-Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) ~ West Richland, WA - Loving the warm weather. 
       Computer said 73 today. Weather report says temperatures will drop 
       towards the weekend. Darn. I'd like it to stay at about 70. 
>>From: Roger Gress (Classic Class of '61)

    Happy Anniversary to Leonard Peters & Mary Mike Hartnett Peters 
(Classic Class of '61)
-Roger Gress (Classic Class of '61)
>>From: Helen Cross Kirk ('62)

    Found some entries I missed, and while reading them I had to laugh 
at Rick Maddy's ('67) comments on complaining travel companions. I too
missed the entrance to Laura Ingalls Wilder's (museum) looking for it
along the Mississippi between Minnesota and Wisconsin I think. (I also
missed the house in S. Dakota and didn't know it til now, darn...). I
agree our national parks and other history we find along the road are all
so interesting. We visited an original old Pony Express stop in Nevada,
between the middle two stops along that "lonliest HW of the US" when we
traveled along HW 50 when my husband did his bicycle trip in 2003.

-Helen Cross Kirk ('62) ~ W. Harrison, IN - where the temperature did 
        drop and we got our predicted snow, but it seems to be melting 
        now in time for our 5 0'clock rush hour. A few geese are visiting 
        the little lake, hope they don't become permanent residents....
>>From: Joanna Faulkner Brown ('63)

To: Linda Reining ('64)

Linda ~ could you please email me when you get this message? I lost your 
email address.

Bomber cheers,
-Joanna Faulkner Brown ('63)
>>From: Maren Smyth ('63 and '64), 

Re: Iditarod Update and/or
    3 teams have arrived at Checkpoint #11 (of 27) - McGrath 

    Earlier yesterday in Nikolai - Some were wondering where Martin was 
hiding. He usually camps a little way out of Nikolai, then blasts through 
in the early evening to be the first into McGrath. Didn't happen that way 
this year, though. 1st and 2nd place  teams have departed McGrath... 
Martin (#3 right now) is resting in McGrath.
    Martin's dog, "Freedom", slipped on the ice, fractured her humerous, 
and was sent home... Martin's down to 15 dogs.
Stay tuned...

-Maren Smyth ('64 & '64)
>>From: Gary Behymer ('64)

To Wendy's 'Friends forever'...

Wine Flowing / A Lamb Surrenders / Angels in the Light (Wendy's Dream)
    by Chris Carlberg (Wendy's brother)

".....The kisses have faded, though some claim they still see them 
dancing on the outer fringes of the Sun.

Others have seen the Angels, motionless, in the Light.

Eternal thanks for sharing them with us, since most of us here still seek 
their Visionary Portrait."

    Wendy Carlberg January 15,1946 to March 9,1996 


Re: Great Reading from the Manhattan Project!

   Harold F. Koch - Electrical Engineer - Oak Ridge
   Margaret "Peggy" Nancy Dickson - Oak Ridge
-Gary Behymer ('64)
>>From: David Rivers ('65)

Re: A Once Upon A Time
    True story. Once upon a time there was a boy who lived at 1002 Van
Geisen. There was another boy who lived on the Williams Hill, just above
the cemetery in a big white house, overlooking the Uptown. The Van Geisen
boy had a '47 Ford 4 door Sedan as his first car that he'd bought from
Brian Johnson's ('65) Dad for 25 smackers. Yeah... it was a 4 door and to
make it worse the engine was all froze up. The VG boy was pretty good at
working on his model cars but knew nuthing 'bout birthin' no engines. the
Williams Hill boy was a great mechanic even tho he, like the VG boy was
only 15 years old. One day the Williams boy was toolin' with some girl in
his greasy jeans and a white t-shirt in a '46 Chevy with no reverse. He
happened to spot the Ford in the yard on Stevens and VG and check it
out... he sauntered up to the VG boy doin' his best James Dean with a
Buddy Holly curl thrown in for good measure... the VG boy probably had
just died his hair "blonde" with his pal Terry Davis ('65) and was now
sporting a baldy that Brian Johnson had given him... so anyway... this
James Dean Character appeared to be about 20 years old or so... and of
course he was driving so the VG boy figured he'd better be careful and
not let the kid take advantage of him... pretending to know something
about cars, the VG kid kicked the tires of both cars and since he noticed
that the Chevy was actually capable of motivating down the road agreed to
a swap of pink slips right then and there... Eventually the Williams boy
got the Ford running and sold it for a profit... Danged if I remember
whatever happened to that Chevy... but one thing I do know... that was
the start of one of the most precious friendships I've ever known. 

-David Rivers ('65)
>>From: Tamara Lyons Zirians ('76)

    I wanted to wish good luck to the Richland Girls Basketball team
tomorrow as they play Bethel High at the state play-offs. Being a
transplant to the Pacific Northwest, I am also rooting for the Snohomish
High Girls team to beat Evergreen High tomorrow. I am counting on both
teams to win so that they will match up on Thursday night for game 16 at
8:30. Coincidently, my oldest daughter, Jordan, is a senior at Snohomish
high and is the captain of the dance team there. Her dance team will be
performing at the half time of that game on Thursday night if Snohomish
wins. So Go Panthers and Bombers!!!

-Tamara Lyons Zirians ('76)
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