Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/08/05
10 Bombers and 1 Bomber Mom sent stuff: 
Barbara Isakson ('58), Katie Sheeran ('61)
Bob Rector ('62), Helen Cross ('62)
Jim House ('63), Maren Smyth ('63 & '64)
Gary Behymer ('64), Janine Rightmire ('65)
Kathie Moore ('69), Nancy Nelson ('69)
Kim Meares Oates (Bomber Mom)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Susan Anderson ('49)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim Adair ('66)

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>>From: Barbara Isakson Rau ('58)

Up date on the class of '58 Luncheon on the 6th of March.
We had three Surprise Visitors at this Luncheon. Gloria Falls Evens and
Larry Leavitt, they were the out of town ones. Sharon (Sheri) Sorick is
back in the area and has come once before. Also their was Jerry Whitten,
brought Larry Leavitt and Gloria Falls Evens was brought by Vera Smith
Robbins. Their was Glen and Carol Roses, Fred Klute, James (Jim) Wendland
and myself Barbara Isakson Rau. 

Was so pleased that our classmates from out of town are dropping in and
some of them that have been their once say they well be coming more now.
So if you haven't been for a while please put us on your calendar 1st
Sunday of the month unless its a holiday then its the 2nd Sunday of the
month at 1:00 at Shilo Inn off of GWWay. Also in the month of Sept. we
don't meet because of Club 40, sorry don't have the dates for that this
year. Well, get it and pass it on in another up date! Club 40 is all
class that have been out for 40 years or more. Its a fun time too, for
everyone to celebrate and see each others from other classes. All of us
that were their have a wonderful time always but sure lot more fun to see
our out of town class mates. So Thank You! Come again Larry Leavitt and
Gloria Falls Evens and John Richardson, David Bowls (his first time was
in February) Pass it on and come a little more often now that seem the
out of towers are looking us up. OK

Your Class mate
-Barbara Isakson Rau ('58)
>>From: Katie Sheeran Johnson ('61)

Re: Iron Dog Race
    Since Maren brought up the Iditarod, I told her I wanted to "brag"
about my sister Sally's ('58) son-in-law, Todd Palin, who does the Iron
Dog Race every year. The Iron Dog is a snowmachine race from Wasilla to
Nome and back and they complete it within a weeks time. I think it totals
2000 miles and is held every year around the first part of February. Todd
has won it 3 times and placed 2nd twice so we're very proud of him.
    Some men I used to work with at Hanford would say "Big deal Katie, 
they're on snowmachines." My response would be, "Then let's see you guys 
race from Richland to Walla Walla... just one way in minus twenty or so 
degree weather." Doubt if any of them could even do that!!

-Katie Sheeran Johnson ('61)
>>From: Bob Rector ('62)

Re: flying
Howdy Maren,
    Yes, since you guys are talking dog sledding, I thought I would
remind you of the 70 (plus) in Richland, so I took my first Power
Parachute ride of the season. This was Sunday evening, March 6, 2005 
on the North West corner of Red Mountain, with Richland way in the
background. Rattlesnake mountain starts to climb about two miles behind
me. I'm headed straight for Kiona Winery about two miles ahead. Kiona is
a world ranked winery owned by Richland Bombers, John Williams ('56) and
my sister, Ann Rector Williams ('58). John also has a power parachute but
as we flew over, he was working on his boat... fishing season you know.

Maren, I cannot remember when I last "paid my sandstorm dues"... please
remind me what to send and of course, your new address etc. Thank you.

Stay warm, 
-Bob Rector ('62)
>>From: Helen Cross Kirk ('62)

    Hello from West Harrison, IN where I am home after spending a 
wonderful week cruising from LAX to sunny Mexico with 2 girlfriends from 
Roseville, CA where we used to live. It was fun, we had a great time, and 
we got to see whales this time off Cabo San Lucas! I even heard that there
was someone on the ship from Kennewick, but I didn't get to talk to him.
    The week before the cruise I had been having a wonderful time back in
God's country: Washington State visiting friends and family. I got to see
my mom, brother and his family, and Allen ('59), Bob ('62), Carol ('64),
Maryjane ('68-RIP), and Duane's ('78) dad, my uncle Bob who is the last
surviving child of my dad's family, and his lovely wife, Louise, and they
were so kind to have me, as my brother said I'd have to share a room with
fire toads, and something else, perhaps rats, in his busy house with
teenagers. I love to be in Washington State, and had such great weather
there, I could hardly believe it was February. I hope and pray somehow
you get the needed moisture to stop the drought.
    I just got caught up on the Sandstorms I've missed. I'm sorry I 
missed the ladies of '63 and '64 lunch when I was in the Tri-Cities. I 
wish I could somehow make this great closing down the gym party, but I 
won't. I do remember fellow classmate, John Sunderland ('62) saying what 
a great gym floor that was to play on, and with all his experience and 
that of his brothers, he should know.

    And Happy Birthday to John Adkins ('62), so many neat classmates we 

    And thanks to Maren for keeping us up on what's happening with the
Iditarod race in Alaska. Another I'd like to see item...

    And I'd like to publicly congratulate my cousin, Bob ('62) who I 
also got to see in Battleground this visit, on the birth of his twin
grandsons!! I always knew that twins are possible in our family, and now
that I've raised my kids, I'm glad I didn't get them.

-Helen Cross Kirk ('62) ~ in the house by the little lake where it was 
       in the 50s when I arrived late last night, but snow is in the 
       forecast for tomorrow, of course. And I was surprised my tulips 
       haven't started to bloom in West Harrison, IN.
>>From: Jim House ('63)

Re: Bomber Basketball
    It was great to watch four Bomber basketball games this week at the
Regional tournament in Spokane. The Bomber "show girls" that performed at
half time of both games on Friday had a routine of Las Vegas quality that
was far superior to what I have seen from the Spokane schools.
    The band was equally impressive. Hearing them play the "Theme from
Peter Gunn" gave me a shot of adrenaline just as it did during warm ups
more than 40 years ago. Each time they played the Bomber fight song, I
stood up and thought of Carole, Donna, Sue, Ellen and Micki the classy
Gold Medal ('63) Song Leaders.
    Throughout the Saturday game, Ray Stein ('64) and I commented back
and forth about the tenacity of one particular standout player. Near the
end of the game I realized that the player's parents were seated directly
behind us. As I told them how impressed we were with their Bomber, I
couldn't help but wonder what it was like for my parents attending my
games. What was it like to hear the cheers for my successes and the jeers
from my critics? We never discussed that.
    I remember Dad, putting up a basket when I was in third grade, as I
dreamed of playing for the Bombers like our neighbor Bernie Qualheim ('56),
and Mom always hurrying home to prepare that special pre=-game meal for 
me. That brings me to the concept of "Senior Night" that wasn't around in 
my era. It would have been great to have the opportunity to publicly 
thank my parents for all their support. Even though they will not see 
this, I guess I just did.

-Jim House ('63) ~ Mead, WA
>>From: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64)

Re: Iditarod Update and/or
    2 teams have arrived at Checkpoint #9 (of 27) - Rhon 
and the #2 team is none other than Martin Buser!!

    Sometime after I posted the 3/7/05 Sandstorm, Martin moved from 63rd 
place to 39th place. I took a short nap yesterday afternoon and when I 
woke up -- only a couple of hours later -- he was in 6th place!!
    Martin's amputated finger was on his right hand and he's a southpaw.

    3-time winner Jeff King is doing something different this year. He's 
towing a small sled behind his main sled that has a small dog carrier. 
His goal, he said, was to rest one dog at all times "until I don't have 
an excess of power."

Stay tuned...

-Maren Smyth ('64 & '64)
>>From: Gary Behymer ('64)

Re: 1981 Hanford Washington PNWA Coin

-Gary Behymer ('64)
>>From: Janine Rightmire Corrado ('65)

To: Jimmie Adair ('66)
    Happy Birthday to a wonderful Bomber and a very special friend!!! 
Hope your day includes health, happiness, blessings and a terrific time 
with your family, Kathie ('69) and Steven ('08). Wish I could be with you 
to give you a birthday hug 'cuz I love ya! Take care and enjoy! This is 
from John and the Girls too!

-Janine Rightmire Corrado ('65)
>>From: Kathie Moore Adair ('69)

I would like to wish my sweet husband, Jimmie, 
a very Happy Birthday today. I love you Willis!!!!

-Kathie Moore Adair ('69)
>>From: Nancy Nelson Wyatt ('69)

    As we are all thinking about the good ole days, just was talking to
my parents and they were telling me there was a news article on the local
news on television about the alphabet houses and their first home on
Haupt Street was featured. Did an interview with my parents, Clayton and 
Ruth Nelson, about it. We then moved from the "B" house on Haupt in 1954
to the "R" house on Davison. They have been there ever since and I enjoy
driving around to see the old places I used to play and go to and the
old/new schools I attended. 

-Nancy Nelson Wyatt ('69)
>>From: Kim Meares Oates (Bomber Mom)

Re: Bringin' Down The House
    Big thanks to all who are supporting the "Bringin' Down The House"
fundraiser for Richland High School. You can always count on Bombers to
fully support something "Green and Gold".
    The "Bringin' Down The House" fundraiser was initiated by Richland 
Bomber Boosters to raise funds to help equip the new weights and agility
facility at RHS after it is built.
    When we heard that the old gym and current weight room would be
demolished sometime in the spring/early summer we couldn't pass up the
opportunity to throw a party and give everyone a chance to get together,
reminisce and say good-bye, to the old gym that is.
    So we contacted our friends at Club 40 (Judy Willox ('61) and told 
them that we had signed on "The Kingsmen" as our main entertainment and 
asked for their help in helping to spread the word. 
    As word got out that we were having this fundraiser/party people 
wanted to help defray the costs of bringing in the bands, stage and 
promotion. So thank Tom Tierney at Dairy Queen, Tim Bush at Time Bush 
Motor Co., Jim Gibson at Red Lion Hanford House, Dr. John Perry at NW 
Orthopedics, Rick Snyder at US Linen, Carl Taylor at McDonalds and our 
Major Sponsor Ron Hue at HAPO Credit Union. These businesses stepped up 
just to make the fundraiser a success and they have in a huge way. It was 
amazing to get calls from these businesses asking how they could help. 
    It makes me very proud to call Richland my home with such wonderful
support from the business community.
    This type of event does bring the whole community together. We have
people from all over the school district signed up to volunteer at the
event. Folks from Hanford Middle School, Carmichael Middle School, Badger
Mountain Elementary, Lewis and Clark Elementary, Jason Lee Elementary and
of course our Richland High School staff have really stepped up to help
make this happen. Principal, Steve Neill ('72) bought the first ticket 
while the tickets were still warm off of the press. The kids and staff at
Richland High School make you want to go the extra mile to make things as
good as they can be for them. 
    So were having a fundraiser/party to say good-bye to the old gym. The
event is March 19th from 7:00 - 11:00. We will have a local band named
MudShark open for "The Kingsmen". Doors will open do at 6:00pm. We plan
to have the upper gym (old gym) decked out in green and gold memorabilia
with tables and chairs to sit and take a break or reminisce with friends.
In the lower (big gym) is were the bands will play. Richland Gold 
Rush Dance team will perform between the bands. We will have cold
refreshments, hot dogs, sausage, hamburgers, tacos and popcorn for those
that need sustenance to keep on dancing. Richland High School will be
selling old, surplus uniforms and such. They have found some pretty cool
stuff as they get ready for the remodel.
    So everyone bring your dancin' shoes and join us, it promises to be 
a memorable, fun event that you just can't pass up.
    Oh, and for those interested in owning a piece of the old gym
floor........ Bomber Boosters will be salvaging the floor to sell as a
fundraiser. So that is a done deal too. Details unveiled at the "Bringin'
Down The House" fundraiser/party. 

-Kim Meares Oates (Mom, sister, daughter, niece and aunt of bombers)
       a Bomber Booster and Co-chair of "Bringin' Down The House"
That's it for today. Please send more.