Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/07/05
8 Bombers sent stuff: 
Ann Clancy ('50), Gene Keller ('50)
Bob Cross ('62), Maren Smyth ('64 & '64)
Gary Behymer ('64), Mary Jane Smith ('70)
Dave Doran ('72), Tim Cowan ('95)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Melanie Lawson ('60)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ray Fisher ('63)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Rod Jochen ('80)

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>>From: Ann Clancy Andrews ('50)

Re: Paradise Lodge on Mt. Rainer
    After WW2 ended our Dad took us to see Mt. Rainer. Paradise Lodge
reopened to the public on the same day we arrived. The whole experience
was pretty overwhelming to a kid. That big mountain up close. High banks
of snow still along the hiway. The beautiful lodge. I had never seen
anything like it.
    The main event that stands out in my mind though is Hershey Chocolate
bars. For you kids that were not around then, Hershey bars went to the
troops... none for the home front during the war. Apparently Paradise 
Lodge had their supply of Hershey's in storage. The staff handed out to 
all the kids~~for free~~~~~~Hershey bars. It was sooooooooo good. What a 
treat after going so long without chocolate.

-Ann Clancy Andrews ('50)
>>From: Gene Keller ('50)

Re: Bringin' Down the House
    I remember it well. It was so exciting to be playing basketball in a
new gym and a new floor and baskets. We had played in the small gym and
it was dark and crowded and fans all on one side of the gym. The new gym
was huge and the crowd was so really into the game. The 1948-'49 team was
suppose to be a very good team with all seniors back from going to state
the year before with Gene Conley ('48) and Orv Marcum ('48-RIP). A new 
coach named Art Dawald introduced a new type of basketball to the 
team. The Art Dawald Era emerged and you know the rest of the story! 
Playing basketball in that gym was so exciting for the players and the 
best fans in the Yakima Valley were there in green and gold to push us 
to do our very best. I really support the upcoming event and I hope I 
can be there.

-Gene Keller ('50)
>>From: Bob Cross ('62)

Re: Proud Grandparent again
    I just cannot resist announcing that my daughter, Amy Putman of 
Boise, Idaho, gave birth Friday morning to twin boys (Brian and David). 
Everyone is doing fine and grandpa is now floating about a foot off the 
ground (need more rocks in my pockets I guess).

-Bob Cross ('62)
>>From: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64)

Re: Iditarod Update and/or
  7 teams have arrived at Checkpoint #6 (of 27) - Skwentna

  Teams have begun to move up from their starting positions. Some 
"Movers" include:
  DeeDee Jonrowe moved from #29 to #2
  Rick Swenson (5-time winner) - moved from #17 to #4
  Robert Sorlie ('03 winner) - moved from #50 to #25
  Lance Mackey moved from #60 to #26
  Charlie Boulding moved from #62 to #28
  Martin Buser (4-time winner) moved from #78 to #61
  Jeff King (3-time winner) moved from #79 to #63

    Martin's doctor makes "trail calls" and will check on the amputated
finger at one of the checkpoints. They made adjustments to the splint so
that Martin can use his pinkie and he travelled very fast (13.10 mph)
into checkpoint #5.

Stay tuned...

-Maren Smyth ('64 & '64)
>>From: Gary Behymer ('64)

Colfax, Washington ...Home to the State 1A  Girls Basketball 2005 
Champions...and 2004!

...and for all of those who may have not known? (;-)...Home to the
State 1A Girls Volleyball 2004 Champions!

Two more Hanford items... a bit different than the others you have

  Hanford Atomic Works Bracelet Richland Washington  

  Paper Placemat from Richland Washington Atomic Bomb 

-Gary Behymer ('64) ~ in downtown Colfax, WA... where the women are 
          strong... the men good looking and the kids well above average.
>>From: Mary Jane Smith Poynor ('70)

Re: Iditarod time again
    Once again this year I was a happy volunteer at the Iditarod start
here in Anchorage. 79 mushers with at least 16 dogs each made for a noisy
and fun filled day. I arrived "on the street" as the sun was coming up
over the mountains. The volunteer crews had been up all night spreading
snow on the street and putting up the fencing to define the team staging
areas. Musher trucks of all varieties were parked at intervals along the
streets and the dogs either snoozed in their "dog boxes" or watched the
excitement from their front row seats. I'm sending a few pictures along
in case you would like to experience some of the excitement. The pretty
lady in blue is DeeDee Jonrowe, one of the crowd favorites and a very
determined woman. DeeDee is a breast cancer survivor and ran the race
just after completing chemotherapy a few years back.   Enjoy!!

Maren - I saw Martin (and crew) but was unable to get a good photo as he
was surrounded by well wishers and fans. He's got a special splint on his
right hand that allows him to use his thumb and forefinger and a deluxe
high tech mitten to cover the whole hand. mjp

-Mary Jane Smith Poynor ('70)
>>From: Dave Doran ('72)

Re: A very interesting link
    This is some of the most beautiful work I've ever seen!

-Dave Doran ('72)
>>From: Tim Cowan ('95)

Hi Bombers, 
    I have an update about my wife and her band, which I manage/play
guitar in. Jennifer Lynn was recently featured in Washington State
Magazine, which has a distribution of 140,000! It included an article
about her live performance in Portland, Oregon, for WSU Alumni last fall
and a review of her debut album, which reads: "[Leavin'] is a mix of
classic country, rockabilly, and folk, all wrapped around [her] soulful
and commanding vocals." The debut album is selling well and recently had
to be restocked at Music Millennium record stores in Portland. It is
currently being sold through Music Millennium, CD Baby, Tower Records and
at live performances. We would like to book a performance in the Tri-
Cities and could use some help finding a venue and the support to promote
it. Let me know if you have any suggestions! For more info, please visit or
You can email me at
    In addition to the articles about my wife, I also got an article in
Washington State Magazine for my work on B Reactor preservation. Tim
Steury, WSM Editor, joined me on a B Reactor tour I arranged through DOE
last summer. A first-time visitor, he wrote: "The B Reactor is as haunted
and fascinating a place as you'd ever want to visit." He went on to
describe my thesis project from WSU, in which I proposed building a
separate interpretive center outside the 100 B/C Area to act as the
museum, so B Reactor would not have to be altered and could simply remain
an exhibit. To get a copy of the magazine, go to 
    Anyhow, that's the update from here!

-Tim Cowan ('95)
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